Babysitting Alex - Part 7's almost at the end..thanks for the support on the stories, and ALWAYS stay tuned for more=-


We were still naked in bed from last night's fun...Mark in the middle, his skin against mine felt warm, he was soft, I ran my hand through his back reaching for his butt, he moved near me and before I noticed it he kissed me deeply, I didn't know what to do, so I kissed him back, he was just beggining to get hard, and I was as well before I broke the kiss and looked at was incredible how much he looked like Aky...of course, a bit taller than him and he used no glasses, but he was as cute...he grabbed my half-hard dick, already in the morning, he was full of desire, I ran my hands through his back again and I felt Aky grabbing my hands and pulling himself near Mark's ass crack.

"Good morning you two..." I said.

"it IS a good morning right?" Aky said, Mark's body tensed as Aky slid one finger inside his ass.

"Y-Yesterday was cool...but...I got to go home today...s-so I was thinking if...we could...try what I wanted..." Mark said between his moans.

"Sure...was it..a double?" I asked.

"Y-Yeah..ah.." He said.

"We'll work it out..." I said grabbing him and putting him over my chest, his dick was leaking pre cum, some drops fell of me, he fastly kissed me deeply again, he wanted it more than anything, I don't know if he was in love with me, or if I was only a good kisser, but he would always kiss me as soon as he was with me and Aky in closed places. Aky got up and went behind Mark, I felt a tongue on my dick, apparently he was only doing that so it'd go in more easily, that was smart. I slowly slid myself inside Mark, he moaned hard and his dick was rock hard, and he knew what was coming next, I started to fuck him slowly, preparing him for what would come next.

"Alright I'm gonna try sticking it in..." Aky said trying to pull himself in.

"Relax now Mark..." I said as Aky was rubbing his dick against mine slowly getting in, the tightness was indescribable...when his dick went half way in, Mark opened his eyes wide and shivered holding my shoulders, it almost hurt.

"Why did I have to want something that hard and painful...?" He said looking at me biting his lower lip not to scream in pain, then I felt Aky's dick rubbing against mine inside his felt so good, I almost went crazy, but I tried not to lose control since it would hurt Mark a lot.

"'s in...alright try moving now" He told me as I continued my slow thrusts, now, combined with Aky's thrusts, Mark moaned in pain sustaining on my shoulders with his arms as my thrusts were getting faster and harder, slightly going deeper, that also pulled Aky's dick a little deeper, Mark started fucking us back moving his hips, by that time, Amy grabbed his hips and his dick stroking while fucking him, we fucked him for long 10 minutes that seemed to be forever, his moans were loud, and I was moaning a lot as well, I didn't think it could be so good, and after that, I felt Aky's dick pulsing over mine as he shot inside, it felt incredible warm, that feeling made me cum as well. Mark shook...and came 5 long squirts on my chest before collapsing by my side as I slid my dick out, Aky fell and came by my side again.

"That was...Awsome..."Mark said between his panting.

"Yeah...ahhh..Do you really have to go home...?" I asked.

" gotta take me there today after lunch mom says..." He said.

"That sucks.." I said.

"Well...don't worry though...we're just 2 weeks away from school, we WILL end up seeing eachother again.." He explained.

"No prob for us since we are Neighbors right?" Aky said looking at me.

"If you 2 need any can come to me..I'll help ya!" I said smiling.

"Thanks..."Aky said grabbing my arm.

"You two are two love birds..."Mark said."Did I hear it well yesterday?You two are boyfriends?" He asked.

"Yup" we said.

"I wish I had someone too..."He said a bit down.

" can be our secret friend..."I said smiling at him, he smiled back and kissed me, Aky didn't seem to care at all, he wanted to kiss Mark as well soon as I broke the kiss, Aky kissed Mark deeply as well, he had been watching Mark for a long time, it was normal, and obviously, I had helped both getting into it. Mark broke the kiss.

"Let's get breakfast...I'm starving" Mark said getting up and walking to the door.

"Hungry too...come on Matt!" Aky said running to the door. I looked at my cummed chest and got up moving to the kitchen.As soon as I got to the kitchen, Mark got to me and slid his finger through his own cum tasting it.

"It's" He said licking my chest, I looked at him licking and tasting it until there was nothing else to lick, he wanted to suck me, but I stopped him.

"we don't have time...I have to do the stuff...."I said.

"I can do it while you do them" he said moving to my dick and jerking it.

"I...I think it's fine..."I said, I had to adapt somethings while he jerked and sucked me, including cooking of course...I came 2 times with him doing those stuff...Aky was impatient but he had an idea.

"So...if today's your last day about we have a morning and afternoon full of sex?" He said calmly, he was actually naughty.

"I'm ok with it..." Mark said smiling at me, I was almost sure that he was in love with me...

"Yeah, right I'm in, but what do you suggest now Mister..." I asked Aky.

"Something like this" He said getting up and pulling me out of the chair making me fall on the kitchen floor, Mark sat on my chest pulling his dick into my mouth as Aky sucked me off, I couldn't move, I wanted to, but I couldn' was so hot...I wouldn't DARE make them stop...I sucked Mark good and hard, I ran my hand on Mark's ass and started sticking a finger in, he moaned in pleasure as I sucked him off, I slid 3 fingers inside easily and he moaned much more, Aky's blowjob was great and I wanted to moan loud, but I had Mark's dick inside my mouth, I thrusted my fingers in and out of Mark's ass and I felt him shake before he shot his cum inside my mouth, it was sweet, I kept him into my mouth draining him of his last drops before releasing him, I grabbed Mark and turned him to me as I stick my tongue inside his hole, he shook with the surprise but he didn't stop me, I went in deeper with my tongue as he moaned and Aky sucked me.

"Come on! Cum already!" Aky said before he continued to suck, I started stroking Mark's soft dick playing with his ass hole and in no time he got hard again.

"Huumm....can I?" Aky said while stroking his dick, I got Mark out of me and turned my body, fastly, Aky was pushing his dick inside me, it felt good...a perfect fit...I continued to suck Mark as he held my hair, pulling me closer...I was on the verge of cumming and Aky's thrusts became faster and faster, Mark's as well.

"Mnn!MNN!" was all I managed to let out before cumming on the floor, Mark blew his load inside my mouth again and sat on the floor panting, Aky shot his on my back and fell on the floor exhausted.

"It's...the 2nd time ...

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