Louisa's Lessons

Chapter 1 - Dad is not happy with Daughter.
Louisa sat on her bed thinking over the events of the last two weeks. She was 18 and had just finished college, and was enjoying her last summer at home before moving away to University. In the last two weeks she had begun secretly dating one of her fathers friends and colleague. He was 35, not that much younger than her Dad, but he was good looking and in good shape. Her Dad knew she was seeing someone, but she had managed to keep Greg's identity from him, but she knew she would have to tell him eventually; all the sneaking around was getting to her. She didn't like keeping things from him but she knew he'd go mental when she did finally get the courage to tell him.

Louisa had always been close to her Dad, as he had raised her by himself, her mother having died quickly after giving birth to her, but the last few years had been the hardest, with her Dad struggling to let her go and live her own life. She had known Greg for a couple of years but had only recently begun to think of him as more than her Dads mate. She had been bored of college boys, all they wanted to do was feel her up, and get into her panties. She was aware of her beauty and that she attracted a lot of attention, but she was not vain, and she wanted someone who wanted her for more than her looks. She was average height, beautiful clear ivory skin, dark chestnut brown hair, and sparkling green eyes, slim and toned with pert C cup breasts that fitted her frame perfectly.

A few weeks ago she had noticed that Greg had started dropping by more and more, quite often when her Dad was not there, and what started as awkward moments of stilted conversation quickly blossomed into an easy friendship. She felt at ease with him, he was someone she could talk to, actually have a conversation with. Then one day he had asked her if she wanted to go for a drink with him that night. She had said yes, and things had progressed pretty quickly. She had slept with him on the third date, and had never experienced anything like it, the college guys quickly paling in comparison. She had orgasmic several times, a first for her, and since then she had been insatiable, they fucked every chance they got.

She smiled to herself as she lay back on her bed, her pussy tingling as she thought about Greg and the wonderful things he did to her. She opened her jeans and slid her hand inside, starting to rub herself through her panties.


Dean was furious, sure that everyone at work had been laughing at him behind his back, laughed as his friend fucked his daughter! He had overheard some of the other guys at work on about it and confronted Greg. Greg denied it at first then realised there was no point, he was caught out, and admitted he'd been seeing Louisa for 2 weeks. Dean had gone mad, yelling at him, and storming out of work. He had meant to go for a drive, calm his nerves, but he couldn't concentrate, and so decided to go straight home. He wasn't stupid, he had known Louisa had been seeing someone but he'd had no idea it was Greg, and that she had been having sex with him!! Not his little girl, his baby!! He parked up and walked up to the door, surprised to find it was unlocked, he had expected Louisa to be out with her friends as usual.

"Shit" he muttered under his breath, not sure how to handle the situation. He went in, but there was no sign of Louisa. He sighed glad the confrontation had been put off for a few more seconds, but he would confront her eventually, he could not allow this to continue, absolutely not! He had done everything he could to protect her all her life, as she was the only family he had since losing Erica, and now something like this had happened! He felt his earlier rage boil up inside him again. He heard a noise upstairs, and so went up ready to tell Louisa she would no longer be seeing Greg.

Her door was open a crack, and he paused, momentarily confused by what he was seeing. Louisa was lying back on her bed, her jeans discarded on the floor with her hand in her panties, moaning and wriggling around. Her nipples were erect under the thin material of her t-shirt, and it was quite obvious she had no bra on. A light sheen of sweat made her skin glisten and the look on her face was one of pure pleasure. He jumped, suddenly aware he was watching his daughter masturbate, and disgusted to find he had a raging hard on. She looked up at his slight movement.

"Fuck...Dad...I..." She sat up quickly, covering herself with her blanket. Dean turned and walked away without speaking.

She found him in the kitchen a few moments later nursing a rather large whiskey.

"Dad, I'm sorry...I..." she mumbled. Dean cut her off, "where did I go wrong? You were such a sweet girl, I know about you and Greg." He looked at her, and she looked down ashamed.

"How long have you known?" She asked quietly.

"Oh about an hour and a half, I didn't want to believe it, but then I come home and catch you masturbating." He said masturbating with a sneer, as if the word has tasted bad in his mouth. "It can't go on you know"

"I'll never do it again Dad, I promise!" she looked up at him earnestly.

"Not the masturbating you silly girl, I meant you and Greg! He is just using you for sex, its all over the office, everyone thinks your some cheap slut including Greg!" he shouted a her.

"No! He wouldn't...he loves me, he told me" she began to cry. "No he doesn't! He just wants to fuck you, and you gave him exactly what he wanted didn't you?! I didn't bring my daughter up to be a whore!" He was getting angrier and angrier.

"You're just saying that! You're just saying it because you can't let me go! You want me all to yourself, I saw you watching me getting off remember, you fucking dirty pervert." She recoiled and fell back as he slapped her across her face, and began to cry harder, but still his anger didn't calm. He hadn't ever struck her before; he had spanked her a few times as a child, but not for many years. She sobbed as she clutched her hand to her face where a big red mark had appeared.

"Get up." His voice was deeper and throaty, and he was shocked to find that he was getting turned on seeing his daughter vulnerable and crying. His mind kept flashing back to images of her writhing on her bed. His cock began to grow and he found he didn't want it to stop he was enjoying this. He smiled to himself as he hauled Louisa up off of the floor.

"Daddy..." she looked up at him her eyes wide and afraid, she had never seen her Dad like this before, "what's going on?"

"Nothing," he grinned down at her, his cock now bulging against his trousers, "I'm just going to teach you a lesson that's all, because you have been bad, oh yes." She began to whimper as he picked her up and carried her into his room.


Chapter 2 - What has he done?
Dean threw Louisa onto the bed; still not caring whether she was crying or upset, his cock now throbbing against the confining material of his trousers.

"Quit crying!" Dean spat angrily, "This is your own fault! You need to learn Louisa! I am your father and you WILL listen to me and do as I say!" Louisa began to cry even harder. She had never known her Dad be so angry with her.

"Take off you jeans, now." He ordered her. She sat up her shock drying up her tears.

"W...w...what? My Jeans? W...what for?" she stumbled over the words, she was afraid of her father for the first time in her life.

"I said take them off, now do it!" he moved towards her and she shrank back almost trying to press herself into the bed.

"You have been naughty Louisa, what do I do when you've been naughty huh? I haven't done it in about 7 years," he thought back trying to remember, "Yes...7 years, that's right, not since I caught you trying to steal my cigarettes." Louisa's eyes widened, "You're going to spank me?" She relaxed a little thinking that this was all really some kind of stupid joke, thinking her Dad was just trying to scare her into realising how upset he was at the whole situation.

"Yea, funny Dad, you really had me going there, I was pretty scared." She held her hand out to him, it trembled, "look I'm shaking! So you got me pretty good." She looked at him desperately wanting to believe herself. Dean just grinned almost manically down at her, "Louisa I am going to spank you, whether you like it or not. You have to be punished." His tone was soft, gentle, the voice he used when she was upset and he wanted to comfort her.

"No..." Louisa breathed the word, unaware she had spoken at all. Rage flooded through her, she wrenched herself back, now she was against the wall. "No!" she yelled, getting to her feet on the big king-size bed, "I am not a child Dad! I'm 18, you think I am just gonna bend over and let you spank me? I don't think so!" She was shaking again but now from anger not fear. "How dare he?!" she thought, watching him closely for any sign of movement.

Dean had been thrown off by her sudden anger, he hadn't expected her to put up a fight, and she had looked so afraid, so vulnerable. He watched her watching him and took a slow step forward. She lunged across the bed, quite obviously aiming for the door. Dean had anticipated this however, and stepped deftly to the side, catching her in his arms. She fought to get away from him, struggling against him. Dean was already highly aroused and this was only making things worse. If he didn't get some release soon he wasn't sure what would happen. He held onto her tightly, feeling her fight drain away as she realised she wasn't going anywhere. He could feel her chest hitching up and down as she tried to catch her breath, her breasts heaving against him.

He could barely take it, her body was so tight against his, and his cock pressed against her waist. He wrenched her away from him, still keeping a tight grip on her arm, not wanting her to feel his hardness. "Not yet anyway." He thought to himself. Still holding onto her he pulled her towards the bed again and sat down.

"Dad, please, don't do this. If you love me, you won't do this to me! I am not a child!" she wept softly.

"You're my child, and I love you more than anything, so that is why I have to do this."

He pulled her in front of him and opened her jeans. His cock nearly exploded when he saw the top of the soft cotton that was her panties. He pulled her jeans down slowly his eyes devouring her as she was revealed bit by bit to him. Her panties were simple enough, but it was their innocence that turned him on. They were a very soft pink, with a darker pink ribbon trim tied into a bow in the middle. There was a tiny cartoon fairy below the bow.

"Cute" he said pulling her to the side and bending her over his lap. All her fight had gone, she lay across him as lifeless as a rag doll.

"Just do it," she muttered, "get it over with"

"She must be able to feel me," he thought, his cock was pressed into the soft flesh of his stomach, he could feel the warmth of her body through her top and his trousers. "Oh well, to late now" he thought. He looked at her ass as he raised his hand for the first strike. It was gorgeous, round and full, but firm, just like a juicy peach, and the panties only made the image more erotic. He debated whether to remove them, but decided he liked them better where they were. His hand whooshed through the air and made contact with her bottom with a loud smacking sound. Louisa gasped, and Dean's cock twitched and he felt a spurt of precum shoot out. He moaned involuntarily. He raised his hand again and brought it down with more force than the last, Louisa crying out with the pain. He continued to spank his daughter holding her down with his other arm, his aching penis twitching every time his hand connected with Louisa's sweet flesh.

Louisa tried to block out what was happening, trying to close her mind to everything, but every time he spanked her the pain broke through her barrier making her cry out. And she could feel his cock against her tummy; it made her feel dirty, disgusted and even more afraid than his hand.

"What if he wanted to do more, more than just spank me?" she wondered. She would take this, then as soon as he had finished she would be gone, she would leave, pack and go...

"Ahhh!" she yelped as her Dad spanked her even harder than before driving all thoughts out of her mind. At the sound of her voice crying out Dean exploded in an orgasm, his cum soaking his trousers and the thin material of Louisa's top.

"Urgh" he grunted and thrust his hips up pushing himself against Louisa's body as hard as he could, grabbing her tender red ass. She felt the wetness spreading against her skin and was turned on in spite of everything, her fathers cry bordering on animalistic. Disgust washed over her as her pussy tingled. His grip slackened and she shot up, "You dirty bastard, I knew you were enjoying this, you are sick!" she cried. He just sat there, filled with shame.

"I am so sorry Louisa, I...I don't know what came over me, I really don't." He meant it but even as he spoke, he felt his cock begin to harden again at the sight of her stood there in her panties and cum stained tee, her tear stained face looking back at him.

"Sick..." She mumbled as she turned and fled out of his room. He didn't go after her afraid of what he'd do if he did. He was sick, she was right, she was his baby, his beautiful girl, and he had violated her, destroyed their relationship, and probably driven her straight to the little prick who had caused all these problems.

Louisa entered her room slamming the door shut behind her. Not bothering to turn on the light, she sank to the floor in a heap. A million questions whirled around in her head, "Did she deserve this? Was it her fault? Did she enjoy it?" She began to cry again.

Her phone beeped in the darkness, she stood up and fumbled for the light switch. The room flooded with light and she turned it right down using the dimmer, until she could just see, she wanted to be in the darkness but needed to find her phone. It beeped again and she found it on her bedside table. She had a message from Greg. She read it and began to cry harder, her legs almost giving way. It said, "Hey Babe, heard ur Dad found out, that's bad luck huh? Maybe its 4 the best, it was good while it lasted, I had a gr8 time, Greg."

So her Dad had been right, Greg hadn't cared at all, she was just an easy lay and now things were out in the open he didn't care one bit! She hurled her phone against the wall, where it broke and fell to the floor in pieces. She was crying hard, and didn't know what to do or who to turn to. She couldn't tell anyone about this without getting her Dad into trouble, which part of her said he deserved, but she still loved him, and no matter what he'd done Greg had broken her heart and it was her Dad she wanted to turn to for comfort. She was so confused. She sat on the edge of her bed. She was scared to go to her Dad incase he struck her again, or incase anything else happened, she had seen the look in his eyes, the look that screamed that he wanted her, that he wanted to take her, and fuck her.

An image of her father fucking her rose to the front of her mind and she felt a sudden longing. "Urgh, what am I doing?" she cried to the empty room, "this is so wrong." She could not understand her feelings, she had never thought of her father in a sexual way, and after the humiliation he'd put her through tonight she didn't know how she could ever trust him again never mind want to go to him for more. She stopped crying and wiped her face, suddenly feeling exhausted. She wanted sleep more than anything. She curled up in a ball on her bed, pulling her favourite childhood teddy close and fell into a deep sleep, her Dad's cum still drying on her shirt.

Dean was no less confused. He sat on the edge of his bed for a long time, his head in his hands thinking about how he could possibly repair this mess. Nothing came to him. He was ashamed of what he'd done, and he wanted more than anything to go to his daughter and give her comfort, to talk to her and soothe her as he had done so many times in the past, but knew he couldn't. It was a wonder he hadn't heard her leave yet. He couldn't deny that he still wanted her though. He longed to touch her, but not like he had before. He wanted to love her, to caress her, not brutally fuck her, as he had wanted before. In the end he gave up trying to wrestle with his conscience and climbed into bed to try and sleep. His sleep was broken and uneasy as he worried about the coming day.

Chapter 3 - What happens now?
Louisa opened her eyes and sat up, ...

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