Friday Nights

It’s difficult to find a good start for my story. A relationship with your own father doesn’t just start. Still I feel the urge to write it down. For him as much as for myself. Some memories are blurred where others stand out as if it happened yesterday. I’m 23 years old now and a lot more aware of the different emotions that are involved in my story.

Right before the summer after I had turned 8 my parents got divorced. As far as a split goes it was fairly painless. I hated it of course, but there were hardly any big arguments or lawyers involved. My dad got weekend custody and I stayed with mom during the week. My mom coped with it pretty well but it wasn’t hard to see my dad felt guilty. I don’t know if he blamed the split on himself or felt guilty cause he wasn’t able to give his son a proper family home.
It doesn’t really matter. He made up for it with our ‘Friday Nights’.

After school I would go to my dad’s new home and we would order pizza or get junk food and rent/download whatever movie I wanted to see. I could stay up as long as I liked, despite the fact I often fell asleep during the movie, and since I was raised as a nudist clothes were optional.
And on some days I could even have a bit of sherry coke. Cola mixed with sherry. He mixed it 1 to a 100 or something and I could barely taste the sherry, but it was the thought that counted.
Friday nights were our nights. No rules and nothing but fun. We both loved it.
Soon after this tradition started I would spent my entire week just waiting for Friday Night.

After a few months we added something extra to it. While waiting on the pizza or download we would quickly get a shower. Afterwards I would lay down on a towel with my head resting on my dad’s thigh. Throughout the entire movie he would rub and massage my back. Even if I had fallen asleep his warm hand would never leave my back. He got incredibly skilled at squeezing the muscles in my neck, almost instantly send me to dreamland. Even to this day there are only a few moments in my life where I was as happy as I was then. Lying naked on his leg watching an 80s action movie.

When spring had arrived and the evenings slowly got warmer my dad left his bathrobe and sat down naked with me. I didn’t mind it that much. The bare contact of my cheek against his leg was comforting. Pressing my ear tightly against his leg I could hear his heartbeat faintly under his skin.
And whenever I felt like teasing I would lift up my head and use the points of my long hair to tickle him.
Something did happen though. The first time I fell asleep during the movie while my dad was nude, I woke up nearing the end of the film with a warm and sweaty hand. Disoriented by my nap it took me a while to figure out what I was holding. It was really warm and soft. It felt like nothing I had gripped before. I squeezed it and it gave way like rubber.
Slowly I turned my head and look at my hand. I retracted it like I had burned my hand. I had been gripping my dad’s thing. Not just a little, but my entire hand had been wrapped around his cock. My heart was pounding and I felt embarrassed. I quickly looked up to dad to tell him I was sorry.
But he was smiling at me. He lay his large hand on the side of my head and ruffled my hair.
“Had a nice nap?” he gently asked.
I chose to ignore what I had just done and nodded to him. Feeling better I turned my head to the tv again and watched the end of the film.

The week after the same thing happened. I woke up halfway through the movie with that same weird sensation in my hand. That weird rubbery warm feeling in my palm. Again I jerked my hand back, fearing what my dad would think. Again he ignored it. He kept his eyes fixed on the tv and rubbed my back as he always did. I tried to watch the movie but I was too distracted now. Why did his feel so different. I knew how it felt to hold mine and it was a bit similar. Yet his was so big and so soft. And why did it feel so weird touching it. I had touched his belly before, and his face, and his legs and hands and arms. Why did that thing feel so different to touch. Almost as if I did something really wrong.
I turned my head to my dad and closed my eyes, pretending to sleep again. But through my lashes I stared at his cock for the longest time. I examined the hairs around it. The thick veins running left and right. How his skin hid the upper part of his cock. I tried to remember as much of it as I could, so I could look at mine the next day and see what the differences are.
At some point I fell asleep and I woke up during the credits of the film again holding his thing tightly in my left hand. My dad ignored it as before, and thinking I was asleep he lifted me up and brought me to my bed.

The week after that I had been too nervous about falling asleep during the film I watched the entire thing without a single nap. I felt a bit disappointed when the credits started rolling. I actually had wanted to fall asleep. Just to see what would happen. On the other hand the film had been pretty awesome so I still had had a great night.

The week after that I knew something was up. My dad picked me up from school, where normally my mom would drive me to him. He was really excited about something. When we got home I figured out why. Proud like a puppy he showed me the dvd he had bought.
The very first Friday Night we had watched an animated Pixar film. This week a part 2 had come out on dvd. We were going to have our own little party. It would be a special special Friday.
We didn’t order separate pizza but a party one. Big enough to feed a family. And I was allowed a little extra sherry in my coke today. After we had stuffed ourselves with pizza and I had finished my coke and lay down on my dad he stopped the film.
Again excited as a puppy he told me to hold on. He pushed me softly off him and walked out of the living room. When he came back he was holding a bottle with a brown liquid in it.
He opened it up and pushed it under my nose. It smelled great. It was a fresh type of smell and it reminded me of the sauna at the nudist resort.
My dad sat down and I let myself fall onto his thigh again. When he dribbled the stuff on my back I shivered and yelled from the sudden coldness. Dad chuckled and quickly spread the stuff all over my back. It felt beyond amazing. The slickness of the stuff made his hands feel like warm water flowing over my body. It was crazy. I hugged his entire leg and closed my eyes in absolute bliss.
Being stuffed with pizza combined with his massage and the sherry I fell asleep within minutes after he started on my back.

Perhaps it had been the sherry. Or his great massage or just the vibe in general. It doesn’t matter really. When I woke up and felt my hand around his thing I didn’t jump up. I kept it there.
I was still facing the tv but I knew without a doubt what I was holding in my hand. Tightly, as if I was holding a teddy bear in my sleep. I didn’t dare to move nor look at it. I just held it and tried to focus on the film. Dad was still rubbing my back with that great liquid all over it. I relaxed a bit.
Then my dad sat up a little. It was a tiny motion but the sudden movement caused me to jolt. I retracted my hand and made a small gasp. I felt caught.
Dad had heard it and he chuckled lightly. His hand left my back and I felt really embarrassed now. But he softly grabbed my left hand. I felt his large warm hand close gently around mine and his thumb caressed my inner palm. He slowly moved my hand to his crotch. I turned my head and looked at dad. He was smiling friendly and his blue eyes shone. His eyes locked with mine and he kept staring at me while he placed my hand on his cock. He spread his own hand and lay it over mine, keeping my hand firmly on his thing.
“It’s really ok to touch it.” He said. “I don’t mind.”
He kept his hand on mine for a few more seconds and then placed it on my back and continued his massage while watching the film. It took me a while to get a grip on everything but finally I relaxed and closed my hand around his thing. I lay my head down on his thigh again but watching his cock rather than the film.

It was pretty great. I was hesitant at first but the longer my dad was just watching the film to more I started investigating. It tested the weight of him. I let my hand trail all over the length of his cock, feeling the little bumps of his veins. The best part of all were his balls. I poked it softly and to my utter surprise they moved. Not a whole lot but the skin kind of flowed as if they lived a life on their own. The hairs around his crotch tickled my palm. Every time I left his cock to investigate something new I lay it sideways on his thigh, for safekeeping. At some point I tried to lay it down but it didn’t really go down. Instead of being flat against his leg it curved a little. Fascinated it grabbed it and squeezed it. To my utter shock it throbbed back in response of my squeeze. I let it go as fast as I could and saw that with every heartbeat it got bigger. Every throb made it rise up as if it was climbing an invisible ladder. Finally it stood up high, pointing to my dad’s face. It was so so big. It looked completely different. All the veins really stood out now, and at the tip between the little folds in the skin I could see his red skin peeking out. I thought I had done something wrong to my dad.
But again he completely ignored me and was just watching the film. Sometimes he chuckled softly to some of the jokes. I didn’t dare to touch him anymore though. I just watched his hard cock with fascination and waited until it was over.
It took almost ten minutes for it to go down again. I had to hold my laughter when it happened. It just went down as if it was deflating. In one steady movement it shrank and fell down.

I sighed with relief when it was all soft and quickly touched it again. But this time it almost immediately went right up the moment I gripped it. I kept my hand on it and felt the blood surge into it. I fought it a little. I didn’t let it go up but held it pointing at me. With every second the strength increased. Finally I had enough of it and let it go. It shot up and slapped against my dad’s belly with a soft pat. This time I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore.
Dad joined me in the laughter and rubbed my shoulder. The movie had ended and the night was over. He softly pushed me off him and he got up. He stretched himself with a groan and showed me the full length of his hard cock. I stared at it with big eyes. It looked huge like this. Dad noticed my stare and kept his pose.
“Do you like looking at it?” He asked.
I didn’t really know how to respond. I just faintly nodded.
Dad smiled and bent over to me to give me a kiss on my forehead.
“good.” He said.
After that he brought me to bed and left me in my room, thinking about touching him and how it felt.

Our mutual touching became instantly an addition to our Friday nights. The next week wasn’t a special special one. Still I asked him to use that stuff again. I didn’t just love how it felt, but I had smelled really nice the next day. When I asked him my dad thought about it for a while.
Then he made an offer. “I’ll use the oil again, but, only if you touch my thing again.”
“The entire movie?” I asked. Dad slowly nodded with a smile.
“Why?” I asked.
He crouched in front of my and softly grabbed my shoulders.
“Well, you like it when I massage your back right?”
I nodded in reply.
“Well dad likes it when you rub me there. Unless you really don’t want to though.” He added.
I didn’t mind it that much and it sounded fair. So I nodded again. “It’s ok.” I told him and quickly undressed. As promised I touched and caressed his thing the entire movie. I didn’t fell asleep once and kept watching the film while with my left hand touched him over and over. He got big a few times but after a while it always went down again.
So after that night I would touch him there every Friday as he would rub my back. Both of us enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was precisely one year after the divorce it all changed. I noticed something was wrong the moment I stepped into my dad’s home. He was always cheery on Fridays. Always. But today he was quiet, distracted and just distant. He gave me a quick hug and then ordered a pizza without even asking me what I wanted. When we picked a movie, something we always did together, he just went with the very first movie I pointed at. I don’t think he even saw which one I had picked.
We ate our pizza without talking. Afterwards instead of pouring a glass of sherry for himself he grabbed the entire bottle and took a few gulps of it. He didn’t rub me this time. He lay his arm across my upper back and placed his hand on my side. Holding me tightly. His other hand had closed itself over my right hand. He often let go to take another few gulps of the bottle.
I didn’t know what was wrong but I felt an incredible urge to make him feel better. It was awful to see my dad like this. I increased my effort to touch him. I moved my hand faster and with more force on and around his thing. It got hard and I kept going. I didn’t care it stayed hard as long as my dad wouldn’t be so sad.

We both paid no attention to the film. All my dad did was hold me and empty the bottle and I was focussed on my massage.
About 10 minutes after the bottle had been completely downed he hugged me tight and said he loved me. It wasn’t uncommon for him to say that but this time it felt intense and real.
He released his grip on me and placed his hand on my hand and folded around it. Forcing my hand to grip his hard cock. He spread his legs a little and I repositioned myself on his thigh again while holding him.
“Look” dad whispered ...

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