Janets dirty games part 6 - A Shitting Lesson

A few weeks after our (or better: Janets) rough encounter with Alex and his buddies in the changing room, I remember Janet and me having another especially remarkable game. Meanwhile, spring had come across the land, the air was warm, and nature was beginning to really awake after the long winter. Accordingly to the weather, Janet was wearing black "leggings" (for those who don't remember them: this were skin-tight pants, made of elasthan / lycra and thus being able to fit to any body form of its wearer. When worn, the surface became shiny which could look like a sexy second skin when the right girls wore it - and if they were even more horny, from time to time one could even see the shades of their pussy lips being remodeled by the fabric.) that day. We were in the history lesson, where we both sat at a desk in the last row of the room - the history teacher, an elderly woman, could barely look from the front to the end of the room and was no typical walk-around teacher, so we remained mainly undisturbed in the last row during her lessons, whilst our classmates in the first three rows constantly were at her focus. History had to be our final lesson for this day of the week, and even other classes who had other lessons in the afternoon would have had a full hour of lunch break after this lesson.

At this day, windows were open to get in a more oxygenic air than it was usual in our old school building. Accordingly to the season, farmers had brought out manure to the fields outside the city, so the air wasn't really clean and fresh, anyway. Maybe this smell in the air triggered Janet to get into one of her shitgames again - I never found out. Anyway - at this day, the teacher was showing an educational video tape to the actual topic of the history lessons. I remember the videos of this series being incredibly boring, nearly every one in class was nearly asleep or minding his own business (that means reading books, magazines, writing love letters or else), I was no exception - I had to fight to keep my eyes open when Janet suddenly slid her hand over my lap, catching my attention.
"I wanna play", she whispered to me, caressing my dick.
Soon I was awake, running at full energy again.
"I'm listening."
"Something I always wanted to do... can you guess? Remember our games?"
I thought for a moment.
"Y'er wanna shit? But how? Here and now?"
She broadly smiled.
"I see you got the idea. Now is the best time for this game - the air is shitty anyway, this reduces the risk of being caught. But there still is a bit of a risk, and that makes the fun."
"OK - so what's my part?"
"I'm gonna shit my leggings now - just put your hand under my ass and feel my shit."
No more thoughts of falling asleep. Quickly, I slipped my hand under her ass and started fingering her butt, searching for her asshole - and soon enough found it as she slowly and carefully began pushing, thus opening her hole a little bit.
"You're really wanna do this?", I asked, feeling my dick getting hard and my hormone levels rising.
"I wanted to do this for aeons, you silly, you well know that! Now lets stop talking, or otherwise our time will get lost, and we would have gone nowhere."
Well, there was nothing more to say, so I just gave her an encouraging little nod.
She began to push again... and it were only seconds until I could feel the tip of her shit coming, and I instantly started to play around it with two fingers. In the last weeks, I had gotten enough experience as to know better than using too much force and pushing her shit back into her arse, so I only lightly played around.
As I was used from Janet, once she had started shitting, she just had to let it go - and I could feel more and more of her nice horny shit coming out of her ass, forming a nice bulge in the seat of her leggings, stretching out the synthetic material like some kind of tent and filling my hand with it, and I could feel the consistence of her shit: it felt like a warm kind of soft ice cream, not being fluid like diarrhea but not being overly massive, either - it really was like soft ice cream, but of course not icy cold but pleasantly warm. I saw at her face and felt at my hand (which was meanwhile completely grabbing the pile of shit) when she was done only maybe 30 seconds later, and now I could smell what she had just done, too - it once again was the horny smell of sexy girlshit coming out from the ass of a girl who was really into this kind of games, and I had gotten into this kind of games as well - so to no surprise my boner was rock hard again, my sexual excitement being fueled up by the whole mix of smelling and feeling.
I knew my active part of the game had come without Janet explicitely telling me - she just gave me a little nod as a sign to get started. So I began pushing the load in her leggings to her ass, slowly moving my hand around - I covered her ass with her shit, slowly bringing it everywhere on her nice butt cheeks. The smell became more intense, too, of course - but to my astonishment no one in the class room seemed to notice, everyone else being too much occupied with the simple task of staying awake and the teacher being obviously fascinated with her own narcotic boring video.
After circling my hand and grabbing fingers around Janet's butt for maybe two minutes, I carefully looked at our work (until now, I had only feeled her butt with my hand but had kept looking in the direction of the TV) - and got really big eyes. I had expected to see just her ass as usual, only with a somewhat uneven surface of her leggings - but due to the moisture of the shit, fresh brown stains had gotten to the black material, even on the wooden seat there had appeared some small fresh brown spots. In addition, I had managed to push out some shit which was now clinging at the upper end of the leggings and her butt and had already left its traces on her shirt. I leaned a bit over to her and told her what I had seen.
Now, who really expected her to be shocked or even afraid? No one, I guess, and neither was I.
One of her hands vanished under the desk, and from what I could see at her face, it was easy to tell for me she was just rubbing her pussy through the front of her leggings.
"Use your finger to whip away the shit that has come out", she ordered me. I did as told without any hesistance - I wanted to do so on my own and used even two fingers to remove the brown mass that hadn't fitted inside her leggings.
"Good. Now, why don't you take a closer look and a better smell", she smirked at me with a knowing smile, accompanied by her other, still free hand coming over to me and stroking my dick through the fabric of my jeans, exactly like she had done earlier in our shit relationship. I, of course, couldn't resist and already had my hand half way up. I carefully took my hand onto the desk so I could see it again. My whole inner hand had gotten a slightly brown tone, and the shit on the two fingers was of a soft consistence and a nice brown color which now remembered me of mousse-au-chocolate.
Obviously, I couldn't have brought up my fingers to my nose to get a nice smell without catching unwanted attention, so I slowly lowered my head and lifted my hand just a bit until I managed to get my nose to the sexy fresh brown mass. I deeply inhaled a number of times, clearly enjoying the smell while Janet continued to caress my dick - I almost forgot where I was.
"Now tell me what to do with it", I whispered to her because I could well imagine she already had some horny idea of how to get rid of the shit at my fingers, and right I was.
"Why don't you smear it onto your boner?", she asked with a sugar sweet smile.
Nice idea, I thought... so I used any appropriate muscles to pull my intestines in as best as I could, creating a small opening in my jeans without actually unzipping them. I then carefully brought in the shit-covered fingers and managed to whip off the shit on my dick, not caring about my panties at this time.
"For my long boy meat, maybe this was a bit few", I grinned to her, bringing my hand back to her ass. I slid in the two fingers into her leggings and brought out more shit - and wasted no time to add it to the one already being on my dick, which Janet noticed with a happy smile.
"Good boy! You deserve a reward. Fancy a wank?", she asked while already beginning to stroke my dick (which I had already brought into a comfortable position at the beginning of the game, of course).
"I happily would, but what about the spasms of my body when I cum?"
Obviously, that objection was invalid to her, as she continued to work my dick, and with my arousal already being way too high, I didn't care too much anymore, either. Instead, I squished the shit at her bottom some more, then got another sniff of my shit stained hand - this, her good work and the thought of my dick being at least partially covered with her horny shit got the job done: I felt climax reaching.
I closed my eyes and used every bit of concentration I could bring up to keep my body completely still - and then, the moment arrived, I shot my load into my panties and routed the whole orgasm energy inside my body. The feeling was incredible: there was almost no reaction to the outside, but waves of pure energy raced through my bodys, a searing heat seemed to race along every nerve like lightning, and I believed I must have become immaterial for a short period of time - and then it was over, the energy waves slowly getting lower and dying away, and my body regaining its matter again. I opened my eyes and saw Janet looking really impressed at me.
"I wouldn't have imagined this to be even possible", she whispered.
"Me too... never tried this before. Did anyone notice anything?"
We both took careful looks, but the miracle really had happened: no one seemed to have taken any notice at all, no changes were visible. I really had some trouble believing it: here I was, in a class room crowded with other students of my class and even the teacher being in, in the middle of a boring history lesson, playing a raunchy scat game with Janet and even having cum-shot! But it was reality.
And of course it wasn't over yet.
"Y'er said something about nice brown stains on the outside of my leggings. How is it, would others notice as well?"
"No question about that. I can't believe even you could walk away like that while others are around."
"Hmmmm... seems we have to stay in here after this lesson finally closes. Besides, I'm not done yet - I'd appreciate it if you prove to me you can satisfy a girl's needs", she grinned back to me. I had little doubts about the meaning of her words and merely grinned back.
We didn't have to wait long. After maybe five or so minutes, the video finally came to an end, the ...

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