Jason's Payback

A knock on the door disturbed Jen's afternoon studies. She opened it to see her boyfriend, Jason, smiling at her. He seemed to fill the doorway with his athletic frame, his red t-shirt stretched across his broad chest.

"Hi, you free?" he said, brown eyes twinkling.

"I'm studying," she happily replied and motioned him in as she quickly glanced in the mirror to see if she looked okay. She brushed a few strands of her black hair back over her ear and adjusted her ponytail.

"Dr. Evans canceled class at the last second, thought I'd come over and spend some time with you," he said as he dropped off his backpack.

"Sure," Jen started, before being cut off by his lips on hers.

Jason slowly backed her up to her bed as they kissed, their tongues battling. Her hands held on to his powerful arms as he lifted her on to the bed and joined her.

"Okay, stop," she smiled as she softly pushed him back. "We can't go too far right now."

Jason pouted for a moment before kissing her again. Jen gave into the simple pleasure of letting her boyfriend kiss and caress her. She nestled against his broad chest and stroked his brown hair. Finally, he pulled back and gathered her into his arms, cheek to cheek, holding her gently. They lay in silence for long minutes, kissing and touching, no words needing to be spoken. It was heavenly.

"So," Jason mused as he played with her hand, her fingers intertwined with his, "Let's talk about how you're going to pay me back."

"What? Pay you back for what?"

"For what? When your mom came down, you asked me to act like your boyfriend. I think I did a really good job, and you agreed you would pay me back."

Jen gaped at his mischievous grin. "Jason, you can't be serious! You are my boyfriend!"

"Hey now, don't try to get out of it," he chuckled as he playfully bumped her temple with his. "You agreed to it, now live up to you word."

Jen mounced at him but he wasn't giving in. She had, indeed, agreed to do something unspecified, doubtlessly of a sexual nature to pay him back. That she had only agreed under duress was apparently irrelevant to him. She hoped he was just teasing.

"What did you have in mind?" she finally asked, resigned.

"Hmm, let me think. What do I want this body to do for me?" he asked, his face twisted in thought.

"Oh my God, you're serious!" she complained.

"Yeah," he agreed as he absently cupped her breast, his eyes a million miles away. He slowly turned to her, a lascivious smile forming on his face. "I've got an idea," he said, nodding.

The look in his eyes jolted Jen as an earlier comment he had made about anal sex jumped into her mind. Her ass clenched involuntarily. "Jason, no."

"Yeah," he nodded again. A quizzical look crossed his face as she stared at him in horror. " 'No' what?" he asked, puzzled. "You don't know what I came up with."

Jen glanced down for a moment and Jason followed her eyes. Suddenly, realization dawned on him.

"Oh, no, not that," he said nonchalantly. Jen relaxed momentarily before his eyes snapped back to her, twinkling in mischief. "Oh, so that's how you wanted to pay me back, huh?"

"No!" Jen squealed in dissent.

Suddenly Jason was in motion, his strong arms flipping her onto her belly. He shoved a pillow under her hips and jumped on top her. "You want it like this?" he laughed, slamming his hips into her ass.

"NO!" Jen protested through a laugh as he started to dry hump her butt.

"Yeah, you wanted to give me that little ass as payment," he teased as he leaned over her, his hand slipping under her shirt to tickle her side.

Jen screamed her objection but was laughing too hard to make words. Jason's assault continued unabated and he started making gross sex noises as he bounced on her. He was much bigger and stronger than she was and seemed to easily keep her under him. His humping was so aggressive that the bed frame was banging against the wall.

"Oh, yeah baby, your ass is so tight! Yeah baby! Give it to me!"

Jen shrieked in disapproval, yelling at him to stop between bouts of laughter. She tried to squirm away, but he was just too strong. Suddenly there was a violent series of knocks on the door. They both froze.

"Jen, are you okay?" a voice shouted.

"Yeah," she laughed as she slithered out of Jason's grasp.

The door opened and Amanda, the floor's Resident Assistant, stepped in looking concerned. Jen straightened her shirt and tried to stop laughing, but Jason reached out and tickled her again. Jen jumped and stepped further away.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she smiled as she swatted Jason's hand away again. "Sorry."

"Jason," Amanda said, nodding coldly at him.

"Hey Mandy," Jason replied casually, sliding off the bed like a snake and reaching for Jen's ankles.

"I'll keep it down," Jen promised as she hopped, trying to avoid his hands.

Amanda agreed with a cold smile and left, closing the door behind her.

Jen silently admonished Jason as she danced around, avoiding his hands, finally leaping up on her bed and hiding under the covers. Moments later Jason lay on top of her, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

They each caught their breath for a few moments before his lips found hers and they kissed again. Finally, he pulled away and rolled on to his back. They shared another laugh as she smiled up at him.

"You're bad," she pouted.

"Yes, I am," he happily agreed. "But no, I'm not going to take your ass as payback. I wouldn't make you do that. I had something a little bit more...out in the open."

The glint in his eyes was unsettling. "Jason, no!" she begged, shocked that he would ask her to do something in public again.

"It's a fun one," he grinned. "Guess." Jen thought for a moment, looking at his impossibly handsome face, brimming with sexual mischief. "Guess what I want you to do," he purred, sexuality dripping in his voice. "It's something so naughty you'll beg me to take your ass instead."

An image flashed into Jen's mind and her eyes flinched to his, as she thought, "No, he couldn't possibly ask me to do that."

Jason seemed to notice the glimmer in her eyes. "What? What were you thinking?"

"Nothing," Jen replied, looking at him tentatively as she struggled to suppress an embarrassed grin. Jason's eyes widened as he looked at her in surprise.

"Oh no, it was something. What were you thinking?"

The image flashed into her mind again and she clamped a hand over her grin. "Nothing," she answered unconvincingly. Jason moved closer to hover over her face with an incredulous smile.

"No, you definitely thought of something. What were you expecting me to make you do?" Jason asked, looking into her eyes.

Jen shook her head, both hands now over her mouth, her feet twisted together. She could feel the blush running down her face to her neck. There was no way she could tell him what she had been thinking.

"Oh my God, you are a naughty girl!" Jason accused her.

"I'm a good girl," she countered with a giggle from behind her hands. "You're the pervert."

"On that we both agree, but you..." he grinned. He started to shake his head slowly. "Jennifer, what is going on in that beautiful head of yours?" he clucked in mock disapproval.

"Nothing," she repeated, pulling her hands down and trying to look innocent. "I'm a good girl."

His hazel eyes bored into hers, sparkling with mirth. They both began to snicker together. His forehead bumped against hers and he shook his head at her.

"Oh, Jennifer, what am I going to do with you?" he sighed.

Jen shrugged in response and kissed him. Suddenly the alarm on his phone started chirping. "Saved by the bell," she teased.

"Yeah, okay," Jason agreed grumpily as he rolled off of her. Jason gathered his bag and kissed her again. He leaned into her ear and whispered.

"I know you were thinking of something. Write it down."

"Jason, no," she squeaked in embarrassment, staring at the wicked smile on his face.

"C'mon dollface," he pressed. "Don't give it to me, just keep it for yourself, as a memory."

"Oh my God, Jason," she protested, her cheeks burning as she blushed furiously.

"Please," Jason whispered with a wink and turned to leave.

Jen smiled, clutching the sheets to her chin as she watched him leave. The image of her naughty thought flashing through her mind again. Suddenly she sat up. He hadn't told her what he wanted her to do!


Jen met Jason at the Student Union Thursday evening, both finished with their final exams. She had dressed conservatively, perhaps as a reaction to his intentions; a nice pink striped top with a knee length black skirt and flats. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail, looking sweet and innocent. Asexual tension hung in the air. Jen knew the reason for this meeting. It was payback time.

"You look delicious," he smiled as he greeted her with a warm hug and kiss.

His wicked grin put her on edge, and he seemed to be enjoying himself too much. He bought her a coffee and then led her to a table. Finally, he produced an envelope and placed it in front of her. The mirth in his eyes somehow left, replaced with a sexual leer. Jen could feel the blush starting to rise in her face. She glanced at the envelope but tried to ignore it. The twinkle in his eye was no less unsettling and she couldn't help but grin in embarrassment. Finally, she reached for it.

"No," he grinned, stopping her hand with his. "Show me your envelope."

Jen breathed heavily and stared at him for a moment, her pulse quickening. She had written down her naughty option and brought it along as he requested. It was too wicked to even dream of doing, but she imagined his to be even worse. With a reluctant swallow, she withdrew her hand from his envelope and retrieved hers from her purse.

"Hmm," he said in mock thought, toying with the two envelopes. "Which one should I choose?"

Jen's heart was racing now. "You promised me you wouldn't make me do...," she started before cutting herself off.

"I'm not making you do anything," he reminded her. "Pick one."

Jen paused for only a moment before grabbing his envelope. She glanced at his hungry eyes again before opening it. Jason took her envelope and went to open it.

"No," she yelped as she snatched it out of his hands. "You don't get to see this."

Jason frowned for her and then rested his chin on his fists to observe her reaction. With a deep breath, she pulled out the card and read the horrible words. Her jaw fell.

"No," she gasped, raising her shocked eyes to his. "No!" She read the card again in disbelief. "Masturbate in the Library? Jason, you can't be serious!"

"Yeah," he grinned in response, slinging his backpack on. "It's payback time," he said as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

Jen followed numbly, a pit in her stomach. She shook her head vigorously as he led her out of the Student Union ...

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