Man Handled In Prison

In 1991 I was a 22 year old that thought the money was in cocaine. I made good money at this profession but learned fast that people will turn on you in a heartbeat. It wasn’t long before officer friendly burst through the front door of my condo. My world turned upside down. I was able to get a sentence of 10 years and actually had to only serve 35% of that to be eligible for parole.

My prison time was to be spent in Monroe, Washington at the Monroe State Pen. This facility was really known for it’s sex offenders. At the time I was 5’-8” and 155lbs. I am German and Pacific Islander but looked Italian at the time. I heard rumors of rape in prison and needless to say I was nervous. I had a short stay but knew Monroe State Pen’s reputation for sex in jail. A lot of those guys were doing serious time there.

County jail was a piece of cake. No one gave you a bad time as far as butt sex. You had around 23 guys per cell. Now Monroe Pen. You would get a roommate. I had no desire to pack my shit and hoped I would get a cellmate who shared my same views.

The big day came when I was transferred and sent on my way to my new residence. I remember the guys all telling me about a big black guy named Bubba and that he would probably me my cellmate. I figured it was a myth and I would get someone more like me. As I was led to my cell, the inmates were relentless with their whistling and shouting. Woman always told me that I had a nice ass but was not enjoying the compliments from the guys. I finally made it to my cell and to my surprise, found out that I was the only occupant. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

That was short lived though during our yard time. Right away I was approached by the meanest and biggest black man I had ever seen. He wasn’t Bubba but went by the name of Jerome. He asked if I was straight or gay, I told him I was straight. Jerome explained that a good-looking guy as myself was going to be somebody’s bitch. He offered me the opportunity to be his bitch. He promised me protection and free drugs. I respectfully declined. For one my ass was, at the time, one way only. For another, Jerome stood about 6’-5” at around 325lbs and that was muscle. I did not want to meet his Johnson.

That evening the guards came to my cell, they informed my I was being moved to an occupied cell. My own cell was short lived. As we went up two levels we made our way to the end of the cellblock. At the end were 3 adjoining cells. I was led into the center one where Jerome greeted me. Turns out that Jerome had clout there. He ran the bloods and the cribs, which were the most feared gangs at that Penitentiary. Apparently he put the word out that he wanted me and no one was disputing it. I thought I was having it to easy up until that point.

Now I was very uncomfortable I knew what was up. Realize this, I was purely straight…this was never an option until that moment. Not that I wanted it to be an option; I really had no choice in the matter. I explained to Jerome that I had never done this before and wasn’t sure if I could. He told me not to worry. That was easy for him to say. That night during chow time Jerome stood behind me in the chow line. Every so often I would feel him push his hard cock right into my ass crack. He would push it into place and if I tried to pull away he’d just follow me continuing to press against me. It actually hurt a couple of times like he was trying to penetrate me through our jumpsuits. One thing was for sure this guy was hung.

After dinner we had free time. Jerome arranged for him and I to take our showers then with no interruptions. He said this would be a good chance for me to see what I will be up against. I told him that wasn’t necessary and that I would like to skip the shower. It was at that moment Jerome backhanded me sending me across the room. I came to on my back with blood coming out of my mouth. Jerome was sitting on my chest looking down at me. He grabbed my throat and began squeezing and yelling. “You will comply bitch! We aren’t dating here. You will suck and fuck when I say, where I say for how long I say starting now bitch!” With that he pulled out his cock, and while squeezing my cheeks together with his hand forced the head of it in my mouth. “You better suck it the same way you liked to be sucked bitch!” I twirled my tongue around it for a second then it got big fast. He pulled it out at that point seeing how it was getting wider than my mouth. I remember thinking how scared this guy was making me and how I just had a black mans cock in my mouth. Needless to say we went to the shower.

I felt dirty at this point. I actually felt a little sick with the thought of a mans cock in my mouth. Without saying a word, I disrobed and went straight to the shower. The idea of getting some quick alone time sounded good just then. I heard someone enter the shower and knew it was Jerome. I didn’t even look up, but just kept on rinsing. Jerome approached me from behind and said, “Sorry for doing you like that babe.” He then put his hands on my waistline and ...

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