Girl in yoga pants- Re-edited Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Chapter One

First let me start out by describing myself. I am about 5 foot 11 and I am pretty good looking guy. I am 19 and I just started my Freshman year in college. I played sports throughout high school and was the captain of 2 varsity teams. I have always been pretty popular in every faction of life, whether academic wise or just being at a party. I had plenty of friends.

This story takes place shortly after I discovered the website "GirlsInYogaPants". If you have not visited this site I urge you to do so. I was at my buddy/s house and shortly after viewing it, I had many girls I went to school with in mind but one for sure. The only problem was that it was my friends sister. Now let me describe her, she is about 5 foot 2 inches tall, brown hair that fell just past her shoulders, and she has the most gorgeous set of eyes, but it just doesn't stop there. She's 17 years old. She weighs about a 100 pounds, she has very nice perky tits (I have had the privilege of seeing them through a buddies nude photo), I'd say they were about b cups, the "perfect handful" with light pink areoles about the size of a quarter, but that wasn't the best part. She had and amazing stomach, a stomach that any girl would die for, I mean a stomach that looks so good you could eat off of it, but by far her best feature has to be very nice ass. I mean guys drool over this piece of art, especially when she is wearing yoga pants. I mean I would so much as go out of my way to see her ass in them. It was magnificent. Every time she walked her ass would jiggle ever so slightly in the tight mans. Her name was Sarah.

It was a Friday night when I started planning. I was to stay over at my friends house (Sarah's brother) when he was having a huge kegger. Shortly after a couple of beer pong games, in which I planned on dominating I would ask her to come to her bedroom with me where I would show her the site and cross my fingers that she didn't hate me. Judging on her mood i would make my move, I would ask her if i could take photos of her for the site. I was getting a hard on just imagining her in some nice tight yoga pants. I would talk to my friend tomorrow.

Me- Hey bro what's good for this weekend?

Friend- Having the biggest party ever. You're for sure coming!!!

Me- no doubt my man I wouldn't miss it for the world

Friend- alright bro well my ma said anyone that drinks has to stay. Sarah said she only trusts you and jake to sleep on her floor so have fun getting nothing all night. hahahahahaha.

Me- Trust me bro ill find a way to get some. I don't mind sleeping with your sister!

Friend- Shut the fuck up, get out of here.

Me- Alright man well I see you Friday.

Friend- Alright later.
So it began.

That party

It was only an hour and a half into the party and I was already 7-0 in BP, of course my sexy partner(Sarah( leaning over the table distracting the other pair did not help at all. It was on the 8th game that we finally lost. The only reason we had lost was because we were playing her brother and she said she would never "distract" her own brother and that it was disgusting that I even brought it up. Either way it didn't matter to me because i had the front row seat to the best show all that night. She was wearing yoga pants and i didn't care. Every once in awhile after she would hit a shot i would gently smack her ass telling her good job.

Right after we lost...

Sarah- Hey we got next!

Random person- Well wait your turn bitch, 3 pairs already called it.

Sarah- Fuck you cunt, let me know when we're next.

Random person- Alright.

Sarah- Hey Brian!

Me- whats up?

Sarah- Lets go to my room for a little bit and just hang out.

Me- sounds good.

My plan was already working and I hadn't even brought up going to her room. I had a perfect view of her ass as i trailed behind her as we started to walk towards her room.

Now I'm going to describe what she was wearing, she had on a nice and tight pink cammie, and yoga pants, I was in heaven to say the least. I could tell she was already a little horny as her nipples were poking through her shit. I looked to my friend from school and asked him if I was in heaven and he said he thinks we both are.

We walked into her room and as soon as I get in she locks the door.

Me- so whats up? Why'd you lock the door?

Sarah- nothing just had to get out of there it's so damn hot and because I need to air out a little bit.

As she was saying this she started taking off her shirt. I could not believe this was happening!!!! As her shirt came off I started to see the most magnificent sight ever. She was wearing a lacy light purple bra. I swear I thought I might cum in my pants right then and there. I slowly looked up and down her, the stomach i described earlier was right there in front of me. I was nearly drooling over her.

Me- woahhhh! You knows there's about 30 of our friends out there right now?

Sarah- Yeah? So what were just friends.

My heart sank a little with that.

Me- Oh yeah duh?

Sarah- hey grab my computer, I wanna check facebook.

Me- Alright.

I handed her the laptop and sat and watched as she checked all the statuses about the party and what not. She turned and looked at me and shoved the computer my way.

Sarah- Here you can get on I'm bored and I finally cooled down.

Much to my dismay she put her shirt back on. I took in the sight for what i thought would be the last time i saw it that night. Boy was i wrong.

Me- oh alright.

I started my original plan. Sarah was walking around the room and I acted as if I were surfing the net as she bent down picking up clothes and what not, praying that she would not see me catching a peak. But I mean what guy could help himself, I was practically drooling all over myself as she bent down over and over and again. Dragging my eyes away from the beautiful sight I went to GirlsInYogaPants and told Sarah to come over.

Sarah- What do you wanna show me?

Me- You'll see.

As Sarah hopped on the bed with me I saw her eyes start to go wide as she saw the first picture. It was of a very attractive Mexican girl, I'd say about 20 years old, bending over in front of a mirror with her head in between her legs to take the picture. I was praying she would not get mad. I was praying that she would go along with me. I was praying for anything but a disgusted look and an embarrassing announcement to all of my friends.

Sarah- So this is what you wanted to show me?

She started to get a little more comfortable with the images as I started to show her them one by one.

Sarah- I won't lie, these are very hot Brian!

Me- I know. Can I ask you something?

Sarah- Sure

Me- Before I ask I want you to know. You are the sexiest girl I know. I can not take my eyes off of you any
time I am around you. I come over half the time just to see you. You are a piece of art in my eyes. Now I wanna know, can I take pictures of you?

Sarah- Uhhhh? I really don't know how to answer. Brian I've had the biggest crush on you since like
forever. You don't even know. If I let you take pictures of me you have to do me a favor.

She edged closer to me and slowly put her hand on my thigh. I began to feel my dick getting harder by the second. I mean the girl of my dreams right here in front of me was now getting turned on by those photos.

Me- Of course. What?

Sarah- You'll find out later. Let me grab my camera and change into one of my thongs. Close your eyes while I change you'll see plenty later.

Me- What do you mean?

Sarah- You'll see just shut up and close them mister.

She said this as she slapped me with the purple lace thong she planned on putting on. Boy I was in heaven and it showed as my dick was now completely hard. On a good day my cock is about 6 and a half inches but today I felt it was gonna feel like it was about 13 inches long.

Sarah- Alright I'm finished.

I was stunned. I couldn't even come to grips of what I was seeing. Was this the girl of my dreams waiting for me to take racy pictures of her?

Sarah- Earth to Brian, are we gonna do this or not?

She pouted her full and beautiful lips as if she was gonna leave.

Me- Of course we are. Go over to your desk and bend over.

I playfully slapped her ass as she walked passed me to her desk. I wish my hand could've stayed there forever.

Sarah- Is this good?

She said as she bent over touching her tows showing some camel toe in the process. I stammered the only thing that came to mind. My jaw had to be touching the floor. Her yoga pants were grabbing everything in the right way. They traced her nice firm ass and showed the ass cleavage that I had always imagined when i jerked off at night.

Me- That's perfect!

I snapped about 10 photos of her in various positions that I had told her.

Sarah- Now you just sit back and take pictures. These poses are coming from me.

Sarah went back to her computer desk and started to bend over. She slowly reached into her pants and started pulling her thong up into her ass. What I would give to be that thong right now. It was showing just past her waist band as I started taking photos. She turned her face slowly putting her finger to her mouth and posing. She started sucking on her fingers and breathing started getting heavier and heavier. I could tell she was getting wet as I could she a darkening spot on her black yoga pants. I was in heaven and it was easy to tell I was turned on as my cock was now at full attention protruding out of my shorts. How could this day get any better, that is until she started to take off her shirt. Not only was she posing for me in yoga pants, but she had now taken off her shirt. I thought I would die right then and there and I would be happy to do so. She then proceeded to stick her hand down her pants and start playing with herself. This was the hottest thing i had ever seen in my life. She then turned and looked at me and said.

Sarah- So Brian, you like what you see? Now it's time to hold up your end of the bargain. Take off your pants and unleash that gorgeous cock of yours!

I was stunned but pulled my pants down as if they were on fire. She slowly crawled towards me with a seductive smile on her lips. She has to be the sexiest girl I had ever seen. What seemed like ages later she finally got to me. I was sitting on her bed.

Sarah- Now sit back and relax. I want this cock in my mouth and I won't hear any bull shit about me being your best friends sister.

Me- Don't worry you wont.

I was grinning ear to ear. The hottest girl at my school was about to give me the blowjob of my life.

Just as I said that, she wrapped her lips around my now throbbing cock and nearly swallowed it. She bobbed her head up and down as I sat back and watched in delight. I bent forward and unhooked her bra. Her tits were better than I remembered them to be. The sight of them nearly made me cum in her mouth right then and there. I was able to gain control and I slowly started playing with her tits. She let out a small moan as i started to rub and pinch her nipples. They were now completely hard. The sight was breathtaking.

Me- Sarah I'm about to cum!!!

Even as I said this Sarah still kept on going, slowly deep throating my cock and picking up speed. I was dead and in heaven, there was no way this was happening. I struggling to regain control and just as I grabbed the back of her head and started pushing my dick deeper into her mouth I felt I was about to lose it. Instead of fighting back against my hand she wrapped her soft gentle hands around my back and started forcing herself harder onto my cock. There was no way I could keep going.

Me- Sarah its coming. I'm gonna cum.

She ignored me trying to pull her off of me and kept going at my cock like it was her day job. Just then I obtained the greatest orgasm of my life. I quickly started cumming and started spurting into her mouth. Spurt after spurt she just kept going. After about 8 or 9 streams of my cum I was starting to soften up. She kept going though. More slow this time making sure she didn't let a single drop of ...

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