Into The Woods part 2

I pace back and forth across my room. Surely he can't know where I live. If I do this, it will be my choice. I sigh and walk to the bathroom. I wash my face, brush my teeth, and touch up my makeup. Although I am naturally pretty, I still like to add eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes blush. I have pale, even, light skin. deep brown eyes (that vary between hazel and mahogany red-brown), a delicate centered nose, full pink rosy lips, thin eyebrows that compliment my face. I have a decent body as well. 34C breasts with a small ribcage and even slimmer waist. Full hips and legs that aren't curvy or bony. My ass is round, but not huge. It is proportional for my figure. Looking up in the mirror I move my soft, dark auburn brown hair aside and look to see the angry red marks on the back of my neck. I think back to last night and close my eyes. I remember his smell, the deep resonating sound of his voice in my thoughts, the feeling of him on top of me... And it is decided. I will go. I walk back to my room and slip out of my clothes. I put on a black lace bra with matching lace underwear.  Then I pull on a pair of size 3 skinny jeans that are dark navy blue with faded bits. I look through my closet and pick out a loose, almost see through black tshirt and pull it on over my grey tank top. This is one of my favorite shirt combinations. The tank top is form fitting around my body, showing off my thin yet full figure, and the black shirt adds compliments to my skin. I look in the side mirror on my wall and bite my lip. I'm missing something.. I turn back to the closet and get out a thin grey scarf to match my tank then slip on my black vans. I spritz myself with a few sprays of perfume then turn and walk over to the back door. I take a deep breath and walk through onto the porch. I turn to close the door and step down into the grass. I breath through my nose and smile, fighting the urge to change. The woods aren't as magical in this form. I sigh and walk into the trees, trying to follow my path from last night. As I go deeper into the woods I look around, feeling my heart beat pick up and my hair raise. He is near.. I can feel it. I just can't see him yet. I step past a large tree and freeze. I see him, he is casually leaning against another tree. He has a black pair of jeans and a black flannel. I notice he is almost as light as I am, with pitch black hair that's a few inches long and perfectly straight. I step closer and he looks up, smiling at me. I look into his eyes, sucked in by his gaze. My breath catches in my throat, for the second time since I have met this man. His eyes are pitch black, with long eyelashes. He has full lips that are more skin colored than pink. He looks muscular, definitely in shape. He chuckles to himself. The same sound I heard in my thoughts. He asks me, "now what is a pretty girl lile you doing out alone in the woods, again?". He flashes a smile revealing teeth just as white as mine. His canines are longer and thicker than a humans would be, but that is normal for males of our kind. Other than that his smile would be considered flawless to a human. I smile back, showing my own flawless teeth. "I wanted to see you." I look up into his eyes as he moves closer, only a few inches away now. He towers over me at 6'2. Without hesitation he finishes closing the distance between us, wraps one arm around the small of my back, and lifts my chin up with his other hand. I hold my breath, my heart hammering in my chest. He looks into my eyes and kisses me. I kiss back, biting his lower lip. He groans ever so lightly and pulls back. "I wasn't expecting that." He leans back in and presses his lips to mine, more forcefully this time. His tongue traces my lip and I open my mouth, my tongue meeting his halfway. Our tongues intertwine and I wrap my arms around his wide shoulders, standing on tip toes. He smiles through our kiss and bites my lip hard as he picks me up at the hips. I moan and lock my legs around his waist. He breaks the kiss and moves to my neck, making soft passionate kisses. He wraps both of his arms firmly around my waist before he walks over to a bigger tree, pressing me against it. I moan as the bark scrapes my back. He smiles and I can feel him breathing on my neck, yet again. I tighten my legs around his waist and tangle my hands through his hair. He presses his hips into me, rubbing his erection against my pussy through our clothes. I gasp and he bites my neck, kissing it roughly, more fervently. He slips his arms out from my waist and reaches down to unbuckle and unzip his pants. I hear the bundle hit the ground and reach to undo my own jeans. The pressure of our bodies together holding me to the tree. He reaches back to me and grabs my hips, lifting me up so only my shoulders are against the tree. He holds me with ease as he pulls my jeans and underwear off in one move. He groans and leans down, now ...

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