I Wanted You

This is my first work to be posted on here so please be nice. Its very unique.

I wanted you, did you know that...

For so long it was only you who could make me feel this way. Still as I think about it my pussy grows damp and I can feel that hollow ach. My nipples grow taunt and beg for attention, your attention. This is what you do to me and you don't even care.

When you touched me, my body ached for you. A low slow burn deep inside my pussy that only you could satisfy. I enjoyed touching you just as much as I enjoyed you touching me. Your warm soft skin was a sinful temptation. You let me touch you when no one was looking, teasing myself with thoughts of what I could do to your body. Small secret touches to remind you I was still there, that I wanted you. Everytime I walked past you I want to kiss the back of your neck just to feel your warmth on my lips.

You liked me enough to take me to your bed. But I suppose that wasn't because you liked me, you needed me. Your pleasure was my only desire, I want you to feel good in my arms. You would never let me kiss you, I never knew why. Your kiss was my down fall. I craved it, I would do anything to have you kiss me. Our mouths meeting, the sweet taste of your gentle lips on mine, your hand tangled in my hair on the back of my head holding me still.

I stroked your hard thick cock for you so many times. My soft hand stroking you, holding you firmly. My thumb gently teasing the head of your cock on the up stroke. My other hand softly massaged your balls. Occasionally I would lick the slit of your cock just to see if I could get a reaction, one that never came.

You laid there and took the pleasure I was give you in silence. The only words to leave your mouth were instructions never compliments.

Some times as a reward you would finger my wet needy pussy. I liked that, I always felt so full. You knew how to make me squirm, your finger tips rubbing against my g spot making me moan. My moans were soft but still they angered you I tried my hardest to remain quite as you touched me. Often you would stop and tell me to stop making those silly sounds or you would insist I suck your cock to stop the sounds.

I sucked your cock on many occasions. The feel of you hard cock in my mouth was wonderful. That was my triumph, to feel you come undone under the attention of my sweet warm silky mouth. The gentle tight sucking and the caress of my tongue all over your cock was enough to make your cock twitch and often make you cum. You liked it ...

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