Maybe Im Gay Chapter 6

Maybe I’m Gay Chapter 6 MMMM/t

After the half term session with Tony and Bob my bum was sore and my tits were bruised, and they hurt when my top touched or rubbed them, When that happened it just reminded me of what we had done, and I got horny feelings. My bum got better after a couple of days, but it was like a week before my tits did. I hoped Tony would meet me on Sunday but he never. He kept sending me little bits of the video they had taken and, yeah it did look sexy. I did look like a dirty slut, sucking a cock or being fucked or fingering my own bum. I also got some weird calls and txt’s from men who had seen my number in the toilet at BK. Some we like interesting but I was a bit scared. Tony and Bob had hurt me a bit, but that was horny and I like trusted them not to hurt me too much, just enough to feel sexy: but a total stranger might be a murderer or really hurt me or something so I chatted but never said I would meet any of them. Each time I did get quite horny and I wanked off after and I started to think about where there might be other places to meet men. I did find a bog where I could kneel down and get wanked off, and the men were really pleased when I wanked them as well, but it was not as much fun as really being with a man.

When I went back to school I found I was looking at my teacher differently and wondering if any of them liked sex with boys. I began to wonder if I might be gay or if it was just the sex? I couldn’t be gay. I didn’t look gay and I didn’t act gay or anything. I liked and played football so I couldn’t be gay. But I did keep looking at men and wondering!

On the Tuesday at lunchtime I got a txt from Tony to meet him after school, and he told me where. I was where he said on time and he turned up in his car and I got in.

“I got your but plug boy, and another present for you. I don’t have very much time so you gotta get me off quickly”

“What you mean”

“Don’t act all stupid, get my cock out and get it in your mouth”

“What now in your car? But you’re driving”

“I got my seat back far enough and you’re not that good you will get me to cum before I find a quiet place to park”

I reached across and Tony was hard. I had trouble getting his fat dick out of his pants cos there was not much room. I did get it out and I sort of shoved myself around a bit until I could lean across and get my mouth on his dick. It just seemed what I should be doing and I could smell the smell that as Tony. As I sucked he moaned and every now and then he would push my head down and force more of his dick into my throat. If I moved up wrong I hit my head and the steering wheel. It felt real dirty and exciting to be doing it as he was driving on a busy road. We got on a dual carriageway bit and passed a lorry and I heard the lorry hoot as we went by, but I don’t know if it was because the driver could see me or not. We went on and onto a much quieter road and then Tony pulled across the road and into a parking place. He stopped and pulled my head off him.
“Get out and go round to my side of the car”

I did that and he had his door open and had turned so he was sitting sideways with his legs out the car, with his fat dick sticking up between his legs.

“On your knees boy and get this down your throat”

I got down between his legs and bent to get his dick in my mouth. I could feel my knees getting cold and wet from the muddy ground. There wasn’t much room between the car and the hedge behind me. I started to suck him and he started to rock up and down to fuck my mouth. All the time there were cars going by on the road. Not like a lot, but every now and then one would go by and I wondered if they could see me and what I was doing, I was surprised that I didn’t care if they could!!

Very quickly Tony started to fuck my throat faster and harder. He had not got close this quick before. He was making some quite loud moaning noises. Then he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed me down really hard. His dick went right into my throat and I couldn’t breathe and his dick started to jerk and I was choking on his cum. It was going down my throat but also like sort of shooting out my nose and the side of my mouth. He gently pulled back a tiny bit and then shoved hard in two or three times and then stopped pushing me down. His dick started to feel softer in my mouth and I lifted my head up and off his dick. He looked at me, laughed and got his phone out and took a picture of my face. Then he showed it to me.

I was a mess! My eyes had watered because I couldn’t breathe, so there were tears down the side of my face. His cum was still dripping from my nose and it had run down across my mouth and down my chin. It had also run down each side of my chin from the sides of my mouth. Then Tony did something very weird, he leaned forward, put his arms round me and pulled me into him and hugged me!

“Oh god Carl I think I am falling in love with you. You are something really special. I never thought I’d meet a boy like you. It started as just sex, but it is something more now. Not that the sex isn’t great, boy it is! You are one of the horniest, dirtiest slutty kids I have ever met and I LOVE sex with you, but I am starting to really love YOU as well as the sex”

Then he gave me a long kiss!!

He gave me his handkerchief and told me to clean myself up as much as I could.

“I don’t reckon you’d want your mum or dad to see you like this. You better make sure they don’t see your top either there is spunk on the front of it where it has run down”

I licked the handkerchief to get it wet and wiped my face and kept doing it. I could taste Tony’s cum on it. I felt really funny inside now he had said he loved me!!

Tony turned round and got a bag of the back seat of his car. He pulled out a black rubber thing. It had a flat round base and it was round and sticking up. The sticking up bit was a lot fatter in the middle than at the bottom, and then it got narrower until the end was pike a pointed bit.

“This is the butt plug Carl. You can see it will slip in real easy and then your arse will close over the narrow bit at the base, but the flat base will stop it going in anymore. Wear it in bed and when you are out but probably not to school or anywhere if you got to get changed or undressed, ok?”

I had a good look at it. I loved the feel and shape and I liked that it was black and wondered if a black ma’s dick would be that black. I thought of how it would feel in bed tonight.

“I have also got you this to wear on special occasions Carl”

Tony handed me what looked just like a dog collar.

“This is for a dog?”

Well yes it is, but in the gay world it shows you are a submissive boy, and that you belong to a man. You are mine Carl, and I love you for it. Only wear it when you are meeting me. Remember all the sex stuff is OUR secret, just you, me and Bob. Any other men will never know who you are or where you live, or your school or your age or anything. That is to protect you. You keeping it a secret protects Bob and me. You are 14 and we could go to prison if anybody found out, and then you would not have the chance to enjoy sex anymore would you”

“Oh I won’t ever tell anybody Tony, I promise. When can we meet up again/”

“Well it will have to be a day session again so when are you free?”

“I don’t have days off in the week now till end of term and I can’t wait that long”

“Can you do Saturdays or all day Sunday?”

“No I play football on a Saturday and we have Sunday lunch together”

“Well I don’t know then Carl, well unless you could say play truant one day from school?”

“What you mean bunk off school?”

“Yes, then we could have a long all day session but get you home at normal end of school time”

“I never done that before, I gotta have a think, shit!”

“Ok, well you have a think and let me know. I want to have a session with you again as soon as possible Carl, I really do, but I don’t want you doing anything you don’t want to do, now get in the car so I can get you home quickly”

Tony drove quite fast and dropped me near mine but where nobody would see me, and I got home not much later than I normally did from school. I went up to my bedroom right off and took the collar and plug from my school bag and hid it in my secret hiding place. I was really excited about trying the plug later. I had my tea and did my homework and then told mum I was going to bed.

“What’s wrong with you? Normally I have to force you to go to bed”

“We had football at lunchtime and I played again after and I’m real tired mum”

“Ok then love, off you got, and don’t go putting your TV on till all hours”

I went up to my room and took my clothes off. I got the plug out, and also the baby oil I had hidden, and rubbed the plug with the oil. I put the pointed end against my bum hole and pushed. The pointed end slipped in real quick and I guess I had used too much pushing cos suddenly the wide part was in my bum hole and it hurt, but it slid past real quick and my bum like snapped closed behind the wide bit and I could feel the flat bit being pulled against my bum. My bum was stinging just a bit from the wide part so I sat on my bed - WRONG! That just pushed the plug further into me. I stood up and it felt better. Then I realised I could keep doing this and it would almost be like being fucked. My dick had got hard and so I sat on the chair by my bed and wanked as I like sat down then raised myself up a bit then sat down. It felt awesome and I was getting real close. Then my phone buzzed and it was a bit more video from Tony to his “Darling boy Carl” and it also said “I bet you have that plug up your arse” I sent back to say that I did and it felt good but I really wanted his dick in me. He just sent back, you enjoy yourself but don’t go crazy. You can have mine only when you are ready for it. I don’t want to hurt you. I sent him some kisses and then wanked off and got into bed and I fell asleep like right off.

When I woke up I jumped out of bed to beat my sister to the shower, and then felt the plug in my bum. Good job I did I didn’t want her seeing it in me. But then I had to pull it out!! That hurt!!!! The pointed end was further away from the wide bit than the base was, so I had to pull hard to get it out and my bum didn’t want to open up to let it out. I was a bit scared I wouldn’t be able to get it out and pulled harder and then suddenly it forced my bum open and came out. I made a sort of whimpering sound with the pain and the said SHIT cos I heard my sister go into the bathroom Now I would have to wait till she finished and she could take ages. I put my pants on and a robe and went down to have breakfast.

“Morning angel, are you ok? Your face is quite red”

What could I say - ‘its ok mum I just had to pull a fat butt plug out of my bum’!!!!!

“I’m ok thanks Mum I was rushing to get in the bathroom but sis beat me”

“That’s ok then dear, have your cereals and I’ll make you a cup of tea”

I had my breakfast and packed my schoolbag and had everything ready before my sister came out the bathroom.

“I don’t know why you spend all that time in there, you come out looking worse then when you first get up”

“Mum Carls being horrible to me”

“Is he dear, stop it Carl, now you get dressed Lizzy or you’ll miss the bus”

I showered and then put my uniform on and got my bag and went off to catch my school bus. I sat with my mates and we had a laugh and I wondered if any of them had even done any sex. I didn’t think I better ask, and anyway if they had they wouldn’t say; like I would never say about Tony and Bob.

I tried the plug every night and soon got used to putting it in, and found out that I could like pretend I was gonna have a poo and the plug would come out much more easy in the morning. I even wore the collar a few times when I wanked, and once I fell asleep with it on and mum wondered why I had a red mark on my neck in the morning!!!

Tony kept sending me bits more of the video, and some pictures of like Manga boys with HUGE dicks in their bums, and also some very nice txt’s about how nice I was and how much he liked me, but he never said about meeting up. I kept asking but he ignored me. It was like over three week till I got a txt asking if I could miss school on a Thursday for some fun. I was now like so horny for it I agreed, and never like worked out how I would do it. I got a txt on the Saturday asking me to be outside McDonald’s at 0900 on the next Thursday. I lied to my mates and said I had to go to the doctors, and I told my tutor that too, and said I would be late in but didn’t know what time. She said it was ok and she would tell the office so they wouldn’t ring my home to check. I didn’t know how I was gonna sort out a letter, but I was too horny to not go. I got the bus into town and was outside McDonald’s before 9 in the Thursday. Tony met me and we went to his car and he drove off towards Gosport.

“We going to Bob’s again?”

“Nope this time it is somewhere else quite different. I promised you a good time and I have managed to find a couple of other men for today.”

“What no Bob”

“Oh Bob will be there too, he is waiting for us to arrive with the others”

We drove down to Stokes Bay and to a caravan park and Tony parked and then we walked to a mobile home. The site looked just about empty but when we got to the mobile home there was sounds inside so there was somebody in this one anyway. Tony knocked and Bob opened the door.

“You’re here Tone, oh hello you gorgeous little slut, how are you today. God I have missed you boy.”

Then Bob kissed me. This was getting off the wall man!!! I followed Tony inside and then I saw two other guys. One was like ancient, at least I thought so, but later Tony said he was 67. He had a bit of a belly and not much hair and what he had was mostly grey. The other guy looked real different. He was younger than Tony or Bob, quite a lot. He had some real neat gear he was wearing,and his hair was nice and he smelled nice. even from where I was a bit away from him. Tony told me later he was 29.

“Boy this is Terry, and this young man is Andy”

Terry looked at me and grinned, but Andy got up and held his hand out to me, so I shook it.

“Hello young man. I must say you are stunning, better than Tony and Bo described and better in real life than in your videos and photos. I’m Andy”

He shook my hand firmly, and his hand felt warm and strong.

“Hello my name is mmmmmmm”

I never got to say my name as Tony put his hand over my mouth.

“Remember boy you are just BOY, you don’t have a name. You are just BOY, and here for us to use. You are here to please us, all of us”

I remembered then that he had said that any other ...

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