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Fantasy, Gays, Lesbian

The water rained down on our glistening bodies as we kissed and groped. My hand slipped down and began fondling his scrotum. He groaned and fell against the shower wall as I proceeded to give him a hand job. He was hard as a rock but I stopped just short of letting him cum. In mock anger and frustration he threw me against the far wall and began roughly groping me. I whimpered and moved against him as he painfully penetrated me with his fingers.
With one hand on the center of my color bone, he held me immobile against the wall still probing me. The water splashed at his back as he slid me down until I was sitting on the bottom of the tub with my thighs open to the world. His had moved his hand lower on my breastbone until almost the tip to hold me to my new spot. He moved into me and penetrated me with his rock hard muscle. We rocked against each other in the small tub and screaming, came together.
I opened my eyes in the semi-darkness to see a figure sitting on my bed; the alarm was going off beside my head. “Who was it?” The figure asked me.
I groaned and rolled over, shutting off the alarm. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Scott.”
“Yes you do,” I could tell he was smirking in the dim light. He stood and opened the blinds on the window facing me. I squinted in the bright morning sunlight. “You were talking in your sleep again.” He sat back down on his bed. We had recently moved into a smaller place and I still wasn’t used to sharing a room with him. We had met a few years back and because we had so much in common soon became best friends. We had been living together for about two years and could all but read each other’s minds.
I sighed and crawled out of bed. “I don’t know who it was, he didn’t have a face like all the others, why does it matter?” I asked grabbing my robe.
“It seemed to matter to you.” He said gesturing to the moist spot on my bed. I directed a few explicit words at him as I stumbled into the bathroom.
Standing in the hot water I washed the grime of yesterday’s work and this morning’s sweat off of my body. I stared at the far wall thinking of the dream. It was actually starting to get to me; I had been having the dream once, sometimes twice a night the past two weeks. It was always the same man and place, but different things happened each time. I had lied to Scott, I didn’t know if he caught and was just being kind, or didn’t notice. Every once in a great while I could slip a lie past him. I in fact did know who the man who made me orgasm in my dreams was, every time, it was Scott.
The sex dream itself didn’t bother me; the only thing that did worry me was my tendency toward premonitions. Don’t think me a kook, it just had happened a few times. I got out of the shower and wandered to the bedroom. It took me about five minutes to pick out my clothes and get dressed to find Scott in the kitchen sitting at the table still nude.
“Don’t you have to go to work today?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“No, I have today off.” He said sighing and taking sip of coffee.
I sat down facing him with my own breakfast of cool-aid. “Ok I’ll bite, what’s wrong? Why did you get up so early if you don’t have work?” He opened his mouth to say something, but I interrupted him, “And no lying, I can tell when you are lying.”
He closed his mouth with a snap and started again, glaring a little. “I’m just having a few problems with my girlfriend.”
“Cindy?” I asked looking at him. “I thought you guys were totally in love. What happened?”
“I don’t know, she suddenly started acting strange. She doesn’t want to make love, and we barely kiss anymore.” He seemed very upset; he and Cindy had been dating for almost a year. “The thing that worries me is that it all started two weeks ago, right after we watched a special on HBO.” He took a deep breath and a slip of his coffee. “It was about college students learning who they really are, and …coming out…” He paused and took another deep breath, “Gay.” He looked at me pained. “Robin what am I going to do? I really love her, but I can’t force her into somewhere she doesn’t belong.”
I took a sip of my cool-aid and started brainstorming. “Ok, what can you do? How does she feel about that sort of thing? Can you just ask her, or will she freak out on you?” I had recently come out as bi myself and knew the problems associated with it.
He chewed his lip for a moment before answering. “It’s not that, she’s ok with it. I think the main problem is that she has never been with a girl before and doesn’t know for sure.” He looked at me hopefully.
I stood abruptly knowing his intent. “No no no! Don’t even ask! I know what you’re thinking. You know the rules, I don’t want to mess things up between us with sex, that applies with your girlfriends too.”
He looked at me pleadingly, “Please? How am I, or she suppose to know anything if we don’t try. I don’t want to rope her into something that will just end up being bad for both of us.”
“Why not?” I asked exasperated. “People do it to each other all the time, look at my parents!”
He leveled his gaze at me, not laughing. “And look how they turned out. Look how their offspring turned out!” He smirked and started laughing not being able to contain himself.
I stuck my tongue out him and made a face but he continued. “You of all people should know how important it is to be true to yourself.”
“That was a low blow mister.” I glared at him and he fixed me with his puppy dog eyes I groaned. “Ok, I’ll think about it. But only if she wants to, you have to talk to her about this. I don’t want to be pushing her into anything either.”
He nodded and jumping up wrapped me in a huge hug. “Thank you! Thank you! How can I repay you?”
I tried to pry myself lose, “You can start by letting me go, I need to leave for work.” He obediently let go and I grabbed my keys. “Talk to her, I can’t say no to you, but I will still refuse to do it if she isn’t whole heartedly into it.” He nodded solemnly and I left wondering what I was getting myself into.
That night I got home from work late and exhausted. When I walked in, Scott and Cindy were sitting on the couch talking. Scott jumped up when I came in the door, “She said she wanted to try it!”
It took me a few seconds to remember what he was talking about. When I did figure it out I pointed to the bedroom door. “Scott, can you leave us for a few minutes, I want to talk to her…alone.” He nodded and shooting a quick smile at his girlfriend, walked into the bedroom.
I walked to the couch and sat down next to Cindy. “I’m guessing he explained it all to you?” I asked.
She nodded, “Yeah, he was pretty on the mark too. I have been questioning myself for a few years, but seeing that TV show just made it worse.”
I laid my hand on her knee, “Did you want to try anything?” I asked slowly. I had already made my decision if I going to help, but wanted to see what her choice was before saying anything. “And don’t let Scott push you into it.”
There were tears in her eyes as she responded. “I think it will be the only way to know. Because I’m an artist, I don’t know if I am attracted to females, or just their form.” I nodded and let her continue. “I don’t want to hurt Scott, I really love him. But I have to know, what if we get married and then I realize it? That wouldn’t be fair to him. I’m just so glad that he has been so understanding about this whole thing.”
I smiled and started to laugh, she looked at me oddly and a little hurt. “I’m sorry, it just that I think the only reason he’s wanting us to try this out is because he thinks he gets to watch! He does care, and he does want you to know for sure, but that is a big part of it, dear.”
Her expression turned to surprise and a bit of fear. “I don’t want him to watch. I won’t be able to do it if he watching.”
I laughed again, “I said he thinks he gets to watch. There is no way that I’d let him see us or even let him video tape it!”
She joined me in laughing and Scott came out of the bedroom. “Is everything ok?” He asked peaking around the corner.
I waved him into the room. “We just need to figure out a time. I’m to beat to do anything tonight…worthwhile.” I gave Cindy a sly smile and she blushed. We talked for about a half hour about when and where before Cindy had to leave.
As I walked her to the door and gave her a hug she whispered, “He still thinks he’s going to watch.”
I nodded and gave her a squeeze, “I’d take care of it,” I assured her. I closed the door behind her and walked back to the couch, I plopped down next Scott. He grabbed me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek, but I stopped him before he had a chance to thank me. Pushing him away, I turned to face him with a serous expression on my face. “You can’t be here tomorrow night.” I said bluntly, he stared at me in surprise. “I know that you want to, but Cindy and I both decided that you shouldn’t have anything to do with it.” I finished.
Scott looked down at the floor silently, and then looked up at me. “Ok, if that’s the only way it will happen. I know you will tell me everything any how.” He smiled mischievously at me. “Thank you for doing this, it is really important to me that we know the truth.” He wrapped me in a massive hug for a few seconds until I fought my way free.
“I need to get ...

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