As I lay on my bed, waiting for sleep to descend upon me, I was immersed in thoughts of my step-sister. My bitch of a step-sister, Evelyn, who, at 21, was three years my senior, was asleep in her room. And frankly speaking, I don’t even know why my parents adopted that dumb bimbo.
No matter how much I hated her, I often did this, fantasizing about her. She was incredibly hot, and in the freedom of my imagination I did all kinds of unspeakable things to her. Reality was a different story, though. We were the usual bickering siblings who irritated each other.
As I lay there in peace, I thought about her full tits, which always seemed to press against her t-shirt. I thought about her round spank able ass which filled out her jeans so perfectly. She had a beautiful mane of dark brown hair which ended at her shoulders neatly. She had a sumptuous mouth, and I’ve always wondered how it would feel to have my penis move in and out of her pretty lips...
My eyes opened – it was already morning. I smiled – what a wonderful dream it was! There was also a sweet smell in the air – I wonder where that came from. Now, wait a second...
Why the fuck was my ceiling pink?
I sat up instantly. I was in Evelyn’s room! Oh god! Had I done something last night??
I looked around, she was no where to be seen. It was then that my eyes rested on the full-length mirror on my right....
Oh good god. Oh dear, dear god.
I didn’t know how to digest this – how could this happen? Is this even fucking true? I got up and walked towards the mirror...
I felt my face.... Evelyn’s face, that is. That’s right, I was Evelyn. As in, I was in her body. My heart was almost beating right out of its ribs as I saw Evelyn's – sorry, my – frame in the mirror. I was dressed in a pinkish night dress which ended just below my waist. I felt the smooth skin on my tummy, and I felt the massive rise of my breasts. I moved my hands down my smooth hair. I turned around and caressed my cute bubble butt in the mirror.
This was amazing, and scary. What did this mean? Was Evelyn in my body now?
All this was so overwhelming I walked out of my room just to see if the rest of the world was normal.
I walked down the staircase and into the dining hall; my parents were having breakfast quite normally. Dad looked at my face and asked, “Is something the matter, sweetheart?”
Sweetheart? Yuck!
“Umm, no Dad, not at all.”
Her voice felt so fucking weird! I got up and walked back to my room.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
“I’m Evelyn”, I said to myself, and her voice just crept me out. But this could be fun, right?
“I like cock in my ass”, I said before breaking into a giggle. Then I stopped. God, not even my laugh sounded right anymore.
Without even having a bath, I changed into a t-shirt and skirt and hopped downstairs for breakfast.
Dad was just getting ready to leave for office. My mom was still in the kitchen. There was still no sign of me, I mean, my little brother. I sat down at the table, and asked mom, “Where’s Jake?”
“At school.”
“Oh yeah”, I replied. I was feeling a little nervous, not knowing whether Evelyn was in my body or not. I also thought about how she was coping with it. And, most importantly, how awkward would it be when we met!
Breakfast went normally. I was preoccupied with all things I could do. Oh, this was the perfect chance to take revenge, to vent out all my hatred for my step-sister, and also have a little fun myself.
One thing I knew for sure was that once we changed back, Evelyn was going to be sorry for her entire life.
It was 9 AM. Mom had also left for work. I was alone in the house. I ran up to Evelyn’s room. I switched her phone on and went through the contacts list.
There he was – Ryan, her boyfriend. I had an idea.
I dialled his number. He instantly picked him, the needy bastard.
“Hey Evie, what’s up?”
“Hey Ryan”, I said in the most sultry voice I could muster, and followed that up with kissing sound.
“Whoa, someone’s in the mood today!”
“Oh yeah baby, you see I’m alone in the house. I’m feeling so lonely. Come here was fast as you can, okay?”
“Uh, all right, you sure you okay? You sound a little off?”
“Do you want to come or not?”
“Um, yeah! Sure!”
“Yeah, I’m waiting.”
Sigh. That felt weird. I giggled; this was going to be fun.
I looked at my hot body in the mirror and took off my clothes. This was the first time I was getting a full naked view of her body – it was so perfect. Her tits were not only large but tight – they stood out proudly. Her tummy was smooth and flat. I let o0ut a little laugh on seeing her shaved pussy.
I opened her cupboard, rummaged through her clothes and finally found what I was looking for.
A pair of red lace underwear, and a little something I definitely did not expect to find – a sheer black negligee. I felt so turned on when I put them on. The smooth material felt to sexy against the smooth skin.
I felt my pussy growing moist. I touched it, it was sticky. This felt amazing.
I began putting on her blood red lipstick, and just then the doorbell rang.
Ryan was already here? Boy that was fast.
I adjusted my hair and walked down the staircase. I tried walking sexily, you know, swaying my hips and all.
Finally reached the door and opened it.
It wasn’t Ryan at all, but the milk man.
His eyes definitely popped when he saw me. And again, I had an idea.
“My my, Evelyn... well, you’ve certainly grown into a- umm...”
I giggled. “Why, thank you. So, what brings you here, sir?”
“Oh, well, here is today’s milk... and that’ll be the usual three dollars.”
“Oh, but sir, I don’t have the money to pay you.”
“Well that’s okay, pay me next time! I come here every few days’ right?”
“Oh no, that will not be acceptable, sir. That’s against my principles, my father always taught me to never have debts.”
Before he could say anything I brought him inside the house and led him by the hand to the sofa.
I sat right beside him.
“Now, could you think of some way how we could finish the deal? Cash, or kind...”
“Really, Evelyn, it’s not an issue. I can –“
“Sh.” I placed my finger on his lips. He was clearly feeling nervous. I looked earnestly into his eyes and said softly, “I have ...

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