good things do come in small packages

well i was 13 at the time and you know how rough those teen years are and shit going crazy. i will admit it i was a horny little bastered and every chance id get id fantises about teachers and next door people all the time. i was in the seventh grade at the time and i am in chorus no that may sound gay but let me tell you this a guy in a room with a bunch of girls who i might add are pretty hot and also having a hot chorus teacher to add to the almost perfect life. anyways to the story it was the third quarter of the school year and there was this relly hot girl named jessa in my chorus class every time i saw her i got a hard and i whould have to be exqused to go to he bathroom to deal with my peice of wood then come back and id be fine but today was diffrent she allways dressed normal and for some reason she choose to dress out today the same day i wasnt avle to get my morning jack in because i would be late for the buss so i was really horny when i got to my connection classes(chorus) and i came in early to help the teacher get stuff ready for class and 5 10 minutes later shee walks in with a tanktop that could show her pretty nice breast they were like a B cup and a skirt that was a tad bit to short they were around her nicely shaped thighs and was really tight so you could see her nicely shaped ass and the imprent of her pussy. so class stared and i was allready in troulbe a hot girl who has dressed really really sexy and i have wood that you could see because i was wearing shorts and my teacher wouldnt let me be exqused so we start our warmups and we have to stand up for it (oh great this will work well) and i was praying that no one would see my cock which was now hard as a rock and try to get through the warmups without exploding everywhere so we get through the warmups and no one notices so we sit back down and i take my chorus folder and try to cover my cock when i look to the right and i see jessa looking at me and my not so hidden cock and my first thought was O! SHIT im im deep crap now and got really nervouse and shit i look at her and she is not mad or freaked out at all so i got a little calm not much on the othr hand my cock was fighting its way out of my shorts but i turn my head and i looked at the teacher and tried to concentrate on the notes we had to learn to do a chorus peice and 20 minutes later it was time for lunch i was glad that it was almost time to go so i was the first one out so i could get away from jessa so i had my food paid for it and sat with ny friends to chill out with them and (everything) went back to normal so 10 minutes in to my lunch peroid this girl came up to me and i knew who it was it was abby and she had a note and she said that jessa wanted me to read this so i say "ok" and took the note and began to read it and the note said " ok lets just cut to the chase i have seen you cheakin me out all the time during classes and connections and when i see you lookin at me i can seen your cock swell nearly out of your pants and i think its cute you think im sexy meet me in the bathroom in 5 minutes your friend jessa" after reading the note my cock began to swell up like a baloon again "why did she want me to go into the bathroom with her?" well i was about to find out really soon so i trhew a way my tray and went to the bathroom like what it said in the note and no one was there i quickly thought "this a joke it has to be" i waited 2,3 minutes and was about to leave when i heard a girls voice right in my ear and it said "why do you want to leave the fun is about to start" and i easily turned around and jessa was standing right there in front of me my cock shot up lik a firecracker on the forth of july and she knew it because she was so close she could feal it aginst her thigh she reached with one hand and grabbed ahold ...

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