I Lost a Pillow Fight with the Dog

Pillow Fight with the Dog is a story about a fight for possession of a pillow that went a freaky way and led down a path that I could not have imagined.

Wednesdays were always hard at work because it was the day new stock arrived. Everything had to be counted, received and put away. We could barely get it done in 8 hours. I was always beat when I came home so the wife took this as her shopping day so I could get a nap. Our routine was we would talk a little, I'd play with our dog then I'd lay on the floor and take a nap with the dog curled up with me. The wife would be gone shopping for an hour or two then would come back with supper for us.

I had this pillow that I liked sleeping on the floor with because it fit under my neck just right. It was one of those round long pillows that look like half of a hot dog, just bigger around. It was kind of old and worn but it was the one I always used when laying on the floor or couch.

My dog recently took a liking to it in a different way. I had noticed it smelling a little strange at times but the wife washed it often enough that it smelled good more than strange. I found out why it smelled strange one day when I saw the dog sneak it off of the couch and walk away with it.

I watched him go into the other room with it and was curious enough to follow. What I saw shocked me. He was in there fucking away at my pillow. I yelled at him but he just looked at me with sad eyes and kept going. I called my wife in to see also and she just giggled and told me to let him have his fun. She said she would wash it after he was done.

She did wash it and I kept it away from him after that. This was my pillow and he wasn't going to do that any more as far as I was concerned. The only time he saw it was when it was under my head. He was coming around giving me sad eyes and whining but I told him that it was my pillow, not his girlfriend. He would still come around trying to take the pillow away from me but I chased him away when he did. He was persistent for sure.

I am a heavy sleeper when I'm tired and I dream a lot. When I sleep my mouth gets very dry and I usually wake up very thirsty. I sometimes dream of being thirsty, like in a desert. I fell asleep on the floor this one day and remember dreaming of all kinds of things. I was on a boat on rough seas and I was rocking with the waves. I wasn't seasick but I was thirsty. I had a bottle of water and I was trying to get a drink but nothing would come out. The boat was rocking and I was hanging on with one hand, trying to get water with the other. I was trying and trying to get the bottle to my mouth but I kept missing.

Finally I got it but the water was warm and I just didn't seem to be getting any. I kept trying to get water out of it but could only get a little. The water had a strange taste but I was really thirsty and didn't care. Finally, the water started flowing but it had the strangest taste. I couldn't figure out what it was but it was familiar. The more it flowed the better it tasted. I wanted to drink the bottle dry I was so thirsty. Then it was gone. In my dream the bottle fell overboard. I looked for another one but couldn't find it. My dream went on randomly and I searched for water everywhere I went.

My wife woke me when she arrived at home and asked how I slept. I told her I was dreaming about being on a boat with rough seas. I got up and kissed her and she told me to go brush my teeth as I had bad breath. I smelled my breath and agreed. I came back from brushing and saw that the dog didn't steal my pillow while I was gone. I thought he had finally given up. I congratulated myself for winning that one.

The boating dream seemed to reoccur every Wednesday which seemed strange. One Wednesday my wife decided not to go shopping because of the weather. It was storming out and she didn't want to get wet. She told me to go ahead and take my nap while she got dinner ready. The dream was back with better storms, I suppose because it was really storming outside. When I woke up my wife was sitting there watching with a strange look on her face. She told me to go brush my teeth. Everything was normal the rest of the day except she was acting a little weird.

The next Wednesday she had her video camera out doing something to it. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going to record me sleeping to see how much I snored while she was gone shopping so I should just go ahead and get my nap. I did just that and was in the dream again. The dream was the same as always. The boat was rocking and I was thirsty as ever.

I woke later and my wife wasn't back yet. I looked at the camera and shut it off. I wondered why she might find my sleeping interesting so I rewound the tape and put it on play. What I saw shocked me. My faithful friend slept beside me until I started snoring. Then he got up and licked my face a few times before licking my mouth. I made faces at this but then lay there with my mouth open still asleep.

The dog at this point straddled my face and the pillow and started humping slowly. He got the tip of his cock in my mouth and you could see me sucking on it. At this point he started humping harder and harder. I can't believe I didn't wake up under that assault. I sucked like my life depended on it. I could tell when he was cumming as he pulled up tight and just held still. He pulled a huge cock out of my mouth and I could see me trying to keep a hold of it. He walked away and cleaned himself and then came back and licked my face clean. I kept sleeping until I woke up looking dazed.

I realized at that point that I had a hell of an aching hard on that needed taking care of. I put the camera back where it was and went to the bathroom. I was reliving the video while fast stroking myself. It took only a minute to cum hard as I ever did. I brushed my teeth and went to read the paper and wait for my wife.

She arrived shortly and made small talk while sneakily taking the video camera away. I thought this was strange. I thought she must have witnessed this happening last Wednesday and taped it to see if it happened again. She did ask if I had the dream again and I told her I did. She never mentioned the video or anything the rest of the week.

The next Wednesday I saw her hiding the video camera where I wouldn't notice it before she left. When she came back after my nap, I left the room but peeked around the corner to see her take it out of her hiding place. This really had my interest as to what she was doing with it. I'm very technology savvy and have done some surveillance work for friends, so I set my computer up with some hidden microphones to record when there was enough sound. I was going to get to the bottom of this.

It only took a day to hear her talking on the phone to one of her friends about it happening again and that she could come over on Friday to watch the tape. I couldn't believe that my loving wife would show someone else something like this. I made sure I was home when her best friend Betty came over. Betty was a recently divorced, absolutely beautiful strawberry blonde. I would give my left nut to have a crack at her. She was acting a little skittish and kept smirking at me but I ignored it. My wife took her to her sewing room to show her a new pattern supposedly. I went to my computer to listen in.

They quickly started the video and I heard lots of gasps and "oh my god" from Betty but what I didn't expect was to hear them both say how hot it made them. They both said they couldn't believe that I slept through it all. Betty said she wanted to try it. My wife almost yelled "What?". Betty said she wanted to pretend to sleep and see if the dog would do the same to her. My wife told her she was crazy but was welcome to try if she really wanted to. Betty assured her that she did. They planned it for the next Monday.

I had to scramble but I was able to get two mini wireless spy cams for my computer along with the software needed to record only when any motion was detected. I paid triple the price for the high resolution ones. I had it all working just fine by the time Monday rolled around.

When I got home Monday the wife wasn't around. I went to my computer to see what I had caught on the spy cams. I had a lot of my wife walking by, the dog walking by and even had the dog taking care of himself while the wife watched. She was lightly rubbing herself as she watched. I never saw her doing anything like that before. She was not the most sexual person. She was great looking and had a killer body but I was lucky to get sex once a week.

Eventually Betty arrived and her and the wife talked while drinking some wine, probably to relax. I had a nice view up Betty's skirt to a bare pussy. That made me wonder what all she had planned. The other cam showed a little up my wife's skirt but nothing special there.

My wife left and brought back the pillow at which the dog started getting a little excited. He was running around some but the wife scolded him and he calmed down. She left Betty with the pillow and went into the other room. She came back with the video camera and started taping.

Betty laid down on the floor and my wife showed her how I usually laid. Once in position she pretended to sleep. My wife stayed back and ran the camera. The dog didn't know what to do and just looked back and forth between them. Eventually he went over to Betty and started licking her neck and then her mouth. Betty stayed still but opened her mouth when he licked her there. When the dog saw this he moved into position and slowly started humping Betty's face. The wife moved for a better shot of what was going on and was down on her hands and knees. One of my cams had a perfect shot up her skirt and I could see a wet spot forming in the crotch of her panties.

The dog was speeding up with his thrusts and Betty was actively sucking his cock. She was really enjoying this. The dog started giving it his all and was fucking the hell out of her mouth. Betty was moaning like a wild woman and my wife was getting it all on close up. The wife's crotch was soaked by now and looked like it was gushing. Betty had one hand between her legs and the other holding the dogs knot. It was easy to tell when the dog started cumming. Betty was going wild between her legs and looked like she was trying to swallow knot and all.

By this time my wife had set the camera down and was rubbing herself off too. She must have cum for a few minutes steady. ...

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