Marie's Christmas

I wasn’t expecting it to be a good Christmas. In fact I knew it’d be shit. James, my boyfriend of the last year, broke up with me after the Thanksgiving break. Apparently when he went home, he met his old girlfriend from high school and got back together with her. How sweet...

“Sorry Marie, I know it’s awful to you but its real love.”

I wish I had the backbone to tell him, “Go fuck yourself! You tiny-cocked sack of shit!” but instead, I was understanding, I told him I forgave him and didn’t cry in front of him because he ‘felt bad enough.’ I hate them both.

So I spent most of the time in the early weeks of December crying while studying for finals¸ or crying while buying presents on line for my family, or crying while taking a shower. I was a mess. I wouldn’t, however, cry in front of others. Lyn, my roommate, knew I was, but didn’t bring it up, just offered warm tea and condolences.

“He’s a bastard and she’s a diseased cunt!” was her typical comment when she saw me red-eyed.
I’d smirk and nod, it didn’t help but it was nice to have her in my corner.

“I’m going to go walk to the gym; I have to study for my logic course tonight.”

The season had turned and heaters were on everywhere. Frost was on all the cars when the sun came up but it wasn’t pure winter yet. I walked briskly, I had a jacket on over my gym clothes but my gym pants didn’t keep me warm with the cold wind.

I don’t like my figure and most men don’t drool over it. I am neither tall nor short, five foot four, I’m not busty; I wear a 36 B bra. My ass has curves but won’t stop traffic on the street, even if I am wearing tight yoga pants in this cold weather. I’m average weight which means that I spend too much time at the gym trying to be skinny, and failing. It’s good to be healthy and at least I can say that I am.

Otherwise I am not deformed; besides the red color they’ve been recently, my eyes are greenish/blue. I’m tanned but not dark. My nose is good, my lips are full, and my teeth are white and straight. My hair is lank, brown, shoulder length, and boring. Any change I try to do to it makes it look laughably unnatural, so I stopped trying new things.

No webbed feet, no neck tattoos or anything ridiculous, I’m not even a raging bitch. I’m just utterly normal and utterly forgettable.

Well, those depressing thoughts came to me as I went through the gym doors. I worked the elliptical machine really hard to burn off that kind of thinking. I needed the endorphins. My mp3s played and I kept at it for well over my usual half hour.

I finished and returned to studying. My classes weren’t bad. I’d pass even if I was an emotional wreck. I wasn’t worried about the exams; it was just that there was no post-studying/post-test-boyfriend-time to look forward to.

I called my Mom up. I was spending the holiday with her; my Dad was in Chicago with his wife’s family. My Mom walked on eggshells because I told her last time I called about the end of my relationship.

“How’re you holding up sweetie?”

“I’m fine Mom, as well as can be expected. I have enough studying to distract me.” That was an outright lie.
“I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing you and Memaw.” My grandmother lived in assisted care in my mom’s town.

“She’s got a new boyfriend. He lives in the same floor as Memaw. His name’s Frank Hoffmann and he dotes on her.”

Great my 74 year old grandmother has a better love life than me. Not to mention… EWW!

“I look forward to meeting him. I’ll visit her as soon as I get home. Mom I’m going to have some dinner, I’ll talk to you later.”

End of term parties started and I skipped all but one that Lyn dragged me too. I wasn’t in the mood and left early taking a cab back to my place. I packed my suitcase and listened to sad music. I’d be home this time tomorrow.

Lyn made coffee in the morning and she hugged me and said she’d see me after the break.

I drove home still in a funk. It took most of the day, my mom lived four hours away from school. I arrived tired, but I was happy to be home, at least happy to be away from school. I had dinner with my mom and took a long bath.

Baths do so much good and they’re so rare during the semester. I was able to really treat myself, it was luxurious. I lay naked in the tub feeling the warmth. My hand traced up my thigh and stroked lazily down again to my knee. Then it returned back up my thigh.

I wasn’t thinking about anything at all. Not my cheating ex, not anything; I just let the sensations take my body. My fingertips crept up my thigh teasing my furrow. I knew when I undressed that I needed to shave but I’d do that later. I usually keep myself almost, but not quite hairless. But I didn’t have anyone to trim for. I let my hand slide through the lips, the hair was soft and silky in the warm, sudsy water and body tingled as I touched my flesh. One hand curled up to pinch my nipple as I slid deeper into the bath and let my lower hand caress my clit.

A spasm twitched through me and I felt the smile on my face. It had been too long since I’d played with myself and far too long since I’ve orgasmed. My finger slid into my tight passage and penetrated the satiny flesh. I soon added another finger and twirled my thumb over the hood as the pleasure built up inside of me.

I slid further down into the bath to adjust the angle of attack till my body pulsed. My plundering fingers dug deeper and my thumb squirmed deliciously against my clit. I gave myself one last hard twist on my nipple and I flew over the edge into orgasmic delight. I kept my teeth clenched hard to keep from shouting out. I kept toying with myself; I came again before the water cooled enough to cool my passions. It had been far too long.

After cleaning off, I slunk off to bed. My semester was over and I was ready for a break.

The next day I went to the assisted care and visited Memaw and her new boyfriend. I was glad to see Memaw looking spritely and happy. Frank was a nice enough guy, he seemed a like a goofy old man, but he was intelligent enough and treated my grandmother like gold. I spent the whole afternoon with them.
I spent a long time with Memaw and Frank; they really were a cute couple, if in an ancient sort of way. I, of course, had to finish my Christmas shopping as well. I was able to find perfect gifts for Lyn and Frank. My family I had already finished online

So between spending time with my Mom, Memaw and Frank, and shopping; the days before Christmas flew by. My Mom and I were cooking for our Christmas Eve Dinner. Memaw and Frank were in the living room chatting on the sofa while old timey Christmas songs played from the stereo. They even danced to one of the old songs.

Frank was from German stock. He and his wife, as their families before them, used to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve; then receive filled stockings on Christmas day. He was joining us for Christmas, and wanted to give us a gift on Christmas Eve. Mom and I reciprocated and got him a nice bottle of brandy for that present. He gave Memaw a really beautiful bracelet. He gave my Mom a copy of one of her favorite movies on DVD. And then there was my present...

I open the box and saw a silver chain and pendant.

“A necklace.” I was astounded. It was hardly a stretch to give my grandmother jewelry but to give jewelry to his girlfriend’s granddaughter?

Frank said it was his late wife’s. “The family took all the jewelry they wanted but no one wanted this one. It was my wife’s and her mother’s and her grandmother’s and her grandmother’s mother’s. She was wearing it when I met her. I thought it was perfect for a young woman.”

It was quite striking. The chain was elegant and classic. The pendant was almost indescribable. It was a circle of silver which was etched and burnished in a wavy pattern; on the other side was an etching of a figure of a man in an odd uniform.

“It must be quite old then?”

“1815 or thereabouts, my wife had it appraised once. She found out there was a German who made almost a thousand of them so that it’s not really worth anything. That’s probably why the family all turned it down.”

“They were stupid to do that, if you don’t mind me saying so. It’s lovely.” It was too. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I finally tore myself away from being entranced and put it on and it felt comfortable and natural against my chest.

Frank appreciated his brandy and we all had a glass, mom only a small taste because she had to drive them back to their assisted care. It was a wonderful evening and Frank seemed to become part of the family. When my mom took them back I lay down on the couch. It was a nice Christmas Eve, there was even a little Christmas snow falling for a white Christmas. The brandy was having its effect and the world wobbled pleasantly. I saw little dots flit in and out of my peripheral vision, and was starting to realize brandy hits harder than I thought.

I saw one of the little dots had a face. I was able to track it. This was, definitely, not from the brandy. It was pale gold, no more than the size of a firefly, but whenever it came close I could discern the eyes, nose and mouth. It was certainly no insect but a tiny flying person. I would’ve thought I was hallucinating but the next time she (it was a she?!) came close I was hit in the face with powder.

It shut my eyes to keep the dust from blinding me. When I opened them again the small female was still rocketing around the room. I even saw another one in the branches of the Christmas tree and another took flight from the mantle joining its partner in the air.

Not only were there tiny winged people flying around my living room they were becoming bigger. They seemed the size of a small bird then kept growing; they didn’t change shape at all they just grew. Every time they came near I was hit again with their dust and they grew again. The Christmas tree struck me as odd and finally tipped me off to the truth. It was growing as well. Then I felt the couch grow behind me. Everything was growing, or I was shrinking.

My jeans, tight after the large meal felt tight, but they were feeling loose now. My bra felt emptier and my shirt felt bigger. Christ! I was shrinking. I stumbled off of the now oversized sofa, just as my shoes fell off my feet. My jeans were slipping down and the panties underneath felt baggy instead of snug. The new pendant I was wearing seemed to be the only thing that still felt comfortable even though it was undeniably growing as well. I held on to it like a lifeline to normalcy. It grew too big for one hand I still held on. I had to climb out of my pants and up out of my shirt before I was buried in an avalanche of cloth.

The necklaces chain fell around my shoulders, them my waist then off me entirely I could barely wrap my arms around the pendant. Then moments later it was the same size as me, or more accurately I was the same size as it. I seemed to have stopped shrinking. I looked at the pendant and saw the figure on it clearly. It was detailed like a full sized sculpture, like a real person, down to hairs and freckles in pure silver, though it was less than two inches tall. It had a handsome face, rugged and soldiery. Its uniform included even the button holes on the jacket, the cuffs on the trousers and bootlaces.

I saw another flash of gold and powder came down again, this time hitting the silver soldier on the pendant as I lay to its side. I turned and saw the golden winged woman, now quite a bit taller than me, beautiful and stately. I couldn’t register my astonishment about any of this before she walked up to me and stomped hard on my bare foot with what I thought was just a light slipper but was quite hard.

“There! Now you know you’re not dreaming.”

“Fuck!” Jeeze that hurt, “Fuck you lady, what’s your deal?”

“While we are on the subject, I am to be addressed as ‘you’re Majesty.’ I am the queen here and I have summoned you because we have need of your assistance.”

Queen huh? Well, she certainly was imperious but I don’t take orders easily from bitchy people. “You think I’m going to help you after you stamp on my foot and start giving orders.”

“If you believe you have a choice in the matter you are free to leave; but let me remind you that you are just over an inch and a half tall. It is just past midnight, the mice will arrive soon to tear you and us to shreds.”

I stopped whatever exit I was contemplating. I looked around and saw that my jeans were by the couch, my shirt was a little closer, but they seemed like a mountain range made of cloth. I turned towards the Christmas tree which was taller than any skyscraper I’d ever seen. One ornament on the lowest branch was the size of an SUV.

My resolve evaporated “Shit what’s going on? How did this happen?”

“Magic,” the Queen answered. “Give her a drink,” she said to an attendant. It hadn’t occurred to me before that I was surrounded by these technicolored, glowing, winged people; the cranky Queen had been my focus till then. I was brought a drink and the Queen and I were both brought chairs, I sat when she motioned me to.

“Now to tell you what you need to know. The faeries and the mice battle eternally we lose legions and barely keep them at bay. A German inventor aided us at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He gave us arms and even a clockwork general. We were unstoppable, but humans never live long and he grew old and sick. Before he died he cast pendants from silver imbued with our own faerie magic. The general he created could be reborn every Christmas eve so long as a young lady loved it.”

“Many years no ladies wore them, and many years the ladies died in battle, when either happened we were routed.”

“While we suffered the mice multiplied. They made evil alliances; now the spiders are our deadly foes as well. We need the General to fight them off. If we can defeat them tonight we shall be free of battle for a century. The Mouse King hasn’t been killed for nearly that long (the Mouse King’s coronation takes a hundred years).”

“Ok,” I said, “but what am I supposed to do? I’m not a fighter.”

“You will be tonight. You are fighting for your life as much as we are.”

I sat there drinking my tea, which was what the faerie drink resembled most but it did give a warm buzz like alcohol. The Faerie Queen further explained the plan.

“You and the General will take a small squad to fight the mouse king and his elite guard. Meanwhile, my Cavalier will lead the main force against the hoard. We prepare for battle in an hour.”

“Well, am I going to meet this general soon?” I asked. My head was swimming with it all. Talking things over with a faerie queen is fairly surreal. Maybe this general will calm my nerves or at least bring some rationality back to me.

I shouldn’t have hoped for that. The Queen gestured toward the necklace. Its chain was up to my calve and the locket lay on the ground as big as a bed. I walked over to it and looked at the silver figure. It looked back at me.

Well there goes my dream of a return to normalcy. Other faeries were around the locket sprinkling powder around him.

“That stuff supposed to free him?” I asked the one nearest me.

He nodded but continued concentrating on his task.

I turned to the metal man. “Can you talk?”

His mouth tried to open but there was no incision between his lips.

I turned to the faerie again, “Hey! Unweld his mouth, please.”

The faerie took just a pinch of dust and carefully dropped, grain by grain into the recess where his silver lips should part. The lips did come apart gradually and a dry silver tongue snaked over them.

“Drink,” he croaked, it’s the driest I’ve ever heard a voice sound.

I ran and brought him my replenished cup. “Here,” I couldn’t tilt his head up. I poured a small amount into his waiting mouth but he still sputtered most of it.

“Spoon it to him, his head won’t be released for a while.” The Queen said over my shoulder, handing me a spoon. I gave him a spoonful, then another, then another. His silver eyes gained a sparkle and life seemed to come into him.

“Thank you,” he said to me, his voice was strong now, deep toned, with just a hint of scratch still there.

“They’re freeing you it won’t be long. The Queen says we must prepare for battle.”

The silver soldier looked quizzically at me. “Faeries never remember that the way they prepare for battle isn’t the way humans do.”

“What’s that mean?”

“The faeries concept of preparing for battle is the same as their concept of mourning defeat, or celebrating victory, or anything else that they consider an event. It’s bacchanalia and orgy.”

As I was speechless the Queen was indignant, “You mean the human’s still haven’t adopted our ways?” Her tone showed she found this failing of the humans highly unreasonable.

“Your Majesty I only set next to her heart a few hours as a pendant, but I know her well enough to know this isn’t her practice.”

“Human’s are so ridiculous. Why is it that we must rely on them for our salvation?” The Faeries nearby put their faces further to their task so as not to be called on to answer.

The silver man continued speak to me, “Your drink is an aphrodisiac, if you have many more you’d be willing to participate in nearly anything.”

“It’s not as though we demand that you couple with everyone, you simply have to be friendly with your own squad which is rather small. The only requirement is that you two have to join together; but that is simple, she already loves you and never has a general refused his consort.”

“Wait, since when do I love him? And did you just call me a consort?”

“She loves me as a necklace your majesty it’s a sentiment far removed from lust or romance. You’ve been in contact with humans for ten thousand years yet you refuse to learn anything about them.”

“It matters not; neither you, nor she may opt out of the preparation. How could you ask your squad to trust you on the battlefield if you won’t deign to revel with them beforehand? This is not negotiable. My troops’ ways of preparation are to be observed and if we are to succeed they must trust you, both of you. You will not gain their trust in any other way. I have other things to attend to. When you are free, join your squad to prepare.”

She turned on her heel and was away. I hadn’t had a chance to say a single word in protest.
The General had a wrist free and he stretched it. “My apologies Marie, you didn’t ask for any of this. Now you have to go from confusion, to sex with a stranger, to the horrors of the battlefield.”

“Shit,” was my only response.

“Unfortunately for you, I obviously get quite the better deal in terms of sexual partners.” I turned towards him when he said this and saw he had a shy half smile playing across his face. It made him look almost boyish.

“Look, I’m sure you a nice guy; but I just got shrunk, told I have to help kill the king of the mice by the queen of the faeries, right after I fuck a stranger in the middle of an orgy. It hasn’t really put me in the mood, if you know what I mean.”

“I can understand how that would be injurious to your libido,” The silver gentleman said, “I’m sorry, I hope you don’t blame me, but as it must be… I’ll try to do my best to make it alright for you.”

“Thank you.”

“Have as much of the faerie’s aphrodisiac drink as you like. It will make the situation more palatable to you.”
Shit well it would help and I was becoming resigned to it. “I will, not that you’re ugly or anything it’s just the situation is so weird for me.” I said, resignedly. “Would you like one?”

“Yes please, not that I need it to be aroused by you, but a lady shouldn’t have to drink alone.”
I brought drinks for us. I had to spoon the glass to him while the faeries worked to release his head, neck, and torso. One arm was already free.

“I wasn’t planning on having any sex any time soon. It’s only been a month since I broke up with my boyfriend. Well, since I was dumped.”

“I know. It’s the one advantage of being a necklace lying against a pretty girl’s chest. You get to know her heart even if it is for only four or five hours.”

“I don’t think you meant that as a cheesy line and that makes it even weirder.”

“You’re having a surreal night.”

The faeries had released his neck and back so he was able to drink the next glass himself. I admit that I wasn’t feeling uncontrollably horny. I still didn’t particularly want to participate in an orgy. But I was calmer. The drink made my tension fall away from me. So did talking to him. I forgot that he was my necklace. I forgot that he was silver. I even forgot that I was naked and he was in his uniform. The General was quite good at calming me down.

Then, a minute or so later, I glanced at him and I ached, the aphrodisiac part of the drink came on strong. It wasn’t that he was unattractive; he was someone any girl would notice. His face was handsome with the classic strong jaw. He was broad in the chest and shoulders and slender at the waist. Now that his arms were free I could see they were thick and muscular as well. The drink just put me in the mood to notice these things.

He noticed my distraction, I must’ve not responded to something he said. I hoped I wasn’t caught ogling.

“I’m sorry. What were you saying?”

“Nothing much, it hit you hard didn’t it?” he nodded to the empty cup.

I blushed, “Yeah; hit me like a truck actually.” I was still embarrassed “Not that I didn’t think you were good looking before, but I had all the other shit on my mind. Now I’m ramped up whenever I look at you.”
I noticed it wasn’t just my mind that was reacting, my nipples were standing out proudly and I could feel myself getting wetter. My skin tingled with pleasant warmth.

“I can honestly say likewise. Granted, you’ve been naked the whole time too.”

“Should we have another?” I asked mischievously, I was starting to feel fairly naughty.

“There are no negative effects and the feelings will last till your final orgasm and leave your mind clear afterward. I would love to get more enticed with you.”

I got two more glasses for us. I sat very close to him and let my breast brush against his chest. The metal on his uniform had taken on the effect of fabric and teased my nipple while I teased him. He sipped once and put the cup down. He ran his fingertips up my wrist which gave me delicious shivers. His silver hand was warm and smooth. I could barely wait to feel the rest of him. I bit my lip in anticipation.

His fingers drifted over my ribs tickling them. His other hand ran through my hair while he gazed into my eyes. His eyes were silver on silver, and they seemed to bore into me. He drew my face to his and kissed me gently. My lips yielded against his solid ones and my mouth opened unconsciously and our tongues intertwined.

My breath was taken away, he was so completely solid. I felt powerless next to him but rather than making me nervous, I was thrilled and surrendered to him.

I squirmed over his lap, while our mouths were locked together. My hips ground against him, my pussy crushed itself against a statue-like crotch. His hand slid up to cup my breasts. I moaned and thrust at him even more. My hand slid down his jacket to his pants. I had such a need to feel him.

“Shit!” I said. His clothes hadn’t been faerie dusted, so were still welded to him.

“Shit.” He echoed. He looked around and saw the faeries waiting patiently so they could continue their work. We had delayed them in their job of freeing the silver man.

“It should only take a minute or two to finish releasing you General. If we may proceed?” Their leader stated.

The General nodded to the faerie then looked bashfully at me.

Another glowing figure approached us. He stopped, bowed, and addressed the silver general.

“General, the revels will take place over there” He pointed to the clearing under the coffee table. “Your consorts clothing has been removed by a team to under the full-sized humans’ large chair, so that her mother’s suspicions won’t be aroused.”

My mother; She must be coming home at any moment. She’ll think I simply went to bed as it must be after one a.m. now. So much has happened in just over an hour. How much more will happen in the hours before dawn? An orgy and a battle; the former I was now strongly yearning for, and the latter didn’t terrify me as much as it should. The sexuality I felt coursing through me seemed to strangely focus my mind.

Obviously the work of the aphrodisiac drink.

The messenger continued, “The battle will occur on the main floor. Your squad shall move amongst the humans’ presents toward the tree’s trunk. That is the Mouse King’s encampment.”

“You will meet your squad in the revels. They are the Black-glowing Guard. So you can identify them. The Queen also insists that you and your consort meet with her before setting off for the fight.”

“Understood, my thanks for the information,” the General replied.

The messenger clicked his heels, bowed again, turned sharply, and strode quickly away.

The leader of the Faerie workers came forward lending a hand to helping the General out of the charm. He stood stiffly while the faerie patted him down with dust, making his metal clothes more cloth-like, or at least more chainmail-like.

The General helped himself to a handful of the dust and unwelded the silver clothing from his silver skin.
He turned back to me self consciously and expectantly. Once again he looked nearly boyish, as though he thought I wouldn’t be pleased with him now that I saw him standing.

I reassured him by standing on tip-toes to kiss him deeply. He reacted by sweeping my up by my hips to return the kiss.

“Let’s go I can’t wait much longer for you,” he told me.

“Now that you can remove your clothes I can’t wait either,” was my reply.

He put me down and we headed swiftly toward the revelry.

The underside of the coffee table glowed with hundreds of colors as illuminated pulses flew across the air. You could see faeries coupling midflight as well as on the floor. A pink glowing pixie-ish woman rode in the lap of an enormous buff brown faerie. Two male blue faeries were on either end of a very pleased peach glowing woman.

Glasses of aphrodisiac were on stands everywhere. I took a glass just to calm my nerves.

“Come on,” said the General nodding toward the outskirts. We walked out of the swirling rainbow towards several splotches of undiluted colors. We first passed ...

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