Kevin's dream girls

Kevin was the Valedictorian and gave the speech at graduation as he was expected. For four years. Kevin was so busy with studies and desire to be academically perfect he never even went to his own prom. The sight of girls in short shorts and bare legs were attractive but he was also shy and afraid to confront asking a girl for a date afraid they may reject him.

Kevin stayed home when his parents went to Asia on vacation to take care of the house and mow the lawn when it needed it. Kevin had a scholarship offer at the University of California at Berkeley and UCLA in the fall but that was nearly three months from now. He would need to notify where he wanted to go. He was close to UCLA and could go there without moving. Kevin turned his attention to working out at the gym and he was successful to build up some bulk from his formerly skinny body. Again he watched the sometimes-brief workout clothing from young girls working out showing their midriff and legs. Kevin got stronger and stronger and he could see his pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles in the mirror. He never realized the girls were stealing glances at him.

Kevin went out running in the early morning to build up his cardio fitness. It also made him noticed by women as he ran by.

One day by the middle of July he returned from one morning run he returned to his house to find two naked girls in his house. Amy was a tall 6’ 140 pounds with blue eyes and small breasts and natural blond hair. Lyn was a 5’11” 135 pounds with blue eyes and dark hair. The girls both had small high breasts and a bare pussy. Amy said, “Kevin we are here to take care of you and cook your meals and clean your house and provide any sexual service you ask.” “We only ask to sleep with you in your bed.” Lyn said, “You may place us in bondage and punish us if we displease you or you feel like it.” “At the end of 12 days you must make choice between us to be your future wife the one you don’t choose will become the sex slave and mistress that you must place in bondage until you need her.” “She will drink your urine and her own urine if you want”

“Please chose who you want to fuck wile the other will prepare your lunch today.” Kevin said, “Am I dreaming this or are you really here.” “Amy said, “I would provide my sexual favor and Lyn will prepare your lunch.” Amy took his hand and went to his bedroom that now king size bed in there. Amy unbuttoned his shirt and went down and untied his shoes and pulled down his pants and underwear he was already erect but she him in her mouth and gave him short blowjob before pushing him on the bed and mounting his penis in her vagina She leaned over so he could suck on her nipples while pumping on his penis. Amy had an orgasm form the pleasure of Kevin sucking on her and when he began to grown she got off him and again put his penis in her mouth where he soon ejaculated deep in her throat. Amy swallowed again and rose with him to a passionate kiss. Kevin had his arms around her nude body as he kissed her. “Amy this is the very first time I have ever had sex with Girl. Amy said, “Kevin I now belong to you and will let you fuck me when ever you want. I have a mouth and ass that you can also use. “I will prepare dinner while you can use Lyn and she will be your sex slave at that point.” “We will teach you how to be a sexual legend.” “Ask Lyn if you can taste her vaginal entrance and use your tongue and fingers to please her before unloading you cum in her. She will explain were her clitoris and G-spot is and you can give her some orgasms before she allows you to cum inside her.
“We will show you if you want us to show you us doing a lesbian encounter.” “Just say what you want and we will show you.” “To get a woman to really love you need to know this.” “We are both seductresses and one of us will be your wife if you want.” “Lyn and I were both in your high school class waiting for you to invite one of us to the prom.” I suspect you were too shy to ask anyone but we will work on that too.”

Lyn served the lunch for Kevin and Amy. The beef sandwich with seasoning tasted wonderful and Kevin was impressed with Lyn’s cooking ability. Lyn sat next to Kevin and he looked at her totally nude body Amy was washing the dishes and cleaning up wiping the counter and table. When she was done she came and sat across from Lyn. They took him to the bedroom and Lyn lie down and spread her legs as Amy showed him where her clitoris was and put her finger in Lyn showing Kevin where her G-spot was. She then took Kevin’s hand using one of his fingers showed exactly how far in to stimulate that spot. Amy put her finger in Lyn again and put them in Kevin’s mouth so he could taste Lyn down there. With Amy’s coaching Kevin was using his tongue and fingers to give Lyn some orgasms. Kevin was naked also he put his penis inside Lyn and gave her one more orgasm before ejaculating inside Lyn.

Lyn put on shirt and jeans to go outside and mow the front lawn. Amy continued to council Kevin on how to sexually please a woman that included the sensitivity of ears nipples and kissing and breathing modification. Kevin never knew that choking a woman as she was being fucked would increase her orgasms. Amy showed Kevin the bondage material they had and showed him how to put on the flex cuffs and attach them to the ceiling hook so Amy would stand with her hands over her with her feet only touching the floor. From that position she could put her legs over Kevin’s shoulders so he could pull her close to his mouth and use his tongue to lick her clitoris and use one hand to stimulate her vagina just right to give her several orgasms. Once on his shoulders she could unhook herself from the ceiling but not remove the flex cuffs by herself without help. Kevin too off the flex cuffs and Amy kissed Kevin passionately grateful for the orgasms she got from him. Amy said, “I am beginning to love you Kevin.”

Lyn came in and undressed and took a shower to clean up after sweating so much she saw Amy kissing Kevin with Amy holding her arms around him. There was an agreement not to compete for Kevin’s affections but she thought it would involve this and hearing Amy saying she was beginning to love him put down the gauntlet nearly voiding that agreement.

Lyn prepared dinner this time while Amy and Kevin made love with each other on the bed. Amy loved Kevin touching her body that made her quiver with anticipation. Amy was becoming very attached to him. Amy said, “Please don’t tell Lyn this but I love the way you are treating me sexually and I love you Kevin.” “There was agreement with Lyn not to compete for affection so please allow Lyn to receive your sexual skill and let her receive your affection like you did to me” Kevin said, “I love you Amy and I will not tell this to Lyn but I can see loving both of you.” “I never had sex with girl before today and going from that to having two girls is something I never dreamed of.”

Amy helped Lyn serve dinner and Kevin looked at the two completely naked girls and was still turned on by the vision.

After dinner Amy washed the dishes and cleaned up and Kevin embraced Lyn in passionate kiss using one hand in her vagina as he kissed her holding his other arm hugging her breasts against him. Kevin then lifted Lyn with one hand under her butt cheeks with her legs over his shoulders. Amy watched as he used his tongue on her clitoris and fingers in her vagina tickling her G-spot. Lyn had one orgasm after another and was so pleased when he put her down and kissed her again. Lyn could barley stand but put her arms around him to hold on. Kevin then said, “That was a terrific dinner Lyn and I want to thank you for it.” Lyn said, “Did you do this for Amy.” “No wonder she loves you because I also love you.” Kevin I want you to put me in the flex cuffs and hang me from the ceiling so I can see you do this to Amy.” Kevin put one flex cuff on each of Lyn’s wrists. He lifted Lyn and she hooked it over the chain holding the cuffs together. With Lyn she could not reach the floor and he waited to see what way she would face and took Amy and lifted her to his shoulders and using his tongue and fingers drove her to several orgasms in the twenty minutes he had her there. Amy said, “That felt so great Kevin.” “Tonight I want you to fuck me for thirty seconds and Lyn for thirty seconds and go back and fourth between us until you cum.” “You just lie on your back and we will alternate every thirty seconds.” Kevin said, “That sounds fun Amy.” Amy said before that you can watch us lick each other until each of us has an orgasm that way we will lubricated for proper sex.” Lyn said, “We should go to bed soon because we need to get up early for the morning run.” “Tomorrow at the gym we will be your personal trainers.”

Kevin lifted Lyn so she could unhook herself and took off her flex cuffs. Lyn kissed Kevin. Lyn said, “You may tie me up and hang me here anytime you want.” “You may also hang Amy here if you want to have private time with either of us.” “I sort of like hanging there.” “Thank you for letting me watching what you did for Amy.”

At bedtime Kevin watched as Amy and Lyn had lesbian love licking each other with oral sex and kissing afterward. Kevin was always ready as her lay on his back with his Penis pointing up and Amy and Lyn flipped a coin to see who would be first and Lyn lowered her self on him as Amy counted down the seconds and Amy got on and Lyn counted down. At 30 seconds per girl it took 21 minutes before Kevin ejaculated into Lyn at 18-seconds Kevin stood and hugged both Amy and Lyn to him and kissed each one separately. Amy said, “I had 7 orgasms.” and Lyn said, “I had 9 orgasms the last one just before feeling the warmth of your cum inside me.” Lyn said,” We have some explaining to do you.” Amy said, “We are twin sisters that won the jackpot on the last lottery and we will collect 26 million dollars every year for the next twenty years.” Lyn said, “We will be going to UCLA in the fall and hope you will go there too.” Kevin said, “I already notified UCLA that I would accept their scholarship.” Amy said, “We purchased a home not far away to move into before your parents get back from vacation.” “We also paid the mortgage down on this house so your parents will never need to make another payment.” Lyn said, “It will be available to move into next week.” “It has a big pool in the back yard and a bunch of fruit trees past the pool with plenty of privacy to skinny dip.” “After you select the one of us to be your wife someday the other will become your live in mistress.” “No matter who you choose we will share you between us.”
“After the wedding next June your wife will take out her IUD and be available to have children.” “When your wife becomes too pregnant for sex the mistress will be around for sex.” “After the child is born, we have the money to hire someone to assist in childcare and we both will do all this while being students.”

Kevin went to sleep with Amy on his left and Lyn at his right. In the morning Amy got up to prepare breakfast and Lyn took his penis in her mouth after telling him to cum in her mouth. 9minutes later Lyn took him deep as he ejaculated in her mouth. After swallowing, Lyn embraced Kevin and kissed him passionately. Lyn said, “Kevin I love you and want to serve faithfully as your wife if you choose me.” “I am sure Amy feels the same way I do.” “I am certain she also loves you”

After breakfast the two girls dress in a brief sports bra and really short shorts with belt to put the water they would take with them and all that showed 95% of their skin. It took them only an hour to cover 13 miles and went in for some cold shower after toweling off Kevin had them spread their legs next to each other and he used one hand on each of them with one finger inside and this thumb on the clitoris that drove both of them to an orgasm in less than three minutes. Kevin noticed their vagina would tighten slightly when they had an orgasm and he knew when he should pause for a moment before stating again for her next orgasm. Kevin continued this for nearly 30 minutes and by that time Amy had 11 orgasms and Lyn had 10 orgasms. Lyn rose to kiss Kevin and Amy worked her self between them and took Kevin’s penis in her mouth and continued until he said he was about to cum and Amy let him ejaculate in her mouth. Amy stood and opened her mouth to reveal the semen inside her mouth and swallowed had embraced Kevin in a passionate kiss.

Amy said, “Kevin I really want to have your children and I love you deeply. Please consider me for your wife forever.” “You are becoming a sexual legend” “I have never had that many orgasms.” “We will give you enough money for big engagement ring” “Lyn and I are both size 6 on our ring fingers” “I love Lyn as my sister and I love you as I would as my Husband.” “Today we will go to the jewelry store to select what each of wants as an engagement ring but only one of us can you propose to one of us and I want you to know I want to be that person.” Kevin said, “I really love you Amy” “I have never said that to Lyn.”

After they were all dressed they went to the jewelry store down the street and Lyn and Amy selected the same 2.5 Caret diamond solitary with the wedding band that went with it. It was already available and Lyn and Amy bought it and handed it to Kevin after leaving the store. When they got home Amy needed to use the bathroom and Lyn said, “Kevin I will always love you but will not be disappointed if you should propose to Amy because she really wants you more.” “I will always be available for you sexually or otherwise and you don’t need to wait 12 days to propose.” If you don’t want to have Amy I will love if you propose to me and I will say yes if you do this.” Kevin said, Lyn thank you for being honest with me but I do love you and Amy but prefer Amy and hope you will not be disappointed. Lyn said, “Take us out to dinner tomorrow night and propose to Amy then.” Lyn embraced Kevin in passionate kiss. Lyn said, I would be your willing mistress and do all I can for you and Amy.

Lyn began to prepare for lunch and Amy came in and said “Lyn I want to tell you I love Kevin deeply and really want to be his wife.” Lyn said, “I love Kevin also.” Kevin came in here and said, “I told Kevin he did not need to wait for 12 days.” “He said he will take both of us out to dinner tomorrow night and propose to one of us.” “I told him I want to be his wife and I love him but he said his mind is made up and he will reveal his choice tomorrow night.” Amy said, “I hope he chooses me because I want to have his children and I love him so deeply.” Lyn said, “You are not the only one to love Kevin” “He has been wonderful with me.” When I pleaded with Kevin that is when he told me his mind is made up but would not tell me.” “Good luck sister we will both find out tomorrow evening.”

Kevin waited at the table when Lyn brought him sliced turkey sandwich and Amy gave him the gravy he could use. Kevin could hear them discussing how much they loved him and he now had one on each side of him for lunch.

After lunch Kevin put the flex cuffs on Amy and picked her up to hang with only her toes on the ground. He then kissed Lyn wile using his fingers between her legs while kissing her. Amy watched this unable to move and choosing not to say anything. Lyn was having several orgasms form this and embraced Kevin and kissed him passionately” Kevin then put his head under Amy and lifted up where he undid the flex cuffs and took Lyn and put the flex cuffs on her hanging her with her feet off the floor so she could see Kevin lifting her on his shoulders and pulling her to use his tongue and fingers to give her one orgasm after orgasm until brining her down and embracing her in a passionate kiss.

Kevin looked up at Lyn and asked her if she wanted to be free. Lyn said, “Kevin you may leave me hanging here because I sort of like it.” “You gave me four orgasm and kissed me wile Amy was hanging here Kevin took Amy down and put me up here and gave her four orgasms and kissed just like you did on me. I deserve to hang here for a half hour because I was feeling sorry for my self for being here” “I want you to spank me. Amy never complained about being hanged here while we were kissing so I should be punished for complaining” Amy said, “let me spank her for complaining.” Amy opened her hand and hit Lyn on both cheeks leaving them red. Kevin lifted Lyn an took the flex cuffs off and kissed her, Kevin said, “You got four orgasms while Amy was hanging there and she did not say a word.” “Lyn you complained while I was giving Amy what I gave you and when you ask to be punished you will be punished.” Lyn said, “I deserved to be punished for complaining when I did.” “What I did was wrong.” “I am very sorry” Kevin said, “I accept your apology Lyn and invite you to the bed with me and Amy.” “I am trying my best to treat Lyn and Amy equally because I love both of you.” Amy said, Lyn and I bought you a tuxedo and we would like you to try it on to make sure it fits.” “We both have formal dresses that are a little sexy” “Lyn’s is red and mine is blue.” “I called the restaurant in Beverly Hills where we have reservations for 3 at dinner at tomorrow.

Kevin put on the tuxedo and it fit him perfectly but he had hard time tying the bowtie so Lyn helped him and he looked in the mirror and liked the black tuxedo with the black tie
Amy put on her blue sequin dress that came more than halfway down her thigh and was low cut in the front and even lower in the back with one inch straps.

Lyn’s dark red sequin dress was like Amy’s except for the color. The dresses were form fitted to show their slim bodies and most of their legs. The matching 4inch hi-heel shoes went with the dresses. That made both girls taller than Kevin. Amy put her digital camera on a tripod and set the self-timer to take picture of all of them. Both Lyn and Amy were stunningly beautiful even without make up. Any said, “All I need is a diamond ring.” Both girls had simple pearl necklaces. The girls carefully took off the dresses and hung them up in the closet with plastic cover to keep off the dust. Kevin took off his tuxedo and hung it up with the bow tie in one of his drawers. Now naked Kevin looked at Amy and Lyn as beautiful in every way. They helped each other with dinner as Kevin watched. Both just turned 18 yeas old with nearly flat chests with high small breasts the outlines of some ribs were visible with a vertical navels and their pubic hair was gone because it was laser treated and they both had long sexy legs. Amy was a little less than one inch taller than Lyn. They both wore their hair in ponytails that made their necks look longer. Kevin was 6’2” and 175 pounds very muscular.

After dinner they took a ride to the other house the girls bought. It was fifteen-minute drive and from the outside looked much bigger than they had now and they walked into the backyard and the pool was under a roof built in leaving a huge back yard with orange trees in the back. It was half-acre lot in this area of smaller lots. There was great view looking south this house being near the top of the hill just up from UCLA that could be seen below. Lyn said. “It ...

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