Hide and Seek with the Dog

When we first got our puppy we would play hide and seek by hiding under an old blanket. He would go crazy trying to get to us. It was a lot of fun so we did it a lot.

When he got older Sherry was under the blanket hiding again from him when he decided to jump onto her back and start humping her. This added more fun as she didn't know what he was doing. I could see he was sporting a hardon and was trying to fuck her as she wandered around hiding from him. I pulled him off of her before she found out.

Another day when I was alone at home with him and playing hide and seek with the blanket I could tell he was humping the blanket again. He was humping close to my head and there was a hole in the blanket that I could see through. I let him hump and watched his cock getting closer to the hole. I pushed the hole in the blanket towards his cock and sure enough his cock poked through a little. This seemed to work him up more as he humped harder.

I reached out and touched it and found it slimy and hot. I moved closer to smell it and it smelled like nothing much. He humped forwards and hit my lips. My instinct was to lick my lips before I could think about it and I found it didn't really have a taste. I thought it must taste like something so I licked it again and still no taste. I hesitated and thought about what I was about to do and then put my mouth on it. He liked that because he really started humping. I let him fuck my mouth while I thought about the taste. It really didn't taste like much at all, but I could taste something metallic a little. He was humping crazy so I thought I might as well give him something to remember. There isn't much I wouldn't try at least once.

I let him fuck my mouth and he humped for his life. He was whining and I could feel a lump hitting my mouth from the other side of the blanket. I figured this must be the so called lovers knot that ties dogs together. I felt it through the blanket and it felt pretty big. I held onto it and he stiffened and then I could taste something for sure. He was cumming in my mouth. I had not thought this through. Now my mouth was filling with cum. Should I swallow or what? I thought I could just wait for him to finish and spit it out later, but he kept cumming and my mouth was getting full. I ended up swallowing so I didn't make a mess on the carpet. I swallowed four or five times before he quit cumming.

After that time I tore the hole big enough for his knot to go through. I wanted to try this again but I wanted to see the knot better. This time I made sure I kept the hole where I needed it to be while playing hide and seek. When he started humping he was on my back so I had to get him off and turned around. When he was by my head I reached out and rubbed his sheath. He got the idea and started humping air. I moved the hole in the blanket so that his cock was poking though. I put my mouth right on his cock and he humped hard. He fucked my mouth as fast as I thought was possible. His cock grew in length and was tickling my tonsils. His knot was just starting to grow and was deep in my mouth. I sucked as much as I could and his cock was going deeper in my throat.

I was into it big time and really enjoying this until I realized his knot had grown too big to spit out. It was locked behind my teeth and I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to let it out. Worse, it felt tike he was trying to push the knot down my throat. He was battering my mouth now and I was worried that this is how I would die. I was still able to breathe some but his knot was still growing and his cock seemed to be reaching even deeper in my throat. I started to make involuntary swallowing motions because of how deep his cock was.

That is all it took to take him over the edge and shove it even deeper. He let loose a torrent of cum. I was still swallowing and could feel it pouring into my throat. He came for what felt like 5 minutes but was probably much less. It took at least 5 minutes before I was able to get his knot out of my mouth. After it was over I had to admit it was kind of fun.

For the next few days our dog would bring the blanket to me. Sherry laughed and thought he really wanted to play. I had to be careful and shake him off before he ever got started.

One night we were lying on the floor under the blanket watching a romantic movie and drinking wine when I had an idea. We were already tipsy so I blame it on the alcohol. I started by rubbing Sherry and slowly stripping her under the blanket. I had her wet and ready and had the hole in the blanket strategically placed. I was going for more wine when I got out from under the blanket and pulled it over Sherry and told the dog to get her. He was in for the game and was trying to find her. I pulled him around to her rear and made sure the blanket was in position. He jumped on her back and started humping. Sherry was laughing and moving around. I was being quiet and just helping. When I could tell he was ready I let him go and got out of there.

Sherry was shouting at the dog and calling for my help but I was out of the room peeking around the corner. I could tell that he was in her and going at her hard. She was calling me louder but I couldn't hear her. I waited until she was moaning a little before I came back with the wine. When she heard me she started moving around some like they were still playing but it was obvious what was happening.

I asked her if she was alright but she couldn't answer. She was in the middle of an orgasm. I lifted the blanket and asked how this happened. She said she didn't know but couldn't stop him once she realized what he was doing. I asked if she wanted me ...

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