Hole in the Wall, Chapter 3

(Be sure to read the earlier chapters first.)

The next day, Justin and Emily worked out the details of how to sneak Jill into the house to watch their parents have sex though the peephole in Justin’s room. They toyed with the idea of crawling in through the window (as the bedrooms are on the ground floor) but the windows were high enough to make that awkward. It might look suspicious to any neighbor that happens to see.

Instead, Emily would meet Jill out in the back yard and wait for Justin to text them. They could quietly enter the back patio door and come down the hall to Justin’s room, hopefully without missing too much.

“Jill’s really excited about this,” Emily reported after filling her in on the plan.

“Is Jill still a virgin?” Justin asks.

“I think so,” Emily says. “She’s insatiably curious and we talk about it all the time, but she’s way too timid to actually do anything.”

“I still think it would be easier if she just watched us,” Justin suggests as he slides his hands around Emily’s body to cup her tits.

“No way!” Emily cries as she wriggles free of his grasp. “I would die of embarrassment if Jill found out we were doing it.” She points an accusatory finger at Justin, “And don’t you say anything to her either!”

“Okay, okay,” Justin reassures her. “It will be our little secret. What if Jill gets as hot as you did watching? Is it okay if I help her out too?”

Emily pauses thoughtfully. “Will you always be there for me?” she asks.

“Of course,” Justin says, wrapping her in a comforting hug. “You’ll always be my special sister.”

Emily snuggles into his embrace. “Thanks. I suppose I can share you with Jill if she wants. She shouldn’t miss out on all of the fun.” She looks up at him with an adoring smile on her face. “Thanks for asking me first.”

“Anything to keep you happy,” Justin replied. As they hugged, Justin moved his hands down to her rear. “Speaking of which, can I make you happy right now?”

“Who are we making happy now?” Emily replied playfully. “Why don’t you save it for tonight?” She gave him a kiss before heading out of the room.

They had to wait longer than tonight – no opportunities arose for three days. Even tonight looked like it might be another disappointment as Justin kept an eye on what was happening in his parents’ room. However, just as it looked like his parents were going to go to sleep, his Dad leaned over to Mom to give her a good night kiss. As the kiss lingered, Justin quickly sent the text to summon Emily and Jill inside.

A few seconds later, the pair of girls quickly, but quietly, zipped into his room. Both of them were wearing T-shirts over skirts. Emily whispered a “thank you” to Justin as they both knelt on the floor and started peering in the holes to the parent’s room.

Justin lay back on his bed and picked up a book to read. His focus was more on the girls than on his novel. Jill’s long blonde hair contrasted with his sister’s shorter brown curls and emphasized her thin frame. Justin was pretty sure that Jill stood a little taller and she walked with a light spring in her step.

She also seemed accessorized to death with a ribbon hair clip, large hoop earrings and necklaces, bracelets, and rings her body. ‘So complicated,’ Justin thought as he watched the two girls whisper furtively to each other.

A few times, he could hear gasps of surprise coming from Jill before an exchange of whispers followed. He hoped they weren’t being too noisy. Twice Jill looked back at Justin. He returned her second glance with ...

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