Have Hands--Will Travel --- Li's Awakening

Li is a sexually frustrated women who contacted me by E-mail. Her story----

She is married, but often left alone while hubby was traveling, and doing business. In her sexual prime, she turned to sex stories as an outlet.. After a few looks, she found me, and my e-mail address.

She agreed to pay my way round trip if I would come and teach her how to have multiple orgasms. She also has never enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex. Her life was about to change..

I arrived in town at daybreak, having flown all night..Being asleep the last few hours had given me hope the day would not be wasted because of jet lag. I checked into the hotel Li had reserved a suite for me in..

I immediately set up my massage table and stones, not sure when she might arrive. I had a shower and shave. Spring was fading to summer there, and I dressed light in shorts and dress shirt.

I found an internet cafe and used my laptop to let Li know I had arrived. By the time I reached my hotel a few blocks away, she met me in the bar. She was absolutely beautiful.. Reminded me of a gypsy queen I once knew.

Long dark hair, a flawless figure with pert thirty-four A cups. She had never seen my picture, so I surprised her by walking up behind her. I leaned in and whispered as she sat at the bar..

“ Know where I could get a massage today, Miss?”

She spun suddenly to face me. I'm fifty-eight but I'm told I carry it well. Auburn with gray hair, 5' 8” one hunderd ninety pounds.

“I'm Michael, better known to you as Dano.”
I took her hand palm down and kissed it. Her eyes were wide and inviting as she introduced herself, a blush traveled from her cheeks downward to places yet unseen.

“ I arrived and have already set up in my suite you provided. Shall we go?”

I held my elbow up, and she hooked her arm inside, trembling at thoughts of what lay ahead.

In my suite, I had her fill out my form for my records. I explained my routine to her and asked if she would feel more comfortable undressing in the bathroom. She was a bundle of nerves,her hand shaking as she signed the form. I had her stand, took the form and put it away.

“Why don't we start this relationship off right ?” I said...

“ You tell me your expectations of this massage, and I will try my best to comply with your wishes.”

I stepped very close, turning her back to me, and began to lightly knead her shoulders. Her voice betrayed her as she spoke- breaking up .

“ I-I've never done anything like this in my life. I don't know where to begin-- I –I want this so badly! It's just that when I read your stories, I feel myself getting wet with desire...wanting so bad to be the one one the table..”

Li turned suddenly and threw her arms around me, sobbing.

“ I want you to do to me what you done to all those women in your stories. My husband is a good man, and I've always been faithful to him, but if I can learn new things from you, maybe I can make my marriage better. I've never had oral sex done on me, and I have to really catch my husband at the right moment to even have an orgasm—never multiple ones—never!”

As Li talked , my hands kept moving, using the tips of my fingers on her neck and behind the ears to help relax her.

“Go undress , leave your clothes on the hangers.” I picked up a large towel of mine and showed her how to drape herself. My stones were hot and so was I. Li came out and I guided her onto my table.

“Tummy down please.”

I oiled my hands and began at her cute toes, working the oil between each one. They were very ticklish,and her giggles helped calm her nerves.Moving up,my hands divided each calve muscle. I stroked my fingernails backwards toward her knees.Goose bumps followed, along with her moans.


I asked her to breathe slowly and deeply to help relax her. Looking up, I gazed on her charms- her legs had parted to reveal a very pretty treasure. Soft dark hair curled inward on her tight looking labia. I observed dew forming near her clitoris, which stood clear of the lips.

I gathered several hot stones and placed four each on her legs, two below each knee and two above. Her thighs spread more as she said--

”My –Those are very warm!”

As the heat penetrated to the bones, I moved to the head of the table.

I massaged her temples, letting my free fingers play around her ears. I folded the towel down to expose about two inches of her buttocks. Chill bumps ran wild across her back and sides, which pleased me greatly.

I used my oiled thumbs and fingers to knead her neck and shoulders.. Moving to the side, I checked her spine on each side, the chill bumps growing larger. Li 's moans were rising with each touch..she trembled as my hands found the top crease of her ass. I folded the towel on down, leaving only her crotch covered .

I placed a row of stones down each side of her spine. While the heat soaked in, her breathing got very relaxed..I removed the towel, exposing her completely. A quite lovely ass was quivering in anticipation of my next moves.

Re-oiling my hands, I began to roll each cheek in opposing circles, exposing her most intimate spot. The star-shaped muscle contracted as my fingers worked deeper into the crease. I stopped long enough to remove the stones from her back.

As I removed the ones on her legs, I touched the inside of each upper thigh, coaxing her to open them more. Clear fluids were dripping from her labia and down onto my sheet. Her lips had ' bloomed' open like a rose, her erect clitoris standing clear of it's hood.

I moved back to her ass, rolling the cheeks again while watching her anus contract..I let a single middle finger slide down onto the muscle, massaging it in slow circles..Most people don't know that the nerve endings responsible for intense orgasm's are located a few inches inside the anus.

“Ahhh! N-No don't—I've never --”
I continued to let the finger massage it..driving Li crazy.. I finally spoke--

“Tell me you don't like it—tell me – and I'll stop.”
Her hips came up slightly, as my thumb replaced the finger. It sank into her spasming ass to the first knuckle. I let my free hand slide down onto her mound, flicking the tip of her clit.

"N-No -D-Don't you dare stop!”
She moaned as I sank my two middle fingers of my free hand deep inside her pussy. Her whole body shook as an intense orgasm ripped through her body.


My fingertips found her G-spot..Extremely filled as she had never experienced that type of orgasm.. I hooked the gland and pulled down, forcing the pent-up fluids to spurt from her, and triggering an orgasm that shook her to the core, and soaked my hand.

Li's pussy contracted as she had her first G-spot orgasm. I pumped my fingers faster, her orgasm continued to a third one, that took her breath..Li spun over from her tummy, my fingers still deep inside.

She sat up, still cumming and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close to kiss her. I broke the kiss, to try to get her onto her back..I was far from finished. Looking deep into my eyes she said--

“ I- I did it Dano! I came three times!” I smiled and said--

"So far.. lie back for round two....” I spoke softly but told her the reasons she was not at all finished ...

"You've been a good wife and Mom...Now it's time for you. You're in your sexual prime..That's why you're feeling this way..You know something's missing. I can help you find it...I only wish I could reap the rewards instead of your husband."

I finally got Li on her back, her body in aftershocks of the triple orgasm's..I had a wet washcloth nearby and used it to pat the sweat from her forehead and neck. Her breathing was very labored, and I decided to keep at it while she was still in an orgasmic state of mind.

I pulled her thighs open with one hand, pulling the open palm up to cup her quivering ...

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