Into The Woods

I step out onto the back porch. My skin chilled by the night air. I step down into the grass and moan as the transform begins. I feel my tail, my ears, my entire body. I moan softly with every change, loving the feeling of my body morphing into a beautiful shewolf. Now fully transformed, I sniff the air and begin to trot toward the forest. My full pink lips now a slender muzzle with even white canine teeth. alhough I am small in human form, only 5'4, my wolf form makes up for this. i stand a full 3 feet to the shoulders. still a little on the small side for my species. I lift my head and howl out a loud feminine call, waiting to see if another were/shewolf responds before moving on. As I walk though the forest I rub against a few trees here or there to mark out my area. Although I'm not in heat, my scent clings easily to the bark. I continue on. My pure black fur glistening in the moonlight. For a shewolf, I am pretty by most standards. Deep brown eyes that change color slightly with my mood, a perfect sized pink nose, black fur with silver undertones in my stomach and the tips of my tail ears and paw pads. My tail is long and thick, tiny at the base then tapering wider to the middle then back to a tip at the end. I have good sized hips with a smaller waist than rib cage. In the moment of checking out my wolf form I realize there is a sound in front of me. I perk my ears forward and drop low to the ground, cautiously creeping forward. The sound stops. And I hear footsteps... No... Paw steps going off deeper into the woods. I wait a few minutes then raise from the ground and keep moving. After around ten minutes I stop to rub a tree. I softly purr to myself as I rub the whole length of my body into the bark. Before I know what is happening, I am suddenly on the ground, belly down, with a heavy weight on my back. I yelp and lower my ears flat against my head, baring my teeth. Then I smell him. A deep musky scent that leaves a bitter sweet after smell. I project my thoughts out. What are you?
He answers almost instantly. His masculine, smooth voice filling my head. Same as you. Now what is a pretty girl doing alone in the woods?
I hear a dark chuckle after that makes me gulp. I can feel the hackles along my back rising. I don't like this.. please let me up. I was just going for a walk and looking for dinner.
He doesn't answer. Instead, he bites down on the nape of my neck, almost causing me to yelp. He roughly pushes me forward then pulls his head up, forcing me to crouch halfway between standing and laying down. I stand like this, confused, for a few seconds before I realize what he is trying to do. I feel something poking at my backside just above my tail. At the same time as he lowers his hips, I push my rear the ground. I whimper as my neck and shoulders bend from the odd position. He growls deeply and bites harder into the back of my neck before he jerks his head up, yanking me back to a crouching position. I yelp and bring my tail between my legs, trying to protect myself as much as I can with what options I have. He chuckles to my thoughts and bites down even harder into my neck, breathing into my fur. I yelp loudly and shudder, my legs spreading and my back arching, both invaluntary. He grins around my fur and thrusts forward, almost hitting my pussy with the first try. Only my tail is blocking him. He growls and speaks into my thoughts. His voice taking a menacing edge. Move it. Now.
I whimper softly and slowly do as he says. The second my tail is fully wrapped around my side, he thrusts forwards. At first only his tip ...

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