Like Old Times 3

From Mike's perspective...

John and I were finding special times together. I'd always thought that men could find physical intimacy to be fulfilling, but never saw myself in that role. But I was slowly starting to feel a closeness that I hadn't felt in a long time. Not that I didn't find women attractive and enjoy their company. I guess I had to admit that I was truly bi. But here and now, my situation was with another man, and I was truly enjoying his company, both socially and sexually.

Friday nights we went to Molly's for a fish fry. This week, when we had a quiet moment, I told him that I had an idea to try. He gave me a raised eyebrow, as if to say, "You mean...", and I said, no, not especially interested in that, but I'll tell you on the way to your place. He paused and said, "There's something I have to fill you in on, too." Hmmm.

We didn't hang around long after we finished dinner and our beers. On the walk to his place, he asked me what my idea was. "Have you ever crotch fucked?" John said, "Maybe a couple of times. It seemed to work best for me, 'cause my buds had little dicks. But hey, we both should be big enough to make it work...". I reached over and gave his ass cheek a squeeze, then we walked quietly for a bit.

"So what was it you wanted to tell me about?"

John started, "Did you ever see my neighbor Cathy?"

"Tallish lady, trim, maybe early 60s, right?"

"That's her. Well I was going out to get the garbage can the other day, and she was getting her mail and said hi. We chatted about this and that for a minute or two, when I mentioned you came over to watch the game. She asked if the red truck was yours and I said yes." John paused then, and I gave him a 'so what then?' look, and he continued. "She said that I might want to be more careful about closing my curtains."

"Shit" I said. "Is she pissed?"

"Well, no, actually. I apologized and said I'd be mindful of it in the future. Then she surprised me by saying that I didn't have to on her account." Now I was surprised. John continued, "I asked, 'You don't mind?' and she said, actually she really enjoyed the show."

"Holy fuck."

"Yeah. Well, I told her I'd ask you if you minded..."

I thought about that for a few seconds. Voyeurism isn't something I'd done in the past, but the idea tickled my curiosity - and my dick. Then I thought of the possibilities, and told John, "Hey, let's run with it and see where it goes. It might lead to something very interesting."

"My thoughts exactly," said John.

In a few minutes, we reached John's house. Once on the way, when we were away from streetlights, we grabbed a quick kiss and feel. John was already hard, and I wasn't far off. At the front door, John left on the hallway light. It faced Cathy's house, and he thought it might be a signal that she should keep her eyes ...

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