Harries Ladies Rivised

Harry’s Ladies Part 1 Revised

Fifteen year old Harry Potter sat in Buckbeak’s room feeding/grooming his godfathers winged friend while Remus and himself was getting sloshed a few floors down. It was two nights to his hearing at the ministry at the boy was getting nervous. “Hey Harry” spoke His best friend’s sister who had been watching him for a few minutes while he groomed “beaky” as Hagrid called him.

“Hi Gin” said the green eyed young man, “What brings you up here?” He asked the red head.” I just wanted to tell you night but you looked so peaceful I did not want to interrupt you. Ginny bowed to Buckbeak who bowed back. Harry looked Ginny in her nightwear up and down noticing her breast growth and the womanly curves forming; he swallowed and adjusted his paints when she was not looking.
Ginny smirked when she saw Harry adjust himself when he thought she was not looking and decided to give his something to masturbate to. She turned and walked away acting like she was going to the couch in the room but she deliberately tripped herself Harry seeing this saw up her nightgown and got the first sight of her beautiful pussy and a glimpse of her large b cup breasts he instantly became hard and not the kind he could hide by adjusting himself. Ginny looked back to see Harry and her eyes were drawn to him very large bulge in his baggy clothes.

Ginny felt herself get wet and her hand absentmindedly went to her cunt and started stroking it. Harry seen this and felt himself become even harder. He watched until he could not take it anymore. He strode up to the masturbating girl picked her up and kissed her soundly on the lips. Her teen moaned into his kissed and quickly got into it. Harry forced his tongue into her mouth. He reached around and cupped her arse and squeezed it tightly. Ginny just could not believe that she was finally kissing the man of her dreams.

She about came when his magical hands found her arse and squeezed. She moaned into his mouth and ground her hand into her pussy harder until Harry grabbed her hand and pulled it to his face he sniffed her sent and found him-self enchanted by it. Harry sucked her fingers one by one until they were all cleaned of her juices. Harry felt Ginny grab his shirt and pull it over his head. She kissed her way down to his crotch and ran his hand over his bulge.
Harry by now was frightened it had went farther than he had originally planned but a force was compelling his to pounce on Ginny and ride her raw. He just keeps himself from doing just that. Ginny by now had his eight inch cock out licking on his head. The teen too had aspirations as to why it had gone too far but it felt so right.

Harry about came when Ginny finally took him into her mouth but just managed to keep himself from doing just that. Ginny bobbed her head for about four minutes and Harry erupted into her mouth. As soon as his semen hit her tongue the witch felt her magical core’s binding break and her core expand fivefold. The young witch looked at Harry shocked and she swallowed his cum.

“Harry have you ever had an orgasm before just now?” The petite redhead asked him. Harry looked embarrassed but shook his head but that quickly changed as his new lover ripped her nightgown off she straddled him possessed his cock head inside her vagina she looked into his eye and dropped.

Harry was tiring to stop her but it just felt so right and when he felt her hymn tear he held her close, even though his instincts . When Ginny finally started moving he thrust the rest of his dick into her, she squeaked wrapped her arms around her and started ridding. Harry had his hands on her arse moaning “oh Gin” over and over. Ginny was much more vocal writhing, shrieking, and yelling her pleasure for all to here, (Thank God Sirius silenced this room thought Harry as his orgasm approached.

Ginny who was biting Harry’s neck and clawing his back at this point unashamedly screaming Harry’s name at this point finally fell over the edge. Harry felt her walls clamp down on his manhood let go flooding her womb with its potent seed. Unbeknownst to the two of them a powerful magical pulse radiated outward in all directions destroying to ministry’s underage tracking device and was felt as far away of Ireland. Two half drunk men downstairs were knocked out of their seats. Dumbledore was work from a dream where he lived in a land of lemon drops and woolen socks; he was shocked to see his magical instruments shattered when he exited his bedroom. Bellatrix LeStrange smiled to herself when she felt her mind come into its own free of that pesky contract the insane witch laughed and was able to finally call on her animagus form and fly out of the window.

Tom Riddle felt the pulse and a shiver ran down his spine when he recognized half the magic. Sirius and Remus got up and ran upstairs to the epicenter of the pulse. Albus dressed then strode to her fireplace he grabbed the floo powder. Just as he was about to step in McGonagall came flying into his room. She said nothing as he took in her younger appearance he had de-aged at least fifty years. “Minerva what happened”? Whatever do you mean Albus said his lifelong friend and student. He pointed to the mirror and fainted dead. Albus sighed then asked Fawkes to take her to the infirmary.

“Gin I am so sor” harry began to voice but the witch grabbed his lips between her finger and thumb. Harry Potter don’t you dare try to blame yourself… I felt the urge to continue too, “Well since this has happened I guess it’s safe to ask you if you would do me a great honor and be my girlfriend”. Ginny smiled and kissed her boyfriend. That’s when Sirius,
Remus and Albus all came crashing thru the door.

Several things went through the adult’s minds, Albus’s signature twinkle was going full blast, Remus was just shocked, and Sirius was thinking (losing his virginity at fifteen, just like me and James that’s my boy Harry).

Harry quickly covered Ginny and himself with a blanket from the back of the couch. “We were ah” started Ginny but was cut off by her headmaster. Harry you and Miss Weasley get dressed and met us in the dining room. Harry nodded with his head down knowing he was in trouble.

Harry and Ginny walked into the dining room Dumbledore was sitting at the head of the table, Sirius and Remus at his right and left. Remus and Albus had disappointed looks on their while Sirius was bemused. “Sit down the two of you” Remus intoned. We would like to address the severity of the actions the two of you took. You both know from the talk with Madame Pomfrey about sex and pregnancy and its ramifications, its dangers and pleasures. What the three of us want you to explain your selves’ right now.

Harry started with telling the headmaster about how he and Ginny kissed but Ginny took over. “We both were not going to do more than kiss honest Professor but it just felt so right it was like neither of us could stop and I know I was urged on by something to complete what was started with a kiss. Albus looked shocked, he stood and paced a few times, on his fourth time he stopped and called out “Jiggs” a House-elf popped in and asked “What can Jiggs be doing for Headmaster” “Bring me book seventeen fifty-two a from my private library please”.

The Elf nodded the popped away only to pop back in several seconds later to hand the headmaster a book that looked fairly new. Albus flipped a few pages the read for several minutes until Remus got fed up with waiting and asked “are you going to tell us what you think or are you going to just sit there and read?” The aged headmaster looked up and smiled saying “ I got this book about fourteen years ago as a gift from Lily and James the last Birthday gift they ever gave me it’s a detailed history of the Potter family, from its origins to its myths and legends” intoned Dumbledore.

The particular story that Harry’s situation pertains to is that of Maxims Potter and Alexander Longbottem in the year 630 A.D. ,the two of them were traveling along the coast after leaving Canterbury. They chanced upon a group of ten slavers, who were trying to force themselves on their “merchandise”. Enraged Alexander (whose wife had been killed by slavers) attacked the group despite the disadvantage. The duo while the two of them had never been formally schooled the two were magically powerful they Easley defeated the two wizards in the group and dismantled to others with swords.
When checking on the victims they discovered two of the two captives they that seen the men tiring to force themselves on were a Veela and a Woodland Elf and they were not just any two the two were Princesses Serene of the Veela and Emalia of the royal woodland elf’s. Alexander and Maxims knew that the nations had meeting to form peace between their races and the disappearance would result in failure and then all out war.

They quickly gave the Females their steeds and set about checking on the other captives. An hour later Alex had erected a camp and Max had successfully hunted a stag down, gather some wild eatables and they had stew over cooking over one fires and the rest of the meat roasting over another. Among the captive were two women named Shellena Ravenclaw and Gladus Hufflepuff pregnant wives of two lords. A few hours more and Envoy came requesting the two of them to come and meet the elders.

When the two of them met with the elders they were asked what reward they wanted. The two of them turned down offers of gold silver and jewels, when offered a Veela or Elvin bride they both rejected the offer. In a conundrum the elders met in a room and talked for a half an hour and returned. They offered them to do a ritual that would not let their family lines die out. Reluctantly they agreed. Runes were painted and cut into their bodies and they were set in a circle while the elders were standing around chanting. Alexander was shocked when the Veela princess straddled him impaling herself on his manhood. Maxims was likewise shocked when the elfin princess straddled him and dropped on his manhood. Several hours later and several rounds of sex the Duo left behind several satisfied pregnant wemen.

It wasn’t until Maxims’ death that the gift presented its self. Septamus Potter who was yet to be looking for a bride kiss a woman by the name of Cassandra Black and the gift was activated, Magic married them and them and the consummated their marriage right in fount of the bride family. Over the next several months Septamus and Cassandra traveled to find her sister wives and found three more. It was also discovered by Irgot the terrible that a pregnant Potter women could not be killed even if her husband still lived. But it did not stop him from raping her. Several hours into her capture Charlemagne Potter his other six wives and Fastion Longbottem broke into his fortress killed most of his followers rescued his bride and razed the castle after stripping it of all valuables. Charlemagne and Fastion them out later that they could not only draw magical power from their wives but read their minds too.
A nameless dark lord found out in 1822 that if there is only one Potter left alive he would be immune to death until his heir was born. He did not get to test the theory because Ernie Longbottem shattered this wards and killed the would be dark lord only a fortnight into his reign and took little Samson Potter away razing the manor as he left.

Albus put the book down and Harry looked at Ginny shocked and grabbed her stomach looking pale. Harry too looked pale but was holding on to Ginny’s other hand. “Harry we are going to be parents”. Muttered Ginny, OH MUM’S GOING TO KILL ME the teen shrieked. Dumbledore pulled his wand and cast a cheering charm on the distraught teen. Ginny stopped her hysterics at once and had a goofy grin on her face. Now Miss Weasley or should I say Mrs. Potter, Ginny got a even goofier look. “I will explain to your mother and father about the circumstance, just be glad you two shared your first kiss privately and did not end up like Edmund potter and share his kiss at the Ministry’s annual ball.
Harry and Sirius gave a chuckle. “But Professor how will I know who magic choose to be the other wives “asked Harry. Well young Harry there is a spell it requires a drop of blood and a few spells on your part, and since you’re now married you have no restrictions, Harry nodded and got to work an hour latter Harry dropped the list in shock. Thirteen he mumbled. Ginny grabbed the list and read

Ginavera Weasley…….Married and pregnant
Susan Bones
Daphne Greengrass
Hermione Granger
Kimberly Daniels
Bellatrix Black
Nymphdora Tonks
Lisa Turpin
Minerva McGonagall
Gabrielle Delacour
Padma Patail
Pavarti Patail
Katie Bell

Ginny was shocked at the names on the list most were severally strong or smart witches and Bellatrix Black? Did it mean LeStrange? Her musings were cut short by an owl and her parents arriving at the same time. “Author, Molly I need to speak to the both of you in the study” Said Dumbledore when he saw Molly about to go off on a rant for Ginny and Harry being up so late. Harry relived the owl of his burden and noticed the seal was that of Gringotts. He opened the letter and read.
Dear Lord Potter
We at Gringotts would like to congratulate you on your marriage to Mrs. Ginavera. We have took the liberty and set aside the amount previously agreed on of the bride price 10,000 galleons and are prepared to move it to the Weasley vault but need you to come and approve of the transfer’s . We have also been noticing some discrepancies in your account and have just finished the investigation. We require your presence to deal with this issue. We have the appointment set for 10:30am tomorrow see you then young Lord.
Account Manager Bladesinger

Harry passed the letter to Remus who read it and nodded. Ginny grabbed his hand when her mother came back into the room. The witch looked pale and had tears in her eyes. She hugged her daughter then Harry saying I still expect a real wedding you two. Harry smiled and nodded to his mother in law. Tired and knowing they had to be up early Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and pulled her up stairs to an empty bedroom and both fell into a deep sleep.

Harry awoke to Ginny bobbing her head down his length he smiled at her then ran his fingers thru her hair. He groaned when she started humming and wrapping her tongue around his cock he pushed on the back of her head trying to get more into her mouth when Tonks but into the door looking for a place to sleep. The startled witch stood shock still then closed the door removing her clothes the young metamorph stood over them fingering herself. Ginny pulled his cock out with a pop and stroked it. Tonks straddled Harry and dropped her hips and engulfed his cock with her hungry cunt. She rode Harry like a stallion while Ginny teased her nipples from behind. It was not long before Harry and Tonks were both screaming in ecstasy. Harry pulled Tonks close and kissed her on the lips and just as the night before a pulse of magic exited the two but this one was less powerful.

When Harry was over his orgasm he felt different like he had just and something returned to him that he had sorely missed. Harry groaned when Tonks walls stiffened him back to full mast. The older witch hopped down and Ginny took her place. Tonks straddled Harry’s head and smashed her pussy on his face. Taking a hint Harry stuck his tongue as far in as it would go. Tonks eye went wide as she felt his tongue reach father than any had before him and she rode it to completion. Ginny had switched positions and was ridding Harry reverse cowgirl Harry grabbed her hips and helped the young witch bounce. When Tonks finally removed herself Harry changed positions. He put Ginny into the doggie style position and thrust deep into his lover. With each thrust Ginny squealed until she young witch finally went overboard pulling Harry with her. Tonks stood shock still about to have a panic attack. The witch would not calm down until Harry explained the circumstances behind the copulation. The witch was grateful to me married to a kind considerate lover and took it in stride.

After bathing Tonks went to sleep on the bed and Ginny and Harry showered together the descended to the smell of Mrs. Weasley’s wonderful cooking. Harry loaded his plate full and dug in while holding Ginny’s Hand Fred and George rushed into the room and hugged the both yelling congratulations mum’s just told us. Yea ickle Gin Gin has finally found a way to snag the man of her dreams. Ginny stood and pointed her wand and yelled Bates muco , several large flying bats burst out of her brothers noses and started flapping around. The only thing that save them from having their nasal cavities from bursting was they had two shield gloves on they were trying to test out.

Harry cast the counter curse and told them just how lucky they were. The pale twins took off to their room to change their under draws Ron came down at a sedate pace the sat down. He sighed and said just don’t hurt them mate he said talking about Gin and Hermione. Harry nodded the returned to his bangers and eggs. After a second plate Harry and Ginny both went and dressed for the trip to the ally.

Harry dressed in his best which was his Hogwarts shirt and slacks. He met Ginny on the stairs she too was dressed in her best summer dress which was made by her mother last year. Harry met Remus, Kingsley, and Mad-eye in the kitchen then flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. Harry and Co were making their way down the alley when they met Neville coming out of the Dirty Herboligest Harry greeted his friend and seeing he had a few minutes stopped to chat. Agreeing to meet up on the train the two separated.
Harry waited in line for a free teller when he arrived to be helped he recognized the goblin. “Hello Griphook how are you today? Harry intoned. The goblin looked stunned that he was addressed by name. “Hello Lord Potter may your gold always flow” remembering the traditional response replied “And may your enemies fell only pain and steel”. The goblin looked shocked. Then said “You are here for your meeting with Bladesinger are you not?” Harry nodded. “Rippaxe and his warriors will escort you their its embarrassing to say but our halls are not safe right now, or at least until the purge is complete. Harry did not know what to say to this but nodded his thanks.

Harry, Ginny and his guard were escorted thru the halls by eight burly Goblins in full battle dress. This made Harry a little nervous but they arrived in due time to the meeting. The Goblin nearest to the door knocked and they were called in. Harry entered a medium sized conference room were two goblins were sitting. “Greetings honorable account manager Bladesinger may your gold always increase and your enemies fell your wrath” Harry spoke remembering the traditional greeting. He almost laughed thinking Binns was good for something. The head goblin chuckled the replied “Thank you for the greeting but I am not Bladesinger he is” said the older goblin pointing to the Goblin to his left. “I am Ragnuk Lord of Gringotts and head of the goblin nation of Briton. Harry bowed then said” My apologies my lord for the mistaken identity”. The Goblin nodded then said sit down Lord Potter we have much to discuss.
Harry sat down across form Bladesinger and Ginny beside him the others sped out over the table and room. “Ok Lord Potter when your vault was randomly selected for a full accounting Account manager immediately noticed something was off. When your parents were killed the total potter assets were counted in the hundreds of millions of galleons. The total was 596,891,935 galleons 20,258,249 Sickles and 239,947,784 knuts”. “Manager Bladesinger’s job is to randomly select an account then check them over”.

After a full accounting Bladesinger came to a shocking conclusion your vault had only five million galleons left! We instantly took the account from your previous manager Slipknife and tracked the money down. We found that the money went to several thins and people. Lucius Malfoy, Cornelius Fudge, Antony Parkinson, Deloris Umbridge, Doulas Goyal and Septum Crabbe, and last but not least Slipknife.
“You have had only used about 16200 Galleons and sixteen sickles for tuition and school supplies’ and that was out of your trust vault which was only accessible by your key, so it does not count to your family vaults total”. “We have tracked down every knut taken from you and it will be returned with double interest then their vaults will sealed off to count them to see if they are swindling any more money from anywhere”. “Just sign here with this quill, beware it will sting as it is a blood quill and it it’s illegal to use outside contract singing”. Harry enraged quickly read though the papers and signed. He grimaced when he felt the letter of his name cut into the back of his skin.

“Now onto Slipknife, He has been executed along with his family except this babe and daughter. The child will be placed with a proper family”. His daughter on the other hand is a different matter. She will either be sold as a slave or she can marry you and swear on her life she will not try to harm you or any of your friends or family. Ginny thought it was a good idea to keep the Goblin because she had read that they were excellent felid medics and that the females were rather fiercely protective of their family.
Ginny passed to knowledge over the bond as did a sleepy Tonks who had just woken up. I will take the female as a wife; no sentient being should be slaves. Ragnuk smiled then nodded he clapped his hands and a tall almost human looking female goblin entered the room. She was just shorter than Harry at 5’9”. Figa as she was named knelt before Harry and spoke in rapped Gobbledygook and a golden aura surrounded them and she stood up. Shed look human if not for the golden tan and pointed ears.

“Lord Potter we have a complete list of charges compounded in this file and can send it off to the DMLE at a mounts notice but it will probably be file 13ed in a few moments so we ask you to pass it off to your other wife, a Mrs. Nymphadora I believe. Harry nodded taking the file. Now we have to Galleon transfer authorization here just sign here and here. “Up the amount to seventy five instead of ten for both Ginny and Nym, shocked the Goblins nodded and changed the amount. Harry signed the paper; just as he was done a knock came from the door. Two goblins entered with smug smiles carrying stacks of files.
Bladesinger and Ragnuk read over the files and started laughing, tears rolling down their faces. The two of them finally composed themselves after a few minutes explained what was so funny. “It seems that the bubbling fool fudge paid of the entire Tri-wizard tournament with Lord Potter’s money. Also all but two can’t pay back the full amounts owed so their seats on the wizengmont will be turned over to you, even their properties will be taken and sold. The goblins started laughing again and Harry joined. In one day he had taken out most of the Death Eaters fanatical support.

“Ok Lord Potter here is the Potter’s headship ring and the other for Mrs. Ginavera Harry and Ginny slid on their respective rings and felt magical serge. Harry’s scar burst and black mist poured out but not before all the memories that Tom Riddle had up to the day he gave Harry the scar was “downloaded” into his mind, in a desperate attempt to shield him-self from the memories Harry constructed a wall around them and the pain finally stopped.

The goblins looked shocked the started talking in Gobbledygook again until they issued commands to search every suspected and convicted Death Eaters vault. The Goblins nodded then they took off. “Ok now that that over, your scar was a abomination of nature apparently Voldemort made a Horacrux”. When Harry looked lost the goblin explained. “When a being kills in cold blood remorselessly its soul is split. Then the being, through rituals, can remove its soul half and place it into a object. The being then cannot die as long as the other half of his soul is still earthbound the being is still alive. That’s how he survived.
Ginny went pale, “Harry the diary” she mumbled. Harry went still. Then well it seems that he made more than two. The goblins looked astounded then asked him to explain. Harry gave them the back-story on the chamber of secrets. He told them of the Basilisk and how he killed it when he reached the part of the diary the goblins were entrapped with the youth. They just could not believe that harry has killed a sixty foot basilisk until harry showed them the scar and swore a magical oath.

“Lord Potter what happened to the carcass of the beast?” Asked Bladesinger, it’s still in the chamber rotting said Harry. The goblins laughed then said “a highly magical creacher like that would not be rotting yet, it would still be prime for harvesting”. Oh said Harry. So does the snake have any uses? Does it you damn right it dose the hide can be made into the finest armor and its bones make wonderful swords and knives, the meat is a delicacy and the venom can be made into a cure al for poisons and I mean cure all. Its blood can be used to make the best bloodstones for warding , its organs can be used for food and rituals. If the beast is half as big as you say it could be easily worth a hundred million galleons.

Harry was shocked to the estimate, but asked “when do you think we should harvest the beast”? Right away, the fresher the better so I will have a team assembled immediately. Harry nodded and asked “what will the cost of the harvesting and time is”? Ragnuk chuckled then said five percent of the value and an additional ten for the processing and sale. Harry nodded and said take an extra five percent and we have an accord. Ragnuk was stunned but nodded his head then said the team will be ready in about three hours. I will meet them at the gets of Hogwarts; I have some shopping to do.

After visiting the Potter family vault Harry and Ginny left Gringotts with two sacks full of money, several bank drafts, and a debt card for muggle purchases, Harry strode to Madame Malkins to finally buy him-self a new wardrobe. Entering Harry made a bee line for an assistant seeing the Madame was busy with a costumer.

“Hello welcome to Madame Malkins what can I do you for?” “Yes I need a complete wardrobe five heavy winter cloaks in black, red, blue and green in your finest material, and a plain white one. I also need dress slacks again in your finest material. I also need new dress robes eight sets of regular everyday robes various colors, and light cloaks. Also several pairs of woolen boot socks and three new wizard hats the Potter family crest should be set in the traditional place”. “and a pair of black business robes”. The assistant went wide eyed at the amount of items thinking about her new bonus she would be getting.
“Now I need my wonderful Ginavera to pick out her new wardrobe also I forgot to mention I want warming charms self fitting, anti rip and expansion charms placed on them too”. Harry smirked when the young woman fainted. Remus woke her with a enervate the woman quickly took her order and Harry made a reluctant Remus pick out a few robes for him-self saying “Your spending your time guarding me so I am paying you ten galleons an hour when you’re on duty and you can’t say on I will hex you otherwise”. “Oh I forgot again I need Wizengamont robes to with the Potter crest in the left chest pocket”.

By this time the assistant was swooning with joy. This very large order would secure her not only a hefty paycheck but the promotion to EA of the shop. Harry about laughed as the teen sauntered off to Madame Malkin with a smile on his face. Harry made his way over to an odds and ends store to browse and was amazed to find a pensive, an Auror grade foe-glass, and two regular invisibility cloaks. Harry left several thousand galleons poorer but happy with what he had bought.
Ginny was having a blast watching harry spread the wealth he tipped Tom a galleon when he paid for their lunch. Noticing they still had a little under two hours to be at Hogwarts Harry made his way to Ollivanders. When reaching the shop Ginny looked at him with the wtf look. “I seem to recall that your wand was once your Grand mums”. When Ginny heard this she gave Harry a long snog then rushed into the store.

After about thirty wands Ginny finally found her perfect match Ebony and unicorn tail hair 13 1/3 inches rigid quite useful for defensive magic and charms. Harry had also bought two polishing kit’s ...

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