Ever wonder what it would be like to meet someone online that is real?

How many times have we all thought that we found that woman or man who would meet and fill your needs? A meeting would be set up and they would not show – they would require / ask you to go to another site in order to hook up. That would end up in dead ends and no connection.

I am pleased to say that I finally got lucky and met a real woman!!! She lived about 70 miles from me so we decided to meet somewhere in-between. We are both married so this meeting needed to be very safe and discreet. Both of us were looking for some sexual excitement. I wanted to have some sex outside the normal great married sex I was having at home. She just wanted any type of sex since she was not getting any at home.

We traded many emails talking about hot fantasies and some sexual adventures that we wanted to live out.

The day finally arrived for us to meet. I arrived at the parking lot early and began pacing around in anticipation for her to show up. When it got to be 15 minutes late I began to think it was another no-show, but it was not – she arrived ?

We chatted outside the cars for a few minutes then she got into my car to begin the day we had planned. I headed out to the coast and started our drive along the scenic coast of Maine.

Our conversation drifted to the coastal views – why we both were looking for sex outside our marriage and a whole list of other topics.

The time finally arrived – we entered a very popular coastal town that had lots of people walking the sidewalks and even some in the street where there was not a sidewalk. She undid her top and exposed her beautiful breasts, at least partially, there were being supported in a very skimpy bra.

It took a couple of minutes but I reached over and started to play with her nipple through her bra – it got hard almost instantly. One of the things we wanted to happen began to happen – people on the side of the road were looking in the window and saw me playing with her breasts as we drove by.

Time to move onto step two – she finished taking off her top, reached behind her back to unhook her bra – this instantly exposed those beautiful breasts. I had to be careful as I drove because I wanted to see them but I needed to watch out for people walking etc. It did not take long for me to reach over and play with both of those beautiful breasts.

What we wanted to see was the reaction of people on the side of the road – it was amazing. Just think about it – you are walking down the street of a coastal vacation town and a car drives by with a woman topless and the driver of the car playing with her breasts. The thing we did not expect is that we got stopped in traffic – what to do??? Does she cover up or do we continue our exhibition fantasy? I said – there are no cops around so let me continue and she agreed. There was a guy who almost stopped so he could see; I reached out to cover her nipples as best I could with my hand and arm. When he started to walk he almost walked into a sidewalk bench.

I told her this was the most exciting thing I have ever done – she agreed.

Now that we met our first plan it was time for the second. I headed back to a main road so we could return to her car as she needed to head home. I put the car in cruse control, pushed the seat back and waited. As planned she reached over and began to play with my cock through my pants, this resulted in me getting as hard as I could trapped in my jeans.

Her hand slowly moved up to my belt, undid it then slowly and teasingly unzipped my pants. As her hands moved to the waist of my pants I arched my back so she could pull them down. She only pulled them down to just above my knees – remember if needed I would need to apply the brake.

She started to tease me and only lightly touched my cock, it was like she was not going to finish our plan, I was wrong. She leaned over and began to kiss ...

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