Life story 3

Life story 3 -Original lemon by MISTER BIG T
Readers love these, probably since they are light hearted and quick jerk off material. Besides, it's not like there are that many hermaphrodite characters.

A horrible thing happened awhile ago. My mother broke up with my father… After he had cheated on her.

Honestly though, I was nearly going to throw in a party, since I think he is an asshole. But…. Mom, seemed heart broken.

"You are now all I have." she said as she hugged me close.


Days had passed, since father had been at home last time. I kinda had gotten used to the fact that it was just me and my mother.

One day however, I got off college earlier. I decided to suprise mom by cleaning the house, before she'd come back from work.

As I was ordering stuff around, a small tape dropped down from between several books.

Pondering why mom would hide a tape, I inserted it into VHS player.

It was a porn movie and not just anykind of usual stuff with porn actors.

It was my mom as a star, being fucked by various guys.

I gasped, because she was with three guys at once. I regonized each one, one of them was her brother, one was my father and one was my uncle.

I wasn't even that shocked, because of this as I was more shocked because I could feel my body to react to this. I could feel myself harden and my pussy getting moist.

I reached for remote controller, but just when I was about to stop it, I gave a gulp as I realized I really wanted to see more.

As embarassing as it is to admit, I moved my hand slowly down my school uniform towards my wet cunt and rock hard cock, slowly pulling skirt a little up and my panties all the way down to my ankles. I grabbed hold of my erect member and began to stroke it, watching my mom being sucking off two cock's in the video.

I slowly moved my other hand downwards towards my cunt and rubbed the pussy lips with my index finger. I blushed like a tomatoe, when I realized just how much it turned me on seeing my mom in this state.

I squeezed my eyes close as I pulled my left hand back from my pussy and reached up towards my blouse, rubbing my hardened nipples. I breathed hard as I felt myself about to burst already.

Just then, I heard the door slam behind. I spun around in an instant and saw my mother. I had completely forgotten the time.

She stood there, not saying one word. She knew what I was doing and what had turned me on so much.

Still, not saying a word, she moved behind my back and much to my shock, rolled her fingers around my erect cock.

"So…You like seeing your mom fucked?" she whispered into my ear.
"Yes, I love it…." I moaned, as she jerked me in very professional manner.

I couldn't take it anymore, I cried out as I ejaculated, sending my sperm across her hand.

She brought the hand up towards her mouth and licked it clean. I knew, what ...

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