John’s Last Summer

At fifteen, John Lawrence was a normal teenager who was going to go into his sophomore year at Lake Helen High school. That is when school started up again. At the moment he was free and life was good.
He knew this was his last summer. A year from now he’d be job hunting, so he could work to put money away for college. He was a smart kid and knew that this was important but couldn’t help feeling a bit wistful that these few months would be his last time of pure childhood freedom.
John’s story took place in the sweltering Florida heat. Where, before school was even out, the temperatures were almost in triple digits and the humidity made it feel like you were breathing through a hot, damp towel.
This fact made things uncomfortable for our hero whose only mode of transportation was his bicycle. John lived in a rural area and though some of his classmates lived near the center of town most lived in the farming rural area around it. He did have his two best friends nearby: David and Joseph. David lived a five minute bike ride away (if you turn left when leaving John’s driveway) and so did Joseph (if you turn right out of the driveway).
Though it was in a central location the trio always, invariably hung out at Joseph’s. First, for the reason that Joseph’s family had a pool, and second because Joseph’s house, being closer to town had girls their age within bikable distance.
One day David arrived at John’s and slumped down at the table. John tossed him a coke and let his friend recover from the ride. David stopped at John’s so that they could ride over to Joseph’s together. Also since David was a bigger guy; he actually would have been made fun of as a fat kid if he weren’t a JV football player. His size made him a good guard/tackle on the line; therefore he was free from ridicule. However biking wasn’t his strongest suit. David was soon ready to go and the duo set out for Joseph’s house.
The route took them past two girls’ house, Janet Sparks, a junior who was tall, plain but buxom, and Kamala Patel a cute girl who was a year younger than them, so wouldn’t go to the high school until after this summer ended. All the houses on the route were spaced fairly far apart. In the rural area there were enough pastures and farms around for mischief (both of the kind for kids a few years younger than John & Co. and of the kind for those a few years older as well). The side of the road was often littered with beer cans, broken bottles, cigarette butts, and an occasional condom wrapper.
At the edge of one of these pastures David spoke up “What’s that?” and pulled his bike to the side of the road. John looked around and also noticed the odd colors in a ditch.
It was a deep depression probably the beginning of a sinkhole. They’d seen it before and it was of little interest but today it was fluttering with color. As the boys approached John said “Magazines dude.”
The picked one up a piece there appeared to be about 15 in the ditch. “It’s fucking porn!” David shouted as he flipped franticly through the pages. John could plainly see his friend was right. He looked down at a blond woman feeding a very big cock into her mouth. John looked at the cover it wasn’t one he recognized (at fifteen he didn’t know much but he knew the big three: Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler) He looked down at the ditch they all were similar he sat down and picked up another.
“Dude, Goldmine!” John said.
This was obvious to both, though neither had seen anything like it before (they both had computers though the internet hadn’t reached their neighborhood yet, the 56k modem wouldn’t be readily available for a year or two). They looked through more blondes, brunettes, redheads; oral, vaginal and even anal. The dialogue between them reduced to “Whoa look at this!” and “Dude, check this one out!”
John pulled himself out of his reverie. “David, we can’t leave these here someone will come back for them or some kid or old lady will find ‘em and they’ll get thrown out. Help me look around for a bag.”
David looked up from his magazine “There’s one underneath these, like a gas station kind.”
John found it with its ‘have a nice day’ happy face and he started piling up the magazines and then put them in the bag there were 18 total. “Fuck man, eighteen.”
“Fuck,” was David’s response.
John said that they had better get over to Joseph’s and tell him about the stash. The rode their bikes and taking turns holding the bag riding one handed.
As they approached Joseph’s house and seeing that there was no car in the driveway meaning that the house was safe from authority figures; Joseph and John were only children and David had a brother in college. John had a brainwave which he would explain as soon as David showed Joseph the stash. After much delighted surprise by their friend John laid out his plan. He took several plastic grocery bags and several big Ziploc freezer bags.
“Look we can’t keep these in our rooms sooner or later they’re going to get found by our parents. We have to find a place to leave them out in the bushes where there isn’t a house nearby.” They agreed, having the magazines outside would give them plausible deniability, they understood the concept if not the name; they knew none of their rooms were safe from parental search and seizure, and for a teenage boy this contraband was very valuable.
They only had a little time to divvy up the porn between them and weather proof the bundles before Joseph’s mom returned from the store. They stashed the bundles between the mattress and box-spring till later and then went out to the pool to swim.
When Joseph’s Mom got home she wanted to know whether the boys would like to stay for dinner. They both thought that’d be great and called their mom’s to ask permission. They swam and splashed around, then rode around to see if any girls their age were around.
Only Jane Hamilton was in the neighborhood that day. That wasn’t a bad thing; Jane was very pretty. She was a junior varsity cheerleader, and was going out with one of David’s teammates for JV football. Joseph lived nearest to her but couldn’t talk to her at all. His embarrassment was caused by his having a crush on her for seven years. David would tease him about it, though never in front of her, he wouldn’t do that to his friend, no matter how amusing. Today David made sure to wave ‘hi’ and talk with her for almost half an hour, asking about her boyfriend, wondering when cheerleading camps started in the summer, and what the cheerleaders that he thought were cute were up to.
David wasn’t cruel, as they rode off from the young cheerleader’s house he said to Joseph “Dude, you can’t not talk to her. If you act intimidated she’s never going to look twice at you. My brother set it out for me. Chicks like confidence in guys. I think it is more people admire confidence in people.”
Joseph didn’t respond glad to be away from the uncomfortable situation. They rode back in time for dinner. Afterwards the boys excused themselves to Joseph’s room and retrieved their porn packages and slipped them into the waist of their pants so they could ride home with them hidden. They took Joseph’s too, hiding it in the agreed upon spot in the roadside bushes in an undeveloped property down the road. There were enough undeveloped plots with thick growing Lantana bushes that this was where John and David would hide theirs in plots close to their homes.
John and David started for home just as twilight began. They pedaled along the route and saw a girl walking ahead of them. They recognized it was Kamala Patel who they hadn’t seen in a while as she had just finished eighth grade in the middle school while they were freshmen at the high school. They stopped to say ‘hi’ and chat for a bit. David saw it was going to get dark and he had further to go than John so said ‘bye’ to them and rode off.
John had always got on okay with Kamala. She was pretty sheltered by her parents. She didn’t ride the bus like the rest of the kids around there; her father drove her and her sisters to school each morning and picked them up in the afternoon. A lot of people thought she was stuck up because of that but she was always friendly to John.
He appraised her now. She had her full, often unruly, black hair tied back in a ponytail. She was a bit more developed than she was when he was in 8th grade and her in 7th. She was about three and a half inches shorter than he was. She had on a spaghetti strap tank top, with a sports bra underneath, a pair of walking shorts coming to her mid thighs, which in the dying light looked warm and buttery. She was fairly light skinned, with almost a Mediterranean tone and though it was difficult to see in the growing darkness she had intelligent green eyes and a kind smile.
He talked to her about joining the high school which teachers were cool and which were pains. She said she was really excited to go to high school, almost hoping the summer would go quickly. He told her that he wasn’t and explained that this would be his last summer of freedom before having to start work next summer. She said she already worked at her Dad’s dry-cleaning place doing the easier stuff. Since her father owned it she would work there till she went to college and even on college summers and holidays. But then again her Dad would also pay for all her college stuff as long as she kept her grades up. She was going to have a pretty boring summer she really only had her younger sisters and her friends weren’t nearby she only saw them at school or at the mall occasionally.
John changed the subject feeling bad for her and kinda ashamed that he didn’t want the summer to end also. “So do you go out on walks a lot?”
“Every day after dinner, otherwise I’ll get a gut like my Dad.” She rubbed her own belly which wasn’t big at all. He remembered Mr. Patel did have a bit of a Buddha belly, but that was not out of the ordinary for a middle aged man.
“I can’t tell that you need it.” John said plainly, and then noticed that she blushed even in soft light.
“No?” She inquired, “Look.” She lifted her shirt exposing her stomach from her waist to the bottom of her sports bra. Her delicate olive shaped navel and just the tiniest bit of puppy fat. She looked soft and womanly for being just fourteen. There was nothing John would object to; in fact the sight coupled with her unexpected boldness in showing him, gave him an erection.
If Kamala noticed his aroused state she didn’t mention it. She dropped her shirt and looked at his face; his lips had parted when his jaw dropped.
John recovered and answered “You have nothing to worry about. High school guys will be fighting over you.” He winked at her. She laughed heartily and slapped his arm.
They were approaching the turn for the road that went toward his house which Kamala said was her turn around point.
John asked “Hey if you go out on your walks about the same time every night I’ll see you quite a bit and we can talk some more, is that cool?”
She smiled “Yeah that’d be cool. I won’t be lonely and then we can both want the summer to last a long time.”
He smiled too and said he’d see her later. They both smiled waved and parted ways.
John stopped by the plot near his house to hide the bag holding the porn (now sweaty from the perspiration of his back) under the branches in the bushes.
He needed to thank David tomorrow. He didn’t know if he could’ve talked to the pretty Indian girl so easily without David giving that advice to Joseph. Confidence… He’d remember that.
The next day David went to John’s, and they both went to Joseph’s house. The three swam; they rode around conversing with those they knew. They talked among themselves about the magazines, and they left to go home a bit before dinner time. John ate with his folks and told them he was going for another ride around just to get rid of some excess energy.
He went and met up with Kamala and they walked together talking about whatever popped into their heads. They were able to converse so easily, you’d think they had talked together daily for years. They both had a lot in common and despite their differences. Those made her seem to him exotic, rare, and precious. They were both studious, both liked hanging out at the mall, and both were avid readers. But Kamala was very seldom allowed to watch television, she was raised not only on girly pop music but also Hindi music that he had to admit didn’t know even existed. She followed cricket along with her father (which John thought of as crazy British baseball) as well as golf which she and her dad played often. Most striking of all was that she and her younger siblings worked with her parents after school each day and all day during the holidays, nothing backbreaking, but the idea of not having days off to goof off was totally alien to the boy.
They talked till they came to her turn around point and he waved goodbye. Before he could pedal away she asked “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
He nodded and smiled “Definitely Kamala.”
John then went to the bushes and flipped through one of the magazines until it got to dark to see clearly. Then he went home.

This became a pattern for a week or so. Then David began football camp and it was just John and Joseph most days. Joseph also related the first day without David around that it was also the first day of Cheerleading Camp so Jane Hamilton wouldn’t be around.
John hung around later than usual that day and they rode their bikes till early evening. John set it up and timed it perfectly; they drove by Jane’s house just as her mom was pulling in the driveway from picking up Jane from her first day of cheer training.
John turned to Joseph, “Let’s go say ‘hi’. You ask how her first day of camp went. She’ll be pleased you remembered that it was today.”
He didn’t give Joseph time to stop him he pulled over and shouted “Hey Jane. How’s it going?”
She smiled and came over to say hi. “You guys are riding around late.”
John said “Yeah, nothing better to do. Besides David started football training today and we’re able to go a bit faster without him.” This caused her to laugh. It was fun to hear David’s friends teasing his larger size good naturedly. While she laughed John gave Joseph a pointed look that meant ‘You’re on.’
“You started your cheerleading training today too. How was it?” Joseph said.
Jane looked at him smiled and said “It was great Joseph. Thank you, it’s amazing you remembered that. No wonder you’re so good in school with that memory.”
“Well I am a nerd. That’s what we do,” Joseph said. He did have a tendency toward self deprecation.
“Oh please, you’re not a nerd. You’re pretty cool.”
Joseph blushed and couldn’t say anymore. The conversation petered off and they all said they’d talk to each other later.
Joseph asked John “Why’d you embarrass me like that?”
John had to stop his bike and look at his friend incredulously. “Dude you’re such an idiot, if I wasn’t there she would’ve jumped your bones right then. She was totally into you.”
“She has a boyfriend, man.”
“Okay maybe that was holding her back a bit too, but she likes you dude. Anyone looking at that conversation could see that.”
Joseph didn’t say anything else. Part of him did pick up on that too and made him feel really light for the rest of the day.
John raced home and ate quickly but was still late meeting with Kamala she was about a quarter of her way through her walk.
“Sorry I’m late I was late getting home after riding around with Joseph.” He told her the story along with Joseph’s long crush on Jane Hamilton
“I just tried to force him into it because he should have confidence like David was saying.”
“Oh what was David saying about confidence?”
“It was that other time we met Jane and David talked to her. He was saying if someone acts intimidated they won’t get noticed by people that they want to notice them. People admire confidence.”
Kamala intoned “Faint heart never won fair lady”
“Yeah! Exactly, and then that night we saw you walking for the first time and I was able to talk to you; and that worked out really great.”
Kamala looked at him and John felt his innards shrinking. “So you would’ve been scared to talk to me if you didn’t get that confidence pep talk?”
John was silent. He opened his mouth but no words fell out of it.
“Do you have a crush on me like Joseph does on Jane Hamilton?”
“Uh… I’m not as scared of you as Joseph is of Jane.”
“Oh so your crush is only little then?” Kamala smiled as she said it but her eyes weren’t smiling. Her eyes were hungry.
John took a deep breath let it go and told the truth. “I like you Kamala I think you’re really pretty and smart and cool to be around but I didn’t know all that until I started talking to you.”
It was Kamala’s turn to stand with her pretty mouth open but silent.
“You think I’m pretty?”
“You sound surprised. I think you very pretty.”
“John. Will you kiss me?” she asked.
John moved close to her and bent his head to hers and did just that. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her. Her developing breasts crushing into his young chest. It was so natural that it was impossible to tell who opened their lips first. John’s tongue slid out and touched Kamala’s lips as her tongue thrust forward to meet it. She closed her eyes but the hunger that burned in them took hold of her body and pressed against him as her mouth clamped harder to his.
Minutes later they came apart. She looked at him. “Tomorrow, don’t be late okay?”
They kissed again briefly and waved and walked back towards their houses.

The next day he wasn’t late. She walked around the corner and saw his easy smile. She walked right up to him and kissed him hard and eagerly. He had to step back to keep from losing his balance then put his hands to cup her face and stroke her hair because the temptation of her body was too great otherwise. She gripped his hair and held him to her.
Her body pressed against his and he knew she felt how hard she made him. He let his hands fall and placed them under her ass, he lifted her up by her butt and spun her around never breaking the kiss but causing her to smile and giggle in her throat.
He pulled away smiling broadly at her glowing, happy face. “Hi Kamala, how was your day?”
Kamala might’ve been sorry to have the kiss end but was slightly gratified that John still wanted to converse with her instead of just spending 20 minutes just kissing.
They set out walking. Both their days were uneventful. Kamala spent it in her parent’s shop reading and daydreaming. Tuesdays were usually slow. John hung out with Joseph again and swam and rode around.
“You must have had a bit to say about yesterday. Huh?” Kamala said.
“Joseph and I talked about him talking to Jane a bit.”
“I meant about our kiss.”
“I didn’t mention it. Kamala, they don’t know that I’ve been walking with you.”
She looked really hurt, as though her eyes might coat with tears. “Why?”
“I like you a lot Kamala but… it’s hard to explain. My friends; if I told them anything that we did they’d ask ‘Did I do this yet?’ ‘Did I do that yet?’ and I don’t want the pressure to rush or try to rush and end up scaring you off or whatever.”
Kamala smiled again but still looked pensive. “You sound like your looking out for me but it also sounds like your scared to stand up to your friends.”
John thought about it, he thought he had good reasons. He still did think his reasons were good. “I just thought it was the easiest way to avoid peer pressure.”
“I know John. I just don’t want you to keep me a secret from people. I know I do it too from my parent’s, but when school starts up again I’ll want to tell my friends. We’ll figure it out it doesn’t have to be rushed.”
“Thanks, I’ll think about it. You make a good point. Though guys talking about women can get pretty rough I just want to keep you out of that. I’ll…” John faded off lost in his own thoughts.
Kamala put her hand on his chest and got on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek, then whispered “Hey don’t think about it know. Take your time we’ll talk about it again in a week or two.” She kissed him playfully sucking his bottom lip into her mouth.
John squeezed her into a tight embrace and kissed her back. He certainly didn’t think of it again for the rest of their walk.

John asked the next night if she wanted to go to the mall on Friday. They could meet there and hang out in an air conditioned, mosquito-free place. Kamala told him that’d be great but they couldn’t risk kissing there. If it got back to her Dad that anything was going on, then she would be in major trouble. John assured her it’d be worth it to hang out with her for more time than just the half hour or so that they usually spent together.
John did have an ulterior motive, though nothing insidious. He wanted to make her happy by not keeping her a secret from his friends and he did feel cowardly about not telling them. He knew that if he and Kamala were together at the mall, especially on a Friday evening, word would get back to David (and through David, the more sociable of his two friends, Joseph would find out) that he was with the pretty Indian girl. Even if they weren’t seen kissing or holding hands this was the Rural South and word would spread quickly that they were hanging out and people would ask if more was going on.
On Friday Kamala was dropped off at the mall about twenty minutes after John was dropped off. His mom decided to meet some coworkers for a chick flick after a cocktail or two at the mall’s bar/restaurant.
She walked inside and John was very tempted to walk up and kiss her. He hadn’t seen her hair out of a ponytail for over a year.It was often unmanageable (in her words because of the Florida humidity). Tonight she put the effort into it and it flowed elegantly over her shoulders. He also hadn’t seen her in non-workout clothes since over a year ago. He really liked her figure and her legs were often admired on their evening walks. However until that night hadn’t appreciated her breasts. Her walking gear usually consisted of a sports bra under her tank top which constrained her chest quite a bit. Now she was in a pair of tight dark jeans and a white polo shirt that was form fitting enough to enhance her growing breasts. Her breasts were much fuller than he would have guessed. In fact at fourteen she filled a 34 C bra (which seemed bigger to John since she was short). He looked at her with surprise. She saw his look and was concerned.
“What’s up John? You Okay?” She asked.
This broke his stupor. “Yeah… I’m, uh, fine… sorry.”
Kamala wasn’t going to let go of the topic so easily. “Why’d you give me that look?”
John blushed “It’s embarrassing, Kamala.”
“Now I really want to know.”
“Well it’s that I haven’t seen you in normal clothes since middle school a year ago. Your um…” he whispered to avoid people overhearing “walking bra doesn’t show off your um, breasts, as much.”
“Oh.” Now Kamala was embarrassed she had thought John liked her body. “Do you not like them?”
John smiled “No I like them a lot they just were more than I expected. I didn’t know that your workout clothes um hid so much.” He ended with a chuckle. She joined in the laughing and they walked off. “You really do look really beautiful tonight.” He told her sincerely which made her smile.
They almost grasped hands as they walked and then remembered keeping safe, because of Kamala’s Dad, didn’t. They chatted and walked around. Kamala noticed John’s eyes stray to her chest several times, this gave her pride. She couldn’t resist reaching over and touching his hand whenever they sat down on benches.
They went into only one or two stores. John wasn’t a shopper and really Kamala wasn’t either. She wanted to find something to try on, so that she could show off to him. They made a circuit around the mall and in the bigger department store found a very pretty looking sundress; it would show off her breasts in a way that she knew her boyfriend would like.
“Boyfriend? Did she consider John to be her boyfriend?” She asked herself “and did John think of her as his girlfriend?” Her head swam as she went into the changing room. She figured there wasn’t any need to rush the labeling process, but with her curiosity piqued she wondered how long till she’d last till she needed to know.
John waited outside the fitting room for her to emerge and was astounded when she did. Her copper skin was perfectly accentuated by the light red dress. Her legs were shown off to the knee. While her breasts released from the brassiere were in their glory. The dress had built in bra cups and a plunging neck line that was sure to draw attention to the petite girl’s chest.
“Wow” was all John could manage to say.
Kamala smiled. When she looked at John she definitely considered him as a boyfriend. It took no thought to determine to find out his view of her. “Do you think I’m a pretty girlfriend?”
“Of course I do Kamala.” He didn’t even flinch at the term, just accepted it blithely. “You look amazing.” He leaned in to whisper conspiratorially “though it might be in part because you’re bra-less.”
“Okay I get that you like the body, but do you like the dress? I might get my Dad to take me back tomorrow to pick it up.”
John appraised her again. “I think that I’d get really jealous of all the guys that will look at you in it, but yeah it looks great.”
“Hmmm. I’ll think about it then. Okay let me change back.”
Kamala was flushed with happiness and pride at John’s declaration of being boyfriend/girlfriend. She changed and put the dress back and she and John walked around a bit more. When they passed the back entrance to the mall Kamala got a very naughty idea. She made sure the coast was clear and grabbed John’s arm pulling him out to the loading dock area for the malls stores. On a Friday night there weren’t any big trucks there and it was away from the crowds and parking lots. John looked confused about her detour until she grabbed his head pulling him down to kiss her.
John mumbled “But what about…” but Kamala just kissed him again.
“No one’s around.” She reassured him, a moment later, and he began participating with greater zeal. He eased her against the wall, further into the shadows to avoid detection and kissed her harder. His hands slipped from her cheeks to her neck. His hands then slipped to her shoulders, then her breasts. He was still astounded by their fullness he had underestimated till that night. His hands cupped each breast and gently squeezed.
She responded to that with a gasp and whimper. Her leg, she’d swear later, acting of its own accord, lifted and wrapped around his waist pulling his crotch tightly up against hers. She heard him moan and she did too. Her fifteen year old, white boyfriend stoked fires she hadn’t suspected were alive inside of her.
They kissed harder and John broke off saying “Wow!”
Kamala coming to her senses a bit, stepped away from John. Worried about how far they went and how far she’d be willing to go. She looks at him and states “Wow is right. Come on though we shouldn’t stay here.”
They returned inside and soon found a bench to sit and talk in, each finding any excuse to touch the other’s hands even if it was too risky to hold hands. Though focused on Kamala, John did see a few of David’s football teammates and a few other classmates, so he assumed word of Kamala and himself out would get to his friends soon enough. Soon it was time for Kamala to leave and not long after that John’s mother emerged from the theater and they returned home, but before leaving Kamala said she’d take longer walks on the weekends.

Kamala for her new elongated weekend walks decided to try dispensing with the sports bra and went out in just a skimpy tank top and shorts, though as soon as she saw her attractive boyfriend approaching her nipples stiffened. They did walk further away from their houses, finding a place to rest on a pasture fence. John looked at Kamala admiringly and held her hand. He jumps down from the fence and stood in front of her he kisses her softly on the lips. He kisses her cheek, her chin, and down to her neck. He kisses down her neck to her shoulder and then her collar bone.
Kamala wrapped her legs around John’s chest and ran her fingers through his hair. John’s hands, meanwhile, slid from hugging her waist to feeling her braless tits. He rubbed his palms over her nipples and cupped them. His fingers toyed with her nipples pinching them through her thin shirt. All the while he kissed her neck, shoulders, and clavicle.
Kamala whispered “Ahh! John! Are you going to kiss my breasts?”
John hadn’t had that intention before, but he did as soon as she said it. His hands went to her shirts spaghetti straps and slid them off her shoulders. Kamala snaked her arms out to free him to disrobe her further. He didn’t hesitate he pulled the shirt down, so it bunched at her waist, revealing mahogany nipples, stiff and tender. John wasted no time. He took Kamala’s nipple between his lips and sucked at it lovingly. He flicked his tongue over it and repeated it after hearing the girl’s pleased gasp. Her other nipple received attention from his hand and he eagerly pinched and caressed it. Kamala knew that she was wetter than she had ever been.
She gripped his hands shoving his suckling mouth further onto her young breast. Her legs wrapped around his torso and she pulled him in against her. The crotch of her shorts was pushed up against his young firm chest, and as it rubbed against him Kamala felt herself getting pushed to the edge.
John took her delicate nipple between his teeth and began to chew softly while his tongue rasped over the tip. This caused Kamala to cum and cum hard. She stiffened, moaned, and inevitably (considering her position) lost her balance, falling off the fence into his arms in a semi-swoon.
John lowered her down to the ground as she was unable to stand. He knelt over her kissing her forehead and looking into her green eyes.
Kamala soon recovered she sat up and kissed him. “Thank you.”
“You scared me Kamala. Are you okay? Can you stand?”
“I’m better than okay.” She looked into his eyes so he’d know the import “You gave me an orgasm, Baby, a strong one too.”
He smiled at her and her heart melted even more. He offered his hand to help her rise. It was about time that she made it back to her house. She arranged her shirt so she was no longer exposed John seemed sad to watch her breasts being covered again. He walked her almost the whole way back to make sure she would be able to make it. He held her hand the entire time and she continued to lean over to kiss his neck and cheek. But then they said their adieus and promised more tomorrow.

The next day was Sunday and John hung around his house with his family taking care of chores. He saw Kamala that evening they walked and talked discussing what happened yesterday but deciding not to risk anything that night. Kamala stated that her panties were so wet that she had to hide them from her mother so as not to arouse suspicion. John countered half jokingly that she shouldn’t wear panties at all in that case. Kamala teased by saying that maybe next time she wouldn’t.
John said, “Kamala I do have news for you. I don’t know if you’ll like it or call me a coward”
Kamala was worried but said “Okay tell me.”
“I told you that I haven’t told my friends about you and me. When we went to the mall on Friday I thought that that might be an easier way for me to tell them. See if someone at the mall saw us talking and hanging out they are going to gossip about it to David or Joseph. I know a football player did see us actually. So it’ll get back to them and if they bring it up all I have to do is not deny it. I know it’s not the bravest thing to do but it was in between telling them and not telling them.”
Kamala was to John’s surprised not concerned, “As long as you’re not keeping me a secret I don’t care. I’m keeping you a secret from my parents so I really don’t have any right to complain.
John kissed her and stroked her hair. They stood there for a few minutes just caressing and then continued their walk. They kissed again not wanting the romantic stroll to end but they soon parted for their homes.

Monday John and Joseph spent the day riding around and swimming. John once again timed it so they drove by Jane Hamilton’s house at the moment of her arrival home. John knew that Joseph must’ve seen through the ploy but he went along. Despite his embarrassment, Joseph really did like seeing the cheerleader.
Jane waved and walked over to Joseph and John. Joseph said ‘hi’ without prompting, surprisingly. Jane was cordial to them and then turned to John with a glint in her eye. “So John, Kristen says she saw you at the Mall on Friday.”
“Yeah I was there.” John should’ve known cheerleaders would be there.
“She said you were there with a pretty Indian girl.”
“Kamala Patel, She lives down the road from me I pass her house coming over to hang with Joseph.”
Joseph looked lost in the conversation, but Jane smiled getting into the gossip. “So are you two together?”
“Yeah, we’re together.”
“What?!” said Joseph, “You didn’t say anything. What the heck Man?”
“Sorry dude… I should’ve told you. I just didn’t know how to bring it up.”
“So, have you done anything with her?”Joseph asked not realizing he said it right in front of Jane.
John defended himself from his friend by turning to the girl present, “Sorry Jane. Joseph’s been reading too many dirty magazines.”
Joseph blushed and Jane looked between the two before saying to John “Stick to the topic at hand. What Joseph meant was ‘is it serious?’”
“We’ve been talking for a while but started seeing each other about a week ago. Part of me not telling the guys is that I like her and didn’t want peer pressure to make me screw things up with her. “
“That’s cool John.” Jane said.
Joseph was still blushing and quiet John didn’t mean to shut him up permanently just about Kamala and what they’ve done. “Look sorry man I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just want to keep some things between Kamala and me private. Okay?”
“Sorry man that’s cool. I shouldn’t’ve asked like that. And I’m sorry I said that in front of you Jane.”
Jane laughed and looked at Joseph “I’m not offended. It’s kinda hard to offend me. Do you really have porn magazines?”
Joseph was very embarrassed now but he gave an angry look at John, which told her that he most likely did. Since was too ashamed to answer the question, Jane gracefully switched topics to the romance-y aspects of John’s relationship. About twenty minutes later the boys left.
The rest of the day went normally. John and Joseph didn’t bring up the porn that John shouldn’t have mentioned. Joseph would definitely call David and fill him in on their friend’s new girlfriend. John went home and had a long walk with Kamala spending ten minutes leaning against the same fencepost making out.
Tuesday passed with John and Joseph swimming and relaxing most of the day. John was a little worried that Joseph would mock him for having a girlfriend but that didn’t happen. His friend handled it maturely.
Kamala’s day wasn’t so quiet. It was getting to be late afternoon at the store and Jane Hamilton came in. She was with her Mom who was dropping off some stuff to be dry-cleaned. Jane said hi to Kamala and asked if it was okay with Kamala’s Dad if she went outside and chatted with her while their parents did the business stuff. Jane told Kamala’s Dad that they were going to go to the same school. Kamala’s Dad didn’t mind and Jane and Kamala went walking.
Jane told the young Indian girl “it’s so cool that you’re going out with John. He told me and Joseph yesterday. A friend from cheerleading saw you at the mall together. I like the idea of romance in the same neighborhood.”
“Yeah John said he was worried about telling his friends; worried about peer pressure, you know? He sort of wanted us to be seen together by people.” Kamala explained. She knew that Jane lived near her, not far from Joseph (and she knew about that boy’s crush on the cheerleader), but didn’t think that Jane would remember her at all.
“You look really good; your last year in middle school has been good to you. You and John must make a great looking couple. How did you guys start seeing each other?”
“Well I go on a walk every evening and he was riding his bike by at the time and we started talking and the next night I met him again and we kept talking. We sort of have a little half hour date each night. “ Kamala smiled and blushed a bit, embarrassed by the emotions that just the thought of the boy brought up.
“Oh! So cute, so you walk? How long have you been doing that?”
“Oh I walk every day after dinner. I’ve been doing that since last spring break. I kinda noticed myself getting a bit of a belly.”
“I can’t tell.” said Jane honestly.
“That’s what John says too. I just want to keep it that way.”
“Have you thought about joining like, the cross country team at school?”
“I’ve never thought of being a runner. I play golf with my Dad about once a week, but that’s the extent of my sports skills.”
“Golf cool, you know the local course’s Pro comes and coaches the high schools team. You should join. Ha I’m not trying to push you into it. I just have that notorious cheerleader/school spirit thing.”
Kamala smiled, “Actually the golf team thing sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to talk to my dad about it.”
I bet John’d like to see you in a tight little golf shirt. You know something to show off your breasts.”
“Ha yeah, he did see me in a polo shirt on Friday and he did like it. It was the first time he grabbed them.”
“He did? Wait ‘first?’ You totally said ‘first.’”
Kamala paused, “Okay you really can’t tell anyone this I need you to swear you won’t.” Jane swore and Kamala related her orgasm on the fence from John’s sucking her boobs.
“Whoa! That is so hot. John wouldn’t say what you two had done but that is really hot. Actually when Joseph asked what you’d done John said that Joseph had been reading too many dirty magazines.”
Kamala laughed. Jane continued “It was funny but Joseph was blushing so much I think that he might have some porn mags.”
“Whoa! Really? I haven’t really seen him though since he was in middle school, but he doesn’t seem the type.”
“He’s a boy. I’d be willing to bet, though, if Joseph has magazines than John and David do too. “
“No way.” Kamala tried to sound decisive.
“All boys jerk off. Most times they think about girls our age, but we don’t really do the nasty things women in those magazines do, well not unless we really love a guy and trust him not to tell anyone.”
“I trust John. I guess I just don’t know what he wants me to do. What are in those kinds of magazines? What have you done with your boyfriend?”
“I’m not sure what are in porn mags. I don’t do much with my boyfriend. He’s a football player and so was my last boyfriend. The last one took my virginity and then bragged about it. My boyfriend now and the old one are too much alike. I just give him hand-jobs, but he’s not even interested in getting me off. I guess that makes me not trust him.”
“You shouldn’t have to put up with that. Is there someone else that you like instead?”
“Its summer time I don’t really see any guys except for John, who’s taken, David who’s cool but isn’t my type and is another football player anyway, and Joseph who’s really shy around me. I don’t know maybe I’ll go and confront Joseph see if he’ll show me those magazines. I’m definitely curious about them now.”
“Me too,” Kamala said, “and I think you’re right if one of the guys has magazines, which you seem pretty sure of, then they all do. I’m going to talk to John about them too.”
“Hey let me give you my number. I want to know what you find out… maybe I’ll start taking after-dinner walks towards Joseph’s house.”
Kamala gave Jane her number as well, and they promised they would talk later in the evening after their walks.

John met his pretty Indian girlfriend and they began their walk. Kamala said “You’ve got some explaining to do Mr. Lawrence. Jane Hamilton came in to my parents shop today with her mom. We went out for a talk and I found out some things.”
John was confused as to what she meant what could Jane say to get him in trouble? Kamala continued. “So she told me that when Joseph was asking inappropriate questions about us, and you said he’d been looking at too much porno; and when Jane asked him if he really had some he just blushed and couldn’t answer. Jane took that as a yes, and she told me if one of you has porn magazines all three of you do. I think she’s right. Have you been hiding porn from me?”
John’s jaw had fallen to the floor by this point. He couldn’t lie to her though. “I wasn’t hiding it from you; I just figured you wouldn’t want to see it. David and I found a bunch of magazines a few weeks ago and split between us. In my defense, I haven’t looked at them at all since we first kissed.” That was true though he didn’t even realize it until he said it.
“Show me.” Kamala said she was looking at him with that pleased look.
John blushed, “Umm why? You won’t like it.”
“I don’t know that I’ll like it or not but I really do want to know what you like.”
The couple went to John’s hiding place under the bushes still undisturbed. They sat nearby and John took out the magazines and hands them to her. Kamala shakes her head “No sit here and show me your favorites.” John obeyed. He found the first one he ever saw which was still burnt into his brain, the big tittied blond feeding herself a huge cock. He showed her and let her flip through while finding his favorites in the other magazines. Kamala was overwhelmed. There were women surrounded by thick long penises, kissing them, sucking them, being penetrated by them.
She was unsure but had to ask her next question, “Do you get excited by these because you want these women to do this to you or do you want me to do this to you? I’m just confused by this.”
“Umm… Like I’d never ask you to do that, it’s more like I get excited about you and I doing that someday.” Kamala kissed him and John realized happily that he must have given the right answer.
When they broke apart again John tried to explain more. “But yeah, I’d like to do that someday and with you. Of course it’d be nice to be that sized too.” He nodded at the nine inch prick in the porn star’s hands.
Unconsciously Kamala looked down at John’s crotch and did see a bulge. She couldn’t draw her eyes away from it. She’d felt it before pressed against her side back or abdomen but only briefly and she never stopped to consider it. It took John a moment to realize it was him that she was staring at. He kissed her, opening her mouth with his lips as she accepted his tongue willingly. Her hand wrapped around his neck holding him to her and her other hand she placed on his thigh. She slid up to cup his crotch. She found, though certainly not nine inches long, John’s cock was just under six inches and a nice girth. He froze as her fingers slowly tightened around him. Kamala heard him moan as she got to the right pressure. She fleetingly thought what it might be like to snake her hand inside his shorts and wrap her fingers around his cock, flesh on flesh. The thought made her head swim even more. She kissed him harder and pushed him so that they rolled onto their sides. It might not technically be called instinct that she stroked him, she’d seen the motion in gestures and knew the mechanics of boys masturbating, but she was a novice nonetheless.
John couldn’t tell the difference and didn’t mind a bit. The first person (besides himself) to grab his erect cock was doing a wonderful job. The kiss was intense and he could feel her nipples rubbing his chest through their shirts. Her hand squeezed up and down and he thrust into her fist as she stroked him. He knew he was close. He moaned into her mouth. He didn’t want her to stop but didn’t want it to shock her. She sensed the meaning of the moan and surprised him more by thrusting her own crotch over his and, while clamping her own hand in between, rubbed herself against him. The nylon of her running shorts pressed and conformed as the underside of John’s cock molded into Kamala’s cleft; with only a few layers of thin cloth between them. She meanwhile kissed him more urgently silently urging him to orgasm for her.
John did just that. He wrenched his mouth away from hers and shouted out a grunting triumphant “yah-Shit!” He pulsed and Kamala marveled as she felt her boyfriends cock convulse sending ropes of cum into his underwear, some of which soaked through to her fingers.
Soon they rolled off of each other and disentangled. John kissed Kamala affectionately over and over again. “You’re amazing. I’m lucky to have a girlfriend like you.”
They walked back toward Kamala’s house. She turned to him and said “Tomorrow, do you want to go running with me? I don’t seem to get enough of a full walk in anymore.” She winked at him, “You seem to like my body the way it is but I’d still like to tone up a bit more. I was actually thinking about trying Cross Country at school if I get good at running.”
John said he’d happily run with her. He was determined to be a great boyfriend to Kamala.

At the same time as Kamala settled to look at porn Jane arrived at Joseph’s house. Jane knocked and asked his parents if Joseph wanted to join her for a quick walk before it got too dark. She of course didn’t have to worry about his parents being concerned of their son talking to the cheerleader (like John had to be worried about Kamala’s dad).
“So I went and talked to Kamala today, my parents needed some dry-cleaning done and I went along to get to know her.” She said to a very confused Joseph. He hadn’t managed to wipe the astonished expression off his face since he saw who was at the door. “She’s actually really cool. I got along well with her. We were talking about John and her and I got her to spill on what they’ve done together.”
Joseph finally recovered. “Really, what have they done?”
“I can’t tell you I was sworn to secrecy.”
“What? You can’t tease me like that.”
“I can tease you as much as I want Joseph, I’m a girl”
Joseph laughed “Okay then how did you get her to tell you?”
Jane smiled “She let some information slip and I caught her on it. It’s a really hot story.”
“You’re a cruel woman Jane.” Joseph said causing her to smile.
“So after she told me I said that John didn’t tell us anything; then I said that when you asked John said you’d been looking in too much porno.”
Joseph blushed again it seemed worse now that Jane said it.
“And you’re blushing again like you did when he said it. Which really makes it look like you do have porno stashed away somewhere. Don’t deny it Joseph I’ll find out the truth.”
Joseph balked at that “Oh yeah how you going to do that?”
Jane smiled wickedly and Joseph got even more uncomfortable. “Well I knew with you, David and John. That if one of you has porn then all of you do. So I told that to Kamala and she’s going to force John to show her his stash of magazines.”
Joseph could never be a poker player, he had no bluff. “Aww, why’d you tell her that it’ll sound like I told you that he had some?”
“So he does have some.” Joseph was silent.
“He won’t lie to her, Joseph; he’ll be smart enough to show her his.”
“It’s embarrassing for him though. He might deny that he has some so he won’t be embarrassed.”
“He won’t deny it,” Jane smiled “but you did convince me he does have some. So that along with what I said before: if he has some then you do too.”
“What is this blackmail?” Joseph was still incredibly nervous around the cheerleader.
Jane laughed. “I just want to see them I’ve never seen porno magazines before.”
“What? Jane Hamilton the cheerleader wants to borrow my dirty magazines.”
Jane laughed again “Not quite I want to look at them with you, I’m trying to figure out what guys like.”
“This is so weird. Won’t your boyfriend tell you what guys like, or on the other hand, won’t he not like you looking at dirty mags with me?”
“My boyfriend is kind of selfish. I was talking with Kamala about that too today. He wants me to do stuff for him but won’t give back.”
Joseph’s mood changed, he became sympathetic and actually put his hand comfortingly on her back. “Jane you deserve better than that.”
Jane looked up at him she had fogged eyes but smiled warmly. “Thanks Joseph. So will you show me? I’ve been really curious since John said you had them. Please?”
Joseph couldn’t refuse. He walked with her over to the undergrowth in the vacant lot nearest his house. Unlike John’s stash, Joseph’s bag was clean from being opened each day. “Here this one’s probably the one I like the most.” The magazine was fairly straight forward series pictures: a couple strips down, a shot of cunnilingus, then felatio, then vaginal intercourse: missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, cum on breasts or mouth, then repeat with a different couple.
Jane flipped through slowly. Then flipped back, she had lost her virginity and recognized the missionary pics easily (though the apparent pleasure on the women’s face was new to her). She kept turning back to the oral sex which she had never given nor received and was most curious about.
“What do you think of these oral sex pics?” She asked him. “How do you think it’s supposed to go?”
“Do you mean like how to do it?” Jane nodded. “I dunno. It’s kind of hard to pick up cunnilingus tips from just the pictures. Umm getting blown looks fun but that seems like it would be simpler.”
“How do you figure that? For a girl we have to put it in our mouths, we don’t know how much suction is enough or too much. We don’t know how to keep our teeth out of the way or where to lick or whatever. Plus I’d be scared to let it go back too far.”
“I guess so; I guess it seemed simpler to me because I have one.” Joseph figured neither gender would be able to ...

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