Laura and Ross

Fbailey story number 618

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had a very nice and unusual request, one that is easy to do. Thank you Laura and Ross.

THEY WROTE: “When you write one of your stories could you have a married couple with the names Ross and Laura. The rest is up to you. Thanks, Laura and Ross.”


Laura and Ross

Well, it wasn’t what Laura had in mind, not at all what she had expected, and certainly not what she had hoped for.

However, there she was standing absolutely naked along side the railroad tracks. Her husband Ross was sort of hiding behind a bush with a camera. She was trying to figure out how he had talked her into it. She was barefoot and standing about twenty-five feet away from the tracks on a concrete block that diverts a small stream from washing out the tracks. She was up a few feet above the ground and in perfect position to be seen by the passengers on that commuter train as hundreds of men ride home to their cars, their families, and to their wives.

She was nervous and scared. What if she got caught, what if she got arrested, what if the story of her arrest appeared in the newspaper. Then the whole town would know her as the Train Track Exhibitionist.

Her breathing was becoming labored, her nipples were hard from the slight chill in the air. She had goose bumps on her arms and legs. Ross had shaved her pussy bare just that morning. It excited him so much that he took her right there on the bathroom floor.

She was sure that she could hear the train coming. They knew the schedule. They had parked their car at a crossing near there on several occasions and that commuter train was very punctual, five twenty-seven on the dot, day after day.

Her husband held up two fingers. That meant that she only had two more minutes to panic.

Her mouth was dry, her eyes were blinking, and her pussy was wet. Yes, her pussy was wet. She hadn’t touched it but she knew.

Her legs started to tremble. Ross held up one finger. Should she run? Should she hide?

She had to pee.

Then she heard the sound of the train. It was coming closer. The noise was getting louder. She could see it way off in the distance.

When it got closer the adrenaline kicking in. She started to jump up and down, she waved her hands, and all of her fears went away.

The engineer spotted her and honked his horn, and he kept honking it until his three big engines had passed by her. There in the windows were a few men looking out. Some waved. Most hadn’t even seen her.

As the last passenger car passed by, she felt disappointed that the whole thing hadn’t been more spectacular. There were no heads sticking out hooting at her like she had wanted. No one other than her husband had even taken her picture.

She watched as Ross came toward her smiling and cheering. He had gotten a bunch of great pictures. He was carrying her clothes so that she could get dressed and then he would walk her back to their car and drive her home.

When he offered her, her clothes she took her shoes and said, “I’ll walk to the car like this. I am so excited. I wish that I could do this every day.”

Ross said, “My thoughts exactly.”

Laura froze in her tracks. She wanted to but she was scared. Her mouth was dry again, her breathing was labored, and she had those damn goose bumps again. Her fear had returned. She had been flying high then her husband had taken that away from her.

Ross said, “I was thinking that you need to do this a few more times. Most of the men on the train didn’t even know that you were there. You really need to do it again, maybe all week.”

Laura listened to him talk, she had thought that too. Yes, she would do it again. But…”

Ross said, “I think we can get away with this same spot a couple more times but then maybe we should move down the line a mile, just in case.”

That was what Laura was hoping he would say. He really did care about her safety even though she loved him so much that she had promised to do anything sexual that he asked of her.

She put on her clothes at a small clearing and then walked to the car where Ross drove her home.

They were too excited to eat so they just went up to their bedroom. Laura’s clothes melted off from her body. Ross was already naked and coming at her. She fell into his embrace and together they fell onto the bed. Laura felt his knee caress her pussy as he hit the bed. His other knee found its way between her legs and there she was spread eagle on her bed with her husband’s cock about to stab into her. Her arms were stretched out to the far corners of the bed and ...

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