Little sisters plan

This is a first attempt at a story. Please comment on what you thought

This story involves young teen girls and incest. If this is not your bag then please find a different story

It is a complete work of fiction and does not relate to any specific persons.

Its a Sunday morning and your bored so you ring me up for a chat, we get onto the subject of girls and boys we fancy when you tell me the most exciting story Ive ever heard. You begin to tell me all about the time Nathan caught you wanking in the park and the great sexual experience you had with him. It was the perfect way to lose your virginity you told me. I was slightly annoyed as I still hadnt lost mine but really wanted to, so I suppose I was jelous. The next thing you told me shocked me more than the first but it was a nice exciting shock. You continued to explain how you wanted to have sex with me and Nathan but you had been excitind by watching some bondage videos on the internet. I had not really got any experience with bondage but from your explanation it did sound intersting. We talked about how and what we would do and how we could get Nathan involved. Then you came up with the perfect plan.

I arrive at your house about 10am and you put your plan into action, first thing you do is call Nathan and invite him over, saying that you enjoyed the other day so much that you want to have another go. Nathan cant believe his luck and heads over to your straight away. While we are waiting for Nathan to turn up we decide to wear as little clothing as possible in order for the 2 of us to seduce him into an afternoon orgy of sex and bondage. As we get into your room we both start to take our clothes off until we are in just our knickers and bra's. I look at your body and just stare with lust, your skin looks so smooth and soft and you are just perfect looking. You notice me staring and say "Whats the matter Nat?" I look into your eyes and you see the lust in them. I cant speak, I just open my mouth and continue to stare. "You have to wait till Nathan arrives, then we can explore each other."

We sit in your room on the bed in just our underwear waiting for Nathan to arrive, Its seems to take him forever to get to us but eventually the door bell rings. We look at each other and giggle with nervous excitment at the prospect of the days events yet to unfold. You run to the door and open it slightly hiding your near naked body behind the door. "hi" you say, "Come in", Nathan walks in and you shut the door behind him. Once he is in the house he turns round to see you in your underwear. "Wow" he says, "You look amazing". You blush and say "Thanks" You tell him to follow you through to your bedroom, You can feel his eyes staring at your body and ass as you walk. As you get to your bedroom door you stop and spin round to look at him, with a cheeky grin on your beautiful face you say "Ive got a surprise for you. ""Oh really" he says. You turn to look in your room and see me sitting on the bed and you give me a wink. "Nat and I want you to do something for us. You have to agree before your allowed in my room" you say. Nathan has a slightly confused look on his face, "Yeah whatever you want" he says. You trun round and walk into your room closely followed by Nathan. He stops at the doorway and looks at me in my underwear. "Hey Nath" I say and he looks at me up and down, drinking in my young body. "Ithink Im going to enjoy this " he says as he walks towards the bed. You say to him "There is one other thing" "We want to include bondage" Nathan grins and we can see his mind working overtime on the things he wants to do to us.

Nathan composes him self and looks at both of us standing there nearly naked. Our 2 young bodies at his disposal, "You realise that from now on your my 2 little bitches and you have to do exactly as I tell you?" We look at each other and with nervous grins we look back at Nathan and nod our heads. "Good", he syas. "Firstly I want Nat to take of Sarah's clothes and then Sarah to take off Nat's clothes. I turn to you and look into your eyes, I reach around your body and grab hold of your bra strap. As I undo the back I can feel your skin touch my hand, it send a shiver of excitment down my spine. I feel your skin as I bring my hand round the front to your lushious tits. As I remove your bra and free your tits, they bounce slightly. I run my hand over your nipple and you let a slight moan escape your lips. Your bra drops to the floor, with my hands still touching your tits I slowly move my hands down your body feeling your young soft skin until I reach your knickers, I kneel down in front of you and slip my fingers inside the waistband. I look up at your face, then I lean forward and kiss your belly button. I pull your knickers down revealing your sexy little shave pussy. You step out of your knickers and I throw them on the floor. I look at your sexy young pussy, and kiss your soft hairless mound. "Thats enough" says Nathan as he steps towards us. I stand up next to you and we both face Nathan. "Your turn Sarah" he says as he looks you up and down with an approving smile. You turn to me and undo my bra feeling my pert tits with your hand, you take the bra off and feel my nipples go hard under your touch. You kneel down and kiss my belly until your hands grab the waistband of my knickers, You pull my knickers down to my ankles and run your fingers across my slit, sending yet another bolt of electricty through my body peaking in my ghard erect nipple.

"Right, Sarah go and find something to use as a restraint" Nathan demands and you run off like a naughty school girl, I am now alone in your room naked with my brother standing in front of me. Nathan steps towards me and puts his hands on my shoulders. Without saying a word he leans forward and kisses my lips softly and I fling my arms around his neck. He slowly slides his tongue into my mouth and explores my tongue with his. I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. He breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear. Once he is finished he kisses my lips again and steps back. You come running back in the room with some string that you found in the garage. You hand the string to Nathan and he takes it from you smiling at the plan in is head. He looks at me and says "Now I want you to do what I told you Nat". I give a cheeky grin and take the rope from him, I turn to you and look at your sexy naked body. Your nipples are hard and your pussy looks very wet already. Nathan tells you to get on the bed and lay on your front and to put your hands behind your back. as you do as your told I kneel on the bed next to you and do as I have been told. You place your hands behind your back and I tie them together with some of the string. Once your hands are tied Nathan tells me to lift you up and lay you on your back in the middle of the bed. Once you are in position he demands that you put your legs up in the air. As you raise them I grab hold of them and tie them together with a big gab between them. You look at the gap and are puzzled when suddenly Nathans plan becomes clear. Nathan climbs on the bed and pulss your legs over to your head and the length of string connecting them he places behind your head. You are now lying on your back in the middle of your bed with your hands tyed behind your back and your feet tyed together by your head. You have a panicked look on your face and it seems that your regretting having the idea. I lay down next to you and kiss your lips to help comfort you.

Nathan tells me to kneel by your head with my knees either side of you, I look down at your face and we both wait for whats next. Nathan stands at the edge of the bed and takes his clothes off. We both watch intently as his body is slowly revealed to us. Within in a few minutes he has nothing on but a pair of pants and we both look at his body and notice the boner he has pointing out of his pants. He removes his pants and his dick springs free pointing stright up in the air. He climbs on the bed and leans over your body, you can feel his dick resting on your bald naked mound as he lowers his head to yours. ...

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