GT The PT Chapter 6, well fucked

Tracey [known as “PT” i.e. the world champion prick teaser] was invited to a hen party for the blushing bride-to-be, a workmate who invited all 6 females on staff.

She didn’t especially like Tracey, who she regarded as a ‘poser’ who wore micro-skirts and tight tops and flirted with all the men in the office – secretly she knew that this only made her jealous!

They all met at Murphy’s Bar & Grill, had a great Surf’n’Turf meal and went on to Marios, the ‘in’ club in town.

The party went great, everyone drinking and dancing.

Guys were whistling at Tracey as she gyrated on gthe dance floor in her tight shiny black shorts, that showed her cameltoe to perfection. Her arse was something else, and guys fondled her, squeezed her and generally had hands all over her fantastic body as she danced. This did not please the bride, who wanted to be the star attraction!

Tracey carried on dancing and being fondled in her groin, arse and tits, loving every moment.

After way too many champagne cocktails, the bride, bridesmaids and other friends wanted to go home, but Tracey was enjoying the attention of several guys and wanted to stay. They told her they were going home on the next Night Bus, but she decided to stay and have some fun. Cindy, another party-goer, decided she’d stay with her and have more fun.

Several guys saw they were still in the booth, so joined them, buying loads of champagne, adding some ‘extras’ that the girls weren’t aware of!

Cindy somehow disappeared, leaving Tracey with four guys, with who she drank, danced, and was groped by, all in good fun.

“I muss go hooome,” she mumbled eventually, and made for the exit and the last Night bus.

Despite the warnings of the guys she was with, she went ahead anyway.

The bus came and she took a seat at the back row. She was one of only 3 on the bus – 2 girls were near the front seats and soon got off. Next stop, 5 big black guys boarded. They caught sight of her black shiny mini-skirt, great legs, and boobs whose nipples were pointing thru her knitted top.

“Bingo” said the biggest guy Jacob [obviously the leader of the pack].

They sauntered to the back seats where Tracey was half asleep.

“Well. What have we got here?” asked Jacob. “Tell the driver to stop at the Stadium and fuck off,” he instructed.

The bus soon puuled off the road as Tracey was dozing, the front door oped and closed – Tracey was alone, in a dark isolated car park, with 6 horny black guys!

Jacob placed his hands on the inside of her thighs and slowly opened them. She groaned a little but sleep didn’t allow her to resist.

Her nipples were poking thru the knitted top – another guy squeezed both in his hands, making her moan. He squeezed her nipples hard between thumb and forefinger, drawing a scream.

Suddenly she was awake.

“What the fuck?” she exclaimed, and felt the sharp edge of a blade against her throat.

“Relax sister, and you may survive tonight” Jacob told her in his impressive deep voice.

She felt his hand move down between hers legs, his knee keeping tghem open, finding her slit.

“Fuck you!” she exclaimed.

“NO. FUCK YOU TIMES SIX, YOU CUNT!” replied Jacob. “We’re gona tear your cunt, your arse and your mouth apart, you fucking slut.”

“In your dreams” she responded, trying to wriggle free.

“That’s the way you want it baby,” said Jacob, punching her in the jaw and rendering her unconscious.

She awoke to find herself off the bus, bus hog-tied to a pool table, like a starfish.

Her legs being wide spread and her leather shorts being so tight, her pussy lips were like a fresh mussel from the sea. Jacob’s hand found her slit and began to stroke her there, making her wet, against her instinct.

“Well, Momma, you is wet and ready,” he said very matter of fact.

Her nipples were hard and poking thru the knit top she wore.

Jacob grabbed both large protruding nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, really hard, making her squeal.

“She’s ready brothers” he exclaimed.

With that, a guy with a hard dick fully 12” long stood in front of her spread legs, opened her pussy with his fingers, and pushed the massive head inside her lips, the just rammed his huge fucking dick into her pussy. As only the first four inches penetrated, he kept thrusting until he was in her up to his balls, making her scream like a banshee.

Meantime, a brother with only [only?!][ a 9 inck cock, began to fuck her face, then ram down her throat. Her boyfrined was a throat-fucker, but his 6” cock was no match for Rastus!

They both fucked her hard until both spurted cum into her orifices. One made her cum, the other made her choke.

Jermaine undid her ties. She thaked him before he quickly turned her onto her stomach and retied her to the table.

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