Help! - Part 10

This is part 10 of "Help!". I hope you like it! :)


Jake slammed the phone down and turned around quickly to see Daniel glaring at him from the other end of the empty white room.

“How did it go?” Jake blurted out trying to act casual, but Danny saw right though his act.

“You didn’t?!” Danny questioned sounding upset.

Jake paused for a second and just stared back at his friend with a blank facial expression. He considered trying to cover up what he was about to do before he was interrupted but decided that it was probably best to tell him the truth.

“Huh,” he groaned, “no, I didn’t ... but I was going to.”

Danny noticed the guilt in his body language as he looked down at the shiny white floor slouching, but he was still upset and annoyed by this; “But you promised me Jake, you promised me you wouldn’t say anything. You lied to me!”

At that moment, Jake knew that he had messed up. He could sense the hurt that he had caused Danny to feel as he hung his head in shame.

“Sorry Daniel”.

“Well that makes two of us then doesn’t it”.

“I just thought...”

“Well you thought wrong! ... Look, it doesn’t matter now anyway, let’s just go home, I’m tired. We can talk about this tomorrow”.

Jake didn’t say anything. There was nothing he could say, he felt so ashamed. They headed out of the hospital in silence. The bus journey back to the neighbourhood where the two young men lived was like torture. They went the whole way without saying a single word to one another. It wasn’t that they didn’t have anything to talk about; they clearly had a number of problems to sort out, but now was neither the time, nor the place. Daniel and Jake were both exhausted. They had been through so much in the last week or so that nothing really made sense any more. They needed time; Time to think, Time to adjust, Time to decide what they wanted in the future and how they were going to get what they wanted. Everything had been happening so quickly. It was like they were caught in a violent storm which was pushing them along giving them no control over where they were going or what they were doing. They needed it all to stop for a while.


11AM the next morning. Both boys were at home. Both were in their own beds. Both were safe, and their parents were relieved. They were both awake by now after sleeping better than they had ever slept before. Due to the extent of their mental and physical exhaustion the day before, they had no trouble sleeping at all regardless of everything that was going on in their mixed up minds. However, another thing they both shared was a problem. They knew that as soon as they got up out of bed, it would all start again. They would have to face the world once more, and the world included their parents.

All parents worry about their children, it’s only natural and of course, that’s the way it should be but at this moment in time, neither Jake or Daniel felt like answering a million questions. “What’s been going on?”, “Where have you been?”, “Why didn’t you tell us where you were going?” and so on. It was all so complicated, so confusing, so frustrating! They just couldn’t bare it. There was a part of both of them that wished they could just stay where they were forever. Safe, warm, comfortable, alone in their own beds, with nothing to do but lie down and think to themselves. However, they knew that this wasn’t going to happen. They had to get up eventually, and besides, the sooner they faced the world, the sooner they would be able to deal with their issues and get on with their lives.

Jake looked over at the small round digital alarm clock on the wooden cabinet beside his big king-sized bed. He just stared at the numbers and thought about how meaningless they were on their own. He thought about how, when those numbers were together in the way that they were, they had a purpose, to tell the time. Together they had meaning, but if you take a number out of the clock and look at it on its own, it’s useless; it’s just a number with no purpose, no meaning and no reason for existence. His head rolled back to its original position facing upwards towards the ceiling and Jake returned his thoughts to Danny. “You know,” the voice in his head said, “Those numbers are a lot like you and Danny. On your own your no good at all, you have no purpose in life but with him...with him you have a reason to be alive, - to make him happy, to respect him, care for him, be there for love him!”.

When he thought that, a smile stretched across his beautiful face. He thought more about Danny and remembered how he felt about him. He remembered how he felt the day before when he sucked him off in the field behind the barn. That warm, fuzzy, happy feeling returned and he thought about how much he loved Danny. As Jake thought more deeply about the erotic events of the day before, he felt his cock start to twitch under the covers of his warm bed and he went to grab hold of it.

Bang bang bang!

Jake was disturbed from his thinking by a knock at his bedroom door.

“Yeah” he said hesitantly.

“It’s me” replied his mum’s voice, “I brought you some breakfast, I thought you might be hungry”.

Jake hadn’t even thought about food for ages. He realized how hungry he was when he heard his mother say those words. He hadn’t eaten anything substantial in days! The idea of breakfast sure sounded good to him!

“Come in” he replied, making sure his half ...

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