It is important to understand that even though I consider myself Bi, this story is about my introduction to male bonding per say. It is the intimate details between my 37yr old cell mate and myself at 22. He was 6'-4" with a 10"-and a quarter inch black personality. I was a mere, and still am, 5'-8 @ 155lbs and Naturally smooth. My personality stands @ 7-1/2" very white inches.

Chapter 2
On our way back to our cell from the shower I remember feeling mixed emotions. I felt dirty and disgusted. Not for just doing the act but enjoying it as it happened. I thought that if I could get away with giving Jerome hand jobs, it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I could explain to him how I felt and we could compromise. I thought a lot of irrational thoughts during that walk to our cell. I refused to look at the other inmates; I could feel their eyes piercing me. I felt so humiliated.

Jerome and I made it back to our cell. Jerome told me he had some gifts for me and to just wait for him. As I sat there on our couch, (yes, he had a couch in one of the cells) I was trying to come up with a way to ask him if we could not try the anal thing. Also, I wanted to tell him that I would not want any cum in me what so ever. Just the thought of the act made my stomach turn. Upon Jerome’s return, I noticed his knuckles were bleeding on his right hand. He was pretty pissed. I felt fear enter me just with his look of anger. He then began to almost yell, “ That motherfucker thinks I run a charity here. There is no finance plan here. Motherfucker want to play, motherfucker better pay!” As I watched him clean off his hands I felt the fear increase inside me. I decided this discussion could wait. The way I figured it, he probably wouldn’t try anything on the first night anyhow.

Jerome then said,” Hey baby get over here, Daddy’s got some gifts for you.” I got up and walked to him. He told me to reach into his right front pocket and what ever was in there I was to keep. I reached into his pocket and immediately felt his throbbing cock brush up against my hand. I could feel he was happy and I felt myself feeling aroused. I felt something else and withdrew my hand recovering a pill container. He told me to open it so I did. Inside of it was about an 8 ball of crack. He then told me to reach into his left pocket. As I did so I literally had to push his huge cock to recover what turned out to be a crack pipe. “That’s it a baby, Daddy's got you a glass dick so you can practice sucking as you smoke.” I told him that though I sold coke I had never smoked it. He told me that he guaranteed that not only would I like it but also that it would make me extremely horny. I thanked him and told him I’d try it later. Jerome then put his fist in front of my face and opened his hand. It was a pill. He proclaimed, “that’s fine but I want you to take this now, it’s ecstasy and it’ll loosen you up for tonight’s experience.” With that said, I took the pill immediately. Jerome then said he had business to take care of and that he’d be back in an hour or two. Thank God I thought. Maybe if I am asleep by the time he returns he won’t pursue what I think he’s planning to pursue.

With-in 20 minutes I was feeling pretty good from the ecstasy. It was my first time to take it and I was tripping pretty well. The TV was on but I was enjoying looking around and I just had to touch everything. It was a real trip. An hour had lapsed when I found myself lost in thought. I was thinking not only of where I was but to whom I shared residency with and why. I was bummed out for about two seconds and then started tripping on some Hustler magazines. Shortly after in walked Jerome with a fifth of Seagram’s Vodka. He asked how I was feeling. He turned to look at me and from the grin on my face he answered, “Looking like baby’s feeling good.” I replied, “Yep!” then thanked him for the E.

I sat on the couch and began watching the TV. Jerome brought me a glass of Vodka on the rocks with a can of coke. “ This is what you’ll be doing every day babe, not bad for prison life. Just understand this, the inmates here not to approach you about my business and I never want you to be sticking your nose into my business. You will be taken cared of and that’s all you need to know. One more thing if you ever cheat on me I will have the motherfucker involved clipped, and send you out like trash to the wolves and you will be on your own. I am sure the white supremacies would love to have their way with a nigger lover.” I was so high that I happily agreed and then downed the entire glass of Vodka in one serving. I remember thinking how ironic it was that he was talking about me cheating on him when I wasn’t sure if I would give into him.

Jerome got up from the couch and drew the curtains down as to close out the rest of the population. I began to feel a bit nervous. I was glad I was buzzing so well. He turned on the boom box , then proceeded to turn on his black light and a lamp with a red light bulb.
Jerome disappeared into the adjacent cell that we had (It served as a bedroom), and shortly retuned in nothing but boxer and a big canister, which turned out to be lube. He sat next to me and asked me to pull out the glass dick and crack. I obliged him and felt my heart racing. He had me watch him load the crack into the glass dick and explained that to start out he was going to hold and light the pipe and I was to suck at a slow steady flow. I did as I was told. I began sucking slowly. Jerome moved his mouth next to my right ear and whispered in a deep tone, “ That’s it, Suck it slowly baby. You know you want to feel big black daddy’s cock don’t you bitch? You will submit and we will fuck all night.” I had goose bumps all over my body. I was actually totally aroused. Just then the rush from the crack hit began. I felt my whole body tingling as I kept holding in the hit. As I exhaled I felt such a willingness to do anything.

As the last bit of smoke left my lips Jerome moved his lips to mine and before I had time to think our lips met. I was so into the moment that my only reaction was to close my eyes and return the kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth and I began pushing my tongue against his. My whole body was limp as his hand moved down between my legs and began rubbing my cock as our tongues continued exploring one another. I began wondering if this is how women felt with us guys. I was lost in oblivion with this big black man on top of me making out. After a couple of minutes Jerome just stopped and stood up. He motioned me to do the same. I stood in front of him and he slowly turned me around until my back was facing. He began to nibble at my ear as he slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head. I was totally at his command and he knew hit.

Jerome slowly began pulling my pants down with my boxers. As they hit the floor I stepped out of them. He removed his boxers and their before me was the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen. Jerome’s legs were as big as my whole body. My only thought was this man was going to crush me and split me wide open. Jerome began complimenting how petite and smooth I was. He told me that he was going to enjoy watching his cock sliding in and out of my tight ass. He led me into the bedroom cell where he had a full king sized bed. He told me to lay down on my back. He disappeared in the other room and returned a few seconds later with the black light, drugs and drinks. The music was still going but was left in the other cell. He had me take another crack hit, which I was more then happy to do. As soon as I began exhaling Jerome started to crawl on top of me. On the bed I could really tell that this man was one big man. I was half is size all the way around. I couldn’t help my body from squirming in anticipation, Jerome lowered his mouth to mine and with out hesitation I allowed his tongue back into my mouth.

I could feel his huge 10+ inches rubbing my crotch and stomach area. It was about the same circumference of a soda can and literally felt like a arm rubbing me. Jerome moved from my mouth and began to suck on my nipple. They too were erect and stood around a quarter of an inch, which apparently Jerome really loved. Every part of me he touched would make my body squirm. Before I knew it I was pulling his big head down on my chest as his mouth kept working my nipples. I don’t know if anyone else can relate but I was totally submissive during this experience. I felt that I couldn’t react if I wanted. Jerome had complete control of every inch of my body. I ...

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