ME MOM and SIS part-1

It was a bright Sunday morning. I am usually a bit late on these days. It was not before 10 o clock that I ever woke up on a Sunday morn, especially like this. But who knew today my whole life was going to change. I am Katy, a fifteen year old girl. I live in the outskirts of New York with my mother Megan, and my 17 year old sis’ Lily. My mom told when I was nine that our father left us for someone else. I couldn’t understand why. In my school my mom was the most beautiful mother of two, in all ways. So what was the reason that dad left us? I never got an answer till now, and I don’t think I need that.
I was sitting on my bed, smelling the awesome aroma of bacons and fries. When I was 11, I was taught about the changes in our bodies during this age. And I was pretty excited about those. So on Saturdays I wear only a panty and bra when I sleep, as I keep exploring myself during the night.
I stood up lazily, and went towards my bathroom. It’s good to have a mom with awesome amount of money for anything. We live in a great mansion, of two storeys. There are three rooms, with attached and separate loo and bathroom. Downward there is the kitchen, dining hall and the visitors’ room. I took up a magazine as I sat in the lavatory. After I was done there, I pulled off my bra and panty and went to the bathroom. I was halfway through my bath when the phone rang. As mom and sis were out in the garden busy with the bacons, I picked up the extension. It was my principal. She called to congratulate me that I got my scholarship for math.
I was standing in the garden with broad grin in less than a minute. “What is it honey? Something special?” my mom asked. “I got my math scholarship.” I announced with pride. Both, mom and sis smashed me between them at the same time. I never felt uneasy while hugging my mom and sis, but this time I got a squirmy feeling between my thighs…….. Err……. pussy, as our bodies smashed each other’s. “This calls for a party huh?” mom said gleefully. We went to a ladies club, and I tasted the first beer of my life. Although it didn’t taste good, after two more mugs I was, flying across the skies. All three of us returned home quite drunk. Since it was my first I was more drunk than anyone else. But I quite distinctly remember that I was so pathetic I literally tore off my clothes, which were making me itch, and even in that state I could distinctly remember mom and sis, gaping at my semi nude body. I slowly made my way up to my room and fell into instant deep slumber.
I woke up next day only to feel something in my pussy. Then I realized it was my hand only. But again someone tugged at it. I opened my eyes to see mom lifting my soaked panty and trying to take out my fingers out of my pussy. I jerked them out at once and sat bolt upright. Mom lifted a hand and rested it on my shoulder and said, “Its fine honey. I know this happens. If you have any problem then let me know okay? And give me those panties of yours. They need a good wash.” I hesitated first, and then slowly pulled it down revealing my complete cunt to my mom. I could see her eyes brighten a little, but didn’t dare to speak. She slowly regained her composure and stood up. She knelt close to my mouth and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I was astounded. She never kissed me before like that. But whatever it was for, it felt good. As she went slowly towards the door, I could swear that I saw her literally smelling and just before turning to close the door licking my panties.

I looked at the watch. It was too late to go to school now. I remember now, how lucky I was that I forgot to lock my door when I went to the loo. After I did the daily job, I turned on the shower full blast and squatted on the floor. I slowly started rubbing my clit. It was now almost a daily routine. As ...

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