This is a continuation from “A Sophisticated and Versatile Lady”, and is dedicated to my friend, Meh_Pink_Girlie. This instalment contains bisexuality between both men and women, so if you don’t like guy/guy action, find something else to read. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy.

It was Friday morning. Jan’s eyes flickered open. Instinctively, she moved her hand across the bed, feeling disappointed at the empty space beside her. Since meeting Keith two weeks previously, she had seen him whenever possible. As a consequence of her relationship with him, Jan had seen considerably less of Samantha, who did not approve of ‘her lover’ being involved with a man.

Stretching, Jan placed her hand upon her smooth, hairless vulva, feeling a pleasant sensa-tion flood through her. ‘I’m seeing Keith tonight,’ she thought as the slid her finger into her slit. Having not seen her new lover for three consecutive evenings, she felt the compulsion to orgasm, opening her legs and placing a finger upon her clitoral hood, sliding it down between her pink labia and onto her vaginal opening, feeling the moistness.

Inserting her finger, Jan closed her eyes. Gently fucking herself, she moved her other hand down and gently tugged her inner lips. Moving the finger from her increasingly wet orifice, she transferred some juice to her clitoris, softly stimulating it. Feeling good, Jan continued with her clitoral stimulation and reinserted a finger into her hole, quickly adding a second, gliding them slowly in and out as her juices began to flow more freely, covering her fingers.

Opening her shapely legs yet wider, Jan swayed her hips, pushing against her fingers, visu-alising Keith’s penis, imagining it gliding majestically in and out of her love tunnel. Minutes later, feeling that she was approaching a climax, she removed the finger from her now fully erect clitoral tip, and rubbed her fingers along her engorged minora, darting back to her but-ton, varying the stimulation.

As her fingers pumped into her perfectly shaped pussy, she could feel the stupendous sen-sations beginning to dominate both body and mind. She gasped and moaned as she writhed around; her entire nether regions tingling and becoming more pleasurable with each stroke. Finally, the orgasm hit her, tearing dramatically through every nerve in her body. She groaned loudly as her pulsating vagina covered her fingers in yet more viscous fluid, and lay there shaking and breathing heavily. Gradually, she removed her fingers, running them up her soft, silky flesh, bringing them to rest on her shapely breasts, where they caressed her pink nipples. She thought: ‘Tonight is going to be even better.’


Having enjoyed a meal in a local restaurant, Jan and Keith had walked along the river, ex-changing kisses. The evening was warm, neither of the couple having worn a jacket. Ap-proaching her local pub, Jan suggested that they go there, rather than into town.

Sitting closely together in the pub, the couple discussed possible activities for the following day; a trip into the country being favoured by both. Jan knew of a country park, with a cosy pub close by, which they concurred would be a pleasant way of spending the day. Keith, being older than Jan, had begun to feel more comfortable with the age difference between them; the ten years having become irrelevant.

“There’s Cindy Richardson and Malcolm,” Jan said, gesturing across the room. “They’re great fun. Would you like to meet them?”

“Sure,” Keith said, smiling.
“Just so you know – Cindy and I have had fun together in the past.”
Looking at Cindy, Keith grinned. “Now, there’s a pleasant thought.”

Jan stood up and waved to her friend, who waved back, motioning that she would come across. Wearing a tight, long red dress, Cindy had turned the heads of many men as she had walked through the throng. Malcolm, who like Cindy, was in his late twenties, felt proud of his glamorous looking lady.

Watching her friends approach, Jan stood up, hugging them before introducing Keith, who smiled pleasantly. Cindy was an attractive auburn haired lady, who was tall, with wide hips yet small but incredibly pert breasts, the nipples of which were clearly visible through the material of her dress. Malcolm had both fair skin and hair, with a small beer tummy. As the evening progressed, Keith and Malcolm discussed the football match of the previous evening. It transpired that both men were supporters of the same team.

“Come on, you boring farts,” said Cindy. “Let’s get some drinks down us. How about some tequila slammers?”

The two men agreed, setting off to the bar, both laughing and joking. For the remainder of the evening, the group talked freely. Cindy told Jan that she had struck lucky with Keith, while Keith expressed his views that Malcolm was indeed a lucky man to have Cindy by his side. Two hours later, Cindy invited everyone back to her flat for drinks and party snacks, to which they all agreed.

By eleven ‘o’ clock, the quartet were all merry. Jan and Keith were huddled up together on one sofa, while Cindy and Malcolm were on the other, diagonal to them. Watching a late night film, they made jocular, sexual comments about the characters.

“I’d do her,” Jan said, giggling at a woman who was topless.
“I’d like to see that,” said Keith.
“So would I,” Malcolm said cheekily.
“Maybe we should give them a show,” Cindy slurred.
Jan sniggered. Maybe, but I think we should tease them.”

Without warning, Cindy jumped up, lifting her dress and exposing her red lacy underwear. “How’s that?”

“Wow,” Keith said as Cindy lowered her dress and sat back down. “Encore.”
“Your turn,” Malcolm said to Jan.

Still chuckling, and somewhat turned on from having seen Cindy’s sexy body, Jan stood up and lifted her dress, rubbing one hand upon the front her silky black thong, and the other upon her peachy buttocks. Running her fingers through her long blonde hair, she winked at her friends; her beautiful blue eyes twinkling. “There you go.”

“Sexy,” Malcolm said with his eyes fixed upon Jan. “Give us a twirl.”
Jan swayed her hips and turned around, bending over. “How’s that?”
“Fucking good,” Malcolm said, unable to remove his eyes.
“Hey,” Keith said. “I didn’t get a view like that.”

“Here you go, then,” Cindy said, standing up and positioning herself beside Jan. After lift-ing up her dress, she removed it completely before turning around and bending over, sliding her fingers along the gusset.

Glancing at the two men, Jan grinned to herself and removed her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor before turning to Cindy. Giggling, they moved closer, rubbing their bodies to-gether.

“Come on, you two,” Jan grinned. “Let’s see your undies.”
Malcolm blushed. “No. It’s not fair. You’ll see our cocks.”
“Baby,” Cindy cooed. “Have you got a hard-on?”

“Come on, boys,” Jan teased, cupping her breasts. “Let’s see you.”
Keith turned to Malcolm. “Shall we?”
“Fuck it!” Malcolm said, standing up.

“Here you go, girls.” Keith stood up, removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt, before un-doing his top button and pulled down his zip, allowing his trousers to fall. With his penis semi-erect, it was clearly visible as he stood in his red and white striped boxer shorts.

Malcolm, encouraged by the sight of Keith, followed suit, revealing a pair of tight, black briefs, through which his growing manhood was clearly visible. “There you go.”

Cindy placed her arm around Jan’s shoulder. “They both look good. I know – let’s give them a show.”

Jan smiled. “Okay.”

Cindy turned to face Jan, placing her hands upon her the firm buttocks before her. Jan re-ciprocated the move, bowing her head and kissing Cindy’s neck. The two women pressed their lips together, opened their mouths and engaged tongues. Feeling aroused, they began running their hands up and down one another’s backs, Cindy unclipping her friend’s bra, gliding her hands up to her shoulders and slipping the straps down. As a surge of lust assault-ed her. Jan, with one hand inside Cindy’s panties, set to undoing her bra, mimicking the ac-tions performed on her.

Together, they lowered themselves onto the floor, Cindy exposing Jan’s perfect, round breasts, running her fingers over them and teasing her nipples into life. Overwhelmed with passion, Jan lowered her head, kissing Cindy’s neck, licking her way down to her small, pert bosoms, licking and sucking her pale pink nipples, whilst feeling her way towards the red, lacy panties, easing them down.

With their hands exploring one another, they became lost in their hormonal overload. The two men watched as Cindy’s panties lowered to reveal a slender strip of bright ginger pubic hair and thin outer lips beneath, which Jan gently touched. As a surge of pleasure coursed through her, Cindy tugged at Jan’s black thong, pulling it down as Jan lifted her pelvis. With the items removed, Cindy shuffled around, placing her lips upon the smooth vulva. Looking up at the sight of Cindy’s inviting love garden, Jan pulled her down and raised her head, lick-ing the pouting bright pink petals that hung tantalisingly.

With her tongue between Jan’s rapidly engorging pink lips, Cindy inserted a finger into her friend’s dribbling vagina. ‘We’d better not do too much too soon,’ Cindy thought. ‘I want to see the men.’ Reluctantly, she raised her head and moved off of Jan. Smiling at the men, she said, “Are you two enjoying the show?”

“Bloody right we are,” said Malcolm.

“Good,” Cindy said, placing her arm around Jan, who had sat beside her. “Get your cocks out!”

The two men looked at each other. Keith said, “We might as well.”

Malcolm grinned. “Here you go.” Continuing his grin, he lowered his briefs, revealing a seven inch uncut penis.

Looking down at Malcolm’s manhood, Keith said, “Nice,” as he pulled his boxers down, his marginally smaller circumcised length springing into view.

“A cut one,” said Cindy. “I’ve never had one of those.”
Now feeling incredibly aroused, Jan said, “You can have a play with it in a minute.”
“In a minute?” Cindy said, running her hands across Jan’s silky smooth breasts.

“They can do a show for us. Come on, Keith. Suck Malcolm. You’ve sucked a cock be-fore.”

Cindy opened her legs and parted her pussy lips. “Mmmmmmm. Yes, go on, Mal. You said you wanted to try a guy.”

Keith looked at Malcolm. “Shall I?”
Looking down at Keith’s erection and then his own, Malcolm said, “Go on.”


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