Kiki in England.

This story was put together after all the themes were suggested by another poster.

Kiki in England.

Kiki an American was on vacation in England with two of her girlfriends. They had been staying in the hustle and bustle of London for two weeks. Their final week had been booked in a small village situated in the heart of the English countryside. Kiki’s grandfather had been stationed in the area during the Second World War. He had spoken so often about how idyllic the place was; and it was a dream come true for her to visit.

The girls were into their fourth day at the village; from their location they could visit all the nearby towns and historical landmarks. Having just returned from visiting Stratford upon Avon the birthplace of William Shakespeare the girls were ready for a drink and a meal in the village pub. The girls had soon become popular with the locals and were made to feel most welcome. There was a dart competition scheduled for that evening. Two of the girls played darts back home so they were eager to test their ability against foreign opposition.

After their meal they went back to the hotel to shower change in preparation for the evening.

“Girls you two go on to the pub; I fancy a nice stroll along the lane and round past the large house”.

The large house Kiki was talking about was in fact a mansion which was the centre of a huge estate. It was owned by the titled Lord Thornaby; who had just inherited the title from his recently deceased father. The girls had been told all about the local history of the area by the friendly local pub clientele.

“Are you sure Kiki; would you like us to do something else”.

“No not all; you two enjoy your darts. It will be wonderful to walk alone along a peaceful country road in the fall; I will call in the pub well before closing time”.

It was a very safe area to walk alone and freely; with very little traffic along the narrow lanes.

“Right we are off to whip the local’s asses; see you soon Kiki”.

Kiki loved this time of year; it was early fall and some of the leaves were just changing colour. She had bought a new trench coat after hearing many cautionary tales about the English weather. They had all turned out to be unfounded; but she was keen to wear her new purchase. There were also the sexy matching thigh stockings, thong and bra she had not yet worn.

The other two girls were both engaged to be married soon; so there had been no real sexual liaisons during the trip. When they were In London Kiki had danced with a man in a club. He had invited her back to his place for drinks; but she considered it far too big a risk with a stranger in a strange city. There was no way her girl friends would have allowed her to anyway. She did get to kiss him goodnight; but a light touch of his hand down her back to her waist was the only sexual contact Kiki had encountered.

She was feeling rather horny by now and could not even masturbate in comfort; with her friends always in such close proximity. She decided to dress in her new unworn stockings and underwear just to feel them. Looking at her self in the full length mirror Kiki did not know if she looked sexy; but she sure as hell felt it.

“Mmm nice feeling; think I will wear these with just my trench coat on top”.

Kiki set off down the leafy lane with the view of the cattle, sheep, horses plus acre upon acre of green fields. The huge mansion which was always in view looked an intriguing site. It was blissful she thought; the birds singing and the rustle of the leaves in the warm breeze.

Suddenly she found herself at the beginning of a long path leading off the lane; it clearly led to the mansion house. “It must be a rear entrance to the estate” she said to herself.

They had already seen the grand gates at the main entrance which was accessed from the larger road. “I wonder if anyone would mind if I walked along for a close look”. There was nobody around so she decided it would do no harm to have a little venture.

After leisurely walking for a few minutes she stopped at field with a horse in it. Kiki leaned against the fence and the horse instinctively ran over to her. “Sorry I have nothing to feed you; I can pull you some grass”. As the horse was eating the grass a voice suddenly startled her.

“Hello Maam can I help you”?

Where he had sprung from Kiki had no idea; but she was shocked and tried to keep her composure.

“Oh I am sorry; I am just visiting the area and it looked so nice along here; I hope I am not somewhere I shouldn’t be”.

The man was about Kiki’s age and she thought he looked quite rugged in a sexy sort of way.

“I love your accent Maam; you are American; not Canadian”?

“Yes I am from Virginia U.S.A; please call me Kiki”.

“Kiki it is; so glad I got it right; it’s hard for us yokels to tell the difference between you North Americans; are you staying in the village”?

“Yes I and my two friends have another couple of days; we have had four”.

“Oh what a pity I never met you earlier: I could have introduced you to Lord Thornaby. He and his wife have just gone away for their first wedding anniversary”.

With that statement Kiki knew she was not in any trouble for being there unauthorised and said; “That would have been special I so admire the house; that is why I walked along here; I thought I might take a closer look”.

“Please be my guest; I am Lord Thornaby’s herdsman Garvet”.

“You mean I can walk right on up there”?

“Only till you reach the door then you will have to go inside; Lady Thornaby would not be happy if she discovered I had left a guest outside”.

“Oh thank you so much; you are so kind”.

Kiki told Millers of their trip and all about her Grandfather on the way to the house. Garvet in return revealed that he and Millers the gamekeeper were in charge and the only two there while the Lord, Lady and very senior staff were away.

“Yes; even on their anniversary it seems the gentry can not manage on their own” he joked.

On reaching their destination Kiki was overwhelmed; she had seen large mansions, but this was aristocracy.

“I seen the Queens place in London and it did not match this” she exclaimed.

“I have had the honour of attending to their majesties here at Thornaby Hall” Garvet informed her with raised eyebrows.

“Now please let me take you for refreshments; then I can give you a guided tour of the house”.

They entered by a side which led to a kitchen area obviously used by the staff. Kiki with a cringe suddenly realised what Garvet’s next words were going to be.

“Here let me take your coat Kiki”.

Trying to act and speak as normal as possible she said;”Oh I will leave it on if you don’t mind: I still haven’t acclimatised to the English weather yet”.

“Would you like me to turn the heating up although it’s always very warm in here?

Trying to ignore Garvet’s puzzled look Kiki replied; “No thanks I am sure I will be fine in a minute or two”.

“Take a seat; now what can I get you to drink”?

“Whatever you are having will be fine thank you”.

“Good you can join me in a fine white “Bordeaux” from the Lords personal cellar”.

“Oh thank you a lovely choice of wine” Kiki smiled.

“Good maybe after that you will relax and take your coat off”

“As much as I want to stay; I said I would call into the pub; my friends will be worried about me and I haven’t brought my phone with me”.

“That’s soon fixed” said Garvet producing his phone and dialling. “Hi Amos this is Garvet have you got two American girls in there”?

Kiki heard the reply jokingly say “How many women do you want; any chance of leaving some for me”?

Garvet acted as though he had not answered; “Amos can you put the American girls on; I have their friend here and she would like to talk to them”.

“Oh sorry Garvet I will get them” she heard.

“Hello I have Kiki here for you” he said passing the phone.

They had a conversation and between chats with the pub landlord and Garvet all parties were satisfied everything was okay. Garvet assured them that Kiki would be driven back to the hotel if it got late.

Conversation between the two came so naturally and it was the best wine Kiki had ever tasted. The bottle was almost empty so Garvet began opening another one saying “I wish you would take your coat off”

The wine was making her feel very relaxed; and she felt at ease with Garvet’s easy going manner.

“Garvet if I tell you something; will you promise not to laugh”?

“Of course I won’t laugh; what do you want to tell me” he asked now very curious.

“Well” she said then stopping. “Under my coat I am only wearing my underwear”.

He looked as if he was about to burst out laughing.

“I knew you would laugh; I feel such a fool”.

She went on to tell him about how it came about; leaving the part about feeling horny out”.

“You must be roasting in that thing; at least open the buttons up”.

“I am rather warm now” she opened the buttons and untied the belt before taking another drink.

“Oh why am I worried it’s only like wearing a bikini; and I expect you have seen plenty of them Garvet”.

With that she stood up and removed her trench coat.

“You are wrong Kiki; I have NEVER seen anything as beautiful as you”.

Kiki was not bothered if he was spinning a line; his company and the wine had her feeling very horny. She almost wanted to stand up and twirl round for him. As they drank and talked across the kitchen table Garvet’s eyes began wandering down to her sexy flimsy bra and cleavage.

Kiki soon forgot that she was only in her underwear and was talking and laughing in the atmosphere. Garvet opened a third bottle and said “Here let me take you somewhere with more comfortable seating”

She stood up to follow and when he seen her at full length he could not resist her any longer. The matching stockings, thong, bra and her long legs; turned his already growing cock into one of steel.

As they stood by the edge of the table their lips fell together in joint craving. It was tongue searching tongue from the start. His hands began wandering up and down her back; before releasing the clip to expose her firm nippled soft breasts. Kiki in her passion was trying her best to unbutton his shirt.

He forced her up and across the length of the long kitchen table; seeing the damp patch between her legs drove him on at a rate of lust. He pulled his shirt over his head in one go and pressed his chest against hers to resume their tongue lashing. He raised himself to make way for his hand to feel her breasts and nipples.

“You have a fine pair of fucking tits Kiki” his mouth began moving from one nipple to the other sucking them in with as much tit flesh as he could each time.

Kiki was biting his nipples and trying to open his trousers “I want to feel your fucking cock in my hands, cunt, mouth and ass”.

In a gasped voice he said “You sound like you are up for it as much as me”.

“I fucking am up for it; I am in England in almost naked on a huge kitchen table with a near stranger in a fucking big mansion; I want you to give me a fucking I will never forget the rest of my life”.

“Take my cock out yourself if you want it cunt” he said and kneeled in front of her head.

“Worth fucking waiting for” she said after she pulled the zip down and yanked his trousers down by the sides.

“A fine cunt of a cock and balls; that’s the highest rating I ever give” she said caressing them in both hands

“You certainly know how to feel cock; not many women have that gift”.

“Do you know how to feel cunt? My thong is still on get the fucker off”.

Garvet climbed off the table removing what were left on of his trousers and dragged Kiki down the table by her ankles. First his hands began caressing her thighs on the bare flesh between her stockings and thong; and carefully rolled each stocking down and off.

Then in complete contrast he roughly put his mouth to her thong covered crotch. Biting in a full mouthful he yanked savagely at them; dragging them first to her knees then all the way off.

Holding her legs apart by the ankles he announced “I am a fine connoisseur of wine and cunt juice; let’s put yours to the test” he bent slightly down ...

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