Changing Amy

Chapter 1

I didn’t know where I was or who I was with. Then it hit me. I was interrogated, raped, then now cuffed naked on a lonely table. What the fuck happened? One day I was boring Amy, thinking she was going through a phrase. But then, everything changed after I received a package. Before any horrible thing happened, a month ago before any of this shit. I began to change and I regretted it.

“Derek we need to talk.” I said while cleaning the dishes. Derek glare with a smile on his face. Derek is my best friend I decided to move in with. I been living with him for about approximately five months. I felt lonely in my apartment, and I needed someone to company me. Derek was the one who volunteered since all the other girls were annoying. I felt like one of the guys instead of those slutty skimpy girls. Shopping always every fucking day, fuck strangers they don’t know and shit like that. The truth is that I was the weirdo. The girl who rather wear jeans that were tight but I mean like skinny jeans, shirts that don’t show much as cleavage, or not at all and wears converses all the time since I love sneakers.

Anyways, Derek sauntered toward me. Before reaching me he ceased, and stood glaring at me with the same cute smile he always had since fourth grade. “What’s wrong Amy?” I stopped washing the last dish, and turned to look at him. His eyes so intriguing, crystal eyes, beautiful small lips, greek nose, his skin tan so perfectly, and his body so fit and muscular. Reach about 6’0 ft. Shirtless, with jeans and no shoes. I’ll melt all over him.
Thinking of it makes me wonder how big his penis is if he is so perfect. I was already getting wet just guessing how large his penis size was. I heard his voice again which drew me to his eyes, which now looked as if he was worried. “Are you okay Amy?”
“Yes I am I just need to talk to you….if you’re not busy?”
“I’m not really. I just called my job that I would not go in today nor tomorrow. Thanksgiving is more important since it is tomorrow.”
“How did she feel?”
“Oh Amy, don’t worry about Cheng. Cheng was kinda upset, but she accepted it. She is sometimes a bitch, but a hot, stubborn, slutty bitch.” I hate when he rumbles about how fucking hot his boss is and how much he wanted to eat her pussy out, hear her moan his name while clawing his skin, or how much he wanted to slide his dick inside her pussy and fuck her senseless until she cries for mercy. I guess being one of the boys really makes things awkward for me. Since guys always converse about sex to each other. I wonder if Derek ever told how hot I was to his employers….or his boss?

“Derek I got a question….I want to know if you’re alright with me asking it?”
He cocked his head a bit to the right side and squinted. “Sure.”
“Have you ever had a feeling? A feeling like you’re not yourself?”
“What are you talking about Amy?”
“Like….you feel like life is a detour. Like you can’t do anything different.”
“I can’t comprehend what your saying Amy?”
“I think I’m moving back to my apartment.” His eyes widen in shock.
“Have I done something?”
“No, it’s not that. I don’t know. I feel….weird.” He approach closer to me.
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know. I guess it’s a phrase. I feel like nothing. Tonight I feel like going online to dropping out. I feel like moving back in my apartment. I feel like doing nothing. I feel like my compassion drained away and my motivation is falling apart. I feel….different.”
“I guess it’s normal. Do you feel….lazy?”
“I guess so. I don’t even feel like cleaning this last dish to be honest.”
He downcast his eyes, sadden. I touch his cheek. “Derek I’m so sorry, but I got to do this. I’ll be alright.”

I left the dish by itself. I walked toward my bedroom as Derek walked in with me. Ocean blue wall paint with in the tippy top white stripes all across the four walls. My small off white bed with black sheets face toward the door. My mirror on the right corner near the closet, and my TV across the bed near the door. Yeah, my room is really boring. Derek looked at me and said, “Amy….when did you begin to feel that way?”
“I don’t remember. I’m guessing four weeks ago.”
“Really? Why haven’t you told me?”
“Maybe because I was embarrassed at first, but then I thought it’ll go away. I guess it never did. I’m fine okay. You can go now. I’ll lay down and maybe I’ll feel a bit better.”
“Okay.” Before he walked away. I spoke again. “Can you please lock the door behind you.”
I guess that let him off guard since I never locked my door, or even close it ever.
“Okay.” As he did, I went near the mirror, staring at my reflection. “Am I pretty?” I stare at my body. Curves, C+ breasts, round yet small ass. I had a nice body. My eyes jaded, my nose small perky, my lips small and juicy, my face heart shaped. “I guess so.” Now my self-esteem feels low. What’s wrong with me? Why am I feeling this way? I removed my shirt and stare at my bra. 42C. Blue polka dots. I slowly took out the left strap. Slowly seeing my breast emerge. My left breast emerge out the bra. So round and perfect. I was getting horny staring on my reflection. I started to remove my other strap and then I’m staring at my own bare breasts. I removed my bra completely. “Fuck they're so juicy looking.” I started to tease my left breast. Pinching my nipple. I felt a little string. I never touch myself. I mean when I take a shower because I had to clean them, but I mean touch myself. Like….masturbating. I kept pinching my nipple with my left hand while my right bounced my right breast. Touching both my breast made me wet. I never felt this wet. For the first time, I felt horny. Horny touching myself. I remove my pants. My boy shorts. I saw a wet spot. I was drenching. I bit my lip. Oh.My.God. I’m so fucking horny. What phrase am I going through? I took my right hand and lower it down my thigh. Still biting my lip, I moved away from the mirror, and back up until I felt the wall.

“So fucking horny.” I moaned out. For a beginner, I felt like a expert of pleasuring myself. I slowly touch my thigh and reach to my inner thigh. Up and down slowly and sensitive. My skin so sensitive. I cease my pinching of my left nipple as I saw it was harden. I began to pinch and twirl my right nipple. My right hand finally reach my pussy lips. Oh God, I was a river down there. I never thought my pussy would be that wet. It’s storming pussy juices. “Oh fuck me finger.” I moaned again. As I kept playing with my right breast. My right hand slide my shorts down and I began to touch my Clitoris. I screech a moan. “OOOO!” I cover my mouth automatically. I don’t want Derek walking in on me masturbating. I stood silent for a minute. He never approach the door. I uncover my mouth and look at myself. What was I doing? Masturbating. Look at me. Naked, fucking my nipples and pussy. Oh God, what fucking phrase is this shit! I can’t help it. I’m so fucking horny. Maybe once and that’s it. I open my legs wide enough for the shorts to cease it. My right hand rubbed the Clitoris in circular motion. “Oooo fuck yes, I want to be finger fuck so hard right now. Mmmm, yes baby.” I slide one finger in. Oooo I never thought my vagina wall was so tight. I never thought being a virgin was being tight like a sewing machine sew my hymen. I finger slowly as I play with my breasts, bouncing, shaking, pinching, also licking them. Mmmmm so good. I kept finger fucking while my thumb circle my Clitoris. I bit my lip seductively. I was enjoying myself. Entertaining my body. “Fuck!” I insert a second finger. Fucking myself. Moaning every inch of pleasure rushing through me. I went faster and faster. Moaning almost loud enough for the neighbors to hear me. I collapse on the floor. Hard orgasm. I climax. I fucking climax for the first time. That was a fucking achievement.

My floor was a bit wet. A pool of pussy juice. Curiosity hitted me. My wet juicy fingers needed to be clean. I sucked them clean. Mmmm. I wonder why guys like eating pussies so much. It’s so fucking delicious. Next to me on the floor was a shirt that my dad gave me that I despised. I grabbed the shirt, and clean my pussy juice on the floor. I threw the shirt under my bed. And got on my PJs. It was a red plaid shirt with black shorts. My gut spoke. Check on Derek. So, I sneak out my room. Already 10pm. Wow. How long was I masturbating? It felt short. I tiptoed past the bathroom and went near his room. I heard moans. I peek a bit. My eyes widen. When did he brought a girl in the fucking house? I open a little crack to see enough of what was going on. A girl bouncing up and down.
“Oh fuck yes Derek. Fuck the shit out of me baby!”
“Shut the fuck up Kim! You’ll wake up Amy.”
Derek is fucking my cousin. He’s fucking my slut of a cousin. Kim was always a slut. Fuck almost every hot guy from the neighbourhood since Kim is hot. Kim have wavy brunette hair, high cheekbones, perky nose, full size lips, and thin eyebrows. Her body was not better than mines though. Her body was curvy, but her breast were B-, her ass wasn’t too round, but not saggy either. I saw a glimpse of Derek’s dick. Wow amazing. So thick and long. It looked as if it was 9 inches. Wow so big. And Kim is bouncing on it. Her hips swaying with the rhythm, his hands hold each side of her waist, lifting her up and down as she ride his dick like a rodeo.
“Oooo fuck Derek. Fuck me like a fucking slut I am. Call me a slut Derek. Call me a fucking slut!”
“You’re a fucking slut! A fucking horny slut! You love having your slutty pussy fucked! You fucking cunt!”
“Oooo like that baby!”
“Shut up bitch! Take my cock inside your fucking slutty ass!”
“Oooo yes!” She turned around facing the door. I stop looking for a moment then glare back at the crack door. Her eyes closed. Her B- breast bouncing crazy, Her mouth open as she moan loudly. “Ooooo fuck that dirty ass you fucking bastard.”
I heard a loud clapped. Did he just slap her ass?
“You little cunt! Shut the fuck up and just keep on riding.”
“Oooo yes baby!”
The clap of her ass and his dick got louder, and her face got red. Is she reaching orgasm?
“Oooo fuck! I’m going to fucking cum!” My pussy was getting wet. Oh imagine fucking Derek cock like Kim was doing. I put my right hand down my shorts and started to rub my clit. Mmmm his voice, her moans, their fucking making me so wet. I bit my lip while playing with myself. Derek pounding hard on Kim’s dirty little slutty ass.
As she climax, I climax and by mistake hit the door wide open. They both got up to see me on the floor.
“What the fuck!” Kim covered herself with his red sheet.
“Oh my God Amy!”
“Did Amy just saw us fucking Derek?”

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