Life as a boy/girl part 3

Chapter 3
I awake in the morning my ass burning. I turn around to see an empty spot in the bed. I sigh and sit up in the bed by myself. I hear the shower water running and look at the calendar on the wall.
“Today’s Friday….”
I throw the comfort off of me, stand up, and start stretching. I see my pants and boxers on the floor. I blush and pick them up quickly before Richard comes back out and put them on. I sit on the bed and give a sleepy yawn. I shake my head not believing I let him do that last night to me. I sigh and wait for Rich to get out. The water turns off a couple of minutes later and out walks a white muscular boy towel wrapped around his waist. He sees me sitting there and says, “Morning baby.”
I roll my eyes and ask, “Why does my ass burn?”
He just smiles and says, “I might tell you after breakfast.”
Since I already know I won’t win the argument I grab some clothes out of the closet and go into the bathroom. I check the hot water with the sink and find there is still some left. I set up my shower and take off my pants and boxers. I see Richard’s phone on the bathroom stand above the toilet in between the shower and sink. I grab it and yell out, “Rich! Your phone is in here!”
I leave it on the counter by the sink and get into the shower. I grab my wash white rag, the dawn soap, and begin bathing. I hear the door open and I say, “Your phone by the sink.”
The shower curtains open up and I cover up my junk and ask, “What do you want!?”
Rich stands there smiling and asks, “When you coming to fix breakfast.”
I push him to the best of my abilities with my left arm and say, “You’re so lazy.”
“Can’t be helped but yea its six thirty.”
I look at him like he’s crazy. It’s been a long while since I woke up later than I usually do. Today was going to be something other than ordinary.
“Alright alright hurry up and get out so I can bathe.” I say closing the curtains.
“Why can’t I stay and help.” He says in a suggestive tone.
“Yea right.” I say waiting for him to leave.
I hear him go humph than the door opens and closes letting me know he has left the bathroom. I sigh and say, “I wonder about that boy I truly do.”
I resume the cleaning of myself in a hurried pace now. I turn off the water after washing off the last bit of sods and quickly dry off. I put on my stripped white and blue boxers, a black t-shirt with a monkey licking an electric outlet with words under it saying stupid monkey, and loosing fitting blue jeans. I run out of the bathroom, turning out the light in both the bathroom and bed room, and head down stairs to quick something real quick. I run into the kitchen to see Rich watching T.V. in the living room. I sigh and look at the microwave clock that reads… five fifty. I’m a kill his ass but for now I grab some toast and put it in the toaster as I get a pan and some butter. I check also for eggs and fine that I have enough but need to go grocery shopping later today. I turn on the stove and start burning down the butter moving it around me with a flipper, as I like to call it, and check our spices. We have enough for the type of eggs everyone in this house like to eat. The toast pops out and I get a paper plate to put it on before putting in two more pieces. I grab the eggs and a pink bowl from the cabinet above the stove and begin cracking the eggs into the bowl. I grab some salt and pepper and sprinkle that in there.
“Whoa!” I hear Richard yell out.
“What is it?” I ask hoping he didn’t yell that for no reason.
“There’s a major storm heading our way!”
“Where from?” I ask now interested.
“The coast below us.”
I sigh as I pour the well-seasoned eggs into the pan, after whisking them of course, and wonder how school will go. I think about Eric and smile to myself. I hope to one day be just like him just less emo. The toast pop out knocking me out of my day dreaming. I sigh and do the toast again before turning my attention to the jelly. We have strawberry jelly, grape jelly, and blackberry jelly. I nod my head at the fridge satisfied with what is in it. I yawn as I close the fresh making a cool breeze roll over me. I finish up cooking at six twenty as his parents come down. There’s enough for everybody so we sit down and eat real quick.
“Great eggs as always dear.” His mom says.
I smile at her complement and say, “Thank you.”
We finish up eating and Rich’s parents leave for work. Well I guess home early to work early than.
“Okay well you tell me why now?” I ask the burning already gone.
“I don’t know if I should really.” He says walking into the living room where he grabs his backpack.
“What!? You better!” I say jumping on his back.
He puts me on his right shoulder easily and says, “Getting a little rascally there.”
“Oh whatever now put me down!” I say pounding on his chest.
“Hmmm. I don’t know I kind of like ya on my shoulder.”
“Come on and tell me why my ass was burning this morning.”
He snickers to himself and says, “What will you do for me?”
“Nothing.” I say matter of factly.
He swats me on my ass and says, “Well that not good.”
It stings a little bit but I take it and ...

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