holliday escapades 2

That night Johanna, Dominique and I slept together. It took
some time for me to actually drift of to sleep with 2 of the
most beautifull women in the world at my sides, though
eventually I got myself into dreamland.

After countless hours of chaotic dreams and haunting faces of
max, I couldn't take it anymore and got out of bed to sit on
the beach and watch the sunrise. "Why are you up so early?" A
little startled but quickley recovered, I turned to look
straight into sam's eyes who was closing here robe over her
stars-N-stripes bikini to protect her from the chill outside.
"Couldn't sleep..." I answered matter of factly.

"Having guilt trips?" She asked looking amused. "How would
you know that?" I failed completely at hiding my shock. "You
should have learned by now that girls tell eachother
everything dougie." She sat down next to me in the sand and
nudged me with her shoulder as I stared at my feet. 

"In my oppinion you've done nothing wrong. It's not like
their married or something." I couldn't help but chuckle at
her complete exageration of this situation. "Yeah well, it's
not like I feel good about taking the girl my best friend got
pretty acquainted with to be honest."

"You didn't 'take' her. She took you for a ride together with
her best friend. The worst you did is ride along." She looked
at me sincerely. "And that's what surfers do baby, ride
along. Get taken by the wave of the moment so to say." I
looked up at her face and hate to admit it. But she made me
feel much better.

"You know, for a girl, you're quite all right." I smiled at
her as she started laughing at my comment. "And you're quite
all right for a washed up boxer boy. I find it hard to
believe that dominique fell for your looks." She pushed me
over playfully as she said it and broke into a run for the
ocean dropping her robe. "Oh you're so going to regret that!"
I yelled while breaking into pursuit.

Intently not catching up with her, although I easily
could've, I stayed just behind her while she ran for the
waves. Mesmerized by her perfectly round ass bouncing from
side to side as she ran. After a while running started to get
harder as I got harder downstairs. I knew this girl wanted to
have sex with me already so I might just have a little
anticipating fun for the hell of it.

It was low tide so the water was so far away from the
bungalow that, with the sun coming up, nobody would be able
to see us in the water. Not that I expected anyone to be
awake at this hour after a night out. But judging Jake by
size, I wasn't to fond of taking chances.

Thoughts still runing through my head but my eyes fixed on
her ass. I didn't notice she had looked over her shoulder.
She skidded to a halt and I almost crashed into her. "Excuse
me! Where you oggling my ass!" The comical 'O' and a fake
shocked expresion on her face, while she grabbed her ass with
both hands as if that would protect it from my gaze got me
laughing hysterically. "Well maybe I was!" I taunted her as I
had stopped laughing. "Well you better not go any further
than that mister!" She winked at me. "I have a big black
lover that will kick your sorry little ass." This whole
demeaning thingy got me turned on beyond belief! She gave me
a sensual look and slowly walked towards the sea, making sure
she wiggled her ass even more.

She had walked 10 metres when I scooped her up from behind
and broke into a run. She shrieked and kicked her legs as we
entered the water, throwing her arms around my neck. Once we
were deep enough, I dove forward plunging her into the cold
morning water. I surfaced and saw Sam coming up gasping.
"ASS! That's fucking cold!" 

She splashed water towards my face and we played around in
the water a little, laughing and joking. Then I submerged
myself to my neck and swam closer to Sam. "How about riding
this wave?" I asked her while grinning slyly and nuzzeling in
her belly. A light gasp and a giggle-fit where the result.
"You sure you can handle the guilt?" She asked sarcastically.
"If you're half te girl YOU think you are, I think I'll
manage." At this she fell back into the water leaving her
head the only thing to be seen. 

Her voice reduced to a hoarse whisper when she told me, "Come
on cowboy, show me what you got." Her lips still slightly
parted and the tip of her tongue running along them, she
looked just about as sexy a girl I've ever seen. 

It took me way to much effort to not give in to her
challenging manners. So I subsided like a trained puppy. I
swam closer wrapping my hands around her waist, and kissed
her deeply. Our lips meeting was electric, every fibre in my
body was lost in her full red lips as her hands ran up my
chest to my shoulders. Being suspended in the water gave it
an unearthly feel, which was exactly how I felt, like walking
on the moon.

I took a deep breath and renewed my kiss with passion. Her
hands on my shoulders had closed around my face and she
carressed my cheeck bones with her fingertips, she took my
face in her hands and pulled away. It seemed to take her a
great deal of effort. "So how was that for a cowboy?" I
asked. Panting she answered me as her eyes were filled with
nothing but lust. "I've had better..." She lied, as she
pulled me back in for round 2 of tongue wrestling. 

Quite some time had passed with us being in the water and the
sun had outrisen the horizon. I looked at it and pulled back
to tell her, "we should probably get back."

"Oh no cowboy! You're not done yet." A devlish smile crossed
her face and she pushed my hand from her waist down to her
ass. Instinct took over from there and my hands found their
way around her lower body. She wrapped her legs around my
waist and both my hands were cupping her ass now, that
perfectly tight round ass. Loving every second of feeling her
soft skin, I went back to kissing her furiously. Guided by my
hands she started riding up my crotch. Bucking and grinding
through the fabric of our swimwear she had me hard in no

"You're not getting any right now." I told her as I smiled
wickedly. "Why not!" She asked as if I had refused a 4 year
old her candy. "Cos you ain't been bad enough for daddy to
spank you." Freaky shit was leaving my mouth now and I
sounded like a moron. Although I think I might've said the
right thing, for she bit her bottom lip seductively and
looked me deep in the eyes before whispering, "How bad do you
want me to be?" Straight after that she leaned in and kissed
my neck softly, then rougher, and eventually nibbling away
down to my chest. Only untill she bit my nipple a little too
hard did I awake from this 'wave' we were riding.

"Not now missy! I'll get you, don't worry, you've left me no
choice now." I got up grinning and looked down at her while
she pouted and puppy eyed me. "No. Come on babygirl let's

Reluctantly she got up and followed me out of the water, Her
nipples rockhard and clearly visible.

My mind was racing. Crazy thoughts circling my head like
nascar, 'what if I could get all three of these girls at the
same time.' 'if these three girls want me what about the
other 2' all those things you shouldn't be thinking.

Meanwhile Sam had caught up and flung her arms around my neck
"You're a lucky guy mister. Many men would kill to be with
either three of us." A smile crept across my face as I
realised she was right.

"Why do you want to be with me? It's not like I'm world's
best catch or something."

"No you're not." She said matter of factly. With her face
like marble.

"Gee thanks!" I said laughing. "I feel really reasured now!"

"But you care, and you're sweet and loving. And to be honest,
your not at all bad looking." Her face flushed a little and
she couldn't look me in the eyes anymore. I felt flattered as
I don't get many compliments on my looks. "You know sam,
you're one of the most amazing girls I know. You're funny,
smart and damn sexy!" She smiled and kissed me quickly on the

The rest of the walk back went by in understanding silence.
Back at the bungalow we sat down on the couches and talked
some about my little adventure the night before. "We should
really stop talking, you're getting me way too horny with all
this talk about hot girl on girl action." 

"So my plan is working!" I grinned. "What plan?"

"My plan to get you into some of the action with johanna and
dominique." My answer was obvious but I couldn't help but
notice the naughty look that washed over Sam's face when I
actually said it out loud. "You're a dirty boy mister. First
I want you all to myself and you can convince me to join

"Does the sauna have a lock?" I knew the answer I was just
hoping that she might get the hint. "You know, I really don't
know? How ...

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