I'm Mommy's Little Girl

My name’s John Delaney, I’m twenty-five years old. I work for a Wall Street investment banking concern, I’ve been here a year as a trainee. I was recruited on campus; I’m a graduate of Columbia University. I have my Batchelor’s Degree and am taking courses toward my MBA. My firm pays me a good salary and expects hard work and a lot of hours for it. I’ve saved a large portion of my salary and with the guidance of my senior colleagues I’ve invested well. I can save because I keep my expenses low. My apartment is a modest efficiency, I don’t own a car, I live in the city, I use the subway or a cab to get around or my bicycle when I want the exercise and I don’t date. I’ve never been out with a woman.

And I’m conflicted, I’m a man and I have the urges a man has but I haven’t acted on them; I can’t; you see that isn’t how I was raised.

It’s my first vacation; I haven’t been home in a year. I’m in the air now, flying from New York to Columbus, Ohio to spend time with my mother and Aunt Kitty. Aunt Kitty’s several years older than my mother and she’s not really my aunt. She’s my mother’s partner and the two of them raised me.

I know how it will go when I get home. Aunt Kitty will pick me up at the airport, my mother won’t be with her, she’ll stay home and fix a fancy dinner in my honor. I’ll hug and kiss Aunt Kitty at the airport and she’ll drive us home.

My mother will meet us at the door. I’ll get my hugs and kisses from her them she’ll lead me to the bedroom. I’ll set down my bag. She’ll already be sitting on the bed, she’ll say, “Come to Mommy,” and I’ll walk to her.

“Yes Mommy,” I’ll say and she’ll unbuckle my slacks. She’ll slide them down just a little; just so she can see my underwear then she’ll smile at me and refasten my belt. But she’ll ask, “Do you want me to come tonight?” She’d seen that I was wearing panties, frilly panties.

My voice will be raspy with desire when I reply, “Yes Mommy please come tonight.”

And she will. You see, my mother, always Mommy, is my lover, my only lover; or more aptly stated; I’m hers.

I guess I need to backtrack a long way to explain. Mommy was abused by her boyfriend, my father, she was beaten and she was raped. When she became pregnant with me he abandoned her, Aunt Kitty had taken her in and taken her as her life partner, strangely, Aunt Kitty is the femme yet she’s the one that works outside the home and Mommy handles the household chores. I’ve never known any other parents. I was born after Mommy and Aunt Kitty had met.

Mommy was only nineteen when they met; they’ve shared the past twenty-five years together. They’ve shared one other thing, too, they’re both misandrists, men haters, and I was a boy.

That was no problem when I was an infant and young lad. They simply treated my like a daughter. I was dressed in ribbons and bows and my toys were dolls.

When I began school they did buy me boy’s clothing but, except on days when I had gym class I wore girls panties under my jeans and when I got home they changed my clothing.

They both played with me, rubbing my genitals, they joked that I had the biggest clitoris they’d ever seen when I’d get a little hard on.

Then came the onset of puberty, I was twelve when I discovered self-gratification. Mommy found my stained sheets and she knew so she decided to take me in hand, in the most literal sense.

I slept in a night gown with no panties on, just like Mommy and Kitty. I was asleep but I was having the most vivid dream I’d ever had, it was sexual but undefined, it just felt wonderful but when I awakened, it was no dream.

Mommy had my nightie over my hips and she was sucking me. I started to sit up, asking, “Mommy, what are you doing?” She pushed me back to the mattress saying, “Making you feel good, teaching you about sex.”

Then I felt something cold and slick at my bottom and a finger slipped into me. I remember, I moaned when she did that. She pumped in and out of me several times then did something, I didn’t know what a prostate gland was back then but she did. She milked my prostate. I was pumping my little hips and I came, it ...

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