He Works on More Than Computers

For some reason, I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of teasing the men around me. I’d never thought I was very attractive, but I knew that men thought exactly the opposite. And maybe not because I have a nice face, but I know they at least like my “other parts.”

With 48DD tits, and a juicy ass that moved with my every step, it was easy to see things from a man’s point of view- especially when I kept my stomach flat and tight.

I liked wearing clothes that showed my body off, tops with plunging necklines, pants that were all but too tight on my ass.

I knew that Ray would be here any minute to install some new stuff on my computer. I didn’t even really know what it was he was putting in or fixing or whatever. I’d invited him over for a get together at my house with half a dozen of my other friends to watch some sport event at my house. I invited all men, knowing they’d enjoy my new plasma screen TV and cold beers along with my miniskirt and tank top clad self.

I’d planned it that way on purpose, though I was still as much a virgin as I could be, minus the part where I suck off every guy I want, I was almost hoping for some type of gang-rape. I’d watched plenty of porn and was obsessed with the idea of getting tied up and fucked for my first time.

So, I made sure I dressed in something extra sexy for Ray. I decided to be a bit of a schoolgirl today. I slipped on a blue and white plaid miniskirt that exposed a bit of my bottom- did I mention that I didn’t where underwear? - And a tight fitting white shirt that I had tied in the front. It exposed my tits almost to the nipples- no bra, for the record- and my large tits held it up with ease. I also pulled on some knee-high stockings as I heard a knock on the door.

I opened the door up to a very handsome Ray; I admired his muscular abs and chest and his perfect hair and eyes. It was hard to not throw my arms around him and pull him into the wildest make out session of his life.

So instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a tight hug. My tits- hard nipples- pressed against him. I smiled inwardly.

“Thanks for coming over, Ray,” I said. “I appreciate it a lot. My computer has been running really slow and I just don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I didn’t take time to measure his reaction to my smutty outfit; I just turned around and brought him to my little “office.” All it really was is a little room with a desk, old computer, and a couple bookshelves.

“Computer is over there,” I reminded him. “But you already knew that, of course.” Though I probably would have never gone too far with Ray, I’d gladly sucked him off if I knew him better, I couldn’t help but flirt and tease. I winked quickly at him.

“Want anything to drink?” I asked. “I’ve got some cold beers in the fridge or some soda if you aren’t in an alcohol mood.”

He asked for a beer, and I pranced off to go get him one. The kitchen was right down from the “office” and already I could hear him typing away. I knew my computer had viruses, and I wondered if he was fixing them or something. I wondered about just getting a whole knew computer, but I’d decided against it a long time ago.

So when I came back, he was moving the mouse around, clicking a ton of stuff on the monitor. I knew very little about computers, just that I could visit my social networking sites, favorite porn sites, and do some quick research on Google when I needed to.

“Whatcha doin’?” I asked as I set the bottle down on the desk next to his hand. He took a slip, and I came around the desk so I could see what was up. I rested my elbows on his shoulders and put my cheek in my right hand while the other tousled his hair.

Mmm, he’s got soft hair, I thought. It’s so perfect.

He mumbled some stuff about the viruses and software updates, but I wasn’t paying much attention. I was fantasizing a bit about him. I could imagine myself getting his cock in my mouth- oh that turned me on so much! I could imagine sliding his long thick shaft inside of my tight virgin pussy. I didn’t masturbate as much as would be expected- especially with how much I thought about sex. And whenever I did masturbate, it was non penetrative, so I knew my hymn was still intact.

I didn’t realize I was panting a little until Ray said in a worried tone, “Are you alright?”

I realized then how hot I was getting and I said. “I’m fine, I’ll be right back.” I quickly left the room and went to the bathroom. I slid my finger down the outside of my pussy lips, feeling the moisture there. I wiped it away with some tissue and sat on the floor of the bathroom. I slowed my breathing down and dispelled my fantasies.

When I came back about twenty minutes later, Ray’s beer was half empty and he seemed to be just about done.

He gave me a worried look; he probably thought the panting was from a panic attack or something. “I’m fine, don’t worry. Sometimes I just get a little . . . Warm.” I said, choosing my words carefully on purpose. I gave him a seductive smile and left the room again, deciding to just lounge on the couch and watch a bit of TV.

Another half hour or so passed before he emerged from the computer room.

“All done,” he announced. I got up from the couch and said my thanks to him.

“If you want, you could stick around for a bit,” I offered. He just shook his head, saying something about upgrading his RAM or something. He got too into tech talk for me to understand anymore. I gave him another hug and he left.

No sooner than he was gone did I jump on my computer. Everything loaded super fast, and the internet was up in the blink of an eye. I quickly typed in my favorite website, xnxx, and logged in.

I started browsing some videos, but soon got bored- and wet- and went to my inbox. I’d been looking at the videos for about a half hour and found a new message in my inbox.

The sender was mynxstories4you, the message had no subject. I clicked on it. I just skimmed the message, but it said something about “I read your stories” and that they were a turn on. Something about “I’d like to exchange stories with you” blah blah blah.

Even for having not paid attention to ever little thing it said, I was getting turned on, and wetter. My nipples were poking out from the skimpy blouse and I just pulled the shirt off, tossing it into the corner. I didn’t even need to take the skirt off, since I didn’t have any underwear on anyway. I just put both my feet up on the desk and spread my legs wide as I could. My clit was erect and I rubbed my finger on it.

I started moaned, titling my head back and closing my eyes. I imagined that it was ray’s tongue on my clit, that he was whispering dirty things to me and dominating me. He held my hands above my head and fucked me senseless. I got really horny, but couldn’t cum. Instead, I decided to reply.

I wrote a bit about myself and that I’d love to exchange stories. When I finished the reply I start playing with my clit.

Not too much later, I get a reply.

“Do you have any fetishes or anything you like to do?” it says.

I smiled; my pussy gets a little hotter as I think about some of my fantasies. I start typing. “I’m a virgin,” I write. “But I would love to be dominated and spanked and treated like a slave. I like sucking cock; it makes me wet pleasing the man. Also, in a lot of my fantasies, my Master makes me beg for sex, or makes me beg to masturbate or suck his dick, and that turns me on. ;)”

I hit the send button and teased myself a bit more, nearly reaching climax. I decided I needed to cool down for a bit since I hadn’t been able to cum so I left the room and watched a bit of TV.

About a half hour later I decided to see if I’d gotten a reply.

The message talked about how this guy would love to dominate me, and other dirty things like he’d tie me up and fuck me raw and all this crazy stuff that made me horny again. I wanted to penetrate myself, but I didn’t. I played with my clit more.

I replied. “Oh, baby. You make me so wet. I wish you were here right now. I’m so fucking horny. I’ve never even had anything inside myself. My hymn is still there. I only tease my clit but this is too much. I wish you were here to help me. Where do you live, anyway?”

A few minutes after I sent that message I got a reply about how he lived in some small suburb of this little town I’d never even heard of.

“Aw, that sucks,” I replied. “I’d love for you to be my first time.”

After I sent that, I decided that it was getting pretty late and headed off to bed.

I woke up early the next morning, I had to go to work. After dressing in a low-cut button down shirt and tight dress pants that showed off my ass nicely I logged in to my xnxx account. Of course, I’d gotten a reply.

“I’d love your to be your first time,” it read. “I’ll lick your pussy until you almost reach climax. One of my hands will slip down your thighs and I'll frisk you with passion. You know where my fingers are headed. What you don't know, is that my long thick cock is not far behind. You know that it will soon be stretching out your tight virgin pussy. It will make me groan, and my furious stroking will have you whimpering with pleasure. You'll be begging for me to fuck you more. And, I'll eagerly do it. Again and again.”

That turned me on, and I considered being late for work to pleasure myself. I decided against it, though.

“I’ll be going to work soon,” I replied. “Your message made me so wet I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist taking a break and going into the bathroom. I’d love to get your cock in my mouth. I’d take the head of your cock in my mouth while my tits milked it. I’d jack you off and suck on your big balls. I’d take your whole dick in my mouth and my tongue would lick it up and down like a lollipop. I’d love to make you cum in my mouth.”

I sent that message and hurried off to work.

There wasn’t much to do at work so I decided to take care of little “problem.” When I got in the bathroom I pulled off my pants and thong and one hand started playing with my nipples while the other massaged my clit.

It wasn’t until now that I realized how sensitive my clit was. My thumb kept teasing my clit while I ran my middle finger up and down my labia. My juices ran all down my thighs and I had to use a good amount of bathroom tissue to clean myself up.

I made sure no one was around, and then locked my office door. I logged onto my xnxx account and found another new message.

“Thinking about you makes me hard. I wish you were in my house right now, I want to take you.”

I wanted to fuck this guy so bad! I didn’t even know him! I didn’t have time to reply, though, I had some other things to do so I signed off.

I drove home quickly when work was over, eager to reply to this guy or see if he’d sent anything else.

There wasn’t a new message, but I reread some of our old ones and was turned on thinking about this guy.

“Tell me what you look like,” I wrote. “I’m 24, 48DD tits, and a huge ass. My black hair is shoulder length, and I’d love for you to pull it while you ride my ass. Surprisingly, my stomach is flat.”

I sent that and got something to eat.

When I came back there wasn’t a reply. I was a little disappointed, but it was okay. I lounged on the sofa and feel asleep later that night watching TV.

In the morning, he’d replied. I read through his description quickly but didn’t reply. I needed a minute to myself, this guy was perfect. My mind was mostly focusing on the length he said his dick was. Oh, I wanted to be pounded out by that so bad!

I got dressed and went to work, today was pretty busy so I didn’t have any time to myself.

I forgot all about the message, and I didn’t even log on when I got home.


I’d finally replied to that message. We’d agreed to share stories and the exchange began the next day. That was a few weeks ago.


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