Lucy(aka Loos)

Intro: Just another made up character of mine. I wrote this in about an hour with no editing. I plan on writing the followup to this.

I hadn't seen my uncle Jon since I was 10. He had been over seas serving in the military
and then had lived in Korea for 3 years. My parents told me he was coming back to live
in the States. He would stay with us until he found a place of his own. After all he
was my fathers brother. I barely remembered him and they said it would be good to get see
my Uncle. He was family. I thought that would be great. I heard so much about him
from my dad.

I had just turned 17 years old. It was summer and school was out for vacation. I mostly
lay around the pool tanning in the back yard. We had a big house. My dad made a lot
of money. I guess you can say I was spoiled. Dad bought me whatever I wanted. He put
in the pool for me when I was on the swim team. He said it was for his little princess.
I felt guilty when I quit the swim team but I still loved the pool and used it often.

My family is from Puerto Rico. My mom and dad were poor in Puerto Rico. They did well
here though. I didn't know what it was like to be poor. I didn't want to know. I enjoyed my life.
Besides having money I had been blessed with beauty. Everyone told me how pretty I was..Everyone!
The guys at school told me I was "So hot!" Some of them couldn't keep their hands off me
and groped me sometimes in the hall. I learned quickly to stand up for myself and
wouldn't hesitate to punch one of them in the face if they tried that crap now.

I was short but a curvy young Latina. I have been blessed with perfect light brown skin, long dark hair,
and hazel eyes. I don't know how I got the hazel eyes. Boys and even men, told me I had beautiful eyes.
Yeah, I have heard it before once or twice.I hated guys my age and barely talked to them. They were
so childish. They didn't interest me in the slightest. For that reason I had never had many boyfriends.
I was still a virgin at 17 while most of my friends were fucking their brains out.

That following night we all sat down as a family for dinner. I had my hair pulled back
into a ponytail and wore long gold hooped earring. Us Puerto Ricans love our big earrings.
Uncle Jon sat next to me on the right. He was so cool! He told me that he had been in the
marines. He had fought in Iraq amongst other places. I wasn't listening much.
He was beautiful to me. He was not a boy but a man. His military training had done
his body justice. All I can say is that he was ripped from head to toe...muscular!
His smile was gorgeous. He told me how beautiful I was. I had grown into a
beautiful young woman and that I must be driving the boys crazy. I laughed and didn't
say anything but Dad confirmed his suspicions. "Every night a different boy calls,
but Lucy says to tell them she is busy." We all laughed. "I have to buy a shotgun to
keep them away soon." my dad joked.

It was nice to be with my uncle. Not only was he gorgeous, but he was kind and gentle.
When he hugged me I felt so safe in his arms. I didn't mind being pressed to his
muscular figure either. I usually wasn't too affectionate but I always found a reason
to hug him.

The next Monday when my parents went to work, it was just Jon and I in the house.
He was still upstairs sleeping in the guest bedroom so I went down to the pool.
I put on my large sunglasses and my white bikini. It was tiny and my dad disapproved of
my wearing something so revealing. He told me that's now what a young lady my age should
be wearing. He said it showed off too much skin. What did it matter if I was in my own
pool?I brought my I-pod with me to listen to while I tanned. I sat out in the sun facing
the house in a reclined beach chair with music blasting into my earphones.

I saw Jon through the window in the kitchen. He was up and making breakfast. He
looked out the window and waved. After a few minutes he come out the sliding door
towards the pool. I felt self conscious being in my bikini. This was the first
time he had seen me like this. I wanted to impress him but he was a full grown man now.
I'm sure he had seen much more beautiful women than me. I was just a girl. He
probably had any woman he wanted. Did I mention he was beautiful?

I got anxious as he walked over to me but tried my best now to show it.
"Hay Loos" he said as he bent over to give me a kiss on the cheek. He called me
loos, short for Lucy. "Hay Unc!" He immediately made me feel better about myself.

"Wow look at you! Now I see why your father has to chase the boys away. Wow!" he said
again. I giggled at him. He handed me a plate of toast and some orange juice.
"Ahh, how sweet. Thanks Unc"
"Anything for my beautiful niece. Can I join you?" he said sitting down in the chair
next to mine. "Of course"

We sat there for a few minutes just enjoying the sun. His shirt was still on.
"You can't tan like that you know. Take off your shirt or else your arms will be
tanned and the rest of you will be pale." I told him.

He smiled and then shrugged. Maybe he was just as nervous being without clothes around me
as I had been around him. He had no reason to be. When he pulled off his shirt my
eyes opened wide behind my sunglasses. Thank God he couldn't see my reaction.
He was my uncle but Wow! I wondered what it would be like to run my hands over
his muscled torso. I wanted to lick his body with my tongue from head to toe.
The first day after my Uncle came back I was already fantasizing
about losing my virginity to him.Is that wrong?

"Damn Unc, been working out much?" I teased him.
"Call me Jon, Uncle or Unc sounds so weird to me." he said.
"You're so big." I squeezed his bicep and he flexed for me. Oh my god I thought.
Wrap those arms around me! I felt up and down his arms for a moment enjoying the feeling
and then let go. I didn't want him to think badly of me but after seeing him with his
shirt off and feeling his muscular arms, all I could think about was him.
I wondered if he was just saying I was beautiful because I was his niece. I wanted to
find out.

I stood up off the chair. "Jeez its hot" I said and jumped into the pool.
I immediately exited the pool dripping wet. He watched me without saying a word as I
walked back towards the chair next to his. "I guess I need more sun tan lotion. That
was stupid of me." I laughed and he laughed as well.

I put my sun glasses back on so I could hide my eyes. I wanted to watch him. I wanted to
watch his eyes to see if he would watch me. I felt silly when I bent down next to him
to grab my lotion. I pretended to brace myself from falling by placing my hand on his arm.
I then sat in the chair and faced him, only feet away. I began rubbing
lotion on my shapely tanned legs and spread my knees open to rub it inside
of my thighs. I rubbed slow and deliberately, as sexy as I knew how. I watched his eyes
through my shades. He pretended to be reading a magazine but his eyes darted from
side to side. His eyes looked at my toned thighs and then shot back to his magazine.

I rubbed higher between my thighs until I reached my bikini bottoms. I remember
Jon turning to look at me. He looked me in the eyes and I smiled at him.
I rubbed lotion underneath the the lining of my bottoms and spread my legs
a tiny bit more. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. I squirt more lotion onto my palm
and lay back on one arm with my legs still apart. I rubbed my palm over my
flat stomach and circled around my breasts. He dropped the magazine to his waist covering
his shorts. Was he getting aroused? It excited me. After I was done applying lotion
to the rest of my body I held out the tube of lotion.

"Do you mind Unc...I mean Jon?"
"What?" he said stupidly.
"Can you get my back?"
He hesitated but shrugged and took the tube from my hand. I lay down on my stomach.
He kneeled beside my chair and started high on my back. He moved slowly down towards
my bikini bottoms. He moved back up. He was shy about putting lotion any lower, I could tell.
"Go lower. I don't want to burn." I heard him let out a deep sigh as he started from my
lower back and moved his way down. His hand stopped at my bikini and he dared not go further.
His hands on me felt great! I was getting aroused and I knew that I was getting wet beneath
my bikini bottom. It was innocent flirting. It felt good.

"Do my legs." I turned over on my back and threw my right leg on his shoulder.
"O..O..Ok" was all he managed to mutter out. He was too gentle.
"Harder, use both hands" I instructed.
He used both hands and rubbed my legs down firm. I was giving my uncle something most
boys only dreamed of in their bathroom when their parents were asleep. He rubbed my shapely
brown legs with his hands and I knew he was enjoying touching my tight firm body. My
leg was thrown up on to his shoulder. When he was done with my right leg removed
my right leg and put my left leg over his other shoulder.It was so quiet. I heard him breathe deeply.
Was he getting turned on as much as I was?

"Ok, all done loos." he said shyly.
I turned over and opened my arms. He hugged me.
"Thanks Unc" I said as he hugged me. I pulled his head into mine and gave him a soft
kiss on his lips. He didn't pull away. His eyes opened wide in surprise though.
"You're sweet. I'm glad you're my Uncle." I said innocently.
"Thanks. I gotta go inside and take a shower." and with that he took off into the house.

I went into the house 5 minutes later and heard the shower running. The door was cracked
open so I figured what the hell, it can't hurt to peek in and see if I could see his
naked body in the shower. I was still turned on from the pool. I was going to run
up to my room and finger my pussy but decided to see if I could catch him naked without
him knowing I was there.

As I walked down the hall towards the bathroom door I heard him making noises.
"Ohhh Lucy.." he said softly.
I tiptoed up to the door and peeked through the crack. What I saw next floored me.
He was sitting on the toilet with a huge cock in his hands. He was leaned back stroking
his dick up and down in his palm. His eyes were closed and his head was back. I laughed
to myself at the sight of his curled toes.

Steam poured out of the door as he pounded his cock in his hand. As excited as I was
to see this I decided I had better get gone before he saw me. I ran upstairs to my room
and proceeded to finger my pussy, all the while thinking about Uncle Jon's large cock.

I could have ended it there but after the pool and then seeing him masterbate I began
to think of him in a much more sexual manner. I began to flirt with him a lot! I knew
it was wrong but I was so turned on every time I saw him. He gave me butterflies
in my stomach. He was the object of my late night masterbation sessions up in my room.

Over the next few days, instead of hugging him I hugged and gave him a kiss on the lips,
at least when my parents weren't around. Uncle Jon didn't say anything about it. He seemed
more than happy to say good morning and good night to me. He got a free kiss after all and
got to wrap his strong arms around my tight teen body.

When my parents would leave for work, I would prance around the house in just a t shirt and
panties or my bikini bottoms. The first time he saw me in my panties his eyes got bigger but
he didn't say anything about that either. My T shirts were short and it allowed him to
see my ass cheeks wobble when I walked. I loved teasing him and it made me hot to think
that he might be laying in the guest room late at night, cock in hand thinking about

One morning he was sitting on the lunge chair watching tv. "Sup Unc?" I said. His eyes
looked up my bare legs and lingered on my white cotton panties I had on.
"Nothing, what's up with you?"
"Nothing, want to hang out?" "Sure, what did you have in mind?"
I shrugged. "I don't know, lets just watch TV or something."
I could have sat on the couch but instead sat on his lap in the lounge chair.
I placed my ass right on top of his large cock hidden beneath his shorts. I twisted in his
lap and rubbed his cock up against my ass cheeks and turned to the side. I threw
my legs over the arm of the chair. Laying my head back on the other arm of the chair
I let my bra-less teen tits press up tightly against the cloth. Did I mention how
much of a tease I was?

He shifted uncomfortably underneath me. I could feel his hard on through his pants
against my back side. I moved around a lot so he could feel my ass with that gigantic
dick I had seen a few days ago.

His hand gripped my ankle as we watched television but he dared not touch me anywhere else.
I thought it was cute. He was struggling to act as if he wasn't aroused when I was around.
I had him hard ...

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