Ma petite poulette,Amy. [ENGLISH]

This is my first story, so don’t be disappointed please.

After the cold winter passed by,Life went on in our village.
However Wwe came from the USA,they lived in Southern Germany.
Long ago,their grand-fathers had stayed in Germany after World War II.
Our Family( Robinson) was a very basic family, excisting out of a father,mother,daughter,brother.
And not to forget, our cat Mr. Whiskers.
Amy(16), the daughter, was the kind of student that doesn’t really care. If she gets a 6/10 her parents are glad, so is she. Hours, a day she would listen to pop music with lyrics that wouldn’t make sence in a hundred years. But I did, ofcourse , not mind.I listened to my Ramnstein music aswel. She never complainted. How ever our neighbours did….
I am Ricardo Robinson , Amy’s brother. Friends call me Ric. However we are American,we go to German schools. We speak English,German,French. I was the kind of student that wasn’t the famous football captain,but I wasn’t a nerd neither.But I didden’t say there are no nerds in here,god,the kinds with the glasses,fugly clothes,terrible.
One day Amy would come back to school , crying , god knows why… I was already back from school , since Amy was a grade lower then me, she had a expedition trip with some kind of German organization that teaches kids why Adolf Hitler was a terrible person, but the fact he got so many people behind him was a part they had to know for the History exams.
As the curious person I was,I nocked on her door,no music was on so she could hear it.With a red face,from crying,she let me in,we both took a seat,and as she expected I asked what was up.
“Go away! I don’t want to talk!”
“Amy,if you didden’t wanna talk you woulnd’t have let me in would you?”
I always took care of Amy,even if it costed me a broken leg.And well it did cost me a broken leg,haha.
But that’s a other story.
“Now,tell me easly,no rush,tell me what happened.No need for details,just what upsetted you…Is it a boy”
She bursted in to more tears.
“Easy Amers…”
That’s how I used to call her when I was trying to chill her.
“Well…you know Brian…he broke up with me a week ago”
Brian. Remember that kind of football captain I spoke about? He fits it 100%.
Amy? A boyfriend? She was attractive and all,I could now,but hell,if she had a boyfriend I would be the first to know.
“A week ago? Then whats wrong Amers?”
Somehow she was very calmed down all of a sudden. Did I help? Did she got mad? Wasn’t she sad at all?
“I saw him hand in hand with Serena.”
Before I entered that door,I knew the name Serena was going to be used. And no,it isn’t 2 girls that have a fight sometimes. Serena is just a bitch. The spoiled kind of bitch.
“Brian and Serena both aren’t worth getting mad about hun,-did I just say hun?-so please,don’t wory,be happy.”
She laughed.I knew she would,that song woulnd’t disappear from her playlist till she listened to her last song.
I stood up, went to the door while whistling Don’t worry Be happy.
“Ric,come here.”
Amy’s voice.I was surprised eactually.Not sure why,but ok I went in.
She made a move with her hand to show I needed to sit next to her.
Without further ado I went there.
“I really really apriciate it what you did,Ric.”
She layed her hand on my upperleg.
The feeling…it was stunning.
Something in my pants was moving.
My sister is giving me erection? A boner?
No, lets be honest here, like in all those other story’s,
I wasn’t fucking surprised.
I mean look at her. She is THE teenage girl you want to put your D in.
I’m just saying,I wasn’t surprised.
That there would eactually happen something next,I did not think.She’s my sister.
She had given me a boner so many times.
Without touching me that is.
This was the very first time she got me UP with a touch.
She layed her head on my shoulder.I said if we we’re gonna talk we atleast needed to get comfortable.
So yeah,after diner,we layed ourselves on the way to big matrass we both had,she with her head on my tummy,me ...

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