I move to canada

I woke up to the sound of pounding on my door. I quickly rushed to the door to find two police officers standing there with a dreadful look on their faces, one of them was an old family friend, the other I didn’t know. I let them into my cramped apartment and brought us all some coffee.
“You may want to sit down son.” Officer Stewart said.

“What’s going on, Jeff tell me what’s going on?” I questioned

“Listen David, it’s your mother. She is dead.” Jeff said

“What, how?” I asked with tears swelling in my eyes.

“She was hit by a car.” He said

“Oh god… Get out.” I said because I needed to be alone.

I had no idea that this depression I had suddenly developed would make me the happiest I had ever been. It all started when I decided to pack up and move to Canada. I was cutting all my ties to my old life and starting anew. I had just graduated Penn State university a month or so before my mother died. So I decided that moving was the best way to start over. It had taken me a few months to get all the paper work in order to be able to live there who knew how hard it was to move there so to let off some stem the night before my big move I threw myself a going away party. Little did they know was that I was never coming back, nor was I going to keep in touch. The party was amazing, but as it died down I said goodbye to all my friends and my girlfriend who was trying to help me through my depression but had no idea what I was going through.
My mom was the only family I had ever had so now I was alone and I could never tell my girlfriend that because she would never understand. She only knew me as the jock that played baseball in college, and who you thought only was interested in sex not the guy who actually has emotions but that may have been my fault but it doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all in the past.
I closed the door as the remaining guests left. I went to sleep knowing this was my last night in America. As I awoke the next morning I had all of the belongings I was going to take with me, just a suitcase that was all that I could not buy again like my diploma, my school trophies, and the only thing my mother had of her parents a diamond ring that her father gave her mom for their engagement. I knew one day I would use it to pass on some part of the family I never knew.
I already had my life arranged in Canada I had bought a condo that I would use until I found someone to spend my life with. It was a nice condo in Vancouver a 1 bedroom bachelor pad basically. It was move in ready so all I needed was to unpack some clothes and I was home sweet home. It was a long flight but it was a small price to pay for a new start. I quickly got through the gate and went through all the boring immigration bull and grabbed a cab and headed to my new home. It was right near my new job so I wouldn’t have to worry about a car. Now that I was settled in I needed to meet new people. I walked over to my next door neighbor. I knocked on the door. And as the door opened a woman appeared.

“Hello.” You said

“Hello I am David, I just moved in next door.” I said

“Hello David I am Alanna.” You said

“I was just wondering if you would like to come to a little house warming party I am having tonight, oh and bring anyone you would like.” I said

“Sure, I would love to.” You said as you closed the door.

I was surprised to see such a gorgeous woman across the hall from me. You had this dark black hair and oh god these deep blue eyes that you could drown in. You were head to toe the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I can’t describe this feeling I had, but whatever it was it was powerful.
After I had finished showering I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and answered it not realizing I still had a towel on. It was you and some man.

“Come on in fix yourselves a drink I just need to get dressed.” I said as headed towards my bedroom.

I walked into my bedroom and dropped my towel and stood in front of the mirror. I got to say I looked great. I had my six pack going string and even had my v line working. I quickly threw on some of my best clothes. I headed for the door. I thought to myself that “I thought I closed the door”. I headed towards the living room and saw that people had already started coming in. There were about 15 people here so far. I talked with everyone a bit before I built up some courage to talk to you. Everyone was asking me how America was, and why I left. After a few more minutes I walked over to you, I noticed you biting your lower lip acting like you didn’t notice me.

“Hey guys.” I said as I approached them.

“Nice party Dave, this is my boyfriend.” You said grabbing your man’s arm.

“Nice to meet you.” I said as shook his hand.

“You look like you work out is there a good gym around here.” I asked your boyfriend.

“There is a gym right down the street I go to.” Alanna said without waiting for him to answer. With that he went to get a drink.

“Can you give me some directions to it?” I asked

“I am going tomorrow you can join me if you like.” You said

“I would love to.” I said

“Then meet me in the lobby at noon.” You said with a beautiful smile.

The rest of the party was fun I chatted with a few more people I made some new friends then after a while the party died down and as everyone was leaving I sat on the couch and popped in a movie. As I was about to play the movie I heard the bathroom door shut. And out came Alanna.

“I guess I missed the end of the party.” You said

“Yeah, your boyfriend left about an hour ago.” I said

“He works late.” You said

“Well I am going to watch a movie so if you want to stay that’s fine.” I said

“Really you don’t mind.” You said

“Not at all.” I said

“Ok, what are we watching?” You asked as you sat next to me on the couch.

“28 days later.” I said

“That’s one of my favorites.” You said with a smile.

“I like a good zombie movie from time to time, but I am more of a romance movie type of guy.” I said

“That’s surprising you don’t seem like that type of guy.” You said

“Yeah I know I am complicated.” I said

“Haha no guys are just about sex not that complicated.” You said

“Then you obviously haven’t found the right ...

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