Large Family, Large Secrets. Part 1.

This story was written elsewhere and copied over to this website, there maybe parts that should have spaces when they don't, though we've checked, there could still be 1 or 2 mistakes.

This story is based loosely on a real family's story, there are parts that have been removed or simply not written, parts that are exagerated or entirely fictional, it was written with the help of the 7 main characters mentioned in this story, these are not their real names of course, this account was made by myself, but can be accessed by any of the family, they do not share this information with anyone except anonymously over the web now, starting and staying with this website.

Thank you for reading.


Another hot Californian day at a high school, where an 18 year old boy attends, Andrew, Andrew was fortunate to be blessed with popularity, well earned with his athletic ability and physical prowess, his book smarts and good looks but also a good dimenour to keep his ego in check unlike many others he might call his "friends", he also has a beautiful girlfriend, Nicole, a fair maybe slightly pale redhead with a georgous figure, she was often with her friends out of class but sat next to Andrew most of the time in class, she was also pleasant, but not as reserved as Andrew was, and could boast about her boyfriend sometimes too much, which unsurprisingly got on her friends nerves at times, none more so than her best friend Jazmyn, a near opposite of Nicole's appearance, equally stunning, but instead of a fair skin-tone, she was tanned and a brunette not redhead, but otherwise they were the same height, weight, and figure, often seen together, and often competing with one another over little things, as many close friends do, but she always had an eye for Andrew, which Nicole was oblivious to, but Andrew had noticed.

Andrew sat down with his lunch in the cafeteria, with his friends on the left strategically placed so he didn't have to listen to them, the whole row of seats to the right of him and front right were empty, alot of people were eating outside, as it was now summer and the weather for it, Andrew could hear a group on his right approaching, his cousin Adele who was a year younger than him, and two step-sisters, Rebecca, 17 and Jessica also 17 along with his sister Danni who was 18 the same as Andrew, all wanting their money back to go buy lunch, he held their money throughout the day, because they had a habbit of losing things like money through the small fashionable holes in their pockets or handbags or non-existent purses, so after his sisters first got him to carry their money, the rest all got in the habbit of letting him carry it in his far more secure wallet which was attached via chain to his trousers, safer still that noone would steal from him.

"Andrew do you have our money?" Rebecca said hinting at what they wanted, rather than asking.

"Yeah I've still got your money, how much do you want?"

"I've got money" Andrew's 'friend' James who was sat opposite hoped he might make some friends that
are girls instead.

"Not for them you havn't" Andrew asserted his dominance on the far smaller James.

"We don't want your money" Said Kelly, Andrew's year older sister, alongside his other cousin Chloe also 19, had just arrived with together.

"Do you want some money to?"

"We gave you our money this morning, so we'll all have it back now" Jessica said, she was sometimes blunt.

"I have money" James said again.

Andrew's two elders just stared at him, he stopped smiling at them and looked back into the group conversation going on to his right.

After handing over their money, the six girls split off in different directions each one leaving behind people staring at each of the finely shaped girls, though Andrew thought about it very rarely, his sisters, cousins and step-sisters were all babes, they each joined their respective groups of friends, Kelly however, waited, leant over and whispered in Andrew's ear.

"It's Friday, so could you keep it down tonight" She said softly, the breath of her voice tickling his ear and neck, Andrew hated it when she did that.

Kelly walked away, while others looked straight at her, Andrew faced forward, ignoring the invitation of a good view of Kelly's legs, only too lucky that had he done so as Danni returned and whispered in the same ear.

"Is Nicole coming over tonight?" Danni seemed to have a point to make.

"I think so, why?"

"Tell her not to scream so loud, some of us don't have boyfriends" Danni whispered softer in his ear this time, he hated it as much from Danni as he did from Kelly or any of the others.

"None of you have boyfriends" Andrew remarked not thinking of what to say in response.

Danni shoved Andrew, and strutted off to her friends, she may be angry but at least he wasn't as uncomfortable as she had just made him, stating she and probably the rest of the girls could here him having sex with Nicole on Friday nights, as they often did, was a scary thought.

At the end of the day Nicole and Andrew were walking back from School, hand in hand with Jazmyn and their group of friends in tow behind.

"I don't feel like staying around tonight Andrew" She didn't mean it, Nicole liked hearing people beg her to do things.

"Okay if you don't want to thats fine" His response surprised and annoyed Nicole.

"Don't you want to see me?" Nicole said in a playful voice, batting her eyelids, as she did when she wanted something.

"You can come round now for an hour, the girls wont be back for that long at least"
Andrew was not interested in her company today, especially after what his sisters had told him earlier, and the chances of Nicole not screaming were remote, so have sex earlier if he can rather than not have sex at all.


Nicole luckily seemed to have a similar idea in mind, and they turned down the long driveway that lead to Andrew's house, Jazmyn annoyed by this also turned into the driveway without realising, luckily before going too far she was stopped by her friends, who were wondering what she was doing.

"Where were you going?" Kylie asked.

"Haha I was just in deep thought and turned the corner with them" Jazmyn blurted out an excuse that did not fit her personality.

"Deep thought?" Jennifer sneered.

"You know what I mean Jen"

Jazmyn became aggressive to draw away from her stupidity a second ago, it worked and without another word the group continued down the street.

Andrew lived in a very large house, almost a mansion, payed for and owned by his father, a very wealthy if not obscenely rich businessman who worked with oil companies all over the world, and was only home a few times a year, often flying his wife, Jade, over to wherever he was, Jade was the mother of his step-sisters, and the closest thing to a mother he and the others in the family had, with his cousins parents leaving at a young age, and his own mother ran away before he and Danni were one year old, probably due to the stress of handling three babies alone, with little help from their father.

The gargantuan house had three stories, it had an array of bathroom's including en-suites, a large open kitchen leading out to a huge secluded yard and swimming pool, three living rooms, armed with minimum 42" TV's, three garages, private road/driveway and enough bedrooms to put all nine of the family into eight seperate bedrooms and a guest bedroom if needed.

Andrew and Nicole entered through the large front door, dropped their bags infront of the coat rack and then clambered upstairs, passionately kissing on the way up, with his back Andrew pushed through his bedroom door then kicking it almost shut, the whole time with Nicole's tongue in his mouth, they finally collided with the wall and stayed pressed up against it, eyes closed still exchanging an ever deepening kiss, Andrew's hand stroking the inside of Nicole's panties under her skirt, Nicole's hand rubbing his dick through his trousers, It was too much for either to keep up with their clothes on, after tearing eachothers attire off, Andrew threw Nicole on his bed, pulling her to the edge by her ankles, he then slid his face down inbetween her legs, his tongue danced around her clit, Nicole began to scream.

Danni returned home from school early today, rather than waste time standing with her friends, she thought she'd have a shower, when she entered the house, she saw Andrew's and Nicole's bags on the floor, and then heard the all too familiar sound of Nicoles sex screams, produced by Andrew apparent talents in the sack, Nicole considered plugging her ears, but knew it would not hide the noise or make it stop, instead she headed upstairs to sneak past Andrew's bedroom and hide in hers.

"Oh god Andrew! don't stop!" Nicole shrieked, she sounded sincere.

Danni had to admit, she could not imagine a guy ever making her feel that good or scream that loud, as she walked passed the door she saw it was slightly open, and could see the two lovers having sex, but instead of hiding in her room, she stayed and watched Andrew's impressive skills, he was fucking her with his impressive dick and at the same time rubbing her clit softly with one hand, while the other hand kept her head infront of his as they kissed, or at least kissed between Nicole's screams and Andrew's more reserved grunts, Danni was astounded she could be turned on by watching her brother have sex, and wished she could get that kind of treatment, maybe not from him, but when she imagined being treated like that, Andrew's face was all she could picture, she knew he was a handsome well built young man, but only just realised how great he would be.

The thought was short lived however, and the front door Danni had left open, slammed shut, she looked down, noone was there, the wind had caused it to shut, but Danni and Andrew stopped their loudening sex and scrambled to get their clothes on, Danni went into her room but couldn't close the door as it always made a noise when she did so.

"Who is it Andrew?" Nicole was worried Kelly or Chloe might be there, she was always intimidated by his older sister and cousin.

"I don't know, Who just came in?!" Andrew shouted down the staircase.

"Not a clue, did you close the door?" Andrew looked for an explanation other than one of his sisters hearing Nicole scream again.

"Yes of course I did!" Nicole defended herself as if Andrew were accusing her of something far worse, she had a way of over exagerating things.

"I'm going to go home and study anyways Andrew" Nicole seemed in a sudden hurry as she was not happy with Andrew's accusation, she was yet to put any of her clothes back on, but Andrew was less and less bothered by Nicole's absence these days and helped her change.

"Okay, I'll walk you out"

Nicole ignored Andrew's gesture to kiss before she left and walked off down the drive, suddenly Andrew noticed Danni's bag was next to his, he closed the door rather than alert Nicole, and searched for Danni.

Danni had been hidden now for five minutes and decided to carry on as she originally intended and have a shower, she grabbed a towel from the hanger and wriggled out of her clothes, then headed into her bathroom, and now unable to close the bathroom door, as it to made a noise when doing so, she decided she must get the doors fixed.

Andrew headed upstairs when he thought he heard footsteps, seeing Danni's door was open, he checked inside, finding her clothes in a pile infront of her mirror, then he heard the faint hum of the shower in her en-suite, rather than leave it at that, and go back, he crept torwards the bathroom door, and looked through to see Danni showering, Danni was a lightly tanned, brunette with large C cup breasts, Andrew had never seen her naked before, and the water running down her chest, legs and ass made her glisten beautifully, Andrew's dick was pushing against his shorts, and he looked like he was pitching a tent with them, when Danni looked over at the door, he hid and made his escape through her bedroom, but made the mistake of closing the door, and seconds later the shower turned off and Danni came looking.

She knew it was Andrew, but to state it might make him realize she had seen him with Nicole earlier, and if Andrew said he was there, he knew that Danni would know he was probably watching her shower, their silence in the matter remained for the rest of the day, to noones attention.

Weeks later back at school, Andrew continued to finish his assigned work while Nicole talked and occasionally jotted down something for him to check later, as was the norm in History, Jazmyn waited for Nicole to leave her chair, returning from the front of the class, she leaned on the back of Nicoles empty seat and moved her face close to Andrew's for a second so he would feel her breath on his neck.

"What are you doing tonight?" Jazmyn poked him for information that was pretty useless to her, but still she thought it was worth trying.

"I don't know yet, why?"

"Just wondering, I was planning on going for a run, If you're interested?"

Jazmyn was always hoping for a positive response, she knew Andrew was really active, so looking like they have common interests was a good start, though she's never ran outside of school before.

"You run? how far? since when?"

These were questions Jazmyn had not considered answers for, nor any other question, and the tone in which Andrew asked them made him sound unconvinced.

"Yeah I run, err pretty far? only for a couple of weeks though" Jazmyn shot out answers hoping they would make sense.

Nicole returned to her seat, always at the wrong time, asking further would arouse suspicion and Nicole knows Jazmyn doesn't run, so she retreated to her own seat, and conjured an excuse to her friends about why she was talking with Nicole's boyfriend for so long.

"What have we got after this?" Andrew quereed.

"Maths I think" Nicole's reply made it seem like the words were painful to say.

"Why don't we do something else?" She said hoping Andrew would agree.

"Like what?"

"I don't know, we could go to the toilets?"

"Why the toilets?" He said understandably confused.

"We could go into one of the cubicles, and I could show you how much it would mean to me if we didn't go to Maths?" Nicole gazed into Andrew's eyes and grinned.

"Yeah we could!" He almost shouted while jumping out of his seat, seconds after the bell sounded.

As Andrew and Nicole gathered their things, and headed out the room, Jazmyn watched in disgust, she had a crush on Andrew, and everytime Nicole kissed him it would annoy her, so knowing he was about to get a blowjob off her enfuriated Jazmyn, enough for her to chase after them and try to stop them somehow, she too clambered through the crowds of escaping students, ignoring her friends' hand gestures to join them, as she tried to catch up with Nicole.

Andrew rammed through the Men's toilet door pulling Nicole through by her wrist, they raced passed the rows of sinks and mirrors towards the far end of the empty room, Nicole shoved Andrew into the end cubicle and pushed him down onto the closed toilet, they rushed to get his belt unbuckled, once his belt was off she yanked down his trousers, and Nicole smiled as she reached down his shorts and his hard dick sprang out.

"I've missed this taste for too long" Nicole whimpered quietly, after hearing someone else had walked in.

With one hand at the bottom of his shaft slowly stroking it, she spat on the end and began twirling her tongue around it, using the spit to make it easier to to take in, she knew it was never easy to take his whole dick in her mouth, but she always somehow managed, Andrew's hands were pushing against either wall of the grimey, graffiti covered cubicle as Nicole opened her mouth wider bringing her tongue back, and she started sliding his dick back and forth in her mouth.

"Mmmm" She sounded as if she was tasting an exquisite dish.

Nicole was going slightly deeper everytime she put her head forward, while at the same time she would pump the rest his saliva covered shaft with her hand, and with the other she raised her cardigan above her B cup tits, where it rested ontop, they were large for a B cup size, larger than any other B cup, this also showed she hadn't worn anything else underneath.

Jazmyn could hear Andrew quietly sighing with pleasure, and the same from Nicole but she sounded like her mouth was full, Jazmyn knew she was too late to stop them, but curiousity got the best of her and she peered over the top of their cubicle, seeing Nicole had swallowed his dick so deep that her lips touched Andrew's balls, she had taken the whole dick in her mouth, something Jazmyn had never thought of doing before, but she was impressed further when Nicole emptied her mouth of his dick and could see it was quite large, bigger than any of her ex's, about 8" long, very impressive, straight as an arrow just perfect for Jazmyn and apparently Nicole to.

"I'm about to cum baby" He said as he let out another sigh.

"Then i'm about to swallow" Nicole smiled, and without any hesitation she took his dick all the way in her mouth and down her throat slightly, but this time she began pressing it deeper and deeper, almost getting his balls in her mouth also and somehow not gagging which Jazmyn knew she couldn't do, yet, Andrew threw his head back, as he did, he almost saw Jazmyn, she squatted back down on her side, but Andrew didn't seen her, now forcing his hands against the walls so hard the walls cracked and splintered.

"Im cumming baby"

Jazmyn peeked over again as Nicole used her hands to brace herself against the walls, her head was actually forced back an inch or two by the pressure of Andrew cumming, she fought down what must have been a huge gush of cum in her mouth, and to Jazmyn's ever increasing amazement, she kept swallowing his cum, three then four times, finally taking the last mouthful down, Nicole slided his dick out, sucking off every drop of cum and saliva left on it and then gathered for breath and they laughed quietly, but as they stood up, Nicole saw Jazmyn.

"Jazmyn?!" Nicole didn't sound so angry as she did surprised.

"I'm sorry, I followed you in, to err talk with you, but I..."

"Watched me suck my boyfriends dick?" Nicole interrupted.

"Well you did such a good job of it Nicole" Jazmyn smiled, hoping compliments could fix the situation.

"You think so? really?" Nicole was always easy to flatter.

"How did you take it all down like that?" Jazmyn was saying anything just to end the embaressment, as they started to leave and walk out together, Jazmyn remembered her bag and ran back.

"I'll meet you at the gates in ten minutes!" Nicole shouted down the long room.

"Okay, I'll finish up here and join you!" Jazmyn shouted back
Andrew finished messaging his friend who had tried to contact him half way through the best blowjob he'd ever had, as he held his half-hard dick to put back in his trousers, Jazmyn burst through the door semi-closed door and realising what he was doing, stopped him.

"Er what are you doing?" Confused but still horny he did not stop her from stroking his dick back to fully hard.

"Nicole said I could practice just this once on you, so I thought I'd do it now?" She stated calmly, as if telling him she was just borrowing a pen.

"What? No!" He said as if she were insane, realising she were serious and she kneeled down
"Nicole said..." Mid sentence she pushed him back down on the seat, she then placed his dick in her mouth.

"I could!" With a now full mouth.

Andrew knew too well Nicole would never say that, but the inside of Jazmyn's mouth felt great, no real difference to Nicole's, but because he shouldn't be doing this, the feeling was astounding.

She was not as expert as Nicole was, not pre-lubricating nor using her hands, she could only take half of his dick down and could not get any further, Andrew had let it go too far to stop now, but he needed to hurry and Jazmyn was not up to the task, he picked her up under her shoulders and placed her down in a squat, her back against the door, her mouth was level with his dick again now that he had stood up, and with one hand pinned both of her outstretched arms above her head, he began to thrust gently and shallow into her mouth, so she didn't choke, slowly he picked up speed, and with no objection or indication otherwise, was thrusting faster and faster towards the back of her mouth, he was getting about two thirds in now, and this felt almost as good as Nicole's earlier blowjob, only now realising his dick had been in two girls mouths only minutes apart from eachother, he had to try this with Nicole some time, but right now it's Jazmyn's beautiful face he's fucking.

"I'm cumming Jazmyn" Just saying her name and not Nicole's was enough to bring it forward.

"Wait!" Jazmyn pleaded.

She held out her hands in a cup infront of her lips for him, she knew she'd choke and splutter cum all over herself if he came straight down her throat, Andrew grabbed his dick and jerked up and down a few times, suddenly cumming into her hands, she tilted her cupped hands back so that his cum slid down her throat just like like drinking yoghurt out of a pot, she tilted them forwards again seconds later as Andrew squeezed out the last drops of cum into her hands, they knew he would not have the same load he produced for Nicole only minutes ago, though Jazmyn had wished he did, she had not realised she'd like it so much, and so this time she quickly pushed her hands against her lips so it was like throwing back a shot of vodka, finally licking the palms of her hands clean of her new favourite drink.

"Nicole can never know we did this" He assured her.

Jazmyn saw this as a chance to see if they could do it again sometime, she knew she could not blackmail him with this, as she had no proof and he would just deny it, though the thought of blackmailing him seemed cruel, and she pushed the thought aside.

"Of course not, but if you get tired of Nicole, give me a ring, I could use your dick in ways that she can't"

"I doubt that"

"Would she let you fuck her face?"

Andrew hurridly pulled his trousers up and buckled his belt while Jazmyn washed her hands.
"Yes she would" Andrew walked towards the exit.

"No she wouldn't, but I will, and next time, all the way" Jazmyn continued to do her make-up ignoring Andrews glance back at her, she couldn't believe how dirty she could now talk to him.

Weeks went by, and the Summer got hotter, Jazmyn rarely spoke to Andrew, but everytime she did, she'd cast a dangerous smile his way as she left, and were Nicole to see it, she would know something was wrong, or that something had happened, though often Andrew would think about Jazmyn and her offer, he would place it on a scale in his mind, on one side, Nicole, a girl brought up by obsessive parents with alot of money to waste on their 1 daughter, who made and lost friends quicker than the days went by, and on the other side Jazmyn, the younger of 2 sisters born from a single mother who is not as wealthy as Nicole, but taught her children to appreciate other things than themselves and wealth.

Four weeks after the incident with Jazmyn, Andrew and Jazmyn were finishing the only class they shared, It had been a long hour, with Jazmyn endlessly "accidentally" stroking the back of his leg with her foot, or stroking his arm with her finger, and once tripping on nothing just to grab at his dick and get him hard, a cruel tease, she had changed over these 4 weeks, aggressive, wearing sluttier clothing, and more aware of Nicole's obnoxious behaviour, taking advantage of its aftermath to swoop in and remind Andrew of her offer.

"So what are you doing tonight?" She asked as she did four weeks ago, Andrew thought she might have a plan this time, and he was not inclined to object to it so quick this time, but before Andrew could answer.

"Sorry! I mean who are you doing tonight?" She whispered in his ear as she got up.

"Nicole I should think, you're more than welcome to watch" Andrew was not actively looking to cheat on Nicole, so did not make it easy for Jazmyn to get her way.

"Maybe she'll let me join in" Jazmyn knew that would never happen, but saying it sounded hot she thought.

Jazmyn walked off, and for the first time, Andrew noticed Jazmyn's ass, she was wearing a small skirt and fishnet stocking but nothing else on her legs, the back of the skirt was caught and being held up under her studded belt, He could see her ass clearly, through the large holes in her fishnets and the black panties she had on were visible only on the top, otherwise he would not have known she had them on, Andrew looked around to see if anyone else could see, but Jazmyn had waited until everyone had got up to leave, and was at the back of the condensed group of students all trying to escape, only he was left in the class itself, aside obviously from the amassment of people still shoving one another to get into the busy hallway.

Jazmyn fixed the back of her skirt and glanced over her shoulder at him, stroking her own ass as she brought her hand back up to her bag strap, she had planned that whole thing perfectly for him to see, he now had a raging boner under his shorts, he got up like normal with his bag and headed straight for Jazmyn.

Now stood behind her, he placed his hands on either of her ass cheeks and squeezed them lightly, her ass felt amazing in his hands, and because he shouldn't be doing it like before, it felt even better, he always rated Jazmyn's looks similar or the same as Nicole's, but her ass was amazing, he needed to feel Nicole's like this at some point and see if there's a difference between the two, finally he moved his hands over her hips until he was in her skirt, gently carressing the inside of her thighs, the whole time looking forward to check for any observers, if anyone turned he would be able to pull out and not be noticed, Jazmyn made a little noise when his thumb rubbed again her pussy's lips, he used his index finger to tickle her, while doing this he was pushing his dick against her ass, and she was grinding him in response, his dick was getting between her cheeks even while restricted by his trousers, he kissed her neck and her head rolled around, loving the way he touched her, but as one of their class mates looked around, he pulled out and side-stepped behind Max, a tall, well built footballer, he wasn't noticed, as the group finally pushed through the narrow doorway, he slapped her ass loudly with his left hand, then turned off to find Nicole.

"Where have you been?" Nicole demanded.

"Nowhere? just walking here" An honest answer mostly.

"Well I've been waiting for you, I'm not coming round tonight, I've got a recital"

"Recital? for what?"

"I play the Clarinet now, I told you that didn't I?"

"Oh yeah, but you didn't tell me, Jazmyn did" He felt guilty saying her name, and it showed.

"Did she? how could she know" Nicole was surprised.

"Well you are best friends"

"No we're not!" Nicole lashed back.

"That bitch told my tutor Mr. Hilear about me giving you blowjobs in the toilets, and then Mr. Hilear told my parents"

"Why would she do that? why didn't you tell me?" Andrew already knew.

"To get me in trouble, the other girls think she's trying to split us up, cause she wants you, and you dont care"

"Huh thats strange, well I'm going to go home, bye" Andrew stole a quick kiss and headed out the door's, leaving a speechless Nicole behind.

Andrew half expected to find Jazmyn on the way home or get a message from her, but he found and recieved nothing from her this time, Andrew stepped through his front door and threw his bag to the top of the stairs, he had arrived home later than usual, and found Danni had also arrived earlier than usual, leaving her bag at the door, he moved through her room and the rest of the house to find her, but she wasn't around, he almost wanted her to be in the shower again, and on that thought, he decided to go for a shower himself, Andrew's room did not have an en-suite like the others, so he used the main bathroom at the end of the hallway, he inspected his naked figure in the mirror and turned on the water.

Danni appeared from the upstairs lounge with her books and placed them in her room, she then put on her shiny red two piece bathing suit and headed down the hall, but before she reached the top of the stairs, she could hear the shower going in the main bathroom, and saw over the edge of the guard rail, Andrew's bag, once again she did not feel like going downstairs and minding her own business, but rather spying on her brother, she slowly twisted the door handle, and slided the door open a few inches, where she could see in the mirror her brother showering, once again his well toned physique showed like no other, and the water running down him only amplified his physical prowess, Nicole hated that she was liking her brother more than she should, but could not think of an actual reason not to, though its something not generally accepted in society, incest is not illegal, just frowned upon, but this wasn't some weird perversion, he was a great guy, and she wants a great guy in her life, if only for the physical side of things.

Andrew got out of the shower and noticed the door was open, he got dried, tied the towel around his waste and headed out, not seeing anyone still, but there were no new bags at the front door, so it must have been Danni, spying on him? he thought, the sudden prospect of Danni having a interest in him was exciting, Andrew checked Danni's room again and as he walked past her window, caught a glimpse of her in the corner of his eye, she was outside on a sunbed, wearing a shiny red two piece bathing suit and some sunglasses, the beads of sweat sliding off her made her seem even more sensational than she looked in the shower weeks ago, Andrew headed downstairs, ignoring the fact he had only a towel on, sliding through the glass kitchen doors that lead to the pool, which Danni was sat near, he sat down next to her.


"Hi, could you rub lotion on me? I'm going to burn soon" Danni wanted nothing more than for Andrew to rub lotion on her.

"Sure" If Andrew said it any quicker he would have sounded too eager.

He squeezed out sun lotion in long lines down her front, from her nipples down to her ankles, he began rubbing it in from top to bottom, when he started on her breasts, he hadn't meant to massage them so much, but when he had realised, he could see Nicole staring at him over her sunglasses.

"I want the rest of my body not to burn to you know?"

Andrew woke up from his sisters breast induced trance and rubbed her stomach and legs down.

"Roll over"

She obliged him and he squirted more long lines of lotion from her shoulders down to her ankles again, rubbing down he carressed the side of her spine all the way to her ass, she breathed in with pleasure, once again Andrew became entranced by her body, this time her roundly shaped ass, he squezzed and stroked the lotion in, but when he went to move down her legs, his thumb touched the lip of her pussy unintentionally and she rolled back onto her front, but Andrew had undone the back of her bathing suit, and she was now naked.

Danni shoved Andrew, squatted down he easily fell back into the pool, when he surfaced he glared at Danni who was trying to tie her bathing suit back together, Andrew jumped out of the pool and chased Danni into the kitchen where she fell over and onto her back, Andrew fell ontop of her, fists holding him above her, his face inches from hers, his wet towel dripping all over his naked sister's body.

"So how long have you been here?" Andrew demanded an answer.

"An hour, why?"

"Were you out there the whole time?"

"No, why?"

"Well the bathroom door was open when I got out the shower, Did you open it?"

"Seeing as you spied on me a few weeks ago, when I was showering, I thought I'd spy on you"

Andrew's throat closed for a second, and he became nervous, as did Danni, she was gambling with her words but judging from Andrew's massage, she had nothing to worry about.

"You saw that? Why didn't you say something?"

"I didn't know you had been watching me until you closed the door"

"But why didn't you say something afterwards then?"

"I liked that you were watching me wash my naked body" Nicole was becoming aroused by what she had said, she could see Andrew was to, his dick was fighting against his towel to come out.

"So what did you think?" Andrew prayed for a positive answer.

"I knew you had a nice body Andrew, but I didn't know you had such a big dick"

"You've only seen it limp though, how ...

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