Jake and Jayne - Pt 2

Hi there, this is my second true story in a series. I was very happy with the response to my first so thank you very much too all the people who gave feedback and told me how I went. For all those who didn’t, and especially those who decided to give me negative ratings, please do rate and comment and tell me why you gave me a negative rating etc. That way I know how I can write my story better. Thank you ï Š

Part 2:
It’s been 3 year since I started having my cock buried in this gorgeous creature in front of me, and here I am doing it again. Her pussy feels as tight as the first time I fucked her, and it still amazes me. Right at this moment, I am fucking her from behind, doggy style. I still can’t believe how lucky I am, for those who don’t know, I am Jake 21, and my girlfriend is Jayne, who is now 20. She still has an incredible body, and I have put on some weight since last time, but nonetheless we are having an awesome time fucking.
“Fuck me harder; what the fuck are you doing back there?â€
“Sorry baby, just day dreaming†I reply quickly, grabbing a hold of her waist and slamming that perfect body hard back onto my cock.
“Oh yea, that’s it stud, fuck me†she starts moaning in short rapid moans.
I have learnt that if she calls me stud, she’s not faking it. So I move my hand around her waist towards her clit, and start to rub it. That sent her over the edge, as her back arches, as she starts to cum.
As she starts to cum, I think ‘thank god we weren’t fucking at her parents’ house; otherwise her dad would be down any second chasing me with his double barrel shot gun. ‘There’s a reason it has two barrels’ he told me one day, pointing towards my balls with two fingers.
Anyway I feel her pussy tightening around my cock a second time. This time I know I’m not going to last, so I lean forward and whisper in her ear, “does my girl want it in her, because if she does she needs to beg for it†. I start to kiss her ear, and her neck.
“Yes baby, cum in me...I need your cum in me....please cum in me now!!!!!â€
I felt my balls tighten as I hear her moaning for my cum. I grab her hips, and start to fuck her harder and harder, slamming my cock into her. I hear as my balls slap on her wet lips and as soon as I feel her cumming a third time, I started to cum. Spurt after spurt of cum starts to coat her pussy, and as I finish I feel my legs start to weaken and I collapse on top of her on my bed.
“That was amazing†she whispers to me during breathing.
“Thanks babe, I’m only getting better because of you. I love you†I say back to her.
“I love you too baby†she says.
She started to turn around and as I fall off her I hear my cock pop out of her, my cum coming out of her tight teen pussy. She reaches down, wiping most of it off and licks her fingers clean. She starts to kiss me, and I taste our cum mixed together, her sweetness with my saltiness.
“We have the perfect cum combination†she says to me and start to kiss me again, snaking her tongue in between my lips and pushing some more of our cum into my mouth. We both swallow our shared cum mixture and she starts to snuggle into my arms.
“Baby, what were you day dreaming about back there†she asks
“Hmmm, what are you talking about?†I asked
“When I ask you why you were so slow back there, you said you were day dreaming. What were you day dreaming about?†she asks again.
Now I know her well enough to know that she won’t let this go, so I told her exactly what I was thinking about. “I was thinking about that night in your parent’s house, where we first fuckedâ€
“Hmmm yea that was pretty amazing, thanks baby†she says.
“You’re welcome. So what is the plan for tomorrow?†I asked, hoping she’d say nothing and that we can just stay home.
“Well I’m having Sarah and Matthew over. And I’m guessing that you will also be hereâ€
“Great†I say with a bit of sarcasm.
“What’s wrong with them, they are nice people, plus we will be having a couple of drinks†she smiles at me. That devilish smile that makes me changes my mind about everything. The same one she gave me the first night we slept together. I knew that smile was trouble.
“Fine†I say back knowing that I will be regretting my decision later. Usually when we have people over, we don’t have sex. For some reason, Jayne loves her privacy when it comes to her friends.
With that I started falling asleep with her snuggled into my chest, with my right arm wrapped around her cupping her tit.

I woke up the next morning with the greatest sensation a man can wake up too. As I looked down, I see the blanket bob up and down and I feel Jayne’s soft wet lips wrapped around my cock. Her one hand was stroking my shaft while the other one was cupping and rolling my balls around in her palm.
She must’ve felt me moving because she pulls down the covers, removing her lips from my hard cock and say “good morning sleepy head, I figured I owe you for tonight†. As she finished her sentence, her tongue licks down my shaft and start licking my balls, after a while she sucks one nut in and pulling back popping it out of her mouth. I had no idea how long she has been going on like this but I knew I was getting close.
“Baby, I’m close†I say to her
“Yippee!!! Cum in my mouth, I want a big breakfastâ€
She wraps her lips around my cock again and starts to bob up and down, her hand stroking my shaft at the same pace. Fuck this girl knows how to get me off, I hear her moan on my cock. I look down and I see her fingering herself,
As I feel her moaning again, I grab the back of her head and slowly push her further onto my cock. She starts to moan loudly and that sends me over the edge.
“Baby, I’m Cummmmmmmiiinnnnnngggggg!!!†I grunt loudly
Spurt after spurt of hot cum spurts into the little minx’s mouth. I feel her sucking and swallowing but some gets away from her and drips onto my balls. She lifts her head and cleans the rest of my cock off, getting the cum on my balls. She moves up my body and kisses me passionately on the lips, I can taste the saltiness of my cum on her tongue. “Morning baby, hope you had a good sleep†she says and gets off me walking to the bathroom.
“I had an even better wakening, thanksâ€
“That’s okay; you know I’d do anything for you. Especially after you shaved that magnificent cock of yours, at least I don’t get pubes in my mouth anymore. It makes it so much more enjoyable, now why don’t you come join me for a shower†she says
“Okay†. I get up; hoping that maybe I’d get some sex before the day start, but I wasn’t that lucky as she say that she needs to clean the house and I need to go buy alcohol before Sarah and Matt comes.
“Ah I forgot about them. Why are they coming again†I ask, as I feel her wet hands soap my body, paying special attention to my cock.
“No reason, just wanted them over for a bit†she says. After about 15 minutes of washing each other’s bodies she gets out and I follow. Each of us went about our day normally, me buying alcohol, snacks and a few steaks to cook. She went about from what I would assume cleaning the house.
5 pm comes and goes and around 6 pm we hear the doorbell ringing. We head to the door letting Sarah and Matt in.
Now let me first start by describing Sarah. She’s a gorgeous tall girl, about 185cm, with long legs that she loved to show off in miniskirts and short shorts. I didn’t mind as it gave me a good look at her ass and legs. Her tits were smaller than Jayne’s which was okay with me, as I’m more an ass and leg guy. I would guess about an A borderline B cup. She’s a brunette, with hazel eyes and set of lips that any guy would love to have wrapped around their cock. Yes I have thought about her sometimes when I needed to cum and Jayne wasn’t around.
Her boyfriend, Matt, he was a tool. Tradie by day, cocksucker by night, but like good friends me and Jayne tried to get to know him better. The only common ground me and him met was at sport and drinking, but that was it. I still thought of him as a tool, and I know he probably thought the same off me but I couldn’t care, he wasn’t my boyfriend.
We were drinking, cooking, snacking for about 3 hours when everyone was getting properly wasted. I saw the girls giggling, looking at us and I was sure I saw Sara looking at my crotch along with Jayne, but I couldn’t be sure. So I just dismissed the idea as they looked away and started to giggle again. As we reached 11 pm, I said that it was getting late and that we should probably head to bed.
“You guys can stay here, cant they Jake†as only a polite Jayne can offer, and I knew my chances of scoring was slim. “Sure, as long as they are quiet†I say laughing.
“Yea sure†Sarah says.
“No fucking way, I’m not staying here†A very drunk Matt started saying. “I have my own fucking bed I can sleep on, I’m not sleeping on these people bed and not fucking tonight’
“MATTHEW!!! We can’t drive home, we are too fucking drunk†yell Sarah.
“I don’t fucking care, I’m sleeping on my own bed†I heard him yell, I knew this was gonna turn into a shit storm if nothing was done.
“Look why don’t you leave your keys here and then catch a cab home or you can stay here and drive home in the morning†I offer.
“No way man, I’m driving home now†Matt says and storm out of the house, Sarah chasing him.
After about 10 minutes and a lot of screaming I hear Sarah come back up the stairs.
“That fucking dickhead, he’s going to get himself killed and I’m not going to be a part of it†she say’s crying.
“What happened baby?â€
“I told him that if he goes home that he should fucking leave me and that I never want to see him again. I’m not going to be around when he drives into a pole and kills himself.â€
‘Oh god this is going to be a long night’ thinking to myself. “Well you can stay here tonight in the spare bedroom and sort it out in the morning†I offered
“You sure I’m not imposing†she asked, wiping tears away.
“Yea it okay, we will look after you†I said guiding Jayne and Sarah to the spare bedroom. “I’ll leave you girls alone so that you can settle down and talk about stuffâ€
I left closing the door behind me and started cleaning up. After about half an hour, Jayne comes out of the room and hugs me.
“Is everything okay?†I ask
“Yer, I’m just realising how lucky I am sometimesâ€
“Well I do tell you all the time that you are lucky to have me†I say laughing, and receiving a soft knee in the balls.
“Shut up, I told Sarah that if she needs anything she can just come into our room and ask†...

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