Johnny's long wait

Oh woe is me, alas and alack and all that, I was lying in bed with a beautiful blonde, my wife, and I hadn’t had sex in over a year. Her eyes are closed but I didn’t believe she was asleep; just playing ‘possum to discourage me.

Again that night it was “I have a headache.” Every night for over a year it had been, “I have a headache,” but I still tried.

I‘d come to believe the definition of sexual compatibility between us was when we have a headache at the same time.

Kristin, my wife had delivered our son and my namesake, John Joseph Booker, Jr. just over a year ago, we had a little birthday party for him the previous week, of course, he’d turned one. We hadn’t had sexual relations since he was born.

At first I understood. Kris had a difficult pregnancy and delivered by c-section then she spent several months down in the dumps; post-partum blues. She’s finally come out of that. Most of our life had resumed as it was before she became pregnant; everything but our sex life.

My personal opinion was that she was scared. Scared by what she’d gone through during the pregnancy, afraid that she’d have to go under the knife again if she did become pregnant and most of all terrified of the mental anguish she went through after the delivery.

I’d suggested that she get counseling but she’d refused and she won’t use any method of birth control; she doesn’t trust any of them. I’d offered to use a condom but she turned me down on that, I’d even volunteered to get a vasectomy. That suggestion was met with:

“No John, we might want to have other children.”

I might have been a little rough on her when I replied, “How Kris, just how are we going to have more children? By Immaculate Conception? I think that only worked once in history.”

She sobbed a little and said, “Please Johnny just give me some time. You know I love you, please let me work through this.”

So I’d been patient. Of course I could have found some woman who’d meet my needs but I’m not that kinda man. I took vows, vows that I take seriously. And yes, I could get a divorce but, truth be told, I’m still madly in love with Kris. I have been since we first met. I don’t want someone else, I want my wife back.

Sometimes Kris would make it worse. She thought I’m going to leave her. We’ve talked about it and I’ve tried to disabuse her of the idea but she was not convinced. I knew she loved me and didn’t want to lose me so she would get clingy.

When we were in bed she’d snuggle against me and want me to hold her. We could kiss. I could touch her breasts, even suck on them but when she started to become aroused or she felt my erection against her she’d roll away with yet another headache.

That’s the way that night started. She was in my arms; Kris wears only her gown to bed, no bra, no panties. We were kissing and I was rubbing her back. My hand slipped lower, I massaged her bottom and she seemed to like it. I pulled her closer; we were groin to groin separated by only the gossamer fabric of her nightie.

And of course I got an erection. Kris rolled away saying, “I’m sorry Johnny, my headache’s back.”

So I was lying there staring at the ceiling when I heard a sound.

I look over, Kris was quietly sobbing, her face looked so sad and she whispered, “Johnny I don’t want it this way either, can I come back?”

I opened my arms and she snuggled against my chest.

Her body was trembling when she said, “Johnny I don’t want to lose you; please don’t leave me, please, but I’m so afraid. Afraid to have sex and afraid you’ll leave, God I feel like I want to die.”

“Baby I’m not going anywhere and I sure don’t want you to die. Kris, I love you and I’ll stay with you, I know we can work this out.”

And she amazed me: she worked her gown over her hips and pulled it over her head. It was the first time I’d seen her body in over a year. Her breasts were fuller than before. She still kept herself neatly trimmed, her blonde bush matching her beautiful long hair. I just stared.

She said, “Johnny please suck my breasts.”

She’d let me do that before but this was the first time we’d been in bed naked in a long, long time.

I fell on her hungrily, nibbling and teasing her nipples, sucking and circling her areolas with the tip of my tongue. She was petting my head.

I started to slip my hand between her legs but she stopped me.

“Not yet Johnny, I’m not ready yet. Let me do this.”

She took me in her hand and masturbated me while I suckled. I was stiff as a board; nothing had touched me there in over a year except me.

I didn’t last long, when I felt my cum welling up I told her. She wrapped her nightie around me and stroked me to climax.

When I looked at her she gave me a bright little smile and said, “Was that good?”

“That was wonderful, Kris, just wonderful.”

“Can we do that for a little while, just that while I try to work through things?”

It wasn’t what I really wanted but it was a first step. I kissed her, a passionate kiss and said, “Kris, of course we can, I love you.”

She rolled on her side and snuggled back against me, she wanted to spoon.

“Hold me Johnny, please hold me,” she asked.

I held her, we were under the covers, both of us naked, my flaccid penis was resting against her bottom and she didn’t roll away and she didn’t have a headache.

It was a big first step for her. She’d never touched me like that before.

Our sex life had been active before her delivery but, in truth, it was pretty pedestrian; missionary position most of the time with just an occasional doggie. Nothing wild; no mutual masturbation, no oral and certainly no anal: Kris had had a strict religious upbringing and these things were taboo. So yes, it was a really big step for her.

We went on like that for several months. Kris was generous, at least three or four times a week she’d take off her gown and offer her breasts. While I sucked she jacked. She always used her gown to catch me. I think she had to buy some new nighties, she didn’t have enough. We slept with me spooning her, naked under the sheets.

I’d also noted that she’d bought some books dealing with human sexuality. She’d tried to hide them from me but I’d seen them. She was trying to self-educate herself, to work through her troubles on her own.

And we were making some progress; I could now caress her tummy and hips but heaven was still verboten. And she did allow herself to become aroused, I could see that she lubricated I just couldn’t touch or taste it.

Finally there was a breakthrough, one night; I was already lying in bed, when she came from the bathroom.

She had her nightie in her hand; she turned the sheet down, laid the gown beside me and said, “Johnny, I want to do this.”

She took me in her hand but instead of masturbating me she went between my legs and took me in her mouth.

That I wasn’t prepared for; I propped myself on my elbow so I could watch.

Her eyes were closed and she was bobbing up and down on me, more teeth than tongue but I wasn’t going to complain; she’d learn.

I wasn’t gonna last very long, in spite of the teeth it was the most arousing sight I’d ever had. My beautiful wife’s heading bobbing on me. I patted her on the head; she had to fell me swelling and said,

“I’m gonna cum Baby, I’m gonna cum.”

She took picked up the gown and finished me with her hand. She wasn’t ready to swallow yet.

With a dazzling smile she looked up at me.

“Johnny did you like that, did it feel good?”

The absolute truth or a small fib? No question, the small fib, “Kristin that was fantastic, truly fantastic.”

She just beamed, “I knew I could make you feel good, I just knew it.”

She crawled up for her spoon saying, “Hold me Johnny.”

As we snuggled I thought, we’re going to make it. I knew how hard it had been for her, breaking that taboo. I also thought thank God for sex manuals.

And so went our sex life for the next several months. Kristin’s technique got better, a lot better, and it was frequent, still several times a week.

Her mouth felt like moist velvet as she slid up and down my shaft, she’d lick the sides and tease the little hole with the tip of her tongue then she’d deep throat me, I didn’t have to warn her, she could feel when I was ready. She still finished me in the nightie, she didn’t swallow, maybe she never would but that was fine with me.

She’d relaxed quite a lot, too. I could massage her bottom, kneading her cheeks. She’d lay beside me her crotch near my head as she sucked me. I could smell her arousal; I had to do something so I played with her bottom. I finally got the nerve; I slid a finger between her cheeks and rubbed her little rose bud.

“Johnny, don’t do that, I’m dirty there.”

I didn’t stop and she didn’t complain further, in fact she squirmed, I knew it was giving her nice sensations when she softly moaned.

I pressed against her, not entering her but putting a little pressure on her tight rose bud then easing then pressing.

She’d finished me but still she lay beside me letting me tease her.

She was unconsciously moving her hips back and forth in rhythm with me pressing and I felt her body tremble.

She clamped her muscles and squeezed her thighs together moaning, “Johnny what are you doing to me, Oh Johnny.”

When she eased, I could see that her labia were moist, no, more than that, she was wet. She’d had a small orgasm, her first since the baby was born.

I patted her on the bottom and spread her cheeks, I gave her a little kiss and just a bit of tongue.

“Johnny I’m dirty back there.”

“Kris, I love you, all of you. Did it feel good? Did you like the feelings?”

She turned her eyes away and, in a small whisper said, “Yes.”

Then she cuddled against me so I could spoon her as we now always slept. She was quiet for a while.

Her voice was raspy and low when she asked, “You like my bottom don’t you Johnny?”

I nuzzled her neck and answered, “Baby I like all of you from the very top of your beautiful blonde head to your manicured toe nails and every inch in between.”

“I liked it; you can do that with me more if you want.”

I wanted, oh how I wanted. And we expanded on it. She still sucked me and she still didn’t swallow but her bottom was available to my fingers and tongue whenever I wanted and I wanted a lot.

Still the three or four times a week but now I could finger her, penetrating her; pump her a little and I could use my tongue. I could usually induce an orgasm from her. I liked that best, when I’d opened her up with my finger and she’d had an orgasm. I would breathe in her scents, the lighter aroma of her vaginal juices and the murky redolence of her bottom. I’d get hard again and Kris would take me back between her lips.

I thought, if this was going to be our sex life I could live with it. I got mine and Kris got hers. Sure I’d like more but I could live with this. I certainly wasn’t suffering from cum overload; Kris kept me pretty well drained.

It turned out to be Kristin who couldn’t endure it. Her little orgasms had awakened desires that had long lain dormant. She remembered what it was like, what she felt before the baby. She wanted to recapture those feelings and she wanted to be a complete wife to Johnny. She called her gynecologist for an appointment but she couldn’t get in for two months unless it was an emergency. It felt like an emergency to her but she didn’t think the doctor would agree. She made the appointment.

She wanted to feel him in her. She made a decision and went shopping at the local Walgreen’s; there were two things she needed to complete her plan. Her knees were shaky as she went through the check out line. She rushed home.

Kris fixed a nice supper, a tossed salad, veal chops, Duchess Potatoes and asparagus. She even had a crisp Chardonnay along with it.

They enjoyed the dinner although Johnny did ask a couple of times if she was ok. He said she seemed distracted. She was.

After the meal she cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher. Johnny was in the family room watching the news. She went in to talk to him.

“Johnny I’m going up to take a bath. Give me about thirty minutes and then come up would you please. I want to go to bed after I’ve bathed and I want you to hold me, please.”

She started the bath water running then opened her purchases. One she put in the drawer in the night stand the other she used. She’d never used this product before but the package had directions. She lay on the bathroom rug on her left side and pulled her right knee toward her chest. The plastic bottle only contained about a pint. She took it in.

After a few minutes her tummy started to boil. She got up and sat on the commode. When she’d finished she squirted some bath oil in the tub and got in for a soak hoping that it would help her relax.

She was just getting out when Johnny called, “Kris, are you ok?”

She could hardly speak she was so nervous. Finally she uttered, “I’m ok Johnny, I’ll be there in a minute.”

Johnny sensed something was wrong when Kris came out of the bathroom. She was nude but she didn’t have a gown with her and she seemed to be shivering.

He pulled the sheet aside and “Come her beautiful, let me hold you.”

She got into her spoon position against him.

My God Johnny thought, there’s something definitely the matter; she was quivering so badly her teeth were chattering.

She didn’t feel feverish but she was shaking like she was in the grip of the flu.

He hugged him to her, “Kris Baby what’s the matter? Come on, talk to me.”

“I want you to do something for me and I’m afraid to ask, Johnny, I’m scared, I’m scared you’ll say no and I want it so much, you won’t say no will you Johnny?”

“Kris I don’t even know what is you want but I doubt if I’d turn you down, come on give, what do you want.”

And it all came out in a rush, “Johnny I want you in me and I don’t wanna wait and I called my doctor but she won’t see me for two months I’m gonna get an IUD but Johnny I don’t want to wait I know it’s dirty but Johnny I gave myself a little enema, a Fleet enema and I’m clean inside and I want you in me tonight but we can’t do it the normal way ‘til I get my IUD and Johnny I want you now there’s lubricant in the night stand you can get me ready please Johnny get me ready please do me in my bottom now please.”

“Kris, take it easy, take a deep breath and settle down. Are you sure you want me in your bottom? It’s going to hurt you know.”

She rolled over facing him, “I know it’s gonna hurt. Johnny I don’t care. I’m ready to have you in me, please?”

“You’ve decided, you do want sex again, we’re just waiting for your IUD is that right?”

“Johnny I want you but we can’t do that ‘til I’ve got some birth control I’m ready for you but not for another baby yet.”

“Then I can touch you?”

“Oh yeah you can touch me, touch me Johnny.”

He took in his arms and whispered, “I’m going to make love to you Kris,” and he kissed her a passionately wet tongue swapping kiss then he moved to her breasts.

He sucked each in turn, nibbling and sucking on her nipple while rubbing and kneading the other. Then he kissed down over her torso to her tummy. He rimmed her belly button and moved to her mound. He nuzzled in her soft bush and tugged at it with his lips and then he opened her lips.

He snaked his tongue along her vulva, pausing at her vagina to dip in. She was lubricating heavily, his lips were damp with her moisture. He continued to her anus and tasted her, probed her with the tip of his tongue then he moved back up, pulling at her labia with his lips as he moved up. Kristin’s clitoris was distended, red and swollen; he took it between his lips and sucked, pulling it into his mouth where he could tease it with his tongue.

She was starting to tremble under his ministrations, he took the opportunity to moisten a finger in her vagina then pressed it into her bottom, through her clasping sphincter, deep into her and he pumped her while he sucked her clit.

The trembling built; Kristin was whipping her head from side to side, her long blonde hair thrashing. Her tummy muscles rippled as her orgasm rolled through her, her uterus was contracting and her vagina was spasming. She wailed and she flowed, fluid was pumped out of her in gush after gush. She’s never been a squirter but she was now. Johnny tried to drink her juices but he couldn’t keep up, he went back to her clit, sucking it until she begged him to stop, she was too sensitive to take more. Now he had time, he hungrily ...

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