Cuckquean Slave

This is strangely enough a true story. Even odder still; there is very little available online about this subject; in terms of sex stories. First attempt on this site; hope you guys AND girls.. enjoy! I am Rachel & my husband Chance suggested I write this.

My skirt rode up high; barely covering my ass cheeks as I bent over the pool table to make my shot. I spread my tanned legs wide enough for those behind me to catch a glimpse of my hairy bush with minimal effort. Staggering away from the shot I missed for the tenth time; I reached for the shelf behind me & took another gulp of my beer. Chance walked to the table, took his shot, steady aim & sunk the balls intended; all the while never taking his eyes off of a hot young redhead at the bar. Yah sure I may have been drunk but I know too well how this night was going to end. Once Chance sunk the 8 ball; game obviously over now, he called me over and grabbed my hand. Sighing internally I reluctantly followed, dread building inside. God he could be so fucking smooth, I thought to myself as no less than 30 seconds later, the redhead, who we know knew as Nikki, was flirting back with him. I know she saw me, his arm clearly draped over my shoulder, my fat boobs leaping out of my way too flimsy tank top, you couldnt miss me... but whatever.

Being that we were in the back corner of a very dark pub, there were not too many prying eyes & I don't think it wouldn have mattered to Chance anyways. He leaned into Nikki's ear & whispered something as he slowly started kissing her ear and neck. Grabbing my hand, he slid it under her skirt & then pushed my head down. Kneeling in front of the red head, she spread her legs and started giggling as her and Chance apparenly shared some sort of insider joke I was unaware of. Chance stood behind me & ground his very hard cock straining to escpae his jeans against the back of my head; forcing my head into Nikki's sweaty & very wet pussy. She stood up as they wrapped thier arms around each other & began making out; my face covered with her pussy juices as his hard cock wore a sore spot in the back of my head. This continued for what seemed like eternity before the bitch came. When she did, I know not only Chance but everyone in the bar heard it. When she finally peeled herself off of my face, I saw several horny guys surrounding us. Chance pulled me up by my hand and lead us, Nikki on his one side, me, his wife on the other arm; out the front door. My make up was running all over my face, I reeked of cum and Nikki had a very obvious wet spot on the front of her very short skirt.

We got into our car wordlessly, me driving, Chance & his new friend Nikki in the backseat. She sat on his lap and ground her pussy all over his hard cock the whole way home. Once I pulled into the driveway, Chance hopped out & pulled Nikki with him, leading her to the house; I followed as expected.
Once in the bedroom, Chance really got into character. He ordered me to take off all my clothes and put on this very revealing set of lingerie he had gotten for me years ago. Unfortunately it was gotten for me when I was much thinnner. Now I am about 200 lbs, still have a pretty face, huge natural 40E boobs, but I have quite the beer belly & my ass has gotten much fatter. I suppose that is when Chance decided that I needed motivation to lose weight. That was a year ago. Since that time, I have 'helped' him fuck over 150 women of all races, ages, shapes and sizes. Each time I am degraded more & more & at the time I resist it, but inside I secretly love the humiliation; but at the same time am eaten up with jealousy. Maybe one day I will embrace it more.

Anyway, so there I am with huge fucking E cup tits shoved into a C cup at best bra & my ass is stuffed into a pair of crotchless panties 3 sizes too small. He then adds a few new elements that were a surprise. He spreads my legs & pulls out two clothespins from who knows where & pins my pussy lips open, one on each side & then puts a tiny one on my clit. I was on fire; my god I was so horny but I knew I wasn't getting fucked. It had been nearly 5 months since I had had actual penetration. At least from Chance at least, but that is another story. Then the collar appears & it snapped around my neck, complete with leash. he snaps his fingers & I kneel on the floor as expected to. he then walks me over to Nikki and hands her my leash, she stands while my husband undresses her and she makes stupid drunken comments like 'oh what a fat little doggy you are' and 'look at those poofy cheekies' while pinching my cheeks.

Chance pushes her back on the bed & then straddles Nikki, his ass in my face. His balls resting on her stomach, his hard 9 inch cock pointing up towards her tiny breasts, allowing me room to do my job. I lean down and start to lick her cunt again, making sure she is good and wet, I continue licking her moist folds till she cums in my face. As a start to lick her clean again, Chance swings his leg over my head suddenly & dismounts. Slapping me hard in the face, he shouts, "Bad Bitch! That is NOT for you!" as he drags me away to the chair at the base of the bed. "I can't have your drool & spit all over her beautiful pussy!"
He instructs me to sit extremely uncomfortably in this wooden chair, my feet flat on the seat, my legs spread slightly as to just rub against the clothespins that are now nearly cutting off my circulation and really starting to ache on my lips. My back firm against the chair and my fat titties stretched to rest on the tops of my knees. My arms tied behind me & my mouth gagged with a large black rubber ball.
The worst part about this arrangement is I am self conscious, understandably abotu my weight & this causes all my fat to protrude making it very obvious my size & if possible emphasizing it more.

Chance then struts away from me and leans in to grab Nikki's hair, pulling her to his hard cock protruding from his body by what seems a foot. I had to give it to the girl, she could suck a mean cock. ...

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