Me and my Mother, a long held dream come true.

When I was a child, probably no older than 5 or 6, my parents both used to walk through the house in the nude. Usually on their way back from the shower or the bath, and if I happened to be sitting in the hall they wouldn’t think anything of walking right past me. My mum’s body always amazed me, as women’s bodies do at that age. Those images of my mum’s wet naked body stay with me to this very day.

I’m 22 now, and my mum has just turned 56. In my opinion she still looks fantastic for her age, she’s curvy, about 5’3, with big natural breasts and a short cropped haircut. I’ve always preferred my mum with shorter hair, as it shows off her feminine face all the more. As I entered my teens, I was very aware of the fact that I wanted to have sex with my mum. She’s a very easy going woman, with a great sense of humour and a dirty mind, as has been proven by some jokes she used to make when she thought I couldn’t hear.

When I was 15 I found a small envelope in the bottom of my mum’s dresser, as they were away I decided to open it and have a look inside. To my shock, it was full of pictures of my mum naked. Some were of her posing outside, and these ones were quite artistic. Others were far more pornographic, like ones of her with her legs spread and a huge dildo buried deep in her hairy pussy. There were also a few of her sucking my dad’s cock, I was happy to see that he wasn’t any bigger than me, in fact, our cocks were very similar.

This instance happened a few more times over the years. I found disks full of pictures taken on holiday, or flash drives with ones of her tied up in the loft. There were even pictures of her and a friend of my parents fucking. All these did, was stimulate my desire to fuck my mum even more, and I tried several times to hint to her that I wanted to do it. These never worked through my teens, and eventually I had to move away to university, although my desire for my sexy, slutty mum never deteriorated.

Years passed and eventually at the age I am now, I moved back in with my parents having graduated. It was such a thrill to finally be under the same roof as my mum again, and I started plotting once again to convey my feelings to her.

It all started to go right a weekend my dad had to go away for a conference in Wales, and me and my mum would have the house to ourselves for five days. On the Friday morning my dad left, and my mum went to work as she did every day. I waited for an hour or so and then went into her bedroom, I knew where she would always keep certain things, she had a vibrator and a dildo in her underwear drawer, which I took the time to examine, my cock stiffening as I did so. I checked the dresser, where the old pictures of her used to be, and was disappointed to see that they had been moved. I kept searching every room in the house, but couldn’t find them. I was about to give up when I realised I hadn’t checked the attic, so I hastily pulled down the ladder and climbed up.

In my dad’s little office in the converted loft I started rummaging through his drawers, I came across some porn magazines from the 80s and a few more modern ones. Then, in his bottom drawer, buried underneath a mountain of paperwork I found an envelope. My desire couldn’t contain itself, and I opened it hastily, spilling about 30 pictures of my mum onto the floor. I got down on my knees and started going through them, eventually unable to hold it in any longer, I pulled out my hard cock and wanked right there, eventually cumming over a picture of my mum spread-eagle on a bedpost.
I cleared up as quickly as I could, wiping the cum off of the pictures and hoping it wasn’t noticeable. In a moment of abandon I pocket two pictures, just so I could look at them any time I wanted, which I did again that night.

On Saturday morning I went into the local town to do a bit of shopping, while my mum stayed at home in bed. She’d been wearing a skimpy negligee, through which her nipples were visible, I’d struggled to keep my cock down seeing that. While I was in town I had a constant feeling of...dread, almost. Almost as if I’d forgotten something, I tried shaking it off, and eventually went back home. When I got back in, my mum was out, probably walking around the village where we lived. I saw on my bed and suddenly realised what it was I’d forgotten to do, one of the pictures of my mum was on top of the duvet, I’d fallen asleep with it the night before! I panicked, knowing for sure my mum would have seen it, and even though I kind of wanted her to, I hadn’t been planning on making my move so early. As I grabbed it and went to stuff back into a drawer, I noticed something on the underside, I flipped it over and read what was written there.
“Hope you enjoyed this ”
I froze, I was sure that hadn’t been written there before, I would have definitely have seen it. My cock immediately rose in my pants, and I realised that maybe, just maybe, my mum felt the same. There was always the chance that she was just comfortable with me seeing them, she was a very open woman, she might not want to me...
I decided to take a risk, a big one if I’m honest, and I grabbed the picture and threw off my clothes as fast as I could. Having no idea how long I had, I snapped a few pictures of me with a semi, and then a few of my full, 7 inch hard on. I printed them off at the computer, and quickly shoved them into an envelope, which I placed on my mum’s pillow in her room. Then, probably with minutes to spare before she got home, I raced out of the house and down the road.

I waited for two hours before going home, all the time wondering if I’d made a huge mistake. By the time I eventually found myself on my doorstep I felt physically sick. I opened the door slowly and slipped in, glancing into my mum’s bedroom on the way down the hall, the envelope was gone, she’d definitely see them. For a minute I thought she’d gone out again, the house was empty, but then I saw her in the garden, working in a short summer dress. I watched from the kitchen as she worked with her back to me, watching her bend over and show off her legs. My stomach lurching and my cock aching, I slowly went outside and walked across the garden. It was a hot summer day, and I could see as I got closer that my mum was sweating, her legs were glistening in the sun.
She looked over her shoulder at me as she bent down, and smiled.
“Hi,” she said casually, “you okay?”
I nodded awkwardly as my mum stood up and turned to me, she was sweaty all over, but just enough so it was attractive.
“Yeah,” I replied nervously, “you?”
“Yeah, I’m alright. Where have you been?”
“Just out for a walk,” I replied, I was starting to become confused at her apparent lack of shock.
She bent over again, this time further and more deliberate and flashed her ass, her bare ass! My heart skipped and my eyes must have nearly bulged out of me head, my mum wasn’t wearing any panties.
“Thank you for your gift,” she replied knowingly, her voice definitely having a slight playful tone.
I smiled, the butterflies in my stomach becoming worse and ...

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