His Wife's Birthday Gift

After I told my wife how much pleasure I received from going to a massage parlor when I was on a recent overseas trip she said she wished she could work in a place like that for just one night. Well, guess what I arranged for her birthday present? Yes, I called a business in our region and talked with the manager.

Hubby: Hello. May I speak to the owner of The Gentlemen’s Club please?

Owner: Yes, I own the club. What can I help you with?

Hubby: My wife would like to have an evening experience working at your club. When I told her how much I enjoyed a recent visit to a parlor in Europe she said she’d love to work a night.

Owner: Well that is a first for us. I can do it but she has to follow some rules. Number 1) it won’t cost you anything, 2) all money she takes in belongs to the business except tips, 3) it will be for one night only, 4) she can’t refuse any customer but she should have only decent men, 5) she can’t tell others this was the place where she worked. I don’t want government people here on employment issues. 6) she will meet with Shannon for an orientation. Is that okay with you and your wife, mister? Do you need me to write these down?

Hubby: No. I got’em.

Owner: Good. And, don’t have her use her real name with the men.

Hubby: It works for me and I am sure it will for Nan. What she should do next?

Owner: Have her here Wednesday night next week at 4 PM which is a slower night. Shannon can train her then and she can start right to work. She doesn’t need to bring anything accept an open attitude. Oh, we close at 2 AM.

Hubby: She’ll be here. Her birthday is that day so it is perfect.

Owner: How old is she anyway?

Hubby: Forty - 41 on Wednesday.


Nan: What no sex for three days before my birthday? What kind of present are you giving me?

Hubby: It will be a surprise honey – but I am sure you will like it. I will say we need to get a motel in a city a couple hours away for that Wednesday night on your birthday.

Nan: How about a hint. Is something going to happen at the motel or are you taking me to a show of some kind?

Hubby: No hints.

Wednesday. The couple has checked into their motel and has is just finishing lunch at a downtown restaurant.

Nan: I am going to do what?!

Hubby: You are getting what you asked for - a night of massaging men.

Nan: You are fuckin’ crazy - that was fantasy! I can’t do that!

Hubby: Well, honey, we have come all this way and it is all arranged. Besides, I am not touching you the rest of the week unless you follow through. At 4 PM you will get an orientation and I bet you should have had at least four or five different cocks in your hands before the night’s over at 2 AM.

Nan: You have to be kidding. Jesus. Who are these guys?

Hubby: The owner said they don’t expect any unpleasant men because they never allow any of that type back. Plus they have backup safety.

Nan: Boy, have you set me up. Some birthday present. Order me another drink!


At the Gentlemen’s Club

Shannon: So this is Nan? Hi Nan. I’m Shannon, the manager here. You have a husband with an imagination or I guess he said it was your idea. - Hubby, glad to meet you but she needs to get to work. She will have to see you later. - Come with me, Nan, you won’t need your shoes. You can wear these slippers. Now first you need to strip and get up on the table.

Nan: I am totally nervous. Strip?

Shannon: Yeah off with the garments, dear. Don’t be nervous. You probably aren’t going to do anything you haven’t done before – it’s just with different guys. It should be fun. I am always just around the corner if you need me. You will represent the Gentlemen’s Club tonight. Your husband did tell you the rules here didn’t he?

Nan: Yes. He did. This is the first time for me.

Shannon: Darling, I think it is the first time for any wife doing this for fun. You will be nude with the boys, of course, so I have to check you out for any problems. Okay now up on the table. Hey you look delicious! Those hangars are worth the price of admission! If you like the night you could probably get hired here. We’ll put your clothes over here.

Nan: One day at a time, please. What are you doing?

Shannon: You have to bend over and legs wider please. We have to check the cunt and ass hole of every new hire for anything suspicious. A little wider – good. You’re fine. Now, get on your stomach so I can show you how to give a massage. Most all the guys like to begin with a massage. The nicer ones also like to give massages too as well as get them from you. I advise all new hires to relax and enjoy the work. Especially you should be able to for being here only one night. Some of the girls get tired of rubbing cocks and they show it which can turn off the customers. Hey what’s this?

Nan: Oh! Well what do you expect my hubby cut off the sex for the last three days and I have not had a woman’s hands on my tits and box for a long time – so where do you thing that juice comes from?

Shannon: Hey, I’d like to do you myself. Roll over please. Relax. I know you will be fine. Realize that the customers who come in can choose from at least six women so don’t get disappointed if you aren’t the first picked. But hon, I don’t think you will have much to worry about. Here’s a push- up bra – with the snap in the front. Put it on with these pink sheer panties. I know you don’t need the push-up bra but we require that all our girls wear them. If you hear a bell ring, hustle to the front line with the others. As soon as the guy orders his drink he will make his pick. If you are the one it’s best to direct him to the shower. Over there will be your room for tonight.

The massage price includes the hand release but if you do a blow job that money is yours. Most girls charge $20 extra for that but it’s up to you and you can pass if you want. We avoid intercourse because of the law. But if you do it, be sure to use these condoms in this drawer. If the guy has any open sores on the genitals tell him to come back when they are healed. If they are elsewhere and he looks okay there are some band-aids in this drawer. Oh, the cops and the mayor always want to be blown free but remind them you have to pay taxes so they have a job.

The oil is here but don’t let them put much on you or you will be too greasy for the next guy and be sliding off the bed before the night is over. I am sure at your age you know how to jack guys off. But if you have a problem with a guy just pull the head of his cock all the way out then tug an extra inch. Keep holding the head with cupped finger tips. Then lightly massage his balls with your other hand. He will cum. You don’t even have to stroke. The guys who can’t cum are the ones who were so horny they lost their juices on their way here.

Nan: What do you do with those guys?

Shannon: Two options: First, if he is a big tipper and we have time then we use the Veronica technique on the guy. This we learned from one of our customers who had a session with a masseuse in Prague. Put a dry washcloth on his penis and apply a very mild stiff arm pressure. Then with other hand start the finger just above his anus and slowly move up the deep groove in his crack until you arrive at his balls. Then use the fingers to massage them very lightly while also keeping pressure on the wash cloth that covers his penis. Then return to the spot just above the anus to resume tracing the line. About every minute shift ...

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