Living with my older sister, Krystyn, at first was a bit difficult. I had just started college and my sister was in her final year at the same college. She had rules for her apartment but it was cheaper for me to live with her then to be in the dorms. My sister works at an Irish pub. Her uniform involves wearing a plaid skirt, stockings and a simple top. On her, the top shows off her nice tits. My sister has medium sized tits...32C. She is 5' 4", with shoulder length black hair with purple highlights, wears glasses and has some meat on her bones. She is not super sexy...just has that girl next-door look crossed with an Emo & Goth chick look. I know she does have a few tattoo's, on her inner wrist, ankle, shoulder blade, top of her arms and a tramp stamp. In addition, she has a small stud in her nose; her tongue, her lower lip and one eyebrow are pierced along with her ears. At the time, she is not seeing anyone. Her reason was she was too busy with school and work but I think most guys her age were still going after the sexy, slim bodied sorority girls.

I had never thought about Krystyn in a sexual, incest manner while growing up. I did not start to notice her until I was living with her. I thought she looked sexy in her uniform. She said how guys would hit on her all the time but leave her shitty tips. Many times she would keep her outfit on after she got home and when she would bend over I did catch myself several times looking down her top at her nice tan tits. One evening she caught me. I was on the couch in my work out shorts watching TV when she came home from working a mid shift. She told me she was going to shower and go out with some friends. She was bent over in front of me picking up a few things. I got a nice look up her skirt. Then she came over to the coffee table in front of me and bent over again. I instinctively looked down her shirt and at that time, I did not realize I was hard and it was showing through my shorts. My sister stood up and looked at me for a moment with an odd look. Then she said, 'I'm going to shower and go out now. I am glad you enjoyed your view.’ Then she went into her room and I heard the shower turn on. At first I wonder I what she meant then I realized my hard on was showing. Oh shit I felt embarrassed but the fact she did not blow me shit was puzzling to me.

All I knew I was horny and I needed jerk off. I went into my room and this thought in the dark part of mind came out to go through some beach photos Krystyn that she had printed out for her photo album. I found one of her in two-piece and quickly I took into my bathroom. I felt dirty and guilty for having it as I sat down on the toilet, pulled out my cock and began to stroke it. At first, I did not look at the photo of my sister but the mental picture of her bent over, looking down her top pushed me to stare at her photo as I stroked my cock faster. Soon those taboo thoughts were in my head and I was stroking my cock to my sisters’ photos as if she was a centerfold. She was not even naked and I was turned on beyond anything I had experienced before.

At the time, I had shut my bedroom door and bathroom door but I did not lock them. I figured my sister was in the shower so she would not know. I was stroking my cock as fast as I could as I held Krystyn's photo in my other hand. I was lost in a lust trance looking at her and I began to moan her name. I stared at her photo saying, 'I’m gonna cum for you Krystyn. Oh shit are going to make me cum.' I could feel a great cum load building as quickly as my excitement. I kept moaning my sisters’ name and then, suddenly, I exploded all over her photo. I think I nearly covered that 4"x6" photo of my sister. It was the largest cum load I had ever shot. It felt great and yet I felt guilty because I just blew my load because of my sister. I thought there was no way she would use that photo again. Then I heard a noise and I quickly put the cum covered photo into one of the drawers of my bathroom cabinet that I never used. I pulled up my pants and rushed out. I found the door of my bedroom shut but not closed as I thought I had closed it. Then I began to worry that Krystyn was in there or did not shut it all the way. I did not hear the shower anymore. I went back down stairs to watch TV as if nothing went on. My sister came down a few minutes later. She did not saying anything about her earlier comment. We talked for a few minutes and she left. Instead of going upstairs to get rid of that photo, I decided to play some video games and in the process, I forgot about the photo.

I was in class the next day when I remembered I had left the cum covered photo of my sister in that drawer. I knew Krystyn was home all day and I just hoped she did not go into my bathroom and found that photo. I had no idea how she would react but I figured it would not be a good reaction. When I got home, Krystyn was not home as she had a couple of evening classes. I headed straight for my bathroom and right to that drawer. I noticed the towels in my bathroom had been changed so I knew Krystyn had been in there. I yanked open the drawer, busted! The photo was gone and there was an envelope with a folded up note on it. I was freaked out as I nervously opened the note.

It read: "Thanks for ruining that photo of me with your cum. You are pervert. Jacking off to your sister and cumming all over my photo. That is fucking incest. Any other sister would have thrown your shit out on the street and called their parents. You are NOT to tell anyone about this or what is the envelope. Do not even talk to me about it or bring it up. If you do, I will fucking throw you out of here and tell mom and dad. Open the envelope you fucking pervert and read the note on it. If you cant agree to this then pack your shit up and get out."

I was beyond freaking out and my heart sunk as I put down the letter and opened the envelope. I had no idea what to expect...I just figured I was in a shit load of trouble. I found the note and a bunch of photos! The note said: "Ok you fucking incestuous pervert. You are to use these photos for your dirty, nasty, taboo fantasies. When you are done, messing each one up, you is to leave it in my bathroom drawer. Never tell anyone of speak of this to me. You are to act as if none of this has happened or else!'

My sister had taken a bunch of photos of herself in her outfit! She had posed in my bathroom mirror and took photos. There were full body shots, some closer photos of just her from the waist up. A few Krystyn had bent down and took photos of just her cleavage in the top and some with her face in the photo as well. Mixed in were a few of her in just a bra and boy short panties. I was speechless as I looked at them and my cock responded by going erect. I could not believe it...Krystyn gave me photos of her to jerk off to and cum all over! That forbidden lust took over as I stood there in my bathroom. I pulled out my hard cock, laid one of the photos on the bathroom counter and began to jerk off to my sister.

My thoughts were about her tits, how big they are as I imagined how they would feel in my hands. I tried to imagine how big her nipples and areola are and how they would taste as I sucked on them. I imagined my cock between Krystyn’s tits and in her mouth. I lasted just a few minutes before all that lust for my sister took over and I erupted with another big cum load. I made sure I shot it all over her photo. As I came, I was moaning out her name, I kept saying 'Krystyn I'm cumming, I'm cumming.’ I loved looking down at my cock, watching it spit a big cum load out all over Krystyn's photo. I was smiling ear to ear with pleasure and when I was done, I felt satisfied with the load I left on her photo. Then, following her instructions, I walked the cum covered photo over to her bathroom and left it in her drawer. I felt like I was leaving her a first place prize. I just wondered what her reaction would be when she came home to find that special prize waiting for her in her drawer.

Krystyn came home and you could feel a bit of tension between us at first. I did my best to act as if nothing was wrong, that she had not found that photo and that I did not find her response. Krystyn went into her room and I quietly followed her. She closed her door but I knew she was in bathroom. I could hear open a drawer and I knew which one she was opening. I just wish I could see the reaction on her face. After a few minutes, I could hear the shower running. I went back downstairs, back to watching TV. After a while, my sister came down stairs and just seemed to be fine. She sat next to me and we talked about our classes and homework before we went off to bed.

For the next week and half on a daily basis I left Krystyn my cum covered presents for her. Eventually I ended up with the last photo; it was a nice photo of her face as she was bent down with a great view down her shirt of her tits. I blew like crazy all over her face on that photo. I find her so sexy with those glasses and I did wish that I was really blowing my load all over her face and glasses. I pictured my sister licking my cum off her glasses and swallowing. Of course I imagined my sister as a cum swallower...what brother would not fantasized about their sister swallowing their cum load. As I left that photo in her bedroom, I wondered if I should say that was my last photo. Krystyn had not left me any more. I did not know if I said something if that would break the rules. I decided I had to take and chance and I just left a post-it note on it saying, 'last one'.
My sister was working the late shift that night at her job. I was up late playing a video game when she came home. I had grown accustomed to her coming home and checking her prize drawer that I did not give it a second thought about the note I had left on the photo. Krystyn did seem tired and a bit in a bad mood. I asked if work was ok and she said it had been one of those nights. She was tired, a bit cranky. She just wanted to change, have a drink and relax for a while. She went upstairs and I knew the first thing she was going to do was check for a cum covered prize photo.

Krystyn came storming downstairs with the photo in her hand. 'What the fuck is this? I said do not say anything about the photos?” I was caught off guard as I never saw my sister so mad before. She stood in front me, looking down at me and all I could do was look down her shirt at her tits! That pissed her off even more. 'Hey you fucking pervert, how about looking me in the eyes and not at my tits for a moment. Even though in this photo it would be impossible since you came all over my face and glasses.'

Then she went on,’ I cannot fuck believe you. Every day you leave these cum covered photos of me in my bathroom.’ I said meekly... 'But Krystyn that is what you told me to do.'

"OMG you pervert! I did not think you would fucking jerk off to me again and do it every day! How do you think I feel? I have no life between work and school. I am not dating anyone or even being laid and here is my own brother having all sorts of perverted, nasty, dirty, incest thoughts about me. There you sit, enjoying your sexual thoughts about me, jerking off your stress by shooting cum all over my photos. Do you know what the fuck you are?

I looked all around...'I'm an awful, perverted brother?"

"FUCK YES! And do you know what else you are?"

"Am in trouble Krystyn?"

"NO! You are a fucking cock teaser! Aside from the obvious of you continuing to stare at my tits I bet you are thinking about touching them or seeing them...right?"

Before I could answer, she grabbed the game controller out of my hand, tossed it aside and straddled my lap. "I have had it with you, the fucking photos and the fucking huge cum loads all over my photos."

She looked at me with an angry look, "Fucking grab my tits! Go on, it what you want to fucking do. Let's get it out of the way you fucking pervert."

At first, I did not know if she was serious or not. I hesitated and they Krystyn grabbed my hands. "Since you are being a pussy I guess I have to do this too.” She raised my hands and slapped them down on her tits. "Go on with them!"

I could not believe it! Krystyn tits were in my hands even though she had her shirt and bra on I did not care. I began to fondle away enjoying having my sister’s tits in my hands. Krystyn left me alone for a few minutes as fondled her tits. Then when I became exploratory, I ran my hands up to the top of her shirt to feel her tits that were exposed she got pissed again.

"Oh so you can't be happy just feeling your sisters tits through a fucking shirt. Now you want to feel them in the flesh. I bet you want me to take my fucking shirt and bra off so you can see them and play with them, don't you!” I did not say anything as she glared at me. "I will take that as a perverted yes."

She then yelled at me, "GO ON! PULL OFF MY FUCKING SHIRT AND BRA! DO IT!"

I reached down, grabbed her shirt and pulled it up. Krystyn raised her arms as I slid her shirt off. Then as I reached around her back to undo her bra, I felt her reach down to my pants as she undid them. I stopped for a moment. She looked at me, "You got a fucking problem? If you want to see my tits I get to see your cock."

I undid her bra as she reached into my pants and pulled out my hard cock. "OMG! Your cock is fucking wet and covered with sticky precum.” I slipped her bra off as my sister held my cock in her hand. She felt my cock become rock hard when I saw her tits. "I guess you like what you see. Now do what you want with them...this is what you wanted."

Her tits were better than I had imagined. I did not know she had a nipple pierced. I looked at it and she said, 'It makes my nipple very sensitive.” Krystyn has very nice nipples, especially when erect, the perfect size for sucking on. She has dark, medium sized areola too. I squeezed her tits for a bit, playing with her pierced nipples as well. She let out a small moan of pleasure when I played with her pierced nipple.

"Is that all you thought about doing to my tits while you jerked off to my photos? I would have thought your nasty, perverted thoughts would have been more creative.” At that point, I held her tits close to together as I bent my head close. I gave each nipple a light suck and flick with my tongue. When I did that to her pierced nipple Krystyn let out a very delightful moan. Then I felt my sister start to stroke my cock!

I stopped for a moment and looked at her. "Keep going my perverted brother. What did you think? I wasn't going to make your cock spew cum. You are going to fuck cum for me until I drain your balls."

In my head I thought, 'Holy shit! My sister is either very horny or she is nympho.’ Either way I did not mind having her hand stroking my cock while her nipples were in mouth and her tits were in my hands. I thought how bad we were at that moment, incest is the biggest taboo and our parents would kill us. However, that incest lust is so powerful and intoxicating as it just pushed all other thoughts out of my mind. Krystyn kept stroking my cock with hand, rubbing my balls with her other hand. She was also slowly grinding on me as well moaning as I kept pleasuring her tits with my hands, mouth, lips and tongue.

Everything about my sister was turning me on. Her glasses, her tattoo's, her piercing and just her over look. I used to think my sisters' Emo look was odd and I never, ever thought I would have this much lust for her. The more I thought about her in a lustful manner the harder my cock got. Krystyn was going to town stroking my cock. Her hand was moving up and down my hard shaft with great speed and incredible skill. She knew what she was doing. She was able to control my urge to cum quickly. When she began to sense my cum load was getting close to erupting she would slow down until the feeling began to subside. I did not realize it then but she was building up an even bigger cum load from me not that I had any complaints about that.

After a while, there was no way she could hold me back any longer. She looked at me and through her moans she said, 'I think I have made you suffer long enough. Are you ready to blow your load?” I moaned, 'Oh god yes Krystyn. Please let me cum already!"

Then my sister leaned back just enough on one hand so she could keep jerking me off. She looked at me and ordered me to look at my cock. "Look at it! I want you to watch when your cock spits cum on me!” Her skirt was lightly brushing up against my balls, which only added to the pleasure. I was enjoying watching her tits bounce around as she leaned back while stroking my cock. I could not believe my sister had me more turned on than any other woman, real or photo ever did. I was looking at my cock and her hand working up and down my shaft. I groaned aloud, 'Oh god Krystyn you are going to make me cum."

My sister stroked my cock slower, "What was that? I cannot hear you. Tell me...yell like a fucking pervert what you are going to do."

"Krystyn I'm going to cum! Krystyn you are going to make me cum!"
"Fucking say 'sis' I'm going to cum on you!"

"Oh god sis! I'm going to cum all over you! I'M CUMMING SIS!"

Krystyn aimed my cock for her stomach. I could not believe the sheer pleasure that rocked my body as the first, huge surge of cum shot out of my cock splattered all over stomach and pierced belly button. Then Krystyn aimed my cock higher just as my next spurt shot out of my cock. It landed on her fabulous tits. She aimed my cock back at her stomach as I unleashed the rest of my cum load. It was a dream come true watching my cock spurt cum out all over Krystyn's stomach and seeing cum on her tits as well.

Krystyn was yelling, "OH YEAH! That's it you pervert, cover my stomach. Oh shit your cum is so hot and sticky! Give me your big cum load." I emptied my balls in just a few big spurts. I got a bit on my sisters hand. She wiped off her hand on her plaid skirt then she grabbed my cock with her skirt. She wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly squeezed out the last bit of cum onto her skirt. Looking at me and then her skirt she said, “It ...

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