Aunt Marsha, Cougar In Heat

Reclining on the balcony of her rented condo, looking out over the ocean at first light in the eastern sky, Marsha had now been awake for 24 straight hours.

Last evening's activities started at the rehearsal for her nephew Donnie's wedding. She was pleased to have been asked to do a reading at the wedding. Donnie's father, Mike, was Marsha's plder brother, to whom she was especially close.

Just last year she and her husband traveled the 400 miles to this resort town on the ocean, where her brother and his wife owned a business and raised their 3 children.

The occaision then was Donnie's graduation party. She was so proud of him for not only graduating with an engineering degree, but he had also played for the football team. Two or three times each year they had seen him play on T.V. Even her asshole husband was into that.

Of course, he couldn't be talked into making this trip, even though Marsha was a part of of the ceremony.

As the sun was getting ready to pop above the horizon and burn off the morning mist, Marsha was dreamily recalling the amazing events of last evening. She hadn't even gotten back to this magnificant 5th floor rented condo until 2:30 or so. Sleep was not on her mind then, or now.

After a few run-throughs of the ceremony, dinner was on the agenda. There she got re-acquainted with several of Donnie's friends whom she met last year at the graduation party. She also met a few new guys, all of them looked to be football teammates of Donnie's, and only one year removed from being in fabulous condition. All were broad shouldered and obviously buff. Some were gorgeous cute, some lacked model's handsome faces, but all were young, virile and probably expecting to get some action on this wedding weekend.

Marsha was an attractive woman. She carried 150 pounds very well on her 5'6", 42 year old body. It looked nice on her, with ample tits, wide, sexy hips, and a quite attractive, if also ample ass. She had a beautiful face, spectacular big white teeth, and pulled it all together by carrying herself with confidence earned partially by her business success, as well as by her knowledge that she still attracted universal male attention with her good looks.

Her husband was still quite attentive, even though they both had strayed from their marital vows on many occaisions. Only about half of those violations were known to each other. Make-up sex had always been astounding when either's infidelities had risen to the level of needing to be dealt with. Marsha was a well-fucked, beautiful woman, here for the wedding by herself.

Marsha's mind would not permit sleep to come. Rather, she replayed in glorious detail the events of last night. Events which had ended less than three hours earlier.

Shortly after dinner, Donnie and his bride-to-be and their parents disappeared quickly, probably to go to another smaller celebration somewhere else. This immediately left Marsha as the most mature of those remaining. She was drinking lots of free booze and enjoyed the upbeat banter with these young people.

Sexual tension was in the air. She may have been the only person in this patio-like area who didn't have a specific plan to fuck a specific partner later on.

As the night wore on, she was aware of of becoming progressively more drunk and much freer to spice her comments with vulgarities and sexually suggestive language.

At a certain point, it just seemed natural to accept and reciprocate a lusty kiss slapped onto her lips by a massive spacimen of a young man to whom she had been talking for a while.

They were off to the side in a rather secluded setting, with oversized furniture and huge plants. This setting, together with her alcohol level, put her in the mood to go along with the young man's insistence on feeling her tits and grabbing her hot ass.

He, or she, it didn't matter which, pulled down and threw aside his pants. This left his cock pointing straight at her. She reached up under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Either she handed them to him or he grabbed them from her before they were tossed aside. She never did get those panties back.

Events quickly, and rather unceremoniously, progressed to Marsha being empaled on his marble-hard cock while he remained standing. Her legs were splayed over his forearms and out to the side.

His hands gripped her ass and hips. She held on to ...

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