Kevin’s Dream Girls Chapter 4

Kevin’s Dream Girls Chapter 4

Dennis’s skills giving orgasms started and spread by Kristy and Nancy and the breakfast talk among the girls was that morning. Breakfast was great as usual and now it was time to dress for the morning run. The first group was growing with Dennis, Nancy and Kristy, who stayed with Pam, Amy, Lyn and Kevin. They were all able to stay within 80 feet of each other after 13 miles. They all skinny-dipped in the Pool to cool off.

Dennis was notified that his suspension for discharging his firearm was over and he would go to work with the police today He would leave 15 minutes early because of the longer drive. He would look into buying a motorcycle to make it there faster. A second call would have him go the site of his shooting to meet his lieutenant who wanted to talk to Kristy about her experience there. He would take her to his office for her great typing skill at typing up reports for the person that was on vacation. Dennis loved having Kristy with him and those requests were welcome.

Kristy was dressed conservatively business pants suit outfit and her blond hair was just long enough to be tied back in a ponytail. She was not sure she ever wanted to go back to the place where she taken and raped ad nearly killed there but she would go and talk to the lieutenant about what she would never forget. She loved the idea of helping Dennis in his office. She could type very fast and hoped that would help them. Kristy typed up detailed report of her abduction how she was treated and describing her feeling being raped and her horrible experience with almost loosing her life describing her fear and what she said to try to save herself and closing her eyes as the axe came down and the pain of the guy who raped her sitting on her to keep her from moving. She put another band-aid on the cut on her throat from that axe. Kristy printed it and put the pages in a manila envelope.

Dennis held the door open for Kristy just as he did when courting her but she though that has not ridden with him since then. She loved him deeply and agreed to marry him. Dennis said, “I really sorry to have to take you back to this place you may be trying to forget.” Kristy said, “This place is the worst of times for me an the best of times meeting you Dennis.” It was not far from where they came from and Dennis parked had Kristy stay in the car for now said, “I will back for you Kristy” Kristy said, “That is all right Dennis it will not bother me.”

“Lieutenant Peterson this is Kristy.” Peterson said, “Kristy this place is different than when you were here because we have recovered 13 young women so far who have died here from decapitation.” “I want to hear from you what happened to you and how you got here.” “You are the only survivor.” Kristy said, “I was out running at about 5am when I needed to walk and two men gabbed me put a blind fold over my eyes.” ‘They put me in some kind of van and took off my shoes and all my clothing leaving me naked.” “They took me into this house.” “I felt safe with the blindfold because I would never be able to identify any one of them but they took it off.” “I was tied up and could not move and I heard them saying they would be killing me.” “One of them brutally raped me saying it would be my final fucking.” “They ate lunch telling me I would not need any food because they would end my life soon.”
“One of them said I would not suffer long because he would chop off my head and fuck my freshly dead body.” “I never heard them address each other and say any names but I told them I was afraid to die today and I would become their personal sex slave.” One of them said I have only 5 minutes to live.” “They took me outside one of them sat on me and pushed my chin back on this log.” “I could see as he lowered the axe and cut me here.” “I suppose that was to create target for the axe to take my head off.” “The man that was sitting on me so I could not move was the one that earlier raped me” “The guy with the axe that would kill me is the one who wanted to fuck my freshly dead body.” “I was very frightened now because I did not want to die but it appeared I was going to die soon.” “He raised the axe and I closed my eyes expecting to die and I heard a shot.” “I opened my eyes and saw Dennis cuffing the guy that sitting on me the one that raped me earlier.” “The axe was on the ground next to me and the guy had blood coming down his head and I was sure he was dead.” “I hate to see anyone die but he was going to kill me and Dennis shot him in the head.” “I will never grieve the guy that was going to kill me.”
“Dennis cut the tie holding my wrists and gave me his coat to cover my naked body” “We walked to the van that got me here and I put on my running outfit and shoes and gave Dennis back his coat.” “Other police cars were arriving here now and I got a ride to the station where I left a statement.” “I was happy to be alive.” “I want you to know that “Dennis has treated me with respect and courtesy.” “I was almost 5pm when he dropped me off at home I gave him my cell number” “Dennis was suspended because of the shooting investigation but he was my hero.” “Dennis called me and took me out to eat with him the next evening.” “I thought I was not the first victim of these guys because they must have killed others.” “I am only 18 and wanted to live longer than that.” “I feel very sorry for the other girls who died here.” “I know what they went through.”

“Thank you Kristy now we both know what they all went through.” “Whenever there is an officer involved shooting there is an investigation and temporary suspension.” “I am sure you will agree that Dennis did the right thing.” “Kristy you are a very beautiful young lady” “I won’t blame Dennis from falling for you.”

On the way to the station Kristy put her ring back on. Kristy said, ”I told the lieutenant all about what happened to me.” “I did say you took me out to dinner the next night and the last thing he said he told me I was a very beautiful young lady and he said, He won’t blame Dennis from falling for me. Dennis said, “Kristy you are very beautiful and I did fall for you.” “You are also very intelligent and well spoken and able to express your emotions in your speech and writing.” “That makes me love you more.” “Kristy you have great legs, a beautiful body, perfect beasts and a beautiful face with blue eyes and blond hair that I love every inch of you.” Kristy said, “I am proud of the body given to me and want to show it off at home.” “I love living life naked.” “I would show it off everywhere if it was legal.” “Men get to go topless and everyone knows what breasts look like and I have seen women with bikinis so brief they cover only the nipple.” “I have a bikini like that.” “Everyone, women and men, have nipples and they all look similar” “Why do women need to cover theirs?” Dennis said, “I don’t make the laws but only enforce them.” “You bring up an interesting point because in many cultures women are always topless and it does not corrupt children or cause more rapes.” “It stems from women being considered property and keeping them tightly wrapped when in public.”

“We have the source of laws in England where it too cold to go topless and they still made laws against it.” “Kristy you are more beautiful when nude and only those in the house can see you that way.” “I read about a woman arrested for simulating nudity when out running one morning.” “She had a flesh colored top with nipples sewn into the top.” On the bottom there was sewing to simulate the texture and appearance of her vaginal opening.” She was arrested for nudity but she was not nude and they had to let her go because there are no laws against simulating nudity.” “That did not mean that people would call in and complain.” “From a distance of over 30 or so feet she look completely naked except for her shoes.” “After that she wore this nude looking running outfit and carried a sign saying ‘Not Naked’ sewed on to the top.” “She was wearing a sports bra and shorts that were not overly brief but they were flesh colored and made to look nude.” “Her midriff and legs were not covered but her breasts and pussy were covered and made to look nude and there was no law against that.” “This woman was running with her was an attorney that got her off.” Kristy said, “Some day I was thinking of going out naked on Sunday morning because there is nobody else out on at that early time.” “I won’t do that because I am chicken to try it.” Dennis said, “In the Netherlands some women go out topless even if it is illegal it is not enforced.” “Marijuana is openly sold and smoked and there are laws against that but enforcement is selective and almost nobody goes to jail for that.” “In this country we don’t have the right to selectively enforce laws.” “There are no laws against simulated nudity but it will get citizens to complain.” “If it was up to me I would not enforce nudity laws for young women and I would let marijuana be sold and consumed.” “I smoked pot some time when I was young and I don’t see any problem with it and women who look a beautiful as you should be able to show off your terrific bodies but cops have to enforce the law.” “If I was the only one in the office you could strip down and I would not mind but there are others there including women cops that would not like it.” Marijuana is legally a class 1 narcotic along with heroin” “Tobacco smoking kills 40,000 people each year and it is extremely addictive even more so than heroin.” “I am not aware of anyone dying from Marijuana.” “If you were to stand naked near the street you may cause a traffic accident killing somebody.” “Any child can look at pictures of nude women on the computer but that is not illegal because the Internet is considered free unless they chose to charge for some sites.” “Kristy you are more sexy than anyone on the Internet.” “I get to see you up close and touch you anywhere and leave my seed inside you.” Kristy said, “Thank you for saying this about me.” “I love you touching me anywhere when I am naked.” “Nancy loves it too.” “She wishes she could be your second wife.”

Dennis held Kristy’s hand in the elevator and walked into his office where Dennis introduced her to every one as his fianc? Kristy shook hands with everyone and Lisa kissed her on he cheek. There were a stack of hand written reports she would have type into the computer and print. The computer had program on it so she could type in the forms. After being showed what to do she exhibited her fast typing and reduced the pile of forms and printed them as she went handing them to one of detectives to sign. After an hour she was given a cup of coffee to drink. Kristy got to know all the detectives that she required a signature for them. Soon she was alone in the office because someone was murdered. Krista was shown how to use the phone and keep records of the calls. By the time they all came back she was done with everything holding a cup of coffee.

There were reports from the murder today and she quickly typed them up getting the proper signatures. It was clear to everyone that she could now do this job better than the woman she was replacing. She was commented on her good looks and was better looking than the woman on vacation. Kristy could keep up with the work being generated easily with no mistakes. Everyone in the office was pleased with her work and efficiency. Dennis said, “You are earning only $15 per hour now and you could have a permanent job in this building if you were not returning to school.” “I will give you recommendation anyway Kristy.” “You should take up writing at home and I am sure you would be successful at your own pace while at college.” “Yolanda will be back in one week an she is not as good as you are Kristy.”

Dennis opened the door for Kristy before driving her home. When Dennis got in Kristy said, “Being at that house this morning I wanted to thank you again.” “I remember fully expecting to feel that axe passing through my neck and everything going to black when you shot that guy saving my life at the last second.” “That happened to so many other girls there I had hard time not sobbing for them.” “I could never do your job investigating the murders of people the met the end of their lives by someone else where you were not there for them.” Dennis said, “It upsets me when we cannot ever find the person that ended their life early.” “I am glad I was there for you Kristy” “I saw you being abducted form two blocks away it took me a while to find the vehicle used to bring you to that house.” “I knocked on the door and got no answer so I came around to the back yard where I saw this guy draw back the axe and got out my gun and shot him in the head to make sure he did not kill you.” “I was the first time I ever drew my gun and shot anyone.” “I was only about six feet from the guy and I could not get to him without shooting him.” “When I learned of all the girls found buried there it upset me too for nobody being there for them.” “I was surprised when you were to be killed only couple of hours after being abducted.” “I would think if they went to the trouble of kidnapping a beautiful young woman like you they would keep you around for sex longer than that. They must have enjoyed killing the girls they killed.” “All of the bodies they found were girls that were decapitated.” “All the heads were found in the house in jars.” “There were 19 heads so there should be 19 bodies.” The guy holding you down will be charged with 19 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder enhanced by kidnapping.” “The other guy is dead because I killed him.” “I will never feel bad about that.”

“To change the subject I want to buy a motorcycle and stop at the dealer shortly” Kristy said, “That is OK with me but make it big enough for me on the back.” Dennis said, “I got class II endorsement a month ago.”

Dennis parked in front of the Honda motorcycle dealer and let Kristy out and they both went in to the showroom. Dennis walked up to a GL18HPNAM “This is gold wing with anti lock brakes.” “What color to you want Kristy.” “Kristy said I like the blue one.” The sale rep had it removed for to put gasoline in it and Kristy Dennis bought leather jackets and boots to fit them. Dennis said, “I have been saving for this forever.” He gave his credit card and put the jackets, boots, helmets and motorcycle on it. In 23 minutes Dennis rode the motorcycle home and Kristy drove his car.

Kristy remove her suit and shoes to become naked again and so did Dennis. Kristy said, “Dennis you can now touch me anywhere.” Dennis lifted her to his shoulders with her legs behind his head. He pulled her to his mouth and held one hand under Kristy and used his tongue and fingers of the other hand to give her several orgasms. After that, he put her down and they kissed passionately. Nancy was there and he lifted her to his shoulders and did the same with her. When he lowered her Nancy kissed him as well. Nancy got down on her knees and gave Dennis a blowjob so he would not show his arousal. Nancy swallowed it all before kissing him again. Nancy loved being here for Dennis and loved her roll as his mistress.

Dinner was ready now and they all sat down for another superb meal that everyone enjoyed. The chef was naked as well looking great for woman as old as her. Dennis talked about Kristy at the murder site and doing so well at work and the motorcycle he bought. Dennis also commented on how much he liked all the naked girls here. Today Amy and Lyn did the cleanup while everyone else went to the pool. Amy and Lyn joined in after cleaning. ...

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